Lawrence and Horo meet with Zeren again, but this time, they’re under watch by someone from Milone trading company. Earlier, Lawrence had gone to the Milone company with information about what was going on, and they had figured out the scam. By getting merchants to amass the silver coins that were supposedly going up in value, the scammers would buy up all the coins when the merchants realized the values were actually going down and tried to get rid of them. The cheated merchants wouldn’t let anyone know about this in order to protect their own honor. The Milone Company is now investigating all this, and for the time being, Lawrence and Horo return to their room. There, Horo wonders if the Milone Company will act quickly enough, but before Lawrence can really respond, she starts laughing at how he’s leaning backwards in his chair because it reminds her of someone she had known from Pasroe. Horo then recalls that she had something important to tell him, but she can’t remember what it was, so she goes to sleep.

The next day, the two go to see the Milone branch office manager named Marlhait who reveals that they’ve found out that the Medio company is behind Zeren. He suggests that there are also nobles supporting Medio, and Lawrence is willing to come up with a plan with him. Lawrence is excited about the deal because he stands to profit enough to open his own store, and he later produces a drawing of what he wants it to look like. Hearing how much he wants to open a shop, Horo quietly says that it’s troublesome because it means that he won’t be able to journey with her if he does. Lawrence thinks that she’ll be fine, but Horo claims that she’s tired of being by herself. Realizing how Horo feels, Lawrence offers to go with her until she returns to the north, and because she still looks a little down, he hugs her. Horo then reveals that she always dreams that she wakes up with no one around, and though she and her fellow wolves started this journey because they have such long lives, she feels lonely without her companions now. To make her feel better, Lawrence offers the paper with the sketch of the shop on it for her to blow her nose with, and he points out that their deal with the Milone company hasn’t succeeded yet.

After blowing out the candle so that they can get some rest, Lawrence finds that Horo has crawled into his bed. He hugs her and almost kisses her, but Horo is paying attention to something more important. She now remembers what she was going to tell him earlier and quietly tells him that there are three people outside their room. Lawrence figures out that these are people from the Medio company, and the two of them decide to escape through the window. The thugs give chase, and as the two run through the streets, Horo gives Lawrence a handful of wheat just in case. Lawrence also promises to buy Horo something she wants – a comb for her tail – once this is all over. Shortly before they reach their destination of the Milone company though, Horo stops Lawrence because she senses that there are Medio thugs ahead. Horo’s plan is to use herself to attract the thugs’ attention while Lawrence gets away because she knows that he’d get captured if they split up any other way. Lawrence refuses and points to how the Medio company would take her to the church once they saw her ears and tail, but Horo thinks that she’ll be able to hide them long enough for him to come rescue her. She also wants to pay him back for earlier, and when Lawrence still protests, she hugs him, says that she believes in him, and runs out into the open.

With no choice, Lawrence makes a dash for the Milone company and is allowed inside right before the thugs catch him. A combination of the Milone men talking about this being under the protection of the archduke and a whistle from the other thugs causes the thugs to retreat. Lawrence then goes to Marlhait to ask for help getting Horo back since she’s been captured. He insists that the Medio company did this to thwart them, but Marlhait finds that claim strange because there’s nothing Medio can do now that Milone has moved forward with their plan. Because the Milone company has already gotten all the information they need, what happens to Lawrence has nothing to do with them. Lawrence is initially shocked, but Marlhait then continues on with how he finds this all strange since the Medio company should have been able to anticipate this, yet they came after Lawrence anyway. Marlhait suspects that Lawrence knows the reason why, but before Lawrence can respond, they get a letter from the Medio company. Inside of it are locks of Horo’s hair and a note indicating that the Medio company has the wolf. With this, Lawrence decides to come clean by revealing to Marlhait that Horo is the incarnation of a wolf that governs over good harvests.

Meanwhile, in a Medio dungeon, Horo being threatened by men who want to tie her up when someone familiar suddenly shows up.


Well this was a much more interesting episode as things finally do start to happen, both between Lawrence and Horo and with the companies. I think the trade talk is still a bit too complicated at certain points (I understood what they’re saying, but it’s still not clear to me how the silver cheat scheme works), however the introduction of an antagonist plus Lawrence being forced to reveal Horo’s true nature more than made up for it. I also like how they’re developing Lawrence and Horo’s relationship, though sometimes I wonder how sincere Horo is being when she acts vulnerable. That is to say, she’s shown more than enough intelligence for me to think that she could be faking it, even though I know that’s probably not true.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see who the person is that Horo recognizes at the end of the episode. My gut feeling is that it’s Chloe if it’s a character we’ve already been introduced to since the shoes would indicate that it’s a woman, and Chloe’s the only other major female character so far.


  1. Wow this series is getting more exiting with more story development and some crisis(we even get to see Horo weak side again), Horo got captured wonder what the Wise Wolf is gonna do. 😀





    and I really think that the japanese writers are getting more and more sicker in their imagination!

    Tensai Otaku
  3. As much as I get the church is after Horo. Seems that at the end of the episode she has to deal with some people from there.
    I’ll get the raw and try to find out more, but guess Omni will be quicker with his summary.

