It’s been one week since Hiromi started living on her own, and with her suspension over, she’s attending school again. Having not run into Noe recently, Shinichirou instead visits Hiromi’s new apartment, and the two talk about an upcoming basketball game against the Hotarugawa girls team. Shinichirou is particularly disappointed to hear that Jun will probably be there with the boys’ team. Hiromi then notices that it has started to snow again outside, she declares that she likes the ocean during snow and suggests that they go to the waterfront. When they get there, she asks Shinichirou about his practicing the dance for the festival, but he has a hard time paying attention to what she’s saying because his thoughts are now on Noe. When he finally does notice the look on her face, she surprises him by kissing him. Meanwhile, across town, Nobuse gets a phone call from Aiko who asks if he wants a high-spirited female friend. She suggests that they start over as friends again and feels that a sweater is impossible at the beginning – they have to start from something easier. To Aiko’s surprise, Nobuse shows up at her door at that very moment and says that he’ll do his best for that sweater someday. In response, Aiko promises to improve her knitting skills until then.

At school the next day, Shinichirou sees Noe in the hallway, but she’s gone before he can catch her. He then heads to the gym to watch the girls’ basketball game and sees that there is a commotion developing due to how the girls on the Hotarugawa team are intentionally tripping Hiromi. It stops when Jun steps in and confronts the Hotarugawa girls about the blatant foul play, and this impresses everyone watching. Shinichirou, however, leaves before the game is over, and he runs into Nobuse who wants him to tell Noe that she didn’t properly put a curse on him. This leads to Shinichirou looking for Noe by the chicken coop, but she’s not there. Later that night, after his dance practice, Shinichirou returns home and hears his parents working outside. He uses the chance to visit Hiromi’s old room and thinks about how he hasn’t done anything properly. Hiromi meanwhile is still getting used to living by herself and spends some time on the phone with Tomoyo. She also gets a call from Jun, and he apologizes for what happened today. Hiromi apologizes too because she knows that she’s troubled a lot of people and made some people unhappy. She then thanks Jun, and he asks to see her again.

The following day, Hiromi helps out at the Nakagami house and gets asked to bring some laundry up to Shinichirou’s room. He isn’t in there when she enters, and after putting down the clothes, Hiromi notices that he has on his desk a notebook labeled as the Story of Raigomaru and Jibeta. Hearing Shinichirou coming up the steps, Hiromi hurries away from his desk and tells him about the laundry. When he tries to bring up the topic of the basketball game yesterday, she avoids it, urges him to do his best with the dance, and then rushes out. That afternoon, Hiromi meets with Jun at the park and tells him that they should stop seeing and contacting each other. She doesn’t want to drag any more people into this, but Jun then reminds her that their agreement isn’t over yet. In response, Hiromi shocks Jun by saying that she’s not the one he likes and that he doesn’t care about anything other than that girl. She then leaves him standing there, and Shinichirou happens to see her walking away. That night however, Hiromi gets a phone call from Jun who is panicking because Noe never came home. He wants her to inform Shinichirou, and after thinking about it for a long while, Hiromi finally does call Shinichirou to tell him about it. Noticeably worried, Shinichirou decides to go look for Noe and hangs up on Hiromi before she can say everything that she wanted to say.

Noe is at that moment in the chicken pen with Jibeta, and as she watches the chicken, she acknowledges that she doesn’t understand its feelings. She feels that there are a lot of painful things in this world and wants to fly away from it all, and she decides to help Jibeta fly. By the time Shinichirou arrives at the school to check the chicken coop spot, Noe is already gone, and he sees that she took Jibeta with her. Remembering how she had said, back when they were at the waterfront, that the place where he flies is not there, he realizes that those were farewell words and rushes to the waterfront. Noe is already there, and as she approaches the water, she sings her song, though she replaces the final lyrics with ones about Hiromi being in Shinichirou’s heart. When Shinichirou finds her, she’s standing at the edge of the breakwater facing the tumultuous waves.


