OP Sequence

OP: 「JOINT」 by 川田まみ (Kawada Mami)
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It’s the end of summer, and Yuuji and his friends are back in school. However, Yuuji gets a feeling of déjà vu when he has a conversation with Ike about cram school and about going to check out some CDs. He then notices that there are sakura petals everywhere, so he confirms with Ike that it’s September, but he doesn’t specifically ask why there are sakura petals floating around at this time of the year and just accepts it. To Yuuji, everyone seems normal, including Shana who was escorted to school by Wilhelmina and is happy to see him. He recalls that she had said something to him shortly after activating her Tenpa Jousai ability in their last major battle on the Seireiden, but he can’t remember exactly what Shana had said. Strangely, their English teacher yells at Shana during class for not having her notebook or textbook, and she goes through the same speech she made back when he yelled at her in the first semester. Yuuji notices this, and right as he’s thinking that these things are all the same as before, the world changes into that familiar shade of red.

To Yuuji’s surprise though, it is Friagne who shows up, and he claims that this is the first time he’s met Alastor. Confused as to why everything is proceeding just like before, Yuuji suddenly gets a vision of an item that has a lot of bells attached to it and that of a girl smiling. Before he can think too much about it though, Yuuji gets attacked by Marianne, but the doll then gets stabbed by Shana. Friagne eventually leaves, but Yuuji becomes even more worried when Shana appears to ignore what he’s saying about Friagne’s appearance being strange. Knowing that something is going on now, he asks Ike again after school what month it is and points out that it’s weird for sakura trees to be blooming in September. Ike only stares blankly back at Yuuji for a moment before randomly saying the line about his parents and his allowance as he walks away. Even Wilhelmina seems affected by this, and a trip to see Margery ends in Yuuji going around in circles, unable to reach Satou’s house. Back at home, Yuuji thinks about the situation and realizes that Shana should have noticed something. Thinking about it a different way, Yuuji considers how it might not be just him who understands the situation, but rather that the situation has developed to where it’s just him.

When giant plant roots sprout out all around the city to announce the arrival of Sorath and Tyrael, Yuuji heads out to the bridge to find them taking Shana’s sword. Acting on his hunches, Yuuji tries to save Shana, but she doesn’t say anything to him. This confirms Yuuji’s suspicions because he doesn’t know what she would say at a time like this. He’s figured out that nothing happens here that he doesn’t know about, he can’t go to places that he doesn’t know, and people can’t tell him things that he doesn’t know. In other words, this is a world that he created – a dream. Sorath cuts Yuuji at the same moment that he says this, and this entire world soon disappears. Waking up, Yuuji finds himself in the middle of a battle in the real world, with Shana nearby. Alastor is surprised to hear that Yuuji feel asleep because he had only closed his eyes for a few seconds. When Shana kicks him out of the way of the enemy fire and then yells at him, Yuuji is relieved to see that she is indeed the real Shana. Turning to face their female opponent, Shana chides her for showing up with such a weak power, but the Tomogara reveals that she had something she wanted to accomplish.

The Tomogara’s attacks are ineffective against Shana, but the strange thing is that even as Shana cuts her in half, she continues giggling. Afterwards, Shana remarks that this is the first time she’s seen a Tomogara with such a small existence. Yuuji meanwhile thinks that she had a mysterious power, but he can no longer remember what happened in his dream. The two then continue on to school, and along the way, Yuuji asks Shana what she said to him back on the Seireiden. This gets Shana really embarrassed, and she claims not to remember very well, eventually telling him to shut up in her classic fashion. At school, the two get united with their friends, and Shana isn’t too happy to see that Kazumi has brought lunch for Yuuji. Unbeknownst to them though, the Tomogara is still around and giggling.

ED Sequence

ED: 「triangle」 by 川田まみ (Kawada Mami)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
I was a little hesitant to hear that Kawada Mami would be singing both the opening and ending songs, but they turned out different enough, and both are pretty good (they’re going to be released on the same album at the end of this month). I also hadn’t realized that the song used in all the commercials was the beginning of the OP (not that it made any difference).


I was a bit surprised, to say the least, that we started off with a bunch of scenes from the first season. Actually, when I went back and compared with episodes of the first season to see if some of those lines were indeed exactly the same (they are), I noticed that they had gone to the trouble of re-dubbing them (I also noticed that Kugimiya Rie’s English got worse). The fact that they both reanimated it and re-dubbed it makes me shy away from calling this recap in any way, especially since the whole dream thing appears to be a power of this new enemy. Speaking of which, the animation quality seems like it’s better than the first season, though a lot of that may have to do with this being in HD now that it’s airing on MBS.

