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OP: 「マイティー・バディ」 (Mighty Buddy) by AA-CHINO
Watch the OP! Mirror 1, Mirror 2

First things first: this show is NOT about yuri policewomen!!! Now then…

The series start off with what appears to be a direct continuation of the show’s Second Season – that is, Miyuki ending her LAPD exchange program and Natsumi completing her special training with the Self Defense Forces of Japan. Miyuki leaves her LAPD comrades and bids farewell to them at the airport, and checks in her luggage. Here, she meets a polite young boy who allows Natsumi to check-in her baggage first (“ladies first”) and they end up sitting in the same row on the plane.

Once aboard the plane, Miyuki relaxes and reads over a letter from Natsumi that talks about their coworkers back at the Bokuto Police Station (it also mentioned Saori from Season 1 & 2 being transferred to a completely new police station somewhere else). With that done, Miyuki turns on her laptop and plays… Bomber Run (the anime world equivalent of Bomber Man perhaps?). This captures the interest of the child passenger next to her, and with a little convincing, the two players face off, only to have the poor boy getting defeated successively.

Tired from all the time spent on video games, Miyuki and the boy has a little conversation (he introduces himself as Randy). Randy mentions his mother also having the name Miyuki (which effectively makes him half-Japanese and half-American) and passionately talks about his interest in visiting the various Japanese castles…which are full of samurai. ^^; Randy also mentions his desire to be able to live independently and protect the ones he love, which grabs Miyuki’s intrigue. Natsumi, meanwhile, departs from the military training camp in the woods and asks her driver to stop by a cafeteria-style restaurant to satisfy her voracious appetite.

Miyuki arrives at Narita airport and heads back home, but stops as she sees Randy sitting by himself. Randy claims that no one is there to pick him up, and curiously asks if it is possible to walk to Tokyo from the airport (note: although Narita Airport is usually recognized as Tokyo’s international airport, it is in reality almost 60 km/37 miles away from the city’s central hub). A concerned Miyuki offers to bring Randy to the city, but a large, burly gaijin man appears before them and drags Randy off with the badly made reason of “We are looking for him.”

Taking no time in assessing that the man is a kidnapper, Miyuki hurls a large suitcase (that is not hers) and knocks off the criminal. She quickly leads Randy outside of the airport, and with no time to lose, “borrows” another person’s minivan and leaves the scene. The kidnapper follows suit, as he gets on a car driven by his accomplice; Nakajima-kun, who is in charge of welcoming back to Miyuki back to Japan also chases after them on his police motorcycle. Highway chase, anyone? 😉

While on the highway, Randy declares his full name, Randy Hammond, and talks about how he is being pursued by people with malicious intent. This revelation brings a news flashback for Miyuki, in which she remembers the Hammonds being a family of status and wealth – with Randy being its direct heir.

The criminal duo, desperate to nab the inheritor of the Hammond fortune, starts firing at the car Miyuki is driving, and successfully stops the pursuing police cars. All this commotion naturally gets noticed, and a helicopter airing footage of the chase on tv catches Natsumi’s attention…

The chase shifts to a different metropolitan highway (Nakajima-kun is left behind), with Miyuki aiming to bring the alleged kidnappers directly into the Bokuto Police Station. She finally reunites here with Natsumi, who gracefully leaps into the minivan right off her motorbike (Randy: “Wow! She’s like a ninja!”). The two successfully traps the kidnappers’ car into the barrage of police cars near the Bokuto Police Station, resulting in the villains’ car leaping into midair and miserably crashing down. Kidnappers, you two are under arrest! 😛

Un-policewomanlike conduct by NatsuMiyu this episode:

  • Miyuki using the treasure-filled suitcase of an otaku to knock-off one of the kidnappers
  • Miyuki “borrowing” a yellow minivan that doesn’t belong to her
  • Natsumi closing in on the criminals’ car with her motorbike, and kicking one of the kidnappers in the face
  • Some sharp driving maneuvers that leave the borrowed minivan in shambles by the end of the episode
  • Clarification: To the best of my knowledge, Japanese police officers are *technically* not given the ability to commandeer private property such as cars (Japanese military personnel do have this ability, but can only do so under certain guidelines and only when they are on duty). Thanks for bringing this up Kiltmaster!

    ED Sequence

    ED: 「1/2」 by 石川智晶 (Ishikawa Chiaki)
    Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2

    The OP is a standard J-techno piece that fits in nicely with the overall theme and atmosphere (even the lyrics are appropriate for the show). The ED, however, is not something I’m too fond of. The animation accompanying the ED is considerably misleading as well, because Taiho Shichauzo was not, is not, and will not be about yuri policewomen (ahaha…). Those familiar with the franchise – including myself – should be well aware, after all, that Miyuki will forever be paired with Nakajima-kun, while Natsumi is either smitten with her superior, Kachou, or Lt. Toukairin Shouji (who may or may not appear this season).

    Miyuki and her impeccable driving ability that will make any special agent jealous. Check. Natsumi kicking butt. Check. Yoriko (VA: Kozakura Etsuko) still sounding like she’s 13. Check. Criminals getting arrested by the end of the episode. Check. All the things that made Taiho Shichauzo entertaining for me when I first watched it on TBS at the age of 8 is still present, and all is well. The same veteran seiyuus that brought Miyuki and Natsumi to life (voiced by Hiramatsu Akiko and Tamagawa Sakiko, respectively) are still able to portray the dynamic duo convincingly just like when the show first aired so many years ago. (Now, if only the Slayers will be reanimated with a 4th season, will my anime life be truly complete…) Taiho Shichauzo was never too heavy or philosophical, but it’s definitely entertaining if you give it the chance. It is not recommended however, for lovers of outrageous fanservice. The closest thing to fanservice you’ll probably ever get is the ED. ^^;


    Next Time: Miyuki looks alarmed. Natsumi takes a non-fanservice shower. Randy faces the difficulty of being the chibified, more responsible anime counterpart of Stavros Niarchos III.


    1. Well, since I never read the manga, I don’t know if this episode, or the entire series, will come from it; that’s why we’ve two possibilities with that ED sequence. First, they wanted to pay something back to all the fans who consider Miyuki and Natsumi a couple, or second; is some kind of indicator for this new season’s direction.

      Sorry Nakayima-kun, I want you to f-k off.

      Syaoran Li
    2. Unless this is an alternate storyline and not a sequel to the 2nd season, I highly doubt they’d pair Miyuki and Natsumi that way (as a yuri couple), since the 2nd season ended with Ken proposing to Miyuki (albeit losing the engagement ring into a ravine), whereas everyone (including Natsumi) were trying to get them together during the whole 1st and 2nd season (I should know – I have both seasons complete in DVD sets). And besides, in the anime Natsumi also had her own man (Shouji, the rappelling S&R guy and the only guy whose strength could match hers), while in the manga she pursued the Chief. My take is the scene of two ladies together the ED was just a fanservice thing.

      Sailor Enlil
    3. Let’s see 2 detectives make a mad dash down the highway with a speedy car all the while trying to protect the daughter of a rich person…. CAN YOU SAY GUN SMITH CATS RIP-OFF!!!!

    4. Last thing I’ve seen was the (horrible for me) movie. I pretty much refused to watch anything else after that. I’ll give a chance at this series, even though my appreciation for Fujishima and his works has sunk to the bottom since years ago.

    5. “Is it me or is this yuri?”

      Studio Deen executives’ response:
      “We are here to make ‘You’re Under Arrest!’ yuri. We are here to make everything yuri. Pinker than the pinkest pink, times infinity.”

    6. Oh the memories when Natsumi first started, when Miyuki convery her feelings to Nakajima, the hotspring episode, when they rescued a stup girl from the hentai freaks and later it become a officer too. When Natsumi is deep in love with the mountain freak guy. When Natsumi and Miyuki got separated.

      Now this is good to watch so I could finish the whole trilogy after many years have passed hope I don’t get disappointed.

    7. @mangaka-chan

      Only how the eyes are similar. TB had a whole gothic-look on characters and I can’t really imagine it with such a vivid colors…
      Although it can be the same person who did char designs for Trinity Blood…this would explain the similarities…

      Unknown Voice
    8. Is not Yuri because this anime is from the same creator of “Oh My Goddess”, one of my favorite anime of all time. If you know his style then you know ” You Are Under Arrest” never be about yuri.

    9. “Let’s see 2 detectives make a mad dash down the highway with a speedy car all the while trying to protect the daughter of a rich person…. CAN YOU SAY GUN SMITH CATS RIP-OFF!!!!”

      ‘cept You’re Under Arrest is older than Gunsmith Cats

    10. @hudson

      Gunsmith manga was first release in 1991

      You’re Under Arrest was first release in 1989

      Gunsmith Cat OAV was in 1995

      You’re Under Arrest was in 1994

      So who is copy is copying who?

    11. We know its not Yuri, YUA always had advertisements/products that seemed yurish though. =O
      It will always be wishful thinking that something could ever happen. T_T It’d be cute.

      Anyways I loved the first ep. I was worried they would make this season something completely new.(I for one don’t need plot to enjoy an anime X3)

      Btw how long it this season supposed to be?

    12. You’re Under Arrest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3RD SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Nothing’s more amazing than the duo!!! Finally, they’re together again!!!!! Definitely gonna follow this series!!

    13. *rolls eyes* This isn’t yuri or even close to it at all, and you won’t get much fanservice unless they decided to change direction.

      Good old You’re Under Arrest. It’s been ages since I last watched the 2nd season and it’s really good to see the girls again. This time, I hope for a conclusion with Nakajima-kun and Miyuki. They both drive me crazy, tip-toeing around each other.

    14. yay! I’ve been waiting for this one. Brings back memories. I’m still wondering if this will get subbed… hopefully so. Ohoho. More Nakajima-kun and Miyuki for me! =D

      Thanks very much for blogging this series! ^_^

    15. Wow, talk about walking down memory lane watching this episode. Nostalgia all over. Makes me all teary eyed. Glad to see Miyuki and Natsumi back in action. As someone already mentioned, the legendary foot brakes are back! Haha, seeing that foot brake in action near the end of the first episode made me smile, feeling all warm and fuzzy! I also couldn’t stop laughing at Yoriko’s voice, it’s still adorable (eerily adorable) after all these years. Hahaha. Hopefully it’ll be just as fun of a ride as the other two seasons.

    16. Oh Anonymooo, I was thinking the exact same thing. Continuations of old series that seemed dropped off, gives me hope for Hajime no Ippo S4. The manga is so far ahead of the anime now…

    17. I’m surprised that it s as good as before. Even though actresses are in their 40’s they still sounds cute. Drawing changed a little, but maybe for better. I think of watching few very first episodes again. This fall few good series comes out. YUA is one of them. Good to see it again.

    18. for god’s sake. There aren’t a lot of REAL yuri series with REAL canon couples for you to think THIS, THIIIIIIS is going to be yuri. First of all there have always been canon material that make them look somewhat les, but we know they aren’t. So why do you think they will suddenly turn gay? As a yuri fan i know this is just bullshit fanservice. Look at marimite, since you compare both. Only one canon couple has been shown, and it was only in the first season and for no more tahn 5 episodes and they didn’t end together. And you think there will be yuri in YUA, lol. Besides tho i agree with the people who thinks Nakajima x Miyuki is a bad couple, i can’t think the same of Chief x Natsumi.


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