As he watches video of the Exia’s battle, Alejandro expresses his surprise over how such a function was installed into the Gundams. Libbons reports that it’s not something that corresponds to the data and theorizes that it was built into the GN Drives’ black boxes. He also notes that the data on the Gundam Meisters has been deleted from Veda. Turning to face Aeolia Schenberg’s dead body, Alejandro realizes that the old man predicted even this change of plans. Meanwhile, the Ptolemaios is docked at the Lagrange 1 resource satellite cluster and is bringing onboard a few new parts and weapons. Sumeragi is in the briefing room with all the Gundam Meisters except for Setsuna, and they’re going over how the Trans-Am system uses accumulated high concentration compressed particles to allow for three times the normal output for a limited period of time. It’s a function that was given to only the original GN Drives, but it has a drawback in the form of an extreme drop in the Gundam’s capabilities after it is used up in a battle.

They then receive a transmission from Setsuna reporting that he’s coming back to the Ptolemaios and that all the GN-Xs have gone from Earth to space. He also reports the capture of one of the Gundam Thrones by Ali Al Sarshes, and Lockon is frustrated to hear this. Regardless, Sumeragi is now sure that there’ll be a battle here at Lagrange 1, and just like she suspects, there’s already a set of three Virginia-class transport ships under the United Nations headed their way. Both Sergei and Ali Al Sarshes are onboard one of those transports, and Ali introduces himself with his fake identity when the two meet. Sergei tries to find out how Ali captured the Gundam, however Ali calls it a trade secret. Elsewhere in space, Setsuna and Lasse are still on their way back to the Ptolemaios, and Setsuna talks about how he’ll be fighting to eradicate strife on his own free will with the Gundam. Lasse admits to being skeptical about being able to eradicate strife, but he now feels that their existence might have meaning, and he thinks that man only truly understands something after having experienced it. Their conversation is interrupted when they get an urgent message notifying them that the UN forces have found the Ptolemaios.

For this battle, Sumeragi decides to send out the Kyrios and the Virtue while the Dynames remains on stand by. Lockon finds that he’s even been locked into his room, and as they heads to the hanger, Tieria tells Allelujah of how he’s determined to protect Lockon this time after how Lockon saved him last time. The two then launch, and although they are heavily armed, they are faced up against 26 GN-Xs as well as the Throne Zwei. Allelujah starts the battle by firing the large cannons that came with his new Tail Booster equipment and manages to destroy a GN-X. The Tail Booster also raises the mobility of the Kyrios, and Allelujah soon gets another kill. The Virtue follows up behind him with beam cannons in both its arms, and the GN-Xs, under Sergei’s leadership, spread out to fight them both. Seeing the GN-Xs unable to do much against the Virtue, Ali Al Sarshes joins the battle and destroys the Virtue’s weapons with the Throne Zwei’s GN Fangs. This results in a weakened Virtue getting pounded by GN-X beam weapons fire.

Allelujah tries to come to Tieria’s rescue, but when the Kyrios gets hit, he is forced to jettison the Tail Booster. Because he starts to get severe headaches again, he quickly realizes that the GN-X attacking him is piloted by Soma. Back on the Ptolemaios, Sumeragi is about to order the Gundams to retreat when she suddenly gets word that the Dynames is launching. With the Dynames equipped with the GN Armor, Lockon intends to attack the enemy transport ships in accordance with Sumeragi’s tactical plan, and he ignores her objections about his health. Back in the battle, Allelujah is ganged up on by both Sergei and Soma, so he activates the Kyrios’ Trans-Am system. Hallelujah even helps him out by getting rid of the headache by intercepting the quantum brain waves. Tieria also decides to activate the Trans-Am system for the Virtue, and he uses it to unleash massive firepower upon the GN-Xs that are attacking him. The problem is that he quickly starts running out of the particles that power the Trans-Am system, and the GN-Xs mount a counterattack. Fortunately, he’s saved when the GN Armor-equipped Dynames enters the battle.

