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OP: 「エプロンだけは取らないで!」 (Apron Dake wa Toranaide!) by 喜多村英梨 (Kitamura Eri)

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ED: 「ラブソングかもしれない」 (Love Song Kamoshirenai) by 喜多村英梨 & 明坂聡美 (Kitamura Eri and Akesaka Satomi)

A unique little show aired yesterday on AT-X… it’s a 3 episode OVA with the big R-15 rating stamped on it… it’s the story of a masochistic otaku and his helplessly pragmatic robot maid. Oh boy. Chobits doujin just got animated (no, really, I’m jumping for joy inside).

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, consider these key words: maid, robot, cosplay, lolis, tentacles, nipples, bukkake, waitress, mothercomplex, suckling, ankles, zettai ryouiki. And pretty much anything else you can come up with, including a Dokuro-chan poster. Cuz this show has got it all! The ultimate collection of anime-borne fanservice – and it’s actually kinda funny to boot.

Not wanting to give too much legitimacy to something that’s clearly got way too much of it already, Koharu Biyori OVA Vol.1 is the story of an otaku who buys a brand new robot maid. He’s quite an impressive otaku, with a huge collection of the things you associate otaku with… figures, cosplay costumes, removable skirts, etc. And now with the addition of the robot maid (who conveniently comes wrapped in red ribbons draped strategically over her body), his life is now complete.

Problem is, she’s one of those “hey, wtf!” types who, through some obvious glitch in the programming, has one of those rare things known as “self-consciousness.” Needless to say, she gets rather distraught by the fact that some random dude is trying to dress her naked body up in some hentai outfit.

So this is about their time together. After the cosplay fiasco there’s a little story about a waitress with F cups and then a baby with a penis that makes elephant noises. Pretty standard stuff – everything in this show, from the naked robot maid to the bunny-toting loli to the nekomimi waitress with huge jugs – we’ve seen it before. But what makes Koharu Biyori a winner? It’s got EVERYTHING, packed into one 30 minute package that had a high enough energy level and likeable enough characters to pass off as entertaining. And there’s no censoring, nor any attempt to keep things modest.

I’d rather see more of these OVA-based fanservice shows than have to suffer through TV series that are clearly low budget crowd-pleasers that just end up… sucking. And those that don’t go for this kind of stuff – no harm done, nobody really cares or puts any sort of emotional investment in this show anyways.

So if you’re looking for your dose of honest-to-goodness above-average fanservice – this one is actually worth a watch!

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  1. Wow, I used to come here for solid, insightful and timely reviews and summaries. Now it seems you just blog any old crap these days.

    Omni, can’t you just concentrate on decent shows again?

  2. @Sheep- I don’t think you noticed the fact jaalin posted this. Under the episode title and date on the top of the post, it states who posted the article and there’s more than one blogger on this site.

    Haven’t seen a R-15 pop up in a while. Pretty intense first episode.

  3. “I’m going to go to Hell for watching this, aren’t I?”

    I think it’d be safe to say the type of people who would be huge fans of this would already be scheduled for there.

  4. Nice work with the captions jaalin, i remember one blog using the same method, but this one is a welcome addition to random curiosity. I hope you continue with this style with your other blog entries. Keep it up 🙂

    Shinn Agami
  5. Judging by the blond girl’s variety of facial expressions I’m thinking I’d actually enjoy this pretty well.

    But on the other hand, if I watch it I don’t know if I’ll ever get my self-respect back.

    Frankenstein's Clare
  6. why does fanservice shows get censored if not just few number of episodes. i hope they make this a series in the near future.fanservice is nice and u might even get some ideas to do with your gf XP.

  7. LOL THE BEST ANIME IN THIS SEASON!!! I mean this season the animes just sucks bad, I was hoping Shana Second would be good, but so far just like Zero no tsukaima it just wasnt as good as the first season. The only shows which are fairly average are Myself;Yourself, Clannad, and My Master Ninomiya-kun. Not like the last season where we get tons of good shows, i hope the animes next season would be good, and when will Code Geass come out1!!


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