If my sister is so undependable at home, what’s she like at school? What do her friends think about her? Is she able to survive in this fast-paced world with her slow, slow manner?

At home, when I’m playing a video game that’s single player, she picks up the second controller and pretends to play along.

At home, when she says she’ll cook something for me, she makes me tea instead.

At home, her mind wanders on odd topics like the uses of spring onions.

At home, when I’m cooking, she comes by and whips up a raw fish cake with ice soumen.

But when she puts on her white and baby blue yukata with the cute goldfish design, her flowing hair draped all the way down to the big blue obi, she looks like an entirely different girl.

At the festival, she walks around like a dopey lost child.

At the festival, she’ll confuse the words “kingyo sukui” (goldfish scoop) with “kingyo sukui” (save the goldfish).

At the festival, she’ll drift off on her own and get assaulted by strange people in masks… who turn out to be her teacher and classmates.

During the fireworks, she’ll try to sketch them, but can’t get a few marks in before it disappears.

But no matter where she goes, she’s always the same, slow-paced person who’s able to get satisfaction from the smallest of things, from the most trivial of details. That slow manner of hers is not a weakness, but her greatest strength – with this fast paced life flying by us, we tend to forget to stop and enjoy the beauty of the world around us.

Thank you, oneechan, for helping me realize this!

-Your brother, Ao


  1. It looks like more win…. between this series and Minami-ke …. well its a good thing L*S wasn’t competing directly against them. Much as I loved the core bits of L*S, this series and Minami-ke don’t reside on the easy cheap laugh of “referencing” to achieve the funny (reminder: if you read L*S the manga you’ll see none of the anime-only parody and reference insertion that KyoAni felt compelled to add — thank god they didn’t have something like AzuDa in their clutches or these shows).

  2. we all loved potemayo. the finale where the “offsprings” of guchuko and pote popped up in the last 3 minutes was a golden moment xD

    sketchbook looks visually beautiful as always ^^

  3. Lovely episode! I think this is the episode with the longest fireworks scene in any other animes I’ve seen. And beautiful too. Ooh, and Sora gets more speaking part!!! Kawaii… She really must be… the ancestor of Akari or something.

    Love the laid-back pace of the series. Just like Aria. And I love it.

    Dunno why, but it the preview for next week seems kinda washed-out, color-wise. Still looks awesome though.

  4. Although colorful, and somewhat amusing, I’m not too impressed with this anime. I will continue watching it, because I watch everything in general, but this is definitely not on my obsessive list where I am one of the cult worshippers that demand the next episode. Basically I only suggest it to hardcore Otakus, or people that like the casual anime and have a little extra time on their hands

    Kazuki Shikimori

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