The Dynames ends up destroying several GN-Xs with a single volley of missiles, but Daryl manages to get away. Lockon then announces to the others that he’s going after the enemy ships, and when Tieria comments on his health, Lockon thanks him for worrying. Nevertheless, Lockon is determined to fight, and he heads towards the three Virginia-class transports. Allelujah meanwhile cripples both Soma and Sergei’s GN-Xs to the point where they are forced to retreat, and luckily this happens right as the Kyrios’ Trans-Am system is also about to run out. For Allelujah and Tieria, the battle has now ended, but for Lockon, it is just beginning. Knowing the dangers, Sumeragi prays for Setsuna to get here quickly because she wants him to save Lockon. Having reached the enemy transports, Lockon succeeds in destroying two of them before he comes under attack from Ali Al Sarshes. Lockon has no choice but to eject from the GN Armor, but he’s now bent on taking down the Throne Zwei because he knows who’s piloting it.

As the two Gundams engage in battle, Lockon blames Ali Al Sarshes for directing the suicide bombing in Ireland and questions why he did it. Ali attributes it to how he’s a mercenary and to how the Middle East would naturally be opposed to the AEU constructing an orbital elevator, and he also accuses Lockon of being the same as him in terms of being a terrorist. In their subsequent fight, the Dynames manages to slice off the Throne Zwei’s right arm, but Lockon’s attention gets diverted when Haro reports the approach of a GN-X. It is piloted by Daryl who still wants to avenge Howard, and even a round of missiles doesn’t stop him from continuing to barrel his mobile suit towards the Dynames. In his suicide attack, Daryl manages to take out the Dynames’ right arm and shoulder, and Ali Al Sarshes uses this opportunity to strike. He directs his GN Fangs into the Dynames’ head and legs, and after the explosion, only a torso is left. With such extensive damage to the Dynames, Lockon retreats behind some asteroids and disembarks his Gundam with its cockpit’s aiming system in hand. He orders Haro to return the Dynames to the Ptolemaios and promises to come back alive, but as he floats off into space, he bids his Haro buddy farewell.

Lockon’s plan is to attach the aiming system to one of the GN Armor cannons that is still functional, and although he realizes the odds that he’s facing, he feels that he has to get revenge. Unfortunately, Ali Al Sarshes detects him and charges at him. Lockon still manages to fire off a massive blast, and though it hits the bottom of the Throne Zwei, Ali Al Sarshes is able to fire one perfectly aimed shot back at the GN Armor cannon to destroy it. Having been thrown off, Lockon remembers his family and admits to knowing that doing all this stuff probably wouldn’t have changed anything. He then sees the Exia in the distance and wonders if Setsuna found his answer. With the Earth also shining brightly, Lockon rhetorically questions if the people are satisfied with such a world, points his hand towards the planet like a gun, and declares that he hates it. Moments later, the exploding GN Armor cannon kills him, and Setsuna screams out for him. Back on the Ptolemaios, the bridge crew finds that the Kyrios, the Virtue, and the Dynames are all returning, and they at first think that everyone is okay. However, when they hear the sound of Haro repeatedly saying Lockon’s name, they begin to realize what happened.


Well that was a surprise – I was sure that, after not killing him off two weeks ago when they had the chance, the writers would be keeping him alive, but that clearly wasn’t the case. The unexpected nature of it added to the impact that the episode had, though by the time it actually happened, I was ready for it because of the sinking feeling I kept getting as the episode progressed. Of all the signs that indicated Lockon might not live, the clincher was probably him saying Abayo aibou (goodbye buddy) to Haro. That gave me flashbacks of Kamina from Gurren Lagann saying Abayo dachikou, and well, we know how that ended up (don’t click the link if you haven’t seen the series yet). Lockon’s actual death was pretty sad but it wasn’t until the very end that I got all teary eyed. I think part of that was due to how hauntingly powerful the sound of Haro repeating Lockon’s name was, and I really have to applaud the production team for how good they’ve made this series.