  4. Tensai Otaku … please turn off your ‘idiot mind’ and while you’re at it, turn off the ALL CAPS juvenile tactic.

    Care to discuss Greek, European, and Norse mythological tales full of gods and goddesses with animal attributes? Or did you fail that class as well?

  5. You notice how the “besti”-idiots all type in ALLCAPS?
    By their faulty logic, Spock’s parents were engaged in bestiality. Riker on Star Trek was a rampant practitioner. Since we’re dealing with equally sentient beings here, basically these posters just come off as morons or trolls.

  6. Yeah with Chloe replacing a character from the novels, being anime original doesn’t mean she can’t take part in novel based events.

    Have to love Horo. Really shows off her ability to function in a crisis and those eyes in the dark are great. I wouldn’t worry too much about her though. Worst case she eats some wheat and goes giant wolf on those idiots :).

  7. *vexx

    So….DUDE….you like THAT MUCH your pets?????????

    T_T ( i don´t accept any opinion from those that practice ZOOPHILIA!!! )

    PS: I DO LIKE FEMALES( talking about WOMEN of course ) But not the ones with fleas and hairy tales!!!……..DUDE… are WEIRD!!!! Go get some help now with a shrink(Psychology)….Thank GOD I HAVE NO TALES…..

    Tensai Otaku
  8. You guys that are freaking about about the beastality and such kinda reminds me of Inukami! That guy Kei liked Youko, but keeps stopping himself to like her more because he pictures having puppies…LOL. I can’t wait to see this new episode subbed! Should be coming in later on today.

  9. inukami!! way good SH!t… yall got me ROLLING! comments are hilarious. and don’t front,, u know that “fleas on man ass” comment made you smile.. it’s anime folks, lets laugh and enjoy it.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. To answer some actual content-related questions: it appears they are using the character Chloe to *replace* several characters in the novel as one character to focus the visual storytelling (its easier to manage fewer characters if several similar ones can be condensed). It will be interesting to see how this “business-infused” triangle plays out though.

    “It’s just good business.” — almost every character in PoTC:World’s End.

  11. @vexx

    Chloe didn’t replace several characters in the novel, just one IIRC. Though the anime did add scenes with her in it that was not in the novel.

    and to all those talkingn about the bestiality nonsense:

    Horo >>>>>>>>>>>>>> you

    end of discussion

  12. Hey I have a question to all of you guys who read the novel. I was under the impression that this series is really quite a good one since I think it was here in Random C, where they first start to rate the new series that this one was gonna be quite a good series. I know it maybe is too early for me to judge, but since I didnt read the novel I cant really criticize, so was the novel paced like this? I mean finally in episode 4 things are getting interesting, but in the past 3 episodes was frankly quite boring since all they talk about was medieval trades. So I was wondering if the novel was a lot better or if the anime is indeed following the novel or not?

  13. Spicy Wolf (that’s what I prefer to call it) is currently my fave anime of this season, though I’ve yet to watch Persona3 and Shigofumi.

    Just finished watching this ep. They’ve definitely picked up the pace, and feels a bit odd to me when compared to the pacing of the first 3 episodes. People say it’s a 12/13 ep series, so I’m starting to wonder if it’ll provide us with a satisfactory ending.

    QUESTION FOR YOU ALL! Which is the original, Anime or Manga?

    Both came out around the same time (manga a bit earlier, I think) but I’ve only read 3 or 4 chapters of the manga so far. There’s the obvious difference in the appearance of Chloe and the Lawrence in the manga seems a bit more calm and collected. There also seems to be a Novel.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. @Lithium17
    Well from what I know the novel precedes everything else. Manga came out next, but since it’s being released at a monthly rate it hasn’t taken long for the anime to overtake it.

    Rally the bestiality stuff is getting overboard. Horo is simply a sentient being. Evolved from wolves to have the ability to shift to human form. Long as everyone is an intelligent being I don’t see the issue here.

    Anyways good episode and things are getting pretty serious now.

  15. Light novel series came first (currently at 6 volumes).
    The manga adaptation started its serialization last September.
    The anime started in January. So far the anime is tracking its source material fairly tightly other than the character replacement to Chloe (which I’ll certainly admit added some interesting complexity to the plot).

    If anyone thinks the first 3 episodes were boring, they may have missed the point of them. Though the economics foundations are interesting — the underlying current was simply watching Horo and Lawrence develop as characters and the blossoming of their companionship.
    Small talk is often more illuminating than awkward directness. All I can say is that I found the first 3 episodes charming and fascinating — and they make the events of episode 4 that much more important to the characters.

  16. If it is her wolf friends and discovered that she liked that Lawence fella, I wonder if they would get mad at her and cast her away or give her like some ultimatum and have her join her clan again. She did mention a lot of other guys’ names in this episode, but I don’t know if they were human or wolf companions…this is getting pretty interesting. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  17. Zhemos, if you’re talking about Ookami, I think BSS is going to sub it till the end. Hmm… I think the three first episodes were really important to the plot. It’s better to know better the characters and their relationships. Great anime show.


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