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The official CODE GEASS website released their first promotion video today, and it included several new shots that weren’t in the DVD Magazine trailer. This has a couple more shots of Rollo (is that him narrating?), more shots of the Chinese Federation guy, and a shot of Viletta jumping down the side of a building among other things. Speaking of the Chinese Federation, this new character looks like he’s from there too, based on the way he’s dressed. This shot might also (somewhat) answer the question of why Kallen was kicking this guy in the face in the other trailer. Suzaku meanwhile looks a lot meaner and determined, making me think he’ll be pretty ruthless if the situation calls for it.

The question I have now is how Lelouch got out of that situation at the end of the first series, and what his relationship to the Black Knights is. In relation to this particular PV, it’s the question of whether he’s surprised when the Burai appears here or if it’s something he planned all along. And finally, where is Nunnally in all this? She’s been absent from all the promotional material so far, and I’m beginning to wonder if there’s some big plot twist involving her that they’re trying to keep under wraps. In any case, this was an exciting trailer, and, as I mentioned last time, I’m looking forward to April.


  1. (Spoiler-ish)

    Oh, and I wonder how Lelouch got his Geass … Show Spoiler ▼

    And, maybe people are gonna like/hate Suzaku more now since he’s turned all cold and “evil”. I hate him more, but people can have other opinions. 🙂

  2. @Drakron – Macross does has its reputation and Geass has its story and ability to plot twist like no tomorrow. We shall see who can reel in the audience. 😉

    I think Viletta is the Gym teacher now. lol There is a golden whistle around her neck. I wonder if she is still hell bent on destroying Lelouch. I mean they are all going to the same school now.

    lol, R2’s plot is so contradictory to R1’s situations.

    Could this guy be one of the Knight of the Rounds?

    HD Code Geass FTW!

  3. I like the idea of Suzaku going all evil. But Geass should have just been a 52 episode series from the beginning. I remember the general themes of the series, but I’ve forgotten a lot of the specifics, like what a Burai was.

  4. @ – I think suzaku becomes evil because he become depressed on the fact that britannian cant change. The reason he became britannian dog is to change them from inside, but because of zero incident(not to mention the brits are the winner), they will not be able to change even more. But as always, suzaku will still blame the fact that brits cant change to other person

  5. Glad that the new season will start in April – I missed Code Geass! I’m happy to see that Suzaku is still around. Plus, I woner how Lelouch stands with respect to the Black Knights. Well, all shall be answered in the new season. It can’t come soon enough ^_^

  6. @Exia – That is yet to be determined by official spoilers(ETA is end of Feb and middle of March). Only speculation has been lurking around.

    Hmm I originally thought CC was narrator because it sounded like her super serious put down tone. But, the voice’s tone and pitch does match a younger male character like Rollo.

  7. I hope Suzaku becomes evil and ruthless. This way I could probably tolerate his hypocritical personality.

    As for Cornellia, I don’t think she’s necessarily dead, it’s more like they are not showing her to keep the tension.

    Looks like the Chinese guys are going to play a much bigger part in the story than random sidekicks and grunts. I hope they become a neutral third party to make things even more interesting.

    As for Nanally, she got abducted at the end of season 1 and Lelouch probably could not rescue her, so it’s no wonder we don’t see her. She’ll probably show up later in the series.

    Well, the theories about Lelouch losing his memories might turn out to be true after all. I would hate if that were the case though – losing memory is such a cheap plot device. It’s present in all the soap operas.

  8. @ blog writer: I dont think lelouch will be suprised about trhee burai showing u because at the very least the show is still called CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion!! even if he is he will be leading troops again before you know it. Have faith 😛

    WingZero zxt
  9. I would be very dissapointed if lelouche vs suzaku would be a yamamoto vs shin (of GSD)

    I hope we won’t know what happened between kallen, suzaku and lelouche in the beginning. This would make season 2 a lot mysterious in its story and characters

  10. Nothing wrong with Yamato/Shinn IMO Legno.. they had their battles and were burnt out.

    I think an early reveal won’t be bad either, but somehow Lelouch lost his powers that time. Maybe that event helped stop the fight from happening? Maybe the effect of the Geass vanished too? Like maybe all of them forgot about each other being enemies if for the moment?

