As she works on some last minute adjustments for the play after everyone else falls asleep, Michiko starts thinking about Hagino and about what she had overheard. Mari and Hagino then return together from their pool encounter to check on her, and Michiko notices that they’re holding hands. She’s glad that the two reconciled, and taking their hands, she thanks them both for everything up until now. Early the next morning, unbeknownst to the students or festival attendees, Shivariel and the Novaal engage the human defense forces in battle. The Japanese fleet is no match for alien firepower, but Tsubael eventually steps in and protects them with the Blue. She then returns fire and scores a direct hit on the enemy ship, sending it crashing into the ocean. Tsubael’s goal is to prevent anything from happening to interrupt the play and to protect Hagino. But with the fighting taking place in the airspace above them, a large explosion shakes the auditorium in the middle of the play and alerts Hagino to what’s going on. Yuuko then barges in to alert everyone about the evacuation order that’s been issued, and as explosions rip through the school grounds, the crowd quickly clears out.

All around the world, giant disk shaped UFOs now cover the skylines, and many flying girls appear. However, these girls start exploding and wreaking havoc on the cities. Back at the school, Yuuko returns to the auditorium after evacuating everyone to find that all of her students are still there. Hagino quietly apologizes because she knows that all this is the fault of her race, and she then takes off her costume and apologizes for not telling everyone about her true identity. She starts to leave, but Mari stops her and tries to get her to say that she’ll come back. Hagino, however, just responds with a goodbye. Once she’s gone, the other girls start thinking that Hagino was an alien spy, but Michiko stands up for Hagino by claiming that she left to protect them. With all of her fond memories of Hagino, Michiko refuses to believe that Hagino was a spy. This leads to Mari deciding to go after Hagino, and she runs out towards the docks. Onboard the Blue, Tsubael reports to Hagino that the Novaal is headed in their direction, and she apologizes for not being able to protect the school festival. Hagino, however, blames her own original selfishness, and she thanks Tsubael for what she’s done.

With everything going relatively according to plan, Shivariel starts thinking about Mari who she refers to as a catalytic telepath. She then launches all of the Novaal’s aircraft at the Blue, and the Blue isn’t able to hold up against the bombardment. Just as the Blue is about to get hit by the next wave though, Azanael seizes control of the aircraft and redirects them away from the Blue. With Azanael’s intervention, Tsubael and Hagino are able to launch the Blue out of the water, and right as Hagino is thinking about Mari, Mari appears on the docks. Hagino at first can only see Mari on the video screen though and can’t hear her, but Mari then notices a sea gull and chases after it. Mari’s calling out to her as Jeanne causes Hagino to start crying, but Hagino nevertheless gives the order for the Blue to take off towards the Novaal, leaving Mari behind. Up in space, Shivariel gets frustrated enough by what Azanael did that she orders the Novaal’s Genocide Mode. When she finds out, Tsubael curses because they don’t have enough energy to stop it. To Tsubael’s surprise, Hagino salutes her and thanks her for all the work she’s done. Before Tsubael can realize what’s going on, Hagino ejects Tsubael in an escape pod.

Alone on the Blue now, Hagino teleports the ship right in front of the Novaal as the Novaal is about to fire its cannons at Azanael’s fighter aircraft. The Blue crashes into the Novaal, destroying everything, and in her last moments, Hagino recites the line from the play about how, no matter the blade, the single rose blooming in the wilderness inside of her cannot be cut. The name of the rose is Jeanne. Back on Earth, as she watches the bright light in the sky, Mari recalls the line about Jeanne being the one who sows the seeds of hope across the world. Fast-forward 30 years later, and the woman on the shuttle going to the negotiations – Michiko – looks at a copy of the play’s script. Her fellow negotiator comments on how they can finally lower the curtain on the war, but Michiko disagrees because she thinks it’s still up. Regardless, she feels that it’ll be okay.