Though I probably should have been expecting something like this since three episodes is like an eternity to wrap up the story, this week did a good job making me question if Shinichirou was going to realize that he likes Noe more than Hiromi now, or if this is all just part of him helping Noe get her tears back. You’d think that things would be set after Hiromi kissed him, but it’s quite troubling that he kept thinking of Noe in the moments before that. There’s also the interesting aspect of how Hiromi looks to be becoming fairly jealous of the attention that Noe gets, and I wonder if she’s going to eventually lash out. Regardless, I still think that Shinichirou’s just going to help Noe get her tears back and end up with Hiromi, but if nothing else, the writers are showing that they can keep the story interesting even after the main couple has seemingly been decided.

I haven’t commented on the music for a while, but I have to say that I really liked the background piano song that was playing during the kiss scene and the subsequent AikoXNobuse scene. It wasn’t on the first soundtrack, so hopefully it’ll be on one of the future releases. Speaking of which, I thought that after last episode Aiko was going to move on from both Nobuse and Shinichirou, but that appears not to be the case. In a way, it feels like a step backwards for her (remember that she had said she was graduating from Shinichirou), but at the same time, this is probably one of the easiest ways for her to have a happy ending. A lot can still happen in the two remaining episodes, though I suspect they’ll largely leave Aiko alone for now and just concentrate on Noe and Hiromi, as the preview suggests.


  1. At least Hiromi is clear with her feelings.

    Looks to me like Shin is doing a Koichi. Perhaps his synthesized feelings towards Noe are getting to his head and clouding his judgement (after all he did have some good memories with her).

    However from the preview, I get the feeling Noe’s going to push him away and send him back to Hiromi, after letting the chicken fly (which looks to me like she’s finally ready to let go of something).

    Sailor Enlil
  2. Well, I know you Noe lovers want to hold out to the end, but I mean, come on. If that kiss doesn’t end it for you I don’t know what will. At this point Shin will show the finished book to Noe and end things with her. She pretty much figured it all out on her own from the last episode anyways. She says as much “give me one last time”. So she went and saw him dance and so on.

    The only thing now is to get Jun to accept his own feelings for Noe and work that all out in the next episode.

    Looks like the show will end around the festival.

  3. Yeah, Hiromi making here feelings clear is great, but the writers immediately throws another curve ball with her misinterpreting the title of Shin’s picture book… That scene in the end with Noe singing “Shinichiro no kokoro no soko ni… Yuasa Hiromi” was incredibly well done too.

    Man, I wish they would just come out and say who the final pairing is, but if the summary spoilers are correct(they’ve been, so far), then it’ll be on the final episode before they do so. Gah, waiting for next week’s episode is just incredibly hard.

  4. To me it looked really bad when Shin was thinking of Noe while he was with Hiromi and then Jun had to act all cool just then, bastard. ^_^ I’m still Hiromi x Shin but I didn’t totally hate Jun this ep, yet, I’m only halfway thru.

    DJ Red
  5. Nice episode, I’m positively surprised that the story still manages to interest me to this extend. It’s definitely my favourite romance series ever.

    @GP ShinXNoe will never die! 😉 That kiss made it even more likely. Shin didn’t kiss her back in fact he stepped back a bit just like he did with Aiko and it was in the beginning of the episode, hardly a very dramatic position if you ask me.
    Also that Jibeta Bad End thing shows that Shinichiro’s heart is still in limbo. The picture story obviously mirrors Shinichiro’s emotional development and if anything is certain it’s that Raigoumaru will fly in the end. He still has to resolve the situation with Noe, one way or the other.

  6. The situation with Noe is what he’ll resolve in the next episode. Also the stuff with Jun to. Jun will come first though, leaving Noe for last.

    As for him not kissing her back, so what? It doesn’t mean anything really. He was caught off guard and is a bit shocked. Unlike how he acted when Aiko kissed him and he made his feelings for her clear right on the spot.

    Being at the beginning of the episode also doesn’t mean anything, since this is picking up where the ending part of episode 10 stopped.

