More likely than not, you’ve probably never heard of this group before. RADWIMPS is a rock band consisting of four musicians who are apparently all fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They got their unusual name when they combined the English words of rad and wimp – their official website even defines this as “excellent weakling” and “superlative coward”. In any case, they’ve been steadily growing in popularity, and this past week, they had their first Number 1 single on the Oricon charts, beating out even the release of Koda Kumi‘s latest single. And it’s for good reason too because Order Made is a great song. The lyrics (translation here) are about love and putting together the different parts of a person, and unlike some PVs, this one actually tells the lyrics like a story. Put together, I found it to be beautiful, and the part about tears even reminded me of the series true tears. I liked it so much that I’ve been scrambling to find more of RADWIMPS’ music, and Order Made has been on repeat on my playlist for several days now. Even if you don’t like J-Rock songs, I’d recommend at least listening to this one.

The Order Made single was released on January 23rd, 2008


  1. Heh, I love mellow music, so I rather enjoyed this song. =P

    Not something I’d personally scramble for, but I can understand why people like it. I might add it to my playlist in a bit.

    Heh. Who’d have thought that my first comment would be in response to a music video?

  2. aah, now I want to eat a sandwich

    but putting that aside for now… xD
    I like the song, I downloaded the 2 clips I found on youtube before watching them.
    the first video was the song with only the lyrics, so not the PV

    I already kinda liked the song, but when I watched the clip with it I’m sure to be playing that video for a while now ^_^

    and I love the lyrics, they should make more PVs like this, maybe then I’ll download more of them ^_^

  3. I like all sorts of music from metal to folk ballad and mainstream to avant garde. I’ve been a bit lacking for new j-groups to discover, will definitely have to look up more of their music (if only to see the RHCP influences).

    Nice poetry, nice sound composition, sing-able. As far as the video goes… nice spin on the “whole person” and oye.. the little boy and the young lady were cute.

  4. @Woebitz: those are digital clocks… that’s what they used to look like before LED and other forms of electronic display became cheap enough for the average household. I’d forgotten all about them til that video, heh…. I love obsolete technology.

  5. thats crazy you should mention that, Im living in Japan and I have seen that video a lot on mtv, and I reall like it. . .now if only I new what they were syaing in the “be free” video . . .I just see a lot of weird stuff going on (mainly some school girl fighting a ninja with a chainsaw) that video is seriously like wtf. . .

  6. well to be honest it couldn’t have been that difficult to beat out koda kumi…no one in their right mind would buy her new single when money whoring avex is putting out her new album with the single track on it the next week….

    anyways when i first saw a clip of this on msta i thought no way would i like it…that guy’s hat kinda turned me off…but thanks for suggesting listening to it, i actually really like it!

  7. omg i watched that PV a few days ago. i was so excited that they released a new single, I loove the RADWIMPS. I have been listening to that song so much the past few days and i never got tired of it! oo i love the lyrics!! and this is so great! first Number 1 single on the Oricon charts! yess >

  8. crap song

    crap PV

    hate the guy’s voice

    hate they guy’s fashion style

    Seriously i prefer いさじ of nicovideo singing idiotic trash song (such as やらないか) more than this jpop song. I don’t like most of jpop, in the past few years, only two jpop songs (by male artists) caught my attention, one is Konayuki by Remioromen, the other is Sakura by Kobukuro. All other are forgettable because they don’t suit my taste.

  9. For some reason now I really want to eat a sandwich xDD
    I don’t know what peploe are keep bashing about, the song is truly amazing and is good to see that music in Japan is not only about Koda Kumi and L’arc’Ciel…

  10. XD I love Radwimps! I’ve never seen any of their PVS before this though @_@ I have a few of their albums I’m planning to upload =o I could let you know when they’re up, though not all of their songs are mellow like this one XD’

  11. May I just say:
    Actually, I guess it’s more like an obsession.
    I first heard about them a little over a year ago and I’ve watched their popularity steadily grow since then.
    I love this song and PV just as much as their other stuff and for all the people who think they’re boring or that they shouldn’t be getting as much notoriety as they are, I want them to go listen to some of their other stuff and try telling me that RAD isn’t extraordinary. They’re not pop and so I’m sure all the Koda Kumi fans were really put out by Koda’s being “beat out” by a bunch of “nobodies”, but I honestly believe RAD deserves everything they get and more.

  12. Ah, J-rock, getting better and better.
    Still, it’s gonna take a few more injections of cyberpunk-Nippon-ness into the British Invasion to truly get an internationally-awesome J-Rock band.

  13. Listening to it a second time, I really like the lyrics but the instrumental stuff is very rudimentary… doesn’t feel like its own thing at all. Somebody who speaks better Japanese than I do, go and tell them to find more instruments and find a way to speak to the dead so that Keith Moon can give their percussionist a few tips.

  14. I’ve been a crazy fan of Radwimps since two years ago and honestly, I love this song. I have to admit though, when I first listened to it, I just ‘liked’ it, cuz I thought that the melody was, well, like some ppl said in the comments, boring.

    But the real beauty of the song lies in the meaning of the lyrics. Maybe it’s too mellow for one of those hardcore punk-goers (not that I’m trying to diss them or anything), but it’s fine to become soft and bittersweet from time to time.

    Check out Radwimp’s Arutokoroni No Teiri album if you haven’t yet. They’re awesome and if you’re looking for a variety in their song that’s harder and faster than Ordermade, I’d suggest you check out Oshakashama and One Man Live.

  15. @Vivi10

    Not to bring up an old, old post. I was just looking through, and I found this. I absolutely LOVE Radwimps now, and Arutokoroni no Teiri is probably the best (or second-best) album by them. 🙂 Oshakashama is absolutely awesome, and I can’t stop singing the lyrics over and over again.


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