Ah, I had a gut feeling that Hagino wouldn’t survive, and it looks like she didn’t. Still, taking out Shivariel isn’t a bad way to go. And the scene where Hagino was fighting the tears and her own feelings while Mari was calling to her (well, Jeanne) was so full of emotion and really touching – it was probably my favorite scene from the ending. You could just see how much she didn’t want to leave, yet for her sake and for Mari’s sake, she had something she had to do. On that note though, I was a little disappointed that more wasn’t said about what happened to Mari afterwards, and I think they could have done more to show what made Mari so special with the telepath thing. It would have bothered me if just that had been the end of the series, but fortunately they then came full circle back to 30 years later, giving the show more closure. I had honestly completely forgotten about the beginning of the first episode, and Hagino even recited that same line, giving it a lot more meaning this time around.

Final Thoughts: I didn’t think Blue Drop started out that great (a bit slow and dialogue heavy), but it got progressively better as the series went on and more of the sci-fi stuff got introduced. And while I didn’t ever appreciate the series as much as some people did – all 22 of you who voted this the best of the year – I think it’s got an interesting mix of yuri and sci-fi, so it’s easy to recommend this for fans of either genre.


  1. Hm, pretty closed the story to the manga.
    Earth invasion started bla bla.
    Just sad to see that Mari couldn’t go with Hagino, totaly left in an unknown future.
    But I will wait with more comments until I’ve seen the raw~

  2. Ok, watched the raw and also checked peoples’ opinions on animesuki forums. I have to agree that this ending was very well made, but it’s just unsatisfying to see so many things open. If there won’t be a second season or at least an OVA I’ll be really disappointed. I feel like when I finished Simoun a few months ago, tons of questions but no answers anywhere, hmpf.
    Ah as for the ending, the woman in the end isn’t Mari. Tsubael and Azanael are escorting the negotiators, and they call the woman Kousoki or so.
    So what’s left? No Hagino in the end, no Mari. That the ending was great done is only a small comfort..

  3. Yup, Hagino sacrificed herself when she slammed Blue into Novaal to protect the School with Mari. Ouch. But very beautifully done.

    mutio: I don’t see all that many questions which were left unanswered? In fact, I think they managed to wrap almost everything important up at the end.

  4. See, now I don’t want to watch this ep. This sucks that it had to end that way. Y’know what? I’m gonna write a fan fiction where Hagino survived the crash, and she and Mari fled Earth together. THAT would have been an appropriate ending–er, WILL be an appropriate ending.

    Hero of Avalon
  5. i thought that was Mari grown-up, reciting a part of the play. but she looks like azanael in human form though azanael didnt know the play michiko made. or yeah it could be michiko. so many possibilities.. but damn, no hagino in the end, my heart hurts.. it would have been better if both mari and hagino died its wouldnt hurt as much!!!!

  6. Kouzuki=Micchi
    Kouzuki Michiko
    The last woman is Micchi.
    The line:”Kouzuki zenken no wahei shisetsu dan”
    *I am a japanese.I can read english.but My English is not good enough.
    I think Hagino didn’t die.Because she said “No blade can cut a rose that blooms in the wastelands within us.The Rose name is Jeanne.Senkouji Hagino.”

  7. @akira- what does that mean? hehe i dont know japanese so i usually base my opinion on what is see.. so the woman on the plane was micchi? where did you see that line?

    anyways, im wishing that the hagino that committed suicide was an emul force.. huhuhuhu..

  8. im having a heart attack!!!! i cant believe hagino said sayonara!!! ahhhhhhh!! its hurts
    poor mari! but since there’s no mari and there’s no hagino in the end im still hoping
    that there is an ova or a continuation of the series…it was greaT!!!!!

  9. oh and i forgot to say. hagino hidoi!!! she was holding on to mari the whole time before she left. how can she just leave her all of sudden like that ??????????i still say somewer theyre alive and well.

  10. @_@ Still, I’m sad for Mari-chan.
    Damn it, why we can’t have a happy ending on a shoujo ai series….
    Strabweey Panic! doesn’t count at all, Nagisa only get a kiss from Shizuma, no sex…
    And so a bunch of series that proclaim to be shoujo ai; pure subtext.