    The thing about Raigumaru flying also doesn’t mean that he’ll be with Noe. That doesn’t tie into which girl he ends up with. Raigumaru flying or not is just a sign of Shin being free with himself. Not that he’ll fly to Noe or something.

  7. Somehow even after Hiromi kissed Shinichiro is seem like it doesn’t have any effect at him at all and a for a second there i thought Noe will suiside or something with the way she said that she want to fly. In the preview when Jun says “Can I kiss you” somehow I was thinking he was talking to Noe,lol hope it’s wrong.

  8. I have to agree that the Hiromi/Shin kiss seemed somewhat anticlimactic, especially since Shin was thinking about Noe in the shots leading up to the kiss. I guess I was hoping for a bit more drama and poignancy as well as a stronger reaction from Shin, especially if Hiromi/Shin really is the end couple. It doesn’t mean that Shin is going to end up with Noe, but I do think that the writers do a good job of keeping us guessing and leaving the door open for Noe.

  9. Him thinking about Noe for a bit before the kiss and Hiromi showing her feelings is natural. He’s got to resolve things with Noe. He basically lied to her and said he liked her etc. While i’m sure he likes her as a friend at this point he doesn’t “like” her like she thinks. Or actually how she thought.

  10. I actually don’t mind a Jun/Noe pairing, and I wonder who Jun is trying to kiss in the next episode (for some reason, I’m equally hoping/dreading that it’s Noe. He’s already tried to kiss Hiromi twice already!) Dreading because if they are true blood-related siblings, it really is a forbidden love. Hoping because if they’re not blood-related, I think that they would make a nice couple. He obviously cares very much for her, and I think that they understand each other well. (although if they end up not being blood-related, it would seem like a bit of a cop-out. Everything would be wrapped up way too neatly!)

  11. I don’t like the development at all. Nobuse and Aiko wanting to have a fresh start? Aiko love Shinichirou for a long time but keep it secret in her heart, kissed him, cried sadly after being rejected, then suddenly have a change of heart and want to start a relationship with Nobuse. What the hell? This is a forced development which feels very unnatural. Just keep them separated please.

  12. I’m happy for HiromixShin but if they go for JunxNoe. I think its kinda awkward, I would prefer NoexShin and JunxHiromi.

    anyway, I’m glad that Hiromi finally makes her move!

  13. I agree with the Noe fans on the fact that the kiss may be a bad sign for Shin X Hiromi. Again, the events that make it seem like it will be those two are showing too soon. Especially what happens to show at the end with Shin seeing Noe. We still have 2 episodes left. The festival will settle things.

  14. Somehow from the spoilers I would agree with setsuke that shin didn’t feel happy from the kiss even though it was out of sudden that she did it but a guy would be happy but rather he seems confused. I don’t know their are still 2 more episodes to go and I think shin would fall for noe even though I am a shinXhiromi person but I feel that the tables are going to turn.

  15. What the fuck i didn’t have a good feeling about this episode, i wan’t HIROMIxSHIN but this episode gives me the idea that it will be SHInxNOE in the end. I don’t like noe very much.
    and if JUN ends up with HIROMI i will go crazy.

  16. at this point, I’ve completely given up on predicting what the final pairing would be, or if there even will be one, I just know that this show’s been delivering since day 1, and I’m confident it won’t disappoint whatever the outcome is.

    too bad there’s only 2 episodes left, but on the other hand, the weekly outbreak of cliffhanger-itis will finally come to a stop 😛

  17. I like this episode mostly for the little part about Nobuse and Aiko. It was classic, It seems Nobuse has not been picking up Aiko’s call or Aiko is afraid that Nobuse was not going to answer for her to use the pay phone. I don’t know if they are going to leave the relationship of nobuse and Aiko ambiguous,up to the audience to decide. It is most likely that we will never know if they can move beyond friends. there was a reason that Aiko couldn’t warm up for Nobuse while they were going out besides she having a crush for Shin. Still, I commend both Aiko and Nobuse(the writers actually) for fixing things for those two. Restarting their friendship is a good place to start. It is up to Aiko to see if she can change the way she think about Nobuse and move to the Romantic type of liking.