With only two more episodes until this first half of the series is over, I’m really curious to see how they end this. Lockon’s death makes me wonder if it’s possible that they’d kill off all the major characters except for Setsuna, and from the preview, it looks like the remaining Gundam Meisters could be fighting all through these final two episodes before the long break. The preview also showed Alejandro piloting something, so maybe he’ll finally reveal to the world his true intentions.

On a side note, there was another new CODE GEASS R2 commercial that aired this week with Gundam 00. You can find it on the R2 Primer under the Promotional Videos section.


  1. I didn’t get teary-eyed from his death, but I did find it really dramatic with his monologue (both before and after the eye-for-an-eye standoff).

    If you look at the credits for this episode, you’ll also notice that they sectioned off “Lockon Stratos : Miki Shinichirou” from the rest of the Meisters. We won’t have a body here, but I guess it’s an “anime confirmed death” (!?) unless they pull off some Mu La Flaga thing.

    As for Ali Al Sarshes, if I’m not mistaken, Throne Zwei exploded completely after getting its shot off, so unless they pull a Mu La Flaga bit for him as well, I’m assuming he’s dead. I think it would really take away from Lockon’s death if he didn’t take Sarshes with him, so I hope he really is dead, thus making the central villain of the second half Alejandro Corner.

    Also, they didn’t say what happened to Nena, so I’m really curious as to what type of role she’ll play in the overall story now. There’s still the GN Drive from Dynames after all….

    On a personal note, I actually stayed up to watch this episode at 4:00AM (GMT-8). gg.

  2. Something’s not right. In the previous episode, the GN-X’s blew away the Zwei’s Fangs. Maybe they didn’t blow em all away but they blew them away. Perhaps most of em. In that same episode, Ali Ali Sarshes steals the Zwei. Assuming they don’t know jack about GN Technology or even Gundam technology of that sorts, how on earth did they reload the Zwei with new Fangs in time for this episode?


  3. @Gar:

    Ali Al Sarshes brought Throne Zwei on board the Human Reform League’s ship, where they mustered up some “spare parts” for it. As a semi-plot hole, I found it odd how they let their captured Gundam back on the battlefield so easily without researching it first. Imitation GN-Drive aside, there’s always the weaponry (i.e. Fangs).

    Speaking of “Fangs”, it seems like every pilot can use “Funnels” now. What happened to the novelty of needing to be a Newtype?

  4. No, its a upgraded of the Plutone’s sheild. Which looks like nadleeh with some different armor. And its piloted by a purpled haired kid

    i mean.

    Theyd better not bring Lockon back to life with some plot device, I would get so pissed. He had an awesome scene and awesome death an awesome last lines and awesome backstory. I wont tolerate him coming back in ANY form other than a flashback/memory.
    Like kamina. The more he stays dead, the more awesome he is.

  5. Wow. Lockon dying was a heavy blow there, but he went out in a good way. I would hate for them to bring him back like they did Mu. I like Lockon as much as everyone else, but he’s dead, let him stay there and not be brought back by some crappy plot device.

    I wonder what the Meister will do now. They’re down one. Can’t wait to see Nadleeh is action though.

    And how Setsuna will re-act to all of this.

  6. You never saw Ali dying. In good ol’ sunrise fashion, this means that he’s not dead. I won’t be surprised if Lockon’s “twin” was his clone since his flashbacks never showed a brother. But it would be seriously lame if this twin just comes in and replaces Lockon and happens to possess the same skills.

  7. LOCKON K.I.A it’s official, Ali with his blood thirsty ambition finally done it. Even for a season 1 this gundam series is intense and unbelievably nice. Hope they going to make this series much more better in 2nd season. P/S: Even heroes have to die sometime.

