Yoriko’s increasingly flabby arms have been a recent source of anguish for her. She looks right across her desk and playfully craves for Natsumi’s body that never seems to gain weight despite all the food Natsumi consumes. Miyuki offers a theory – that Natsumi’s body simply burns up the calories rapidly. While all this talk on dieting goes on, inspector Tokuno makes an appearance in the Traffic Division of Bokuto Station, and brought along gourmet taiyaki for the group to enjoy. The members of the Traffic Division squeal with delight at this treat and eagerly grab one, including Yoriko whose appetite for fancy food surpasses her concern for weight.

This sumptuous taiyaki is made in the famed 黄金屋 (Koganeya), whose reputation for their delicacy is so widespread that it attracts long lines of customers every day. Not far off from the confectionary store, a rather bulky, muscular man looks at the winding line of people with contempt from above his apartment.

Miyuki and Natsumi get on their police car and go on patrol for the first time in quite a while. Natsumi still remembers the taiyaki from earlier on that day, and the pair decided to improvise with their patrol route to stop by Koganeya. When they do arrive, they are bewildered to see three cars propped up against the brick walls of the neighborhood houses, with a poster with red words attached to each of these cars (Natsumi: “Whoever wrote this has horrible penmanship.” Miyuki: “This is what I suppose people call dangerous art.”). One of the victims is hysterical at the current state of her Porsche (nicknamed “Poru Poru-Chan” of all things). Although parking in the roads of residential areas is illegal, Natsumi reluctantly spares them from the humiliation of receiving parking tickets and instead lifts the cars back to be parallel with the road.

Back at the station, Kachou, like Miyuki, comments on the criminal’s terrible handwriting on the posters that accompanied the cars (e.g., “Do not park illegally!”). Natsumi and Miyuki are assigned with the task to investigate and track down the criminal and his passion for “dangerous art”. While completing the necessary protocols on a possible description of the culprit, Miyuki points out to a snapshot of an apartment located near Koganeya. Miyuki clicks on one of the apartments that has its windows slightly open and enlarges the picture to reveal the heavily-built man staring outside.

With a strong indication of who the person responsible is, NatsuMiyu set off for the neighborhood with Koganeya again. While they look around, Michiyo, the daughter of Koganeya’s owner, approaches them and heartily asks for their help. She also regretfully mentions how no one is interested to succeed in taking over the family business. After some planning, Miyuki decides to have the customers of Koganeya help out in a bid to lure the wrestler-turned law offender (they bribe the customers by repealing their parking tickets for their help).

Seeing as the suspect still hasn’t shown up, NatsuMiya temporarily patrols around in alternate routes. This ends when the sun sets, and the deranged ex-professional wrestler appears and starts rotating and lifting cars around. Yoriko contacts them and the two speed off to face the criminal. Natsumi bursts into the scene and starts a ridiculous battle of brute strength against the wrestler, with an automobile as the medium. Natsumi has the upper hand but not by a lot. The wrestler foolish comments about how the woman he is against is like a gorilla, and this of course infuriates Natsumi as she absolutely crushes the wrestler at his own game.

The wrestler manages to escape during the ensuring ruckus, with Miyuki at his tail. Although she corners him, he leaps into the air as if about to attack the poor policewoman…or not. He remembers an embarrassing defeat back in his professional days as a wrestler, and covers his…well, crotch (-.-;) in midair. He pathetically crashes into the ground and he is brought in for interrogation.

After a confession from the culprit and words of encouragement from Miyuki, we learn that the wrestler (whose stage name is the Condor Tiger) has since then worked for Koganeya as a part time job and for community service. All is well, as Miyuki and Natsumi looks on – until they spot a disguised Kachou lining up for more taiyaki to purchase. The pair sheepishly approach their superior, as Natsumi eagerly asks Kachou to buy them taiyaki as well. Fufufufufu.


Nice, clean, classic anime fun. The Condor Tiger was no match for Natsumi after all (looks like Toukairin Shouji is the only human who can surpass her in terms of strength and appetite). Speaking of Shouji, he sure has a number of fans for being an anime-original character. Looks like the fandom prefers him to be with Natsumi over Kachou. :O This episode, additionally, had two insert songs, during a) NatsuMiyu’s first patrol after their return and b) near the end at the Koganeya. Neither songs were credited, which is unfortunate – I would have at least wanted the song title and the artist…

Next time: Snakes continue to be misunderstood creatures in the anime world as they are set loose in Bokuto Station and create a serious frenzy. Or at least this is what the title and dialogue between Aoi and Yoriko imply. We’ll find out soon enough~.


  1. ive got an official warning for this download!!
    After the complete download i get an warning by my virusshild that this one is infectet with some kind of exploit virus!
    there was no probs for my shild to clean the mess up but iam afraid that some of you guys let this little monster on your systems so please be carefull.
    by the way this was the very first time that ive got an virus warning ever in the downloads here on (Naked Xlation)fansub.
    That was from Taiho Shichauzo Full Throttle 1 and 2.
    be carefull

  2. Oh, i dunno… shouji is a secondary character at best so while he’ll probably appear (he did show up in season 2 slightly), i’m fairly positive he won’t be present for most of the series


  3. @nanami kamimura.

    er, my internet was disconnected for two days. i’m not too fond of the accusatory tone >.>
    at least it was posted, and the summary *will* be up? :-/

    i really have no obligation to explain to you either…

  4. just peeped this ep out of curiosity, and i must say. GET THE FU#K oUTTA HERE!! i thought roid use was only big in america!!
    on a side note,i’m dieing to taste that taiyaki stuff!! it always looks so good in the animes..gotta see if i can find some in N.Y

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. “i’m dieing to taste that taiyaki stuff!!”

    Red bean paste is sort of an acquired taste to westerners from what I can understand. It’s just mashed red beans mixed with sugar and a bit of water to provide the consistency. But even then, it’s not generally sweet enough to charm the more traditional sweet tooth and its texture isn’t exactly appealing either.

    I personally love it because I don’t like overly sweet things, so it’s a nice treat to spread on crackers or similar. I can’t say I’ve tasted it after it’s been fried in batter though (ie, the gist of taiyaki), which might radically change its taste for all I know, as it is known to happen in the culinary world. I will say it is great chilled and I’ve had amazing ice cream made in red bean flavor (with said beans mixed in too).

    That Guy
  6. @That Guy.
    Azuki-flavored ice cream are great, I agree 🙂 I’m not so sure if it’s an acquired taste for the average westerner tho – I had a few friends from abroad try dorayaki and they loved it. Maybe its taste does change when heated and/or fried, I will need to take note on that 🙂

    Now NATTO (fermented soybeans) is an entirely different matter I think. I don’t necessarily hate how it tastes, but the texture and the smell… My father always forced me to try it for breakfast…brrgh.


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