    Sniff sniff…

    Syaoran Li
  11. well, I loved it… no matter the blade, the single rose blooming in the wilderness inside of her cannot be cut
    a beautiful story of love trangressing politics, customs, and even war…

  12. Prequel to something means it tell the story BEFORE another, in thise case the series tells us how the invasion on earth by the arume started. After watching the series you can go read the manga (but again completely different characters there).
    Sequel in this case would be a story set after that of the manga.
    I don’t feel like rewatching the series and tell you all the questions I still have, but when one is really bathering me, it’s the telepathy thing with Mari. And that they won’t show what happened to her in the end, no matter that she’s the main character in the series, that just wasn’t satisfying. Thus I’m not satisfied with this end and I think many people think the same. Maybe they’ll do an OVA or so in the future, so enough cried hehe, back to learning~

  13. eh… No, this is another weapon. They’re called “Gosuta” and are artificially created exploding Arume. In other words, they’re clones especifically created as a suicide squadron. This is info from the official site.

  14. i feel that hagino is not really dead…
    in ep1 micchi recited the lines that hagino recited in ep13. and micchi kept saying that everything will be alright (so just maybe mari is still alive and hagino is still alive… wishful thinking*)
    also i remember akane or micchi saying that mari and hagino pay too much attention to each other and that there had to be a reason why…(maybe to get mari pregnant??? “no matter the blade, the single rose blooming in the wilderness inside of her cannot be cut” i think the line fits perfectly if mari is pregnant lols)
    also if hagino and mari’s story parallels the play that micchi wrote then micchi would have preferred to have seen the both of them end up together…(they kind of did because mari and hagino were holding hands but then again i think micchi envisioned a happy end with hagino, mari and tsubael in her imagination)
    since the series is over i really did not figure out the true reason as to why hagino and mari got together (was it just because hagino saved mari and so they fell in love?) and why hagino and mari had a kind of a touch telepathy…
    too many questions unanswered so i still cant accept that one of the main characters is dead..sad* but if there’s an explanation and confirmation about hagino’s death then i will accept that hagino died beautifully for mari….
    thinking about this makes my head hurt… I WANT TO PETITION FOR AN OVA!!! or NEXT SERIES

  15. I used a translation site.The second part text in the OP full version.
    There is two universe(race) which are not piled up
    Hatred and flame of the round rise
    Much blood flowed
    I go sometime
    A far-off country (heaven) is dazzling
    Suicide attack
    My mere thought
    I do not tell it to you I do not tell it to you
    I fly before long An sky end
    I alone
    I hold her feature in a chest in a chest
    I will return to the hometown born
    A day to meet sometime
    In the support of the heart

  16. I’m sad that nobody on Gamefaqs wants to talk about Blue Drop. Pisses me off it does.

    I really like all the lore surrounding these aliens, and how they seem to delightfully screw things up for us humans.

    Sin Ansem
  17. Sorry for the doublepost, but a rudimentary translation for the secret sites came up on Animesuki.

    Those girls that blew up in the sky? They’re called “Gosutas”. Synthetic Arume built with DNA and force-grown over a 20 month period. It doesn’t help matters that they’re sentient and are capable of love and impregnating people.

    Primary means of reproduction? Oral sex, plus certain pills dissolved in the mouth.

    There is no social hierarchy, so military, ordinary people and gosutas are on equal footing. You read that right. The gosutas are on equal footing.

    Sin Ansem
  18. Some clarification:

    Reproduction: the pills, which contain nanomachines, dissolve in the mouth to creat artificial semen, which is used to impregnate the partner (another Arume or a human female) through oral sex.

    Gosuta: they can impregnate others, but cannot get pregnant.

  19. @lady_in_blue
    Hagino seems to appear in a flashback in “Tenshi no Bokura”‘s the latest chapter in RED magazine.
    I think Hagino&Mari&(probably their child) will come out in “Blue Drop maiorita tenshi”.
    The sequel of anime is decided on sales of the DVD and the feeling of the producer.