  8. I don’t remember this being on the spoiler list. Isn’t it supposed to alenjandro who’s supposed to die this episode? A moment of silence for Lockon… after that if someone is still not satisfied with his death, please go to sunrise studios and threaten to snipe them if they don’t bring him back.

    So according to what’s being said, Ali and Lockon most likely died with no sign of bodies so there’s a chance they may have, as someone put it a few weeks ago, Sun’rised. It’s most likely that his twin will be involved somehow next season, hopefully not piloting a gundam though. It seems kinda out of place to make his twin capable of dynames.

  9. Requisat in pace Lockon

    Together with Sestuna the most compatible Meister. Both have had a hard experience but both share the same ideas: eridication of war. Setsuna, Erde and Haptism avenge Lockon

  10. face it. he’s dead! this is the FMA director handling the series. there wont be any childish scenarios bringing people back to life like in SEED/Destiny. At least 00 is far more realistic than most of the alternate gundam universe series i’ve seen.

  11. I don’t think Lockon is completely dead, from what my experience in majority of the Gundam series, no gundam pilot dies in space explosions!
    take gundam wing or Seed fro expample

  12. All things considered, Lockon has the highest kill/damage ratio in this battle.
    Lockon: 6 GN-X kills, 1 Gundam diabled.
    Tiera: 5 GN-X kills, 1 GN-X diabled.
    Allelujah/Hallelujah: 1 GN-X kill, 2 GN-X diabled.

    Lockon is the only and logical disposible Gundam Meister, because he has a twin brother who will fill his role nicely.

  13. $unrise had this wrong for the final time. Nena’s suppose to die.

    Lockon… There seems to be a hatred for sane men. Either that or $unrise believes that killing off the parental figure can move a story.

    I’m disgusted. Disgusted and disappointed.

  14. WHATttttt!!! The most character that I like is died? in this early season?

    man, i feel like don’t want to watch gundam 00 anymore. I mean, then, Allelujah and Tieria are going to die, too, except Setsuna. C’mon man, I thought the 4 of them will be like live through the series. their bonding is getting better and better, and they lose 1 person. man…… still can’t believe it, even though i admit that the story is better this way in term of weight (intense, quality, dramatic, etc).

  15. i don’t man, lockon’s brother doesn’t even know where he is, what makes u think he’ll b taking lockon’s place…aside from that i wonder what nena will do now

    and man sucks to b ali, who just got a kick ass gundam, only to be able to use it for like 2 battles and ends up gettin destroyed

  16. i don’t man, lockon’s brother doesn’t even know where he is, what makes u think he’ll b taking lockon’s place…aside from that i wonder what nena will do now

    and man sucks to b ali, who just got a kick ass gundam, only to be able to use it for like 2 battles and ends up gettin destroyed

  17. Seems we get to see Nadleeh in action in the next episode. I wonder, if it has more abilities.

    I also liked the new Equipment Kyrios, Dynames and Virtue got. Made the fight all the better.

  18. Rockon was built up to be “that awesome guy that everyone likes”. Killing him would have the most impact on the audience over killing any other Gundam Meister or hell blowing up the entire Ptolemaios. It makes perfect sense to kill him and at least they sent him off surfing on a giant beam cannon.

  19. somehow, i got a feeling that lockon is the clone, with neil dylandy’s memories. i mean,(1) we never saw a twin in the flashbacks (2) if his clone exist, celestial being would want the clone to pilot the gundam, not neil dylandy.

    little one
  20. @Ragnarok164
    WE SEE his twin in that flashback – you people seem to NOT understand that the flashback happened from FIRST PERSON VIEW – that is, you see it through Lockon’s eyes. That lockon-like kid there WAS his twin.

    Unknown Voice
  21. Sadly, this has been a long time coming, Lockon was a nice guy, seemingly sane, liked by everyone, obviously he had to die. 🙁 It’s still so sad, stupid sexy Lockon is gone, I’m still hoping maybe they’re playing mindgames with us and he’ll come back and then his miraculous survival will be explained to us (yeah, I know, not gonna happen).