    I was pleased with everything as all my predictions about Nobuse and Aiko came true!

  18. I’m not like really a Hiromi fan but I don’t hate Noe too. I love Noe being together with Shin but it seems not right compared to HiromixShin. It feels more like real love with HiromixShin. So im rooting for them. I cant see Noe being with Shin and it seems it will go that way. oh well. theres 2 episodes left.

  19. noo pobre de noe, aunque esté media loquita es muy kawai, pero la verdad pensandolo bien el sufrimiento que está pasando hiromi es porque ama demasiado a shin’nichiro y ahora que sabe la verdad que no son hermanos ahora va a tener la oportunidad de quererse mutuamente, esperemos que pasan en los siguientes capitulos

  20. After hearing that song of Noe (and confirming it with several blogs), it looks like indeed Noe’s gonna let Shinichiro go and send him back to Hiromi (in a sense, kinda like how Hiromi told Jun that she’s not the one he likes). The next thing would likely be how hard it will be for her, hence perhaps her tears would come back.

    Sailor Enlil
  21. I would prefer Hiromi but she kinda blew it at the end of episode 3 and it is now coming to bite her in the ass. I don’t think Shin would have ever seriously gotten involved with Noe if it wasn’t for that incident. Shin probably still thinks that Hiromi likes Jun and that is why he was shocked and confused when she kissed him. Noe Clearly told him that she likes him while Hiromi is still being ambiguous from Shin’s perspective. Now he loves both of them but one is already dating Jun and the other one is single. It will be interesting who he picks though. HiromixJun has no chance unless the writers make her fall for him in 1 episode all of a sudden, which would be bad writing. So in conclusion, I like Hiromi but Noe has done more to win.

  22. GP
    Out of all postings of one opinion about , you are the one that I can never agree to. Everything you say is a load of, I don’t even want to say it.

    You must be inlove with one of your siblings or you must be off the chain CRAZY!

    I agree with the nothing personal. LOL!

  23. GP
    Out of all the postings of ones opinion about an anime,I don’t agree with nothing you say. Everything you say is a load of, I don’t even want to say it.

    You must be inlove with one of you siblings or you must be off the chain CRAZY!

    I agree with the nothing personal

  24. yahiko – i’m not really sure why you have to be insulting and need to call someone crazy for having an opinion that is different from yours. like i said, if we go down the incest path, i do hope that jun and noe are not blood-related (for example, if they have a relationship like kazuma/tsubasa relationship in kare kano where they are step-siblings). i don’t see anything wrong with that.
    also, keep in mind that what you interests you in fiction is not necessarily a reflection of real life. i mean, how many of you enjoy watching horror movies – it doesn’t mean that you like to see murder, etc. in real life.

  25. The title kind of give it away. It says “i’m not the one you like”, “supposingly” it is for the scene where hiromi tells jun that. But a sudden feeling just strikes me that the title might have more meaning to it, more like the meaning of the title is for the last scene where hiromi calls shin to tell him about noe being missing.

    Well just my piece of opinion and certainly i hope its not true as im a hiromi x shin fan as well.


  26. Somehow Hiromi does not seem to have the chemistry that Noe and Shinichoro had. Looking at them together I just don’t see them being happy. Yeah they had some nice moments in their childhood but is that really enough to make them bf/gf material? They seem too different. Hiromi is too stiff.

  27. …am I the only one who thinks Hiromi’s a bit scary when she gets that hard look in her eyes o_0?

    I think Jun has developed real feelings for Hiromi, but I don’t like the way he’s handling it. “If you love something, let it go…” Maybe the strain of having to do it consecutively is getting to him :(.

