During today’s episode of Darker than BLACK, MBS aired a Shakugan no Shana II commercial showing two new characters along with several of the returning ones. It was also discovered earlier this week that Kawada Mami will be singing the opening song which will be called JOINT, and the single for that is due out on October 31st according to a DiscStation listing which has since been pulled (see Google’s cache of the page). Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing Shana again, and hopefully it’ll turn out to be better than ZnT is right now. The new season is slated to take over Darker than BLACK’s timeslot – Thursday nights at 25:25 JST – starting October 4th.


  1. No they are not! They are completely different people. Search for their music vids on youtube or veoh. Kawada is the one with the protruding chin and Kotoko is the one with the big teeth.

    If you’re still not convinced, try searching for the Love Planet Five music vid, since they’re both in it with three other singers.

  2. “Omg, i almost had a heart attack when i saw the name “Shakugan no Shana” ”

    Kyonne, ur not the only one LOL. I actually closed my eyes cuz something was in my eyes then when I opened I saw shakugan no shana I was like O.O. holy crap

  3. I’ll keep this a spoiler free as possible so basically yes/no answer…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Please tell me that Yuji guy gets cool and not rely on Shana again! Come on, i know Shana rocks, but a lame guy like Yuji who cant do anything at all, hell at least Nagasumi in Seto no Hanayome can dodge attacks and detect presence using his own hair lmao.

  5. @Tokkan
    tnx for info.
    makes me want to play the game now just to see the story… too bad my import ps2 fell to DRE
    at least it’ll be something new to look forward to plot wise for me

  6. Hope this series will get the end it deserves with this second season.
    I really like the first season, was immediately catch by the story and setting and of course, Shana is cute 🙂
    Ah nice nice, good there’s a second season coming, the first one ended rather open.


  8. Good so they got Mami Kawada, who did the very nice first opening of the first series again. Hopefully they can spare us Kotoko though as that second opening song and frankly every song I’ve heard her do was/are just painful.

    More Rie Kugimiya is always welcome though. Crazy versatile actress. Only one I know of who can do Moe ang Gar at the same time besides that Yukari Tamura there. MOEGAR!

  9. I saw this commercial on Comikat 72 a couple of weeks ago. Is good to see they take more material from the novels, especially the villians. Now, I’m wondering if JC Stuff will make the same MadHouse did with claymore, and showus an original ending for the 2nd season.

    Syaoran Li
  10. Actually dont you think they will make an original ending since the novel still havent finish and in the novel i remember that bel peoh(or what it’s name already) is still plotting something

  11. > Question, Isn’t Kawada Mami and Kotoko are same person???The voice are exactly the same
    > and i have no doubt.
    They’re not the same person, but they do work together quite often, as they’re both members of the same production group (called “I’ve Sound”). The tunes for Onegai Teacher & Twins was actually both of them in a duet. Hayate no Gotoku has them paired up with KOTOKO doing one song and Mami doing the other for every season.

  12. OMG! SnSII is gonna be aired next month!! Can’t wait! 😀

    But… umm… maybe it’s just me or do I find the character design a bit different than the 1st season? For example, the very 1st screenie pic…. it stumbled me all of a sudden and think of one character in mind: Louise.

    As for the music, I’m glad that it’s still the same Mami Kawada for the OP. When the first season was still airing, I’ve read a lot of comments on various blog saying that KOTOKO’s “Being…” is more suitable for the 1st half of the season than Mami Kawada’s “Hishoku no Sora”. For me, I could care less which one’s first in the 2nd season since it’s obvious that both of them will cover their songs for the OP sequence. 😀

    Seems like Yuuji’s prepared for some brawlin together with Shana in this new season… I wonder how long he can last, not to mention having a huge risk of getting caught again for his Reiji Maigo…. looks interesting. 😀 Oh yeah, I also wonder if he’ll be using Blutsauger. 😀

  13. @Hayate-sama
    Right, right, that would be kewl. 😀 Although I’m not that sure if blutsauger is more powerful than nietono no shana. Umm… can someone confirm about this one?

    Yep, I agree. Shana can handle everything even without Yuuji around. But to think that Yuuji is being enthusiastic on his training with her… he might be too far from being strong (or let’s just say “too far from being as strong as shana”), but he won’t be labeled as a “spineless wimp” anymore. Anyway, we’ll see in a few episodes when the 2nd season starts. 😀

    Now that I think about Shana… Rie Kugimiya sure is super popular these days, due to her role as Shana. Even the original creator of “Hayate no Gotoku!” manga picked her for the anime adaptation as the voice of Nagi Sanzen’in (and even parodied her role as Shana with her “urusai, urusai, urusai!” catchphrase in ep. 6). Both her and Satoshi Hino also did great in their roles as Louise and Saito of ZnT, which the 2nd season is still airing. Now that the 2nd season of SnS is coming near, every SnS fan is expecting for both of them to deliver their roles perfectly just like the 1st one, and I believe they’ll do just fine, especially Rie Kuimiya (she’s my current seiyuu favorite :D).

    I’m also expecting for other seiyuus too. Can’t wait to hear voices of Hitomi Nabatame and Shizuka Ito (both of them have roles in Hayate no Gotoku as Katsura siblings: Yukiji and Hinagiku). 😀

  14. Shana II finally! That’s great news, I totally forget it just the next month. Man, I hope someone will sub this in good quality. I envy all of you who have has anime at their TV. We (Netherlands) only got the big ones, like Pokémon, Digimon and crap like that. The real anime’s never comes :(.

  15. omfg i waited for this for two years it is such a good anime i die watching 24 hours straight to finish the whole series in one night it is finally out woot u all know how i feel this is how everyone feels

  16. haha yaea what he said all the way :X stop spaming baka man ur a stupid baka bakaaaaa??? wtf lol dont spam its gay LOOOOL all the way :X nah i dont think they kissed at all that was the sad bit of the show … it was so suppose to be partly romance lol …. ohwell having yuji being able to fight with her together is already pretty good though but thats just sad they dont kiss lolo all the way :X but it took too long for the second season to come out i waited so long :X ohwell if u like shakugan no shana u should try out zero no tsukaima then the second season zero no tsukaima futatsuki no kishi which is pratically the continus version of zero no tsukaima and is practically just like shakugan no shana so u shouldt ry it is after pretty good. and by the way anyone know where to get light novels>???? i cant seem to find light novels of any of these animes but only the manga which doesnt have much process and by the way it is still sad they didnt kiss after all haha!!!

  17. Do you know if Shakugan No Shana second will be dubbed in english? I know it all takes time for this to happen, but seeing as the DVDs out now are out of print, i’m not so sure about it. I figured they would re-dub it, i mean, it only makes sense that they would because they dubbed the first season, but i have some doubt.


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