In any case, this was a decent start, and with luck, things will only get better from hereon out. Yuuji’s forgetting about Shana’s confession and her not wanting to say it again sets their relationship back a few steps, but hopefully that won’t last the entire series. It certainly makes Kazumi more of a contender again, though I still really can’t imagine anything happening between her and Yuuji. If the OP is any indicator, then maybe Ike will step up to fill the void. Next week’s episode looks like it has Kazumi being held hostage,


  1. meh…rapidshare is bitchin’ around for some reason…and that badongo link isn’t any better….but looks good. Pity I never bothered to check out the first season! (well I did, but the second episode kinda turned me off) I’ll give the first season another try.

  2. If you didn’t like Shana season 1 or complete it I think your wasting your time on the second season. Its not going to be a huge difference same director, cast, animators and everything.

  3. I never said I didn’t like the whole of season 1 (since I never watched it in the first place, serve 2 episodes). I just said I wasn’t happy with episode 2. I had a load of other animes to watch, so I left it at the back of my head and totally forgot about it eventually. No need to start an argument though…gawd.

  4. well, suppose this is about the best way a recap could be done. nice to see the bullet hell attacks have improved a bit since last season. also nice to see everything is about how they left it, the love Triangles getting more complicated than ever and everyone on character. surprising to see Hecate is already back up again. 0_o

    still, have to say the most interesting part was the opening. Seems like an old owner of the Reiji Maigo Mystes wants it back (not sure if that just means she’s just going to use sakai as a substitute…certainly looked like him, just with different clothes, or if she’s going to have some scheme to erase Sakai for the old one…) or maybe she’s just insane…don’t know, been a lot of those.

    anyway, kinda boring week, but surprisingly enjoying for some reason…horray for shana being back on! ^_^

  5. SHANA, yessss the series is finally starting damn can’t wait but it seem like the 1st ep showing recap most of it well what the heck as long as it’s back with a higher quality and a sequal it’s good.

  6. Im happy they stuck with Kawada Mami for both the ED and the OP, I’m liking her songs more than kotoko’s as of late. I dont think im alone when i say kotoko is losing it. Her latests songs arent that great

  7. Mangamaxx: Denizens and Crimson Lords will ALWAYS try to feel Yuuji up because of what he carries inside him — that is, the Reiji Maigo. And what (or more importantly, WHO)is *inside* it.

    Myssa Rei
  8. I personally, love Shana. If the show was more about her, I’d definitely watch it. Unfortunately, it’s more about a useless boy and how he’s able to attract several girls by simply doing nothing but being a…nice guy. I’m skipping this season and I’ll just catch the final episode.

  9. Remy: That’s putting it way too simply. Besides, Yuuji, has something to him aside from being a nice guy… In fact he turns into something else entirely in one of the later novels…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Myssa Rei
  10. Finally the 2nd seasson. I just have to get the movie somewhere. Anybody know where? Looks like I´ll have to watch a few apisodes of the 1st seasson cause I dont remember what happened.

  11. Remi: True, but Yuuji isn’t going to change much, until way into some of the stories of the latter volumes. So, prepared to be bored then, as we’ll most likely see the Pheles arc (flashback arc about Wilhemina, and Pheles’ current doings), with some of the novel side-stories scattered here and there. 🙂

    And Mare doesn’t count, since she’s an original game-only character.

    The thing is with Shana is that there are about 12 or so volumes of light novels to go through, and at best a full 24-episode series can only fit two or three, maybe even four books if they rush it. A safe bet is the former. As for the latter, well, you all saw what happened to Zero no Tsukaima.

    Myssa Rei
  12. SnS II finally aired!! Been waiting for this sequel 😀

    For my first look, it looks like there’s one area in character design that has been changed: the eyes. If you compare the character design from the 1st season, their eyes are now a bit smaller and it’s pretty much the same size as the character design of SHnY. Take screencap 4 as an example. She’s much like Haruhi. Maybe it’s just me, you decide. 😀

    Bullet hell is BACK!! I just love these kind of action sequences where someone dodges a lot of enemy projectiles and I mean A LOT (and even grazed some of it) like there’s no tommorow for a 2nd round! Now that I mentioned “bullet hell”, it kinda reminded me of Touhou series of shooting games, especially “Touhou Suimusou: Immaterial and Missing Power”, where it’s a fighting games with elements of bullet hell. Anyone played this game?? 😀

    Looks like Hecate and Sydonay are back…. I wonder what they’re up to this time…. and Hecate’s just as kawaii as Yuki of SHnY, lol. 😀 Looking back at the 1st season, I felt sorry for her for those harsh yet truthful words coming from Yuuji that made her emotionally disturbed (and released a huge amount of power of existence that even Shana can’t stop it). Makes me wonder whether she would take revenge on those two, or there’s some event where she would start having feelings about his despite what Yuuiji told her (and eventually become an ally or some sort). 😀

    Now, for my last look: Shana VS Kazumi, round 2….. START!! XD XD

    “I personally, love Shana. If the show was more about her, I’d definitely watch it. Unfortunately, it’s more about a useless boy and how he’s able to attract several girls by simply doing nothing but being a…nice guy. I’m skipping this season and I’ll just catch the final episode.”

