• NTV aired a three hour special of DEATH NOTE today that covered pretty much the entire L arc with some added material. It started out with a scene of a Shinigami approaching Ryuk wanting to know about the human world because he’s gotten tired of the Shinigami world. Ryuk proceeds to tell him about a man who tried to change the world and become god, and this sets up the recap through the first arc. Most of it was stuff we’ve already seen in the original series (they even included the potato chip scene), but there were some additional scenes too, (highlight to read) including L meeting Light in a theater, everyone visiting L’s grave, Light declaring his victory over L’s grave (after everyone else leaves), and bloody shots of the deaths of members of the Yotsuba group. The episode ends with Ryuk looking at how Light’s name is written in his Death Note and commenting on how Light wasn’t a god back then.
    If you’re a big fan of the anime, you might consider watching it, but for the most part, I didn’t think this was worth it if you’ve already seen the entire series.
  • There was no episode of Yamada Tarou Monogatari aired today because of a track and field event. Episode 09 airs next Friday.
  • Several people have asked me for the Shana II commercial, so here’s the download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3.

    1. Hum… I’m probably gonna be only in it for the extra scenes, myself. Though, I wish they put in scenes from the extra chapter and arranged for it to work. Or at least, do something along the lines of clearing up stuff based on the Whammy House. I’m always up for that.

      I don’t think Matsuda’s theory could’ve worked, considering it was based on Mikami’s death, wasn’t it? That would’ve been nice, too, though…

    2. I too am waiting for the Sub’ed version of this. I’m assuming that theres no continuation of what happened to Light after he died and the closest people he killed or misa? If not then I don’t know why they went through the trouble of just telling the story in a more condensed version… =/ But I’ll watch it anyways.. just for the sake of the few minutes of extra scenes… lol

    3. Death note is a master piece. its unique in every-way, unlike most other Japanese animations. Don’t give me wrong,I love fullmatel alchemist ( the original) the most and Naruto and Ghost in the Shell second. But death-not is the most original. I believe it should not even be categorized as,anime,show or Movie. It should be in a genre by itself because its unpredictable and unbiased. Is Kira actually evil as L and successors ( mello and Near) claimed. Kira’s goal was only to kill those who are evil. Is that really bad?

      Abdirahman Hussein Hassan
      1. Bro it didn’t take long for him to start offing good guys because they’re trying to find him. YES, it’s really bad. Not just killing them but his attitude towards it, no self=reflection, and sometimes mocking. So don’t give me that devil’s advocate nonsense, please


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