    Poor Tiera, I really liked the way Tiera x Lockon was going, but alas, Tiera is a widow now.

  22. this is so sad!! Lockon’s my fav character!! Like RC my eyes teared up when Haro calls out for Lockon’s name repeatedly at the end. T.T Nevertheless i felt this is the best episode so far! A Tribute FareWell to LockOn Stratos. A Great End for A True Man.

  23. @Unknown Voice
    I just watched again to make sure, but it was not first person view. If what you said was correct then why was no one talking to Lockon? The mother and father was only talking to the two kids and vise versa. The fact that the camera angle started from outside of the house looking in from the window did not really support your point either.

  24. @Ragnarok164
    Well, that would open up a really good storyline about his family problems, told by his brother in s2. Also, maybe he WAS looking through the window, who knows on what was his relationship with his family. He might as well have ran away from home, and he came to see them(sneaking up), and he sees that there’s still a plate for him there, like his family was always waiting for him.

    Unknown Voice
  25. @little one you know what I agree as in the memories there never was a twin so one of them has to be a clone or something ugh it was still sad and wtf up with all these flag fighters and kamikaze attacks? this is getting ridiculous!

  26. I don’t think Ali survives the fight b/c you see the Throne blowing up after it takes its shot so it would be a real kick to Lockon if he didn’t at least take Ali w/ him.

  27. Unanswered questions:

    In episode 21, why didn’t Lockon use the two beam sabers that were equipped with Dynames to block the attack from Patrick’s GN-X beam saber?

    Why didn’t Setuna go all the way to get rid of Ali Al Sarshes once and for all when Exia’s Trans-Am system was activated at the end of the last episode?

    Why was Ali Al Sarshes able to find some spare parts of the Zwei’s Fangs when he was onboard with Sergei in the UN transport ship?

    Why were Setuna and Lasse so far behind to reach to Ptolemaios, whereas Ali Al Sarshes could get there to do the attack sooner? Wasn’t the GN Arms equipped with another “green” GN Drive which is “Trans-Am system capable”?

    Why wasn’t Dynames’ Trans-Am system activated at all in this entire episode?

    Why didn’t Lockon take the shot at Ali Al Sarshes when he could shoot him from behind?

  28. @kato
    I am pretty sure that Nena is going to pilot a giant mobile armor next episode, not a real GN drive.

    @Unknown Voice
    I think anything is possible since they will have a second season to it. Who knows, sunrise might pull a time jump of 5 years later or something.

    On a side note, I just can’t help but feel that they are going to pull off a GSD on Lockon in the second season.

  29. Well. How many people actually died from suits blowing up? Trowa survived way back when, when Wing Zero hit him with the buster canon.

    No idea how Mu survived, but all in all, I wouldn’t be surprise if they brought Lockon back.

  30. Why didnt lock-on use his trans -am mode and finish off ali? all the other meisters used it in this episode but him.If he had used it he wouldnt have died i think, so they made him fight in pure rage mode to kill him off.Oh well, this episode is by far my favorite….R.I.P Lock-on


    I wonder what’ll happen with Nena.
    And it’d be cool if they take the spare parts from Dynames and create a new kick-ass Gundam

  32. Hey, is it just me or has nobody taken notice of Feldt Grace (that pink haired girl who had a crush on Lockon) in the midst of Lockon’s death??? Considering her feelings for Lockon, I’d think his death would have the most effect on her, next to Tieria. Hmm Plus her parents were 2nd generation Gundam Meisters… five bucks says she takes Lockon’s place… her or Lockon’s twin. But I’d rather have Feldt be the next Meister than Lockon’s twin. 🙂 My guess is Neena will be recruited by Alejandro Corner, or whoever is the next villain, to become the next Four Murasame/Stellar. Johann’s last words hinted that they’re test tube babies, like the trademark nutty-girl-with-big-Gundams. 🙂 And Saji probably gets to become Graham’s apprentice. 🙂 Only way for him to get revenge on the Gundams without using a Gundam unit. 🙂 Please, God, let Ali be dead… so sick and tired of him. Guy’s got the personality appeal of a rabid dog… somebody put him down, for all our sakes.

    RIP Lockon

  33. @Ragnarok164, the flashback could also be Lockon’s first person view. The one that we see might not be Lockon but his twin. About the flowers, hmmm, maybe it’s just a decoration…

    @A Normal Person, you can’t blame us if we are disappointed because of Lockon’s death. He’s probably the most liked character in this series. Just try to respect other’s feelings ok?

  34. No matter what I just can’t find this new gundam series too appealing, just don’t have the same kind of happy feeling as when I was watching X, W, Seed , and Seed destiny. In other word I just can’t seem to fall in love or even like this series. Is it because I hate their wishful thinking of stop all war, I am more of a prefer dictator method, just go destroy all three power and rule with an iron fist, then you can end all war when you are the one and only ruler in the world.

  35. Was that TIERIA that was crying for Lockon?

    Now… daaamn. They killed a good guy after all – unless, of course, he pulls off a Mwu or an Andrew Waltfeld again. But then, Lockon’s already lost an eye to this, as Andrew did…

  36. One of the things that I like about Gundam 00 is that there is no recycle battle scene. At least I didn’t notice any. Seriously though, only 3 meister is left, how are they going to end season 1?

  37. ^^^^

    my guess would be that Kyrios will be destroyed, and Exia, and Virtue would be left.

    Teriea is still very mysterious so I doubt they will kill him off, and Setsuna is the main character so they will obviously leave him in till the end.

    I also noticed how in this ep’s credits Lockon had a little section to himself, taking that into consideration I watched the episode before this where Jouhann and Michel are killed, but only one was listed separate, which leads me to think, one of them might still be alive, after all killing off 3 major characters in two episodes is a little much don’t you think.

  38. ok to all those complaining about Lockon getting killed and “hating” the writers for doing so, all I got to say is shut the hell up. Now I’ve got no intention of flaming this… Anyways let me ask those who’re complaining about his death… Do you like shows in which none of the important/main characters die? Do you enjoy it when every single person is able to live and survive by the time the series is over with and having almost nothing change in the character? The fact is that some of the best shows out there are ones that are willing to take out the characters in order to further progress the series. Now just try and prove me wrong in this because of Lockon’s death you cannot tell me that you don’t want to see what’s next and can’t help feeling emotional about his death. That’s what a good series does, it actually brings emotion to the viewer, which also allows for change/development for the characters, along with the series as a whole. This anime is above par than most other anime series, the development and storyline is so well thought out and is constantly bringing plot twists that effects everyone and even brings out emotion to the viewer, so to those complaining just because their favorite character got killed, get over it, that’s what makes the series so damn good, it brings out emotion, and if it wasn’t for that it would be just another Gundam and/or average anime series…

  39. Hey Kaioshin Sama, don’t bash Derailed. It’s a great read and Jason fills in a good hole in anime blogging. I don’t remember reading any hate-filled stuff in that blog either.

    But back to Gundam 00, I count that the “UN Force” loses at least 14 GN-Xs in that battle. And if the Throne is gone as well (it better be!), then there is only 12 GN-Xs up against 3 Gundams and I don’t see them winning unless Corner helps them out in that huge Mobile Armor. It looks like we’ll also not see Graham’s custom Overflag at least for another episode since it looks like those GN-Xs won’t be retreating like they should. They lose more than half their force and take out only 1 Gundam and they expect to win?

    Also, I find it odd that Ali was particularly happy to see Virtue in battle and targets it specifically. Did he get orders perhaps to take out people who can interface w/ Veda so no one can challenge Libbons?

    But I see the Gundams surviving at least if not their pilots. