In a desert landscape, a girl named Priecia and a guy named Hyaweh talk about the upcoming battle while the rest of their party sleeps. Scooting next to Hyaweh because it’s cold, Priecia wonders what he intends to do after their fight tomorrow is over. Aside from eating, sleeping, and playing, Hyaweh answers that he also wants to continue his training to be a knight so that he can become stronger to protect everyone. He also admits that he really wants to do everything he can to protect one girl in particular, causing her to ask if she can believe the promise from that time. Hyaweh says that she can, and he is about to kiss her when suddenly they are attacked by a woman dressed like a nun named Sister Hell. Long before Hyaweh and Priecia’s time, however, there had been a long war between the followers of the Rerihion and Salus religions. Years after the holy war ended in a truce, Princea and Hans, the children of the king of Wind Land, had met a boy named Meistel.

Princea and Meistel soon developed feelings for each other, but one day the siblings suddenly had to return home to the royal city. Meistel had run after their carriage, promising that he’d study to become a knight and wanting Hans to achieve his dream of becoming a knight too. Princea had then stretched out her hand with her pocket watch, and as he grabbed it, Meistel had confessed that he loved her. The pocket watch ended up in Meistel’s hands after he lost his footing and the carriage pulled away, and Princea had promised to wait for him to become his bride. Unfortunately, less than a year later, Hans died. After a period of grieving, Princea had decided become a knight in her brother’s place and had vowed to fulfill the promise that Hans couldn’t keep. It was some time after this that someone stumbled onto Princea bathing outdoors, and she recognized him to be Meistel by the pocket watch that he was wearing.

Back in the present, Priecia and Hyaweh take care of Sister Hell’s soldiers, but when the going gets tough, the rest of their allies – Kagura, Fel, and Karin – come to help. In response, Sister Hell called forth a large metallic warrior called an Angel, and it proceeded to try to smash Hyaweh’s group. Fortunately, Kagura saves them with a magic barrier, though her power quickly starts giving out under the pressure. Taking charge, Hyaweh decides that when the barrier breaks, Fel and Karin will attack the Angel with their respective magic and swords to keep it from moving while he and Priecia destroy its Prism. Priecia doesn’t think it’ll work, so Hyaweh points out the importance of believing in their own power and that of their friends. When the barrier does break, Fel and Karin do their part, and Hyaweh and Priecia start to charge up the side of the Angel. However, Priecia gets shot off the side and starts falling, so Hyaweh jumps after her and grabs her in mid-air, reminding her that he promised not to let her go no matter what happens.

Hyaweh then activates a special ability of his sword and gets launched into the Angel, destroying it. Unfortunately, Sister Hell tells them that the true battle has just begun, and a huge fleet of aircraft and Angels appear in the horizon. Priecia’s hand starts shaking when she sees this, but Hyaweh takes her hand and kisses her on the cheek, telling her that it’ll be just a little longer. With her fighting spirit back, Priecia charges at the enemy along with Hyaweh and her friends.

OP Sequence

OP: 「そして僕は…」 (Soshite Boku wa…) by榊原ゆい(Sakakibara Yui)
Watch the OP!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2

Well that was an exercise in confusion (and ultimately research). Word to the wise – at the start of an anime, please don’t throw us into the middle of the story and then interlace it with scenes from the past of a completely different set of characters. Yes, they tried to patch it together with Komet’s narration, but, since I haven’t played either Prism Heart or Prism Ark, it really threw me off the first time I watched the episode. I hadn’t noticed the eye color difference and spent most of it wondering who Princea was (main heroine of Prism Heart) and how she was related to Priecia since they looked so similar to me. The battle with Hyaweh’s group against Sister Hell was a lot more straightforward, however it was hard to pay attention to that when they were cutting away from it every couple of minutes to talk about the past again.

That being said, the production quality on this was pretty good, and the Hyaweh ended up being a cooler and stronger than he looked. That might have a lot to do with how voice actor Kakihara Tetsuya used his mature Simon voice (from Gurren Lagann) for the part. The fact that he talked about believing in his comrades’ power reminded me of GL even more. Overall, I think this first episode came off more like a prologue than a beginning of a series, especially since the preview indicates that we’ll be going back to Hyaweh and Priecia’s knight academy days next week. I’m currently leaning towards not wanting to blog this show, but we’ll see how the second episode turns out.


  1. if u did notice… the character is the almost the same size as when they were young LOL…chibi girls wif big chest!! XD!!! anyways.. seems like the sister from hell is different person than from the game… i loved the game..hope it goes as well as the game!!

  2. Okay, some of the people in the screens are actually characters from the first game, Prism Heart. Prism Ark is actually the distant sequel to that first game. The blue-haired kid looks like a young Maistel, and the Priecia look-alike is actually Prinsea, now the current queen of Windland in Prism Ark’s timeline. The other blonde kid might be young Kizarrov but I’m not certain.

  3. Sniper: “How is the blond guy related to the blue-hair guy are they the same or different? ”

    No no, apparently the ‘blue-hair’ guy is Priecia’s (The lead female character) father. Which makes the girl that looks like Priecia but with different eye colour, the mother.

    The blond guy is Hyaweh, the male lead for this story.

  4. Bluehaired guy – Maistel (King of Windland)
    Blond girl with him – Prinsea, the queen
    The blond girl that kinda looks like her – Priecia (and apparently they chose to make her the heroine… well, considering how they f*ck up everything else, no surprise there…)
    Blond guy – Hyaweh, the hero. While he is quite a klutz from time to time, he’ll become pretty strong. That is, unless they messed that up as well.
    The Mecha – an Angel. Doesn’t look much like the angels in the game, though. *sigh*

    And in case it wasn’t obvious until now, I’m pretty pissed so far at what they did to the original… *sigh* Maybe it will still become a “good” anime, but the Prism Ark anime I was waiting for… pretty damn unlikely.

  5. From what I’ve know of her, Priecia makes a good heroine. Another bonus is her being my personal favorite of the lot, so I have no problems with her as the lead female.

    My greatest concern however, is the number of episodes for this series. 12-13 episodes just doesn’t seem like enough.

  6. Chaos2Frozen:

    Especially considering they wasted an entire episode on prologue – did we really need to know how Maistel&Prinsea met etc.pp.? This isn’t the Prism HEART anime…
    And Karin, Filia and even Teresa easily beat Priecia in my book (though they’d definitely need 26+ episodes). Even Kagura is more interesting. I just hope they don’t ruin the [spoiler]scene after the raid[/spoiler], which is IMHO the one really good scene that is unique to her route.

    Hm, to mention at least one good thing – they kept the chibi comedy parts. So if they animate the right ones, it will at least be funny.

  7. Gloranor:

    – I can think of one reason why they would want to show that, especially since they’re going for Priecia’s route. Spoiler for possible episode two (Just in case) .

    Show Spoiler ▼

    – To each his/her own I guess, I like Priecia out of them all.

    – Funny is always good 🙂

  8. hey, can anyone tell me where can find online vedio to watch like youtube and
    cuz most of the ppl didnt upload the anime i want to watch it, but if i donwload in torrent, there will be no sub at all, plus is going to take all day for downloading!!!!!
    SIGH!!!! plz tell me where i can find more online vedio to watch??????????? XD

  9. I was really interested in this show and would love to play the game. So if ne1 knows where an English version could be found or downloaded it would be a great help. (I have seen it for dreamcast but i also heard it was for PC) PC would be preferable.


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