  20. @akira
    is there a way for you post the kanji for the full version of the opening song???in the animesuki forum theres somebody that mentioned that the person who wrote the lyrics for the song was the same guy who directed and created the entire series so im curious if somebody could translate it…

  21. @Kazu-kun
    Somatic cells →nanomachines→「generative [reproductive] cells
    I think Arume have [no imprinting somatic cell].
    XY→men→male imprinting
    XX→women→female imprinting
    Somatic cells →(male imprinting)×(female imprinting)
    probably Arume→(no imprinting)×(no imprinting)
    probably Arume×human womman→(no imprinting)×(turn into →no imprinting)

  22. As for Arume purpose, it is restored Arume’s DNA(only women).
    Arume →future humman women(parallel world)
    human women → old DNA(original DNA)
    Even if rule of the Arume was over, the purpose was achieved.
    The purpose of the Arume is not human rule.

  23. I absolutely loved this show until the last minute and a half. Now is just leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.

    Goddamnit. Horrible, horrible. Not even the slightest attempt to being closure on Mari. She sees Hagino die, and then her part in the show ends.

    Completely unacceptable. I did not think it was possible to turn such a good final *episode* into such a terrible *ending*.

  24. wait.. whos child was the one who is the lead character in the manga? it says there that shes half arume half human right?

    @g- you got that right… i was weeping the entire day after i watched the raw episode and i dont even understand japanese!

    maybe we say its a terrible ending coz hagino died.. its like dead hagino=bad ending.. yep!

  25. sorry for double posting but i just got to watch the last episode subbed.. i have a question.. at the last part of the episode, the scene with old micchi, those 2 people arguing at the background was it azanael and tsubael? one whos requesting to dock at the main ship.. if they were, so tsubael and azanael works for kazuki then.. hahaha after all those time, they still argue all the time..

  26. Hmmm so basically it was a quest “back to the past” to restore deteriorated DNA… so why dont solve it peacefully through negotiations? Or was some inside fraction pushing for war (Shivariel is prime suspect)?

  27. I mistake.
    Japanese people like such sentimental last.(in All the animation)
    Therefore, there is much ending which is not believed.
    Such a thing happens by the animation of all the genres also from this.

  28. @Ayie: wait.. whos child was the one who is the lead character in the manga? it says there that shes half arume half human right?

    Yeah, the girl is called YUI, and is a human/Arume hybrid. But the anime takes place in 2000 while YUI is born in 3008. Thus Hagino and Mari are not her parents. In fanct I know who YUI’s parents are, if you’re interesting….

  29. It’s 3:00 am here you know? Anyway… Did you read the manga? There’s this chapter called Kaijin – one of the girls from that chapter looks exactly like Yui. Well, that girl dies but the secret about Yui’s family is related to her.

    Don’t know what happened to my previous post BTW oO?

  30. i was wondering what yongorang said, why didnt hagino just ejected from the ship.. its a fairly advanced ship not to have autopilot.. the ship itself talks! why cant hagino go “alright blue, you go slam you self against mastah commandah’s ship while i go eject and run towards eternal love”

    @kazu-kun- you mean the girl who literally gave herself to the kaijins??? how did one of them got pregnant.. i didnt see any interactions there.. anyways, your name sounds like akane’s boyfriend from mai-hime..

  31. I consider the ending of YURI anime.
    Strawberry Panic=happy end
    El Cazador=happy end
    utena=happy end
    Kannazuki no Miko=endless happy end
    Noir=(Together until it dies)happy end
    Simoun=(Together until it dies)happy end
    Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito=(It finds out absolutely)(Stalking type)happy end
    Battle Athletes=happy end
    Yamato and Kouya from Loveless=(Together until it dies)happy end
    Nanoha=family happy end
    My-HiME=probably happy end /My-Otome=happy end

  32. The only reason I can think that they don’t have or use autopilot is the reason that autopilot could be easily hacked. You saw how easily Azanael screwed up the Blue, right? If Hagino pulled that, it’d take Shivariel SECONDS to overtake Blue and turn it into a missile against the school.

    Sin Ansem
  33. @Ayie: you mean the girl who literally gave herself to the kaijins??? how did one of them got pregnant.. i didnt see any interactions there….

    It’s not that simple. That girl was called Rumi, and was an artificial being: a Gosuta, like those exploding Arume we saw at the end of the anime. Three years after the events in Kaijin, Kiyomi (the other girl, the human) meets a girl who looks exactly like Rumi. It turns out this girl is the “original Rumi”: the Arume who provided the egg to create the Rumi from Kaijin. Well, Kiyomi and this mysterious Arume get married, and one year later Kiyomi gives birth to Yui.

    In short – Yui’s parents are Kiyomi and the “original Rumi” (we never learn her real name).

  34. @Ayie: Aw.. i didnt see that one in the manga… was in the kaijin chapter too or was it on the other 3?

    Unfortunately it’s not in the manga. Well, Yui did say at the end of “Tenshi no Sentaku” (the last chapter of the manga) that her (human) mother married an Arumem, but the rest is revealed in the radio drama. The chronology on the official site also has some info about it.

  35. Did I let you understand?
    Yuri have happy end.
    This ending is the convenience of a story.
    And I believe she is alive.
    I will expect,
    Manga and second season(It will be made if many DVDs sell).

  36. @Akira
    There’s a group of us who think Hagino may be alive too.
    I’m curious, what do other Japanese viewers think? Do they share your opinion?

    I’m going to pick up the dvds (and more of the various manga) too, this series needs the support.

  37. I too am rather late posting something about the last episode. Truth be told, I accidentally found out what happened a few weeks ago and my fear pretty much came true. So like a sap, I avoided watching it because I knew I would get depressed and I did.

    First off, I will say that I found the series wonderful, I really did. I have read a lot of comments about it being a yuri anime to be honest, that’s the reason I started watching it. As the series progressed I clued in that it was an overstatement but by then I could give two shits because I had fallen for the anime. I believe it to be yuri in a sense, but in a very non-sexual way. I believe that Hagino and Mari cared very deeply for each other and that moved me more than any sex scene or groping scene could ever do for me.

    First of all the characters really did it for me. It was the first anime in what feels like a long time where I didn’t want to hold my hands over my ears for the first couple of episodes because the main characters were shallow and self-loathing. Right away I enjoyed that Mari had a backbone, she was confident and spoke her mind, it was incredibly refreshing. I was initially surprised to find The Commander to be the emotional-sensitive one and that continued to hold my interest. The side characters were there for moral support in a fun way and they were interesting individually but were endearing while they were together. I will say that it wasn’t a series that was incredibly character driven in a character development sense. I’m a die hard Maria-sama ga Miteru fan, for those of you that have seen it, you get my drift.

    I thought for 13 episodes, they did manage to get in a lot of story. Sure I would have loved it to be longer and would have loved to see more of Hagino and Mari’s relationship develop more. That’s where I feel like the series fell short, a least a little bit.

    I do not think I would have been satisfied with any ending because I honestly didn’t want it to end. I think in many ways we can interpret our own ending. I choose the glass is half-full approach. Although we see Hagino sacrifice herself I think there are too many factors to consider her actually living and possibly seeing Mari. I really hope that the create a sequal involving the two of them and I think that’s why they ended it the way they did. Hell, anime is a business and they’ll capitalize on any fan base they can (I won’t start my HiME/Otome rant). They are notorious for leaving us with questions and I really didn’t want them to do that with this ending, but they did. There are too many questions and too many answers.

    The moment Hagino said good bye to Mari I started to tear up. Every other time she’s left she’s led us to believe she was going to return and she didn’t this time. Mari chasing after Hagino tugged at my heart as well. I was ready to yell at my computer to be frank. I also expected them to incorporate the play into the surrounding war but I had hope they would finish the play. I know I’m ranting and part of me understands the ending and I’m trying to accept it, but I’m having a difficult time. This is the major dork in me. I could say more but again, I’m rambling.