  28. The preview is definitely interesting, but Jun x Hiromi ending seems too awkward to happen. Hopefully, it won’t. On the other hand, I’m still rooting for Shin x Noe, so that could work to their advantage. As much as I love this show, this whole love-triangle (square?) is beginning to become a little strained…

  29. The fact that there are so many opinions and comments shows that the anime had done a good job in keeping all interesting. The anime from my perspective deals alot with feelings and physcology, and many hints and small actions are given now and then which determines the ending. The ending of any coupled together will sure to dissappoint some fans out there. I kinda think shin will end up with both of them competing for him. Then again its just my piece of opinion.

  30. After seeing the episode, I’m really unsure what will happen now. Shin’ichiro was thinking about Noe most of the time in this episode, leaving me to think that he still has his feelings for her and it seems he has little for Hiromi now. So there is still some hope for Noe X Shin. just 2 more episodes til we find out.

  31. ok i thought i had it all figured out and no i haven`t been smoking. hiromi kissed shin but it didnt even faze him at all i guess with noe`s absence all he could think about was her and also am i the only hoping incest is left out of this anime

  32. Fear not Noe fans, this is a ploy of the writers to make you believe all hope is lost…”Zomg, he’s is totally under Hiromi’s powers…” Umm, no way…he will end up with Noe , it’ll just take him the better part of 2 episodes to realize his feelings for her. The picture book will have a happy ending and Noe’s tears will return in the form of joy.

  33. So no Jun x Noe? I don’t think Jun’s fallen for Hiromi and if there’s a Jun x Hiromi ending it would be crap. No one can get over someone in two eps … at least I don’t think Hiromi will fall for Jun. Besides, he’s better off with Noe so I’m hoping they’re not blood-related.

  34. I still think that it will go shinchiro x hiromi… although, theres still 2 more episodes… soo theres little chance that it will be Shinchiro X NOEm, which then i will go berzerk and send BOMB LETTERS to the writters!! XD

  35. From what I saw in the episode, there’s equal chance of Shinichirou pairing with either Hiromi or Noe. I personally think Hiromi goes together with Shinichirou more, because Noe seems a bit too childish and innocent to be seriously paired up with anyone except Jun. Then again, Shinichirou seems to be thinking about Noe a lot in this episode so I’m sitll unsure of whether or not he will truly realise his feelings. Whatever happens, it better not be a Hiromi x Jun ending. That would truly be a horrible thing to do. Not that I hate Jun, but its pretty obvious that Hiromi doesn’t have any feelings for him and he has little for her. It’s hard to develop their relationship well in just two episodes. Whatever happens, I have been consistently impressed with True Tears – it is by far most well done romance anime I’ve ever seen.

  36. Jun x Hiromi absolutely cannot happen after this episode.

    Hiromi is either going to be alone or with Shin at the end of the day, especially after she told Jun that he only cares about Noe and doesn’t even understand his own feelings. Jun’s only chance at really finding happiness after this is with Noe.

  37. If I guess it right, ep. 13 will probably be reserved where the story of the final picture book is unfolded. At the moment, it has a bad ending, with Jibeta died and Raigomaru chicken out (sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 Yet I believe as situations between all 4 of them got resolved, Shin will be able to “fix” the story so that it’ll be a happy ending. Otherwise, he will probably let the chicken story go, in order to come back and finish his first story; the one about trying to wipe off one girl’s tears and to collect tears of an angel and place it on the tree…

  38. Well if you all realised, shin is always concern with the one who needs him most at the moment. Previous was about Hiromi and this is about Noe. Like i said in my previous opinion it might be end up with 2 girls competing for one guy in a good way.

  39. Despite the fact that there is a feeling that the Hiromi x Shin pairing has not been solidified this episode by that one kiss, I think there are two things worthy of note:

    -Shin claims that he said he would make everything right, but he hasn’t done anything at all. Ideally (in the end), he would like to reach that goal.

    -When Noe was singing that cockroach song while walking to the ocean, she made up many new verses, and the one where you could feel the most tension was when she said how the one in Shin’s heart was Hiromi. It seems to me like Noe knows this, and is little by little, accepting it.