    You think so? If you’re talking about the 1st season, maybe you’re right. But THIS IS THE 2ND SEASON, and things would be different from the previous one, now that Yuuiji is now prepared to fight alongside Shana (IMO). Besides, he starts to become serious in becoming stronger ever since the fateful night of ep. 10.

    Well, it’s a matter of our own points of view anyway, so I don’t mind about what you said. 😀

  13. @Konata-chan

    Don’t deny your sensibilities because of the hype surrounding SnS1&2, if your instincts are telling you this anime sucks then I would say you are in good taste.

    I’m not going to go into details, but lets just say SnS1 appealed generally to the Lolicon crowd (Shawna herself is drawn as prepubescent girl), so if that’s not your thing then don’t waste your time.

    Its too bad really the characters and setting initially had a lot to offer, but somewhere mid-season 1 the anime takes a rude detour through the gutter and stays there till the end. 🙁

  14. Pheles of the Saihyou has yet appear as well as the Silver a.k.a. the Ceremonial Snake of the Festival. It looks they’ll follow alongside either the novels or the manga.

  15. I like the OP, and I mean A LOT! It made me interested on making a Stepmania simfile out of it, kekeke 😀 Actually, I’ve finished light and standard, and currently working on heavy. 😀

    i miss voice of rie kugimiya…”

    You missed her voice? Is it bcoz of Zero no Tsukaima 2nd season already ended?

    Let’s see….. maybe you haven’t watched Hayate no Gotoku, are you? Nagi Sanzen’in is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, and it’s still airing (a total of 52 eps, and it still on 26th) 😀

  16. Damn you Kurogane-sensei, for a moment I really thought this were a recap episode.

    Well, it seems our new arc is starting; with that new Tomogara in town, her mysterious ability and Shana’s shyness to acknowledge their confession to Yuuji. It was funny to see Alastor squeezing each time Yuuji brought the topic.

    God bless HD. We’ll have Gundam and Shana 2nd on HD. Life’s good.

    Syaoran Li
  17. Alright this episode was pretty lame expect in the end… Im just happy they made a second season but I gotta say, I hope this season is better then the last… The first season left so many questions unsolved… And the movie was pointless I felt so bad watching the movie I almost died i waited like 3 months just to watch then it just disappoints me. If you watched the whole first season then Dont watch the Movie, the movie will kill u of boredom Hope the second season will do better then the first season and the movie. One question Where do u read the manga for SnS???

  18. What the heck, Hey bored you were Bored of the movie? I thought it was really great. The fights where 10x better, the climax with the fight was way cooler, Shana’s personality was better, and Yuji wasn’t annoying/whimpy either. Being a movie the quality was way up too. I was very satisfied with the Movie…. And for the first ep of SnSII I thought it was ok, nothing special though. The Yuji forgetting the confession was pretty annoying but aside from that no major faults. Except Shana seems to sound more Louise whom I hate. Eh, so it was a pretty decent episode in all.

  19. The movie was pretty good, even if it was recaps. Honestly, I was actually more suprise by the fact that the movie was recaped taht I almost decided to turn away from it. The graphics for the movei were much better and if you want to understand the first – some episode, i think 13 or 15 then the movie is good.

    The fact that dejavu came up leaves a little disapointment, but leads to interesting plots as well. Sending people back into a dream like state of the past its a pretty cool power. I’m going to look foward to the way these powers are exploited.

    Sora no Kaze
  20. It surprised me that anime this season are starting to switch over to HD, and somehow the level of effort they are giving out scares me, to the point where it would be a good thing to at least try and watch through the whole series and nitpick at it. Yes, I am talking about past “favorites” that have low quality story and animation wise.

  21. I anticipate that the 2nd Season of SnS would end somewhere around light novel volume 14, since the OP corresponds to several pictures shown for the novel. Also, I hope to see Sakai turn badazz in this season.

    Can’t wait to see Pheles in action =3

    And here’s a line from (somebody) in the light novels, I’ll let you guys figure it out what it says and ponder:
    「これでは、ご同行願いましょう、”ミステス” 坂井悠二殿」

    Sakai Yuuji
  22. well something i have seen in the op is…… first the silver arm before the flame haze girl(the one with the talking book) isn’t she hunting the silver armor guy who almost kill her maybe he’ll appear in this series.

  23. Myssa Rei: Can you stop spilling anymore spoilers out? People will still click on them even if you had spoiler tags on.

    Sakai Yuuji: lol At least translate it to English for the ones who can’t read it. Anyway, if it really ends there (and I would rather they end it there instead of rushing a bad ending like ZnT did), I’ll be cursing J.C.STAFF until the day they annouce SnS III.


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