  38. AnimeJock said it for me.
    I finished Blue Drop this night, man I couldn’t go to sleep. When Hagino was saying goodbye I was getting teary eyes. But still the ending isn’t so clear as I wished for it to be. I wasn’t this depressed from an anime for a long time but right now I am. I hope they’ll make some OVA or whatever.

  39. In BLUE DROP DVD4 (2008 3/26 sell)




  40. In Official site,in BLUE DROP DVD4 (2008 3/26 sell) of Special symposium;
    (I used a translation site.↑)↓
    Plan of second season about which supervisor talks.
    (!!!)………^ ^♪♪♪
    The supervisor has the dream of the plan of second season.

    1. Have you had any recent news? And if you could do a second season in manga format or even in anime? I had a little hope after Kannazuki No Miko came back, after he was 17. I need answers.

    2. @Akira
      if it got weird, sorry because i’m counting on the translator. I tried to fix as much as possible here.

      Have you had any recent news? what if that could do a second season in manga format or even in anime? I had a little hope after Kannazuki No Miko came back, after he was 17. I need answers.

    3. if it got weird, sorry because i’m counting on the translator. I tried to fix as much as possible here

      Have you had any recent news? what if that could do a second season in manga format or even in anime? I had a little hope after Kannazuki No Miko came back, after he was 17. I need answers.

  41. If it is, I am looking forward to Blue Drop second season.
    By the way, I am looking forward to Candy☆boy of Sequel too.
    And I like Nina(Code Geass).I am looking forward to Code Geass R2.
    I think that She is cute when Nina takes off glasses.

  42. Blue drop is really wonderful. There was no such yuri anime before.(Simoun….?)
    The race is no heterosexuality person. The race is no bi person.
    The Arume is All gay.
    The plan of second season.(Director has)(in DVD Vol.6, talk)
    I strongly wish come true it.

  43. I think that you love Yuri if you love Brue Drop.
    My Yuri anime list is left here.
    Candy Boy,El Cazador,Ice,Kannazuki no Miko,Kurau Phantom Memory,
    Maria-sama ga Miteru,Miyuki-chan in Wonderland,Revolutionary Girl Utena,
    Simoun,Strawberry Panic!,Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito,Battle Athletes Victory,
    Cardcaptor Sakura(tomoyo,only),Code Geass(nina,Milly),Gall Force(world set up is yuri),
    Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky(kaon×himiko),
    Loveless ep8,9,10(main story is yaoi,but a couple Yamato×Kouya),Madlax,
    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha,Murder Princess,My-HiME,My-Otome,Negima!(Konoka×Setsuna),
    Noir,Sailor Moon S(Haruka×Michiru),Seraphim Call ep5,6(Shion×Sakura),
    Soukou no Strain(Lavinia),Touka Gettan(Shoko×Makoto)
    Yuri manga is on lililicious.Yuri game review is on みやきち日記(japanese)

  44. My English ability has improved recently.
    As for me, the dependancy to the site translated from Japanese to English has
    decreased just a little.
    I think that you love lesbian story(english) if you love yuri.
    Nifty Erotic Stories Archive
    It is a lesbian story site(gay,bi,etc,too) that I found.

  45. My Yuri anime list is still imperfect.There might be forgetting to write.
    Nanoha A’s,Nanoha strikers,sigofumi ep4,dragonaut(akira×machina)….
    ……………..It writes when recalling it.
    By the way,
    When free Yuri games is tried, you are good when it comes to be able to read
    Japanese. There are some(free yuri games).

  46. Fan fiction…..
    It is really wonderful.I also am reading occasionally.
    Yuri anime’s fan fiction….
    Fan fiction of Blue Drop is few.
    But fan fiction site that I know is written.
    Shoujo-Ai Archive,
    etc(Japanese sites)
    ‘百合の迷宮’ is translating from English into Japanese(from English fan fiction)(The original is put in the site)

  47. Fan fiction of a blue drop is few.
    The blue drop illustration is a little.
    However, I love blue drop.
    yuri list ,add.
    Mai Otome 0 ~S.ifr~,bleach ep57,Battle Athletes OVA,
    ……………..It writes when recalling it.