    The other reason why I don’t think this will end well with Noe is because I don’t feel that the two of them have chemistry. To Shin, from my point of view, Noe seems like a cute sister — just by the way he acts around her. I know Shin’s not an aggressive or romantic guy, but just looking at what the two of them do together when they are together leads me to think that there will always be, and has always been, nothing more than good friends.

  40. haha seemed like shin wasn’t really fazed by hiromi’s kiss. All he thought about was Noe throughout this whole episode. Even hiromi hesitated to tell shin about Noe missing. He even immediately went looking for her. We may get a turn around here. Even though shin says he wants to do things right, it seems he wasn’t mainly reffering to hiromi, but others as well, especially Noe.

    Everyone seems to have valid points on who Shin gets with. Right now, its hard to tell who he will end up with at the end. Here’s my 2 cents:

    – Hiromi had a chance to “spark” a relationship with shin in the beginning of the series but didn’t and is only now starting to show that she maybe interested close to the end. This could be either a good sign or a bad sign for Hiromi.

    – Shin’ichiro is probably now confused on who he is looking for, as it shows in this episode because he thought about Noe all the time, even during Hiromi’s kiss (not a good sign for Shin x Hiromi).

    -Noe’s “cockroach” song in the end may seem like she has given up on shin’ichiro, but shin’s expression at the end seemed as though he may not want it that way.

    -Shin’ichiro said “I will do everything right.” In this episode, it seems that line doesn’t mainly reffer to Hiromi, but Noe as well.

    I can’t really predict who will get with Shin at the end at this point. Shin will probably choose when the festival/dance comes up. This anime is so unpredictable. Gah! I cant wait until this is all settled. >_

  41. – I recall in one of the beginning episodes, Noe said she needs someone else’s tears in order to help gain hers back (remember that necklace).
    – Both Aiko and Hiromi initiated the kiss, so could Noe be the only girl where Shin is the proactive one?

  42. Hiromi has always only looked at Shinichiro, and had even been tormented by Shinichiro’s mom=/ She’s waited for him all this time. She deserves much better than what’s happening now.. Shinichiro is simply lacking the courage to fly, or to really choose one person he’d love and do his best for. He did promise Hiromi to do everything properly…which he had not done at all, as he stated himself -_-

  43. ^ link above ^
    this may be non-sensical, but the cover case of the last dvd is hiromi..thus, inciting that she’s the more important one in the latter part of the series..meaning? ;D kidding. Noe’s really great.. but I personally don’t find her to be to be capable of being maturely romantic. She’s a cute and enigmatic goddess who needs to be looked after by her infamous onii-chan ;D

  44. My man, Victor up there had a good point! I agree with everything he said.

    Plus, I see MORE chemistry between Noe and Shin than with Hiromi, which is an effing emo queen who kept stirring drama throughout the previous episodes. Noe’s fun and weird and it’s funny to see Shin deal with her antics. Just look at how Shin and Noe met in episode 1. Her first appearance was waaaay special compared to Hiromi who’s doing nothing but drool at the computer screen haha When I saw ep.1, I thought for sure Noe will get the last laugh. This episode proves that. Take that losers. 😉 Peace.

  45. It looked to me as though Shin was doing things right with Hiromi in this episode and yet he still said later he wasn’t doing anything right. To me, that implies he’s referring to Noe… and his reaction when Hiromi called and said she was missing adds fuel to the fire for the Noe camp. Yes, Noe can be a bit silly and offbeat at times but when she is serious, she can be quite compelling. Although I don’t discount the distinct possibility of a Hiromi ending, I still think it will be Noe that Shin finally chooses.

  46. yahiko, when i checked earlier the aiko cover wasn’t there yet ;D sorry for the misinfo lolz. xD it sure was a coincidence that they updated right after i said it lolzzzz.

