Having just woken up in the hospital, Fumi gets out of bed, but she stumbles as she tries to walk towards the door. It is right around then that Natsuka and Kaname show up, and two are shocked to see her awake. Natsuka is even more moved by the fact that Fumi still remembers her name, and she proceeds to hug her old friend. Meanwhile, Chiaki asks Mika about the gun she shot her father with being the Shigofumi and how she intends to deliver something like that. To Chiaki’s surprise, Mika says that she’ll have Fumi shoot her. Kanaka thinks that she’s joking, and Matoma asserts that she can’t die from being shot, but Mika feels that she’s different. Because she’s the other personality of Fumi, if Fumi repudiates her, then Mika will die. Back in town, word gets out that Fumi woke up, but her memory is blurred, so she doesn’t remember what happened with her father. Kaname and Natsuka are trying to remind her of their time together in junior high school, however none of that jogs her memory. When Chiaki arrives at the hospital, she tells Kaname and Natsuka about what Mika intends to do and how Mika was a Shigofumi courier for a long time in order to disappear. Chiaki suggests that Mika is doing it to atone for her sins because Mika blames herself for Fumi’s coma, and she thinks that the multiple personalities will disappear if Fumi shoots Mika.

By the time Mika arrives at the hospital with Kanaka, Fumi is already gone, and, in order to buy some time, Kaname tells Mika that Fumi was transferred to another hospital and will be back in a week. In truth, Natsuka’s family has taken Fumi in, and they treat her to a sukiyaki dinner her first night there. This is Fumi’s first time eating sukiyaki, so Natsuka shows her how to do it, and Fumi finds it delicious. Later that night, after leaving Fumi to sleep in her own room, Natsuka asks her sister about what happens to the other personality if Fumi recovers, and Haruno suggests that the two personalities will become one. The next day, Natsuka and Kaname continue trying to remind Fumi of her past, and Kaname brings up the time when Fumi had been threatened by a dog but had somehow scared it off. He fondly recalls how she had looked like a boy who had won a fight, but Fumi has no memories of this. Mika meanwhile delivers a Shigofumi to another person, and afterwards, Kanaka tries to convince her to stay as a Shigofumi courier without going through with her plan. Though Mika is happy to hear that Kanaka likes her and prefers to have her as a partner forever, Mika still feels that she has to receive her punishment.

Later that day, when Natsuka leaves Fumi alone in order to walk Kaname to the bus stop, Fumi discovers a book by Kirameki on a bookshelf. Seeing it brings back all of her memories, including those of shooting her father, and it shocks her so much that she runs out of the house. Kaname and Natsuka find out that something is going on after Kanaka tracks them down, but by the time they return to Natsuka’s house, Fumi is already gone. Chiaki meanwhile has come up with an idea and is paying a visit to a woman named Lisala who knows the laws of the Gospel Bureau. They go through various books looking for legal cases that would help, and Lisala eventually finds a particular ruling that might save Mika. Back in town, Fumi runs barefoot all the way to a shrine where Mika is waiting. Fumi hugs Mika and takes blame for shooting their father, but Mika proceeds to reveal that it was actually she who shot Kirameki. This delivers another shock to Fumi, and when Mika hands her the gun and tells her to shoot, Fumi does. A short while later, Natsuka finds Fumika who is now hiding the gun behind her back. Fumika claims that she just went on a walk to try to remember something, and she lies about not having met anyone along the way.

In the aftermath, Fumika gets called in to see Kaname’s father at the police station and declares that she wants to make an accusation against Mikawa Kirameki. She feels that this time, she’s going to shoot.


It’s not clear to me at the end here if Fumi merged/reunited with Mika or if Fumi just killed Mika and then became more dark in her personality. The evidence points to the latter, but whichever it is, the new Fumika is a bit scary in a School Days kind of way, especially since one of the first things she does when she sees Natsuka again is to lie to her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she literally means that she intends to shoot her father this time.

I’m also having a hard time thinking up what constitutes a good ending here. Does it involve Mika (who may or may not already be dead) remaining a Shigofumi courier or Fumika mending her relationship with her father or Fumika finally killing her father or what? Chiaki’s efforts with this Lisala lady should result in something, and if the woman at the end of the episode is actually Fumika’s mother Kirei like I assume she is, then she might come back as a wildcard to make amends too. The preview mentions two futures beginning, so that might mean that both Fumi and Mika will be around at the end. If that happens, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a conclusion next week with a good bit of closure.


  1. The blonde woman sparkling at the end reminds me of Kirameki. I’m guessing she’s Fumika’s mom? First she shot the dad now she’s going after mom? And what was Mika doing/thinking, handing her a gun?

    Personally, I’d like to see Fumika get back together with her dad, as long as he doesn’t start his “caligraphy” shit again. From a brief scene in a previous episode I think Kirameki’s “abuse” of his daughter started when he recognized the resemblence between his daughter and her mother/his wife. We haven’t seen much of mom but I can’t help but think she’s probably a bitch since she abandoned Fumika like that. At least Kirameki took care of her. He even seemed like a decent dad till he went “crazy” or maybe he was always like that.

    White Star
  2. @White Star:

    Mika (Shigofumi delivery person シゴフミ配達人) handed Fumi-chan the gun and asked her to shoot her. Apparently doing so would cause Mika’s personality to disappear (i.e. Mika would die).

    After awakening from her coma and seeing a book by Kirameki at Natsuka’s house, Fumi remembers that she shot her dad and frantically searches for Mika. When she finds Mika, Mika explains that she’s the one that shot Kirameki. Mika also says it’s her fault that Fumi was in a coma for the past 3 years and wants to repent for it by having Fumi shoot her. According to Mika, Fumi did nothing wrong and that it’s all her and Kirameki’s fault.

    At that point, Fumi took the gun and shot it. We only hear a gunshot though, so we don’t know if she actually shot Mika or not. Shortly after that incident, Natsuka finds Fumi-chan and we notice a change in Fumi’s personality as she hides the gun behind her back.

    Fumi later goes to the police department and files a complaint against her father and says this time she’ll be the one that shoots.

  3. Lucky Star is the first anime series that shows Wii (Konata Vs Yutaka).

    I thinks both personality now merge into one, when the other was shot. That’s explain why Fumi changes very much in a short period of time. I’d says that she’s more mature than the old Fumi once she absorb Mika.

  4. This is funny, Wii Sports xD But the anime just started not long ago, so I guess they simply built it in for fun. But this looks like one hell of an interesting episode, can’t wait to see it 😀


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