  48. I like illustration of Yuri. And I like illustration of Blue Drop too.
    Yuri list,add.
    Utena movie(top-class yuri!)

    claymore(yuri?)(but…pedo…problem…),Best Student Council(Yuri is thin),
    Tsuyokiss(Erika×Yoshimi)(My memory is vague),
    Azumanga Daioh(Yuri is thin,but caras are cute),High School Girls(Yuri is thin),
    ……………..It writes when recalling it too.

  49. About Yuri and the coupling sign(=×)
    × is the coupling sign.
    For example, this is different the meaning.
    The meaning has come from yaoi.Though it is improper(as yuri),
    SEME × UKE
    (Top ×Bottom)
    “Zetsubou sensei” of Fujiyoshi talk.(Pane×Napple,Napple×pane)

    yuri list….It is not possible to recall it any longer.

  50. Anime made in Japan is basically made for the Japanese.
    If you do not see Anime in the aspect like the Japanese, you
    do not understand a true meaning about the story.

    04/19 ペンギン娘♥はぁと
    05/02 Candy boy

  51. If you want to see Anime deeply, you should know the Japanese.
    The culture is different. The religion is also different.
    Most Japanese are not Christianities.Zetsubou sensei’s Fansub was strange.
    (Kami-sama=Buddha , Itoshik is a Buddhist)
    Love is a self-sacrifice.
    I also think so.

  52. I become emotional yesterday and have written strange things.
    I should have spoken Yuri……….
    Code Geass becomes Yuri in my intuition.
    It becomes Yuri so even if Euphemia is not.
    I feel it is the same as My-Hime.
    Code Geass might be a dark-horse this season.
    Mnemosyne is according to the expectation.

    04/19 Penguin Musume♥heart
    05/02 Candy boy

  53. The point what this anime is amazing is a thing to have drawn the
    Arume reproduction.I know it to be possible in the near future.
    I am looking forward to the day’s coming.
    Nobody can stop the person being loved.

    05/02 Candy boy
    07/25 少女セクト(girl sekut)

  54. Consideration:Why is Arume all gay?
    I think ……Only gay person was able to start family.(In Arume world)
    In a word, it is opposite to the human race.
    Arume ←→ Human race
    There are not so many things that the heterosexual person becomes gay.
    Therefore, the heterosexual person did not want to start family with same-sex parson.

    By the way ,I watch this season Anime like a bit yuri puts yuri filter.

  55. I feel this anime a gap of time by about 20~30 years.
    The stage background is not at all felt by me 1999.
    I think that Blue Drop world is a parallel world, too.(As a setting of Anime)
    ………「Ikeda Riyoko」 -ish…

    I cannot speak English so much.
    English that I write borrows the power of the translation site.
    As for my English, I want you to read while guessing the meaning.

  56. Yuri and web2.0
    Candy boy is web anime.
    Penguin Musume heart is web anime, too.
    This is a new attempt.
    Yuri fan should assist in web anime.(anime 2.0)
    Yuri anime increases if it does so.

    05/02 Candy boy
    07/25 少女セクト(Girl sect)

  57. Why should we assist in anime2.0 (web anime)?
    The ground broadcasting of anime was ordinary. (anime1.0)
    However, it is different in the future.
    There are a lot of numbers of broadcast anime.
    But! There is no Yuri!
    If it succeeds, the number of anime becomes twice or more.
    Yuri anime is sure to increase, too.

    05/02 Candy boy (Japan standard time PM 7:00 download begin)
    07/25 少女セクト(Girl sect)

  58. Yuri and Restriction—Why should we assist in anime2.0 (web anime)?
    There are people not flexible.
    The restriction obstructs anime in the ground broadcasting.

