During breakfast one morning, Yoshiyuki tells his sisters that he was asked to look after Minatsu because she’s returning from abroad. When Otome questions why it’s him doing it, Yoshiyuki claims that it’s because he’s does well in English, but he immediately fails Yume’s test of asking him to pass the soy sauce in English. He then rushes off to meet with Koko and catches up with her right as she’s wondering who Minatsu is. To clear things up, he tells Koko what he told his sisters, but when she asks why, he pauses before deciding to tell her the truth. Koko, however, stops him before he’s able to say it because she trusts him. When the bell rings, Yoshiyuki grabs her hand, and the two run to class together. Inside the school, they find the school idol Shirakawa Nanaka being confessed to by a guy, but she turns him down and runs away. Suginami then appears to compare Nanaka to the Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto, and he thinks that Yoshiyuki will understand after school.

Around lunchtime, Yoshiyuki tries to sneak out of class early so that he can be first in the line for bread, but he hears Minatsu’s warning noise in the hallway and is forced to attend to her first. By the time he arrives to get in line for bread, there’s already a ton of people there. To his surprise though, Nanaka shows up and helps him get the bread he wants because all the boys in line are willing to let her go in front of them. Yoshiyuki finds it strange that she already knows his name, but he’s not given much time to think about it because all the guys are now looking at him with hatred. After school, Yoshiyuki learns that Koko is at her club activities, and as he’s walking through the halls, he passes by the music room where Nanaka is practicing her singing. When she notices him standing there, he thanks her for the bread, and the two are interrupted by the arrival of Koko and Wataru. Yoshiyuki gets another surprise when Nanaka hugs Koko since they’re friends, and he realizes that they’re both in the light music club. Nanaka insists that he call her by her given name instead of her family name, and Yoshiyuki is only able to do this after a bit of embarrassment.

As it turns out, Wataru plays the drums, Koko plays the bass, and Nanaka sings in their band, but they’re missing a guitarist. Yoshiyuki just happens to be able to play the guitar, so Nanaka gets him to join the club, and the band starts spending a lot of time practicing together. One afternoon, Koko offers to help Yoshiyuki practice, but when they get to his room, Otome repeatedly opens Yoshiyuki’s door to tell them that they’re having curry for dinner tonight. Once his sister finally leaves, Yoshiyuki tries to stand up to practice, but because his leg feel asleep, he falls on top of Koko. The two are in this position for a long while before being interrupted by Otome again who wants Yoshiyuki to go buy some curry roux. At the supermarket, Yoshiyuki is reminded of Minatsu as he banana stand, and by chance, Minatsu joins them for dinner that night after having run into Yume on the street. Minatsu loves the curry, however she’s shocked to find out that there’s bananas in it.

When it’s time for the guests to leave, Yume gets Yoshiyuki to walk them home, but Minatsu claims that she doesn’t need it and runs off on her own. As Yoshiyuki and Koko walk past the seashore, she comments on how happy she was that Yoshiyuki agreed to join the band, and she insists that Yoshiyuki wasn’t a nuisance like he thought he might have been. This leads to Yoshiyuki admitting that he wanted to know Koko, but he wasn’t even aware of what day her club activities were or that she was good friends with Nanaka or that she was so good at playing the bass. He joined the band because he felt that it could let him learn more about her, and the two of them now are now able to share a moment under the starry night.

I was critical of the show last week for appearing to follow the girl-of-the-week format to introduce the characters, but this really wasn’t that bad. Although it was still somewhat of an introduction to Nanaka’s character, unlike last week, this week actually felt like it was about Yoshiyuki and Koko more than anything else. For once, the Shirakawa character didn’t have any apparent feelings for the male lead. And with the progress Yoshiyuki is making with Koko along with the fact that his sisters are still playing minor roles, I’m beginning to think that maybe they are really going the Koko route. It is, of course, still too early to tell, and like a lot of people, I find the Koko stuff so far a bit routine and boring. The key is how the magic of that sakura tree will play into all of this, and how it’ll affect or change the relationships. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t rule out anyone just quite yet.


  1. Oh, so it’s Shirakawa now? It was about time, we didn’t even see her last episode. Anyway, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t have anything against Koko but if it’s going that route. It would be…kinda boring. Yah, I agreed with u guys. It’d be nice to see Nanaka or any other girls ending. I guess.

  2. They are not related by blood at all~
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And i for one would like on of these Yume/Koko/Shirakawa endings..
    And about Shirakawa..
    Show Spoiler ▼

    (Read spoilers at your own risk ^^)

  3. Moui we can’t help but to talk about the endings ne ? Like come on the way that this Da Capo is going, if Yoshiyuki sticks up with Koko it’ll be the worst ending possible…Ok Koko is sweet, dot. But with Yoshiyuki what next? She can’t even hold his hands without having a brain fuse….If he asks her to marry him what will happen? her head blows up ? O_o

  4. @Gil:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Sailor Enlil
  5. ah… seriously they want to add a little more impact to the anime but taht would fail me if they use the same tactic for the second series… da capo 1 is good in the begining but not nearly good in the end… i also want a shirakawa ending as well…

  6. LMFAO hes jst like junichi has the singer girl give him the special bread like kotori did back in da capo btw uhhhh 2 questions is that oranged haired girl the same robot from the 1st time an how r the other characters doin now i mean it has been a long time

  7. I’m guessing or really hoping that they will continue the koko path somewhat to the point the get intimate and then boom out of nowhere sisters play a huge roll with the other girls and oh hello tree and Sakura reveals secrets at like episode 9 or something

  8. I expect it’s all going to fall apart for poor Koko, but I really loved the good feelings that developed here between her and Yoshiyuki. I don’t find her boring at all. But there were some truly stereotypical moments: the porn-mags and falling-on-top-of-her scenes were just about as badly done as I can ever remember — except that I liked how they held the pose of him above her for such a long time.

  9. I’ve always wanted a Shirakawa ending, even for the first Da Capo.

    I was actually happy for the first few episodes of DCSS when Kotori appeared to be the main heroine…but the later episodes really put me down.

    I guess I’m hoping that somehow Nanaka would be the one Yoshiyuki chooses…though I seriously doubt it

  10. Yes! Finally Nanaka shows up. Seeing as I only picked this show up for Nanaka, if this show went Nanaka-less for 1 more ep I would have dropped it for sure. Tch Koko is very bland and boring to me, I’d much rather prefer Nanaka’s end. The 2nd best thing about D.C II is no more annoying ass Nemu!!!!! Also Otome and Yume aren’t nearly as annoying as Nemu, so that’s a relief.


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