Five years ago, the Girouard military tried to perform its own Resonance, but the experiment ended in failure, and Garnet was frustrated at how they couldn’t do what the ISDA could. Back in the present, Jin and Gio arrive at the city on the moon, and Jin is still able to hear her singing. Toa is at that moment crying to herself beside a basketball court where a bunch of kids are playing, though those kids disperse when it starts to rain. She remains out in the rain until a woman comes by and offers her some relief under an umbrella. Gio and Jin arrive in the area soon after, however Toa is gone by then. Jin is nevertheless sure that he heard Toa’s song, but Gio is skeptical and decides to leave Jin since their deal was that he would do so if Toa wasn’t on the moon. Back on Earth, Kiril, Sakaki, and Yuuri tell a room full of reporters the truth about Thanatos and the D Project. Kiril later informs Garnet as she arrives on the moon that Jin is there, and it’s Garnet’s job to capture Gio.

Laina meanwhile tells the rest of his team that they’ll be implementing the D Project and that the search for Gio is being entrusted to the Girouard military. The others object, but Laina says that it’s an order from the brass. Kazuki in particular doesn’t take this very well, and Akira tries to strike up a conversation with him after the meeting. She recalls how Jin had told him that he wanted to know the truth and how he went to the moon onboard Gio, so she thinks that the Album is on the moon. Akira suggests that Gio doesn’t hate Kazuki and just wants to see the Album for whatever reason. Yuuri overhears all this as she passes by, and she ends up asking Akira for the details. On the moon, Jin is still sure that Toa is around there somewhere, however he gets ambushed by Girouard men before he can find her. With Jin in custody, Garnet temporarily takes over the television broadcast across the city so that she can send a secret message directed at Gio that only Dragons can hear, instructing him to surrender if he wants Jin’s release. It turns out that Toa hears this message too and gets alarmed, though Gio himself largely ignores it for now.

When Jin questions what Garnet and the Girouard military is after, she tells him that he’s the bait for them to catch some big game. Jin believes that it’s useless because Gio won’t come, but Garnet laughs at the thought that a Communicator would abandon his Master. She also doesn’t take any crap from Jin when he starts questioning what the Resonance is and smacks him with the hilt of her sword. Gio meanwhile accidentally bumps into the group of kids who were playing by Toa earlier, and one of them drops the video camera that he had been recording with. The camera starts playing back the video that has a shot of Toa in it, making Gio realize that she is indeed here. Back on Earth, Yuuri takes the information about the Album being on the moon and tries to get Sakaki to send the Dragonauts. Sakaki insists that the duty of the Dragonauts is to accomplish the D Project, so Yuuri wonders if Sakaki doesn’t want to capture the culprit of the shuttle accident with his own hands.

While waiting for Gio to show up, Garnet talks to her superior about bringing Gio to their military’s research facility as soon as they capture him. To Jin’s surprise, Gio actually shows up at the designated site soon after and walks right into a trap that embeds small particles into him which prevent him from Actualizing. Garnet tries to have her men capture him, but Gio is still able to move and knocks them all out. This leaves Garnet to challenge Gio personally, and she has an advantage against the weakened Gio. However, Gio continues resisting, and during this time, Jin starts fighting with the guards and manages to fire a shot of one of their rifles into the computer controlling the CSS stuff weakening Gio. When the machine goes down, Gio leaps into the nearby trailer to save Jin and transforms into a Dragon. They then try to escape, but Garnet orders the release of the Agathion, a Dragon-like creature that grapples onto Gio and pulls him back down. Gio is able to overpower the Agathion and drags it along for a ride before slamming it into the ground. This leads to the Agathion going out of control and killing its controller, so Gio destroys it.

Unbeknownst to all of them, Toa saw the entire battle and watches as Gio flies away. Jin and Gio eventually reenter the city, and Jin asks why Gio returned to him. Gio answers by reiterating their original deal of him abandoning Jin if Toa wasn’t on the moon. However, since he knows now that Toa is on the moon, he feels that they can search for her together.


The huge breasts haven’t really bothered me…up until now. They seemed even more exaggerated than normal this episode, which probably has a lot to do with how much screen-time Garnet got. Certain shots didn’t have the best animation quality either, and that seemed to lead to some of the inflation. I guess Hirano Aya fans at least get to hear some of her doing her best tough voice. It always impresses me that her range includes a voice like that and also a voice like Konata’s from Lucky Star, though both of them are still very distinctively hers.

Anyway, this episode gave some motivation to Garnet and the Girouard side with their Resonance goal, though I still don’t quite get why Kiril works with them at all. You’d think that with all the commotion they made in the previous episode over Gio, the ISDA would want to handle things themselves instead of handing it off to someone who looks like they’d backstab you in a second. Seems like they’ll all get involved in next week’s episode though, and the preview indicates that Toa and Jin will get reunited too.


  1. Is it just me or are those breasts getting bigger with each week? This time one almost managed to slap herself in the face with her boobs while turning quickly. I know it’s Halloween and all, but pumpkin-sized is a bit much.

    On a sidenote:
    Kyon got demoted. Last week he was on the board of the ISDA and now he’s just nameless underling A of that space ninja boob girl.

  2. @mango: Really? The story and cast is completely different, protagonist is a wuss compared to Lelouche and although the Geass girls were also quite big on average I can’t remember any gigantic jello breasts.

  3. I can feel the sissyness coming from you ……dradonaut´s main plot!!!
    Run to the hills while you can!!!

    story´s main plot base:

    once upon a time there was a boy and girl that came from other planet…..etc…etc….etc…and then just like ragnarok online the animation or tales of rebirth the game a sudden DRAMA happened , but not just a simple drama….a drama that only just little children could think of!! a sissy way to represent a spoiled brat´s selfishness …and acted by both teenager and adult characters with the childish represented feelings of angust, hate, betrayal, love, anger…etc…etc….
    This is a true sissy story of a wagamama girl that kills a whole person´s family and then even after had kissed him she chooses to fuck with another one from her own kind just because she wasn´t choosed by her apparence!!…etc…etc


    Tensai Otaku
  4. lol I just rewatched that sword fight in slow-mo and I have to say it’s the only way to properly appreciate the way those breasts swing around. I found it especially good how myr feelings of astonishment and disbelief regarding their movements were perfectly mirrored by the crew watching the fight.

  5. Is this anime trying to make up for the lack of boobs in other anime these days?
    Size of Dragonauts boobs is proportional to the amount of loli anime?
    It all makes sense now.

    Because those boobs are HUGE.

  6. “On a sidenote:
    Kyon got demoted. Last week he was on the board of the ISDA and now he’s just nameless underling A of that space ninja boob girl.”

    Well, naturally, since Garnet is voiced by Aya Hirano! Technically, I suppose Garnet is in charge of the other SOS-dan voiced characters, too.

    On a related note, Garnet’s ridiculous uniform is somewhat like a porn-ified version of Haruhi’s getup from that Space Fleet episode of ‘Melancholy’.

  7. Anyone ever notice how the future is always so much sexier than the present? I believe this can be attributed to one or both of two options A) Natural selection B) Ugly cleansing (sim. to Ethnic cleansing.)

  8. To anyone complaining about bewbs – Please, is THAT such a big problem? If you all have so much like for loli characters go into clannad or other shows and watch them. I have no problem with their breast size, why? because I don’t center my atention JUST to that.

    Of course if you sit watching an ep, jus to point out every sec breasts are shown and then you whine for a hour then you should seriously think about your mind…

    Someone said that “cg was the best anime and this can’t be compared”. One, CG was nowhere near the best, of courseit had a good story and good characters, but it was not the best ever. It can’t be called the best as everyone’s “best” is different. And second – yes it can be compared, the story is abit similar and the character personalities and situations too.

    Ep-wise this was good, but nothing spectacular. Seems that the next one will be interesting. Still my opinion remains – Dragonaut and Gundam00 are the best shows to air this season.

    Unknown Voice
  9. It’s not that most of us are really complaining. We are making fun of it, because it’s so ridiculous. And it’s far more interesting to make fun of the breasts or how in the future lab coats get stuck into butt cracks than to talk about the mediocre characters or the shallow plot.

  10. Honestly I’d agree with you about the breast size thing if they weren’t throwing the cleavage right in your face, everyone has different tastes, you may not be bothered by gigantic breasts bigger then your head but bothers may. Personally I find those characters extremely unattractive but usually it doesn’t bother me as long as the camera angles don’t try to exploit it every time it gets a chance.

    As for simularities with Code Geass story, for the life of me I can’t see how it is similar at all. The characters yes, since characters on any medium are usually created by selecting from popular archtypes and then tweaking it to the writer’s own writing style and plot. A better argument to say you could compare Dragonaut to Code Geass would be that comparisions don’t nessicarily have to be with completely similar things, you could compare how well the plot flowed, character interaction/development, character designs and anyother production aspects.

  11. WOW… that is serious boobage. I haven’t started watching this yet but when I saw the previews I was excited to see the character design was similar to Witchblade, which I really liked. Looks like the boob size is much bigger here than in WB though. Need to mark this on my to download list.

  12. Ah, glad to see some of the Code Geass spammers now floating the comments of this series. Can’t you just keep your fingers from to comment button when you’re only going to write the exact same thing ten others before you wrote already anyway? Yes, the cleavage of some characters is almost disgusting for some, others enjoy it. If you don’t like it and can’t look over the fact that they’re animated this way – don’t watch Dragonaut.

    Putting the boob aspect aside (I like small/normal-sized breasts btw), this show is rather entertaining. Yes, the plot is kinda lost somewhere atm, we don’t even know why exactly Toa ran away and hides now, even though she knows Jin and Gio are on the moon – but it’s fun to watch. The swordfights were pretty neat, the ISDA and Gilliard (that’s how a subgroup translated it)”conflict” has some potential aswell as the whole “what are the dragons actually?” thing. There are many questions left unanswered, enough to keep me watching. I’m already happy with 5 minutes of Gio kicking ass and a halfway decent plot – and that’s what this show delivers right now. So stop comparing it to Code Geass (like the story of CG was good and well thought out, it was just twisted enough for nobody to realize how crappy it was – and yes, I watched and like it) and just enjoy they show ;).

  13. It’s not that the huge boobs are making the girls ugly or whatever but yeah it’s totally taking away from the show. I don’t get it, it’s not like there’s no plot or the dragons are uninteresting. But they do steal the focus and I’m scratching my head as to why. Way over the top and doesn’t really seem to fit with this genre of anime. It’s like they’re trying to combine hentai with mecha but I really don’t see this working. I will keep watching though, if nothing else but to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

  14. Well, the boobs are IMHO not that much of a problem at all. Actually, Garnet’s are the only ones I find irritating here – they really went too much over the edge there – but the others are okay IMHO and not worth raising a fuss over.


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