    07/25 少女セクト(Girl sect)

  59. Yuri and anime2.0
    If there is anime2.0, too if there is a drama2.0.
    Yuri can be expected also of the drama2.0.
    The Niconico douga is a star of the expectation.
    Yuri evolves with the evolution of the Internet, too.

  60. I do not have the necessity proven what I said to be the truth.
    The passage at time proves it.
    And, it only has to examine it with Google when doubting it.
    I included various keywords in my sentences.
    ………Use the translation site.

  61. Yuri and “Japanized English”
    The Japanese is not good at English.
    English titles looks cool.
    I did not notice that 「candy boy」 was strange title until being said….
    By the way, there is Japanized English.
    English of anime might be Japanized English.
    Though it repeats, The Japanese is not good at English!!!
    Japanized English(different)

    07/25 少女セクト(Girl sect)

  62. Yuri and anime2.0(ONA)
    Anime3.0 might be, too, if Anime2.0 is.
    Of course, Yuri1.0, Yuri2.0, Yuri3.0… are, too.
    Three Japanese were arrested two days ago(Big encoders).
    Even if this is seen, the value of Anime2.0 is understood.
    Anime2.0 consists of trust.
    「Candy boy」and「Penguin Musume♥heart」
    Let’s assist!

  63. Yuri and anime3.0
    Consideration to Anime3.0:
    real-world →net-world →real-world →net-world….
    1.0→ 2.0→ 3.0 → 4.0 →……….
    Odd number=real-world
    Even number=net-world
    The net and real influence like the chain each other.
    「Candy boy」and「Penguin Musume♥heart」
    Let’s assist!

  64. Yuri and Trademark right
    I do not like the word(lesbian).
    I think that it should change the name.
    It seems to have become a suit in Greece(from Lesbos island residents).
    I think that it is good.
    It is a word to make women’s love done.

  65. Yuri and Power of words
    Why should “Yuri←lesbian” do identify?
    I want to compare Yaoi.
    The power of words is power of the retrieval power(Google,etc).
    BL ←It is not easy to retrieve it.
    boys love ←It is not easy to retrieve it.
    yaoi ←It is easy.

    “yuri←lesbian” is necessary Yuri development.
    The words is gold in Internet world.
    The word with large amount of circulation wins.
    It is necessary to stare at the world of the future(3.0).

  66. Yuri and Role Model and lesbianism
    Etymology of Yuri is being written in Wikipedia.
    「The word yuri (百合) literally means “lily”. In 1976, Itō Bungaku, editor of Barazoku (薔薇族, Barazoku , rose tribe), a magazine geared primarily towards gay men, first used the term yurizoku (百合族, yurizoku, lily tribe) in reference to female readers in the title of a column of letters called Yurizoku no heya (百合族の部屋, Yurizoku no heya, lily tribe’s room).」
    ↑What does this mean?  →Yuri=lesbian This is evidence.
    In a word, the lesbian was reading the gay men magazine(Only it was).
    In 1976 ,Lesbian’s Role model = gay men
    I think like that. rose tribe=gay men lily tribe=yuri=lesbian
    The meaning of Yuri of today is mistaken. Yuri=lesbian I think that this is correct.
    Though the person who sees only the Yuri works(manga,anime,etc) and is judging it might not understand.
    07/25 少女セクト(Girl sect)

  67. Yurinism and Fujoshi(腐女子)
    Perhaps, some gay women are Fujoshi(yaoi-fan).
    yaoi also Role model(for gay women).
    ….well, the word(Fujoshi) is a word made after the Internet spreads.
    Yuri changes the meaning with the net.
    Because the impression is made from a past Yuri works.
    07/25 少女セクト(Girl sect) ←Adult anime
    “07/25 少女セクト(Girl sect) ” , ← Q. Is this Yuri? Or, is it gay?

  68. WTF?! Why?! I’m in denial as well about Hagino. It can’t end that way…it just can’t. They just got together!
    If the lady at the end is supposed to be Michi, why is her hair color different (black->brown)?

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