  11. I don’t think Lelouch loses his memory. He still has the same evil eyes ;p.
    There is a spoiler that C.C will still be working with Lelouch. There is even images that show she will get new costume too (a hotter one, I should note).
    I don’t like Suzaku even more after seeing his stupid-full-of-revenge eyes. He looks as dumb as usual. Anyway, that Chinese guy looks interesting! I bet he’s gonna have bisa role in R2.

  12. way, way, way too much build up. and i heard they gonna stretch the series even longer than 52 eps ..good lord!! STOP TALKING BOUT IT! DELIVER THE GOODS ALREADY….. but then again….. i can’t HATE…GET DAT MONEY SUNRISE!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  13. The spoiler posted by . (sic) is false, and there’s really no information about this being longer than 52 episodes. Just pure speculaton.

    Having said that…can’t wait for April.

  14. im happy that already in Episode 1 of season 2 we will see so much action =)

    and dont ask me how i know that coz its simpe logic that they show us trailer with cutout moments only from first 1 or 2 episodes
    that how it usualy goes with anime trailers

  15. Well, Nunnally plot twist? Simple, TIME HAX! Just wait for everything to go to hell on a global scale. Then outta nowhere Nunnally opens her zomg supercharged geass eyes and everything gets haxed like it never happend. kekekekek

    But anyways, Suazaku is looking pretty badass imo. He’s gotten rid of any left over naive thoughts from s1 and is pretty much set on his own goals. Now if those goals clash with Lulus still or if there is some bigger problem they both have to work together to get out of/overcome, we’ll have to wait and see.



    yeah i know they have different voice actors but whatev. so technically maybe nunnally has been in the promos so far anyways?

    c’mon – ROLL-o haha see what i did there.

  17. Maybe CC saved him at the end of the last episode, she seems to do that a lot. I don’t like this new Rollo, character.. unless he hides a big fat secret, like him being Lelouche’s long lost brother.
    Mmm, I hope Code Geass has a happy ending >

  18. @Rauzes Well if you read the manga Nightmare of Nunally she’s bloody unstoppably powerful along with a Geass that let’s her predict the future. And if people think that the Thrones in Gundam 00 make the series seem more Super Robot like then they should see what Knightmare of Nunally does for Code Geass. Her Knightmare is just ridiculous beyon all reason and seems more organic and angelic then the clearly mechanical Knightmare Frames of Britannia.

    I wouldn’t put it past her ending up godlike in the actual series a bit too. I’ve always learned to fear the Wheelchair Lolis above all else.

  19. Is Rollo, like, Lelouch and Nunnally’s full brother? Or half, having the same mom [instead of the more common same dad — Emperor Wakamoto xD;]. I mean, the names…

    Lelouch Lamperouge [RURUshu in Japanese]
    Nunnally Lamperouge [NANAli in Japanese]
    Rollo Lamperouge [RORO in Japanese]

    Hmm? Hmm? lol

    these trailers are driving me nuts -_-;;

    april april april april please come nao! xDDD

  20. @Gai: An excellent example. The more seemingly helpless the loli, the more likely she’ll rip you to pieces just by thought alone or gain godly powers later on. Other examples include Hayate from Nanoha, Mashiro from Mai Hime and several characters from the Eroge game series Rance.

  21. well maybe lelouch survived, because the order that he give to suzaku whit his geass (you have to live, remember?), in the final scene if lelouch die the explosive that he plug in his chest before make suzaku die maybe that is why lelouch is alive

    Ryugan Koji
  22. Actually, Lelouch might have the larger chance of dying while Suzaku ends up surviving THEN finding everything out about what REALLY happened that fateful day (ep22-23) but can’t even kill himself because of his “Live” Geass.

    And Schneizel rules the world. You heard it here first.

  23. I completely agree with paradogmatic… I also put my vote on Rollo being Nunnally. The first thing I thought when i saw the trailer was that Rollo is Nunnanly. Well all this is speculation after all. Can’t wait until April. I hope Lulu survives in the end but I’m scared that he won’t. This reminds me of Death Note. Light starts off as the hero and then get power hungry and just starts killing, just like Lulu.

  24. You know, for some reason I see Lelouch and Suzaku taking on roles similar to that of Ramza and Delita (respectively) from Final Fantasy Tactics… just a thought, but I hope that’s not the case here…

  25. I have an idea! Maybe Lelouch lost his Geass and memory and the Burai is there to retrieve him cause they all know he’s Zero?

    Nya. Regardless I’m super excited. Unfortunatly I’m going to be in Japan at the end of March and not at all in April. *sighs* So close but oh well. :3

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