  47. the dvd cover was half a joke anyway, even though I did not expect it to backfire on me since it updated xD; no offense intended, so don’t be that assertive in saying I even don’t know who the characters are, haha. Honestly speaking, I think both sides just have about the same chances. That’s what would probably be ideal for the producers, to stir up confusion and to arouse our anticipation for the next episode. Every now and then, they alternately give more emphasis on one character every episode. There’s 2 more, so we wouldn’t know what’ll really happen unless we see it. Hiromi has her sexy “fan service” stuff and the ploy to sympathize with her, while noe gets those ambiguous and enigmatic, and also cute moments. I’d say the director equally loves both of them, but we’ll just have to wait who they pick ;D

  48. the dvd cover was half a joke anyway, even though I did not expect it to backfire on me since it updated xD; no offense intended, so don’t be that assertive in saying I even don’t know who the characters are, haha. Honestly speaking, I think both sides just have about the same chances. That’s what would probably be ideal for the producers, to stir up confusion and to arouse our anticipation for the next episode. Every now and then, they alternately give more emphasis on one character every episode. There’s 2 more, so we wouldn’t know what’ll really happen unless we see it. Hiromi has her sexy “fan service” stuff and the ploy to sympathize with her, while noe gets those ambiguous and enigmatic, and also cute moments. I’d say the director equally loves both of them, but we’ll just have to wait who they pick ;D If the director was a perv, he’d choose Hiromi ^-~ but if he was a lolicon, then it would be Noe ;D

  49. Things that you get easy are not the most valued… Or, perhaps, you get first… Yeah, I believe piously that that kiss are a plot. Noe you gain at the very last moment, because she wants that Shin-chan knows what are his fellings before. That’s why Noe is the most desirable and mature character in the serie. She didn’t want Shinichiro for her sake, but to be happy together. Noe will prevail!

    Joe Sargent
  50. Episode 13: I Want to Face You Properly, Because I Want to Believe You ( ちゃんと向きあってほしいの、だから信じてほしいの / Chanto Mukiatte Hoshii no, Dakara Shinjite Hoshii no ) ….sounds like what Noe would say all honestly. Just like how he asked shinichiro to confess to her lolz. ahwell *waits*

  51. Just for kicks I used Atlas to translate the text from the aforementioned website on ep12

    Show Spoiler ▼

    So what would you make of it?

    Sailor Enlil
  52. tThey made it in such a way that it is unpredictable and clouded w/ mystery lolz. Even for the japanese audience, of course they want it to be still unknown;D It’s definitely saying something about Jun doing something sort of surprising, I guess, as well as Shinichiro choosing who to dance for or what lolz.

  53. Okay. Shinichiro is realizing his feelings for Noe slowly but surely and does not even realize it due to him only thinking of Hiromi. He says he hasn’t done anything properly and he’s right he has not consoled in Noe about anything,and Noe is not confused because she knows or think she does where Shinichiro’s heart belong to. Hiromi said that she like Jun out of all they guys,she so happen to pick Jun, Noe’s brother. To me she is the one that brought Jun into her life and brought Shinichiro closer to Noe. It’s good in a way for Shin x Noe but not good for Hiromi. Things that Hiromi do out of jealousy or have done wrong:
    1. She wanted to be friends with Noe, which is was lie
    2. Lied saying that she likes Jun
    3. Said those horrible things to Noe about using her smile to get Shinichiro
    4. Got angry at Shinichiro’s mother and ran off to Jun
    5. Begged Jun to ride on his bike knowing the consequences if they ride in the snow.

    After finding out that her and Shinichiro are not siblings and that Shin’s mother is finally accepting her into the family, she decides to kick Jun to the curve and make a move on Shinichiro knowing that he suppose to be dating Noe. I’m not saying all of this is her fault but she can at least handle her problems in a more mature way. Jun and Shinichiro can make their own decisions on what they could have done and what they still can do. That’s why I say it’s not really hiromi fault. And now to Noe, from episode 1 to the most recent episode 11, I have not seen not once did Noe think of only herself. She may act a little weird but at least she is mature enough to speak the truth of people and how they are and not beat around the bush on anything. You never saw her get jealous of Hiromi or said anything out of the ordinary either. The only thing that bothers and frustrates her is that she feels left out and wants to understand what’s going on, especially with Shinichiro. I know she felt mislead and hurting inside because Shinichiro said that he likes her and she really believes in Shinichiro. Even now she see’s where his heart is, but she still believes in him. Her words were, ” Shinichiro you can fly and you just don’t it, but the place where you can fly isn’t here”. That brought tears in my eyes when I saw that episode. Everyone has their own opinions about each character and I my own opinion says that Shinichiro really need to understand his true feelings and come up with a solution before it’s too late.

  54. It just reminded me when Noe asked Shinichiro to look at her straight and say the confession properly ;D but yeah, it’s also probable that Shinichiro says it to someone, a girl namely. I’d respect that you like Noe, but I do hope you avoid making direct flames and comparisons against hiromi ^-~; Your hias against her is clearly showing lolz.

  55. OK I have to admit I really Liked Noe until this episode. I thought she was really cool and quirky, but now Hiromi all the way. How she was portrayed this episode made her seem like the sweetest cutest character who has a personality! Still very girl next door but hell it’s working for me. I also loved how she does not want any contact from Noe’s brother, and damn she was to the point about it. What I find interesting is that all of a sudden in this episode she is wearing glasses, are they trying to get her moe points up? Anyway I really hope it does turn out to be a Hiromi X Shinichiro ending.

  56. “An appearance that tries to be independent of a beloved younger sister is eye difference of the elder brother who has been watching it adorable. Purity that keeps being suffered to feelings in which control is not effective.”

    Does this mean it’s official that Jun likes Noe more than a sister yet?

  57. Ricaryx, sounds a bit crazy.. but for some odd reason, I feel it’s a twist the producers may really want to do xD;;; 3 more days…. (the last episode actually falls on my birthday, such a nice gift=D)

  58. i thought that jun already knew that he didnt like hiromi… i thought he was just fake hooking up with her just for noe’s sake… huh… i didnt even know that he was trying to like her… or anything like that… ugh, im an idiot.

  59. Tch. I’d prefer Shin ends up with Noe, seriously.

    Don’t get me wrong.. I do like Hiromi. I just don’t think she’s suitable FOR Shinichiro. Somehow only Shinichiro seems to be able to relate himself with Noe and how she sees things. The understanding is there.

    I don’t know. I just like Shin and Noe together.

  60. Shin is an artist. He look for inspiration everywhere. Noe is just one of his inspiration. Artists get their inspiration everywhere, from people, from places, from nature, from events and happenings.

    Look at genius like Beethoven or Mozart. They are able to compose nice melodies when they are still children, everyone praise them and say they are genius. Does their music end here? No, they develop their music further. Only when they are adults, they are able to create real masterpiece.

    Noe is just like the children melodies of Beethoven and Mozart. She is one of many inspirations in an artist life, not a lover.

    I see many Noe shippers viewing the person who give inspiration as very important, here’s a question for you:
    If Shin got his first memorable and significant inspiration from a fat 56 years old divorced granny instead of Noe, should he make the granny his lover?

  61. granny_lover, I respect your point of view. But in my opinion Shin doesn’t only look at Noe ONLY as an inspiration. I think she deserves more than that.. at least I’m pretty sure Shin thinks her as one of the important people in his life, even if they don’t end up together. It could be as a close friend, or as a sister, either way I don’t think she’s just ‘one of his inspiration’.

    Noe’s presence in his life did make him see things differently. Whether he realizes it or not, Noe has taught him a lot of things, even if those things seemed strange and odd at first. And as for that example you made, yes, I do see your point, but we all know what’s going on between Noe and Shin is not just because of his ‘first memorable and significant inspiration’ came from her. It’s what they share together and decided to continue (or pursue) after the first inspiration. Whether fans like it or not, they do share tender moments together that don’t only say ‘she’s just another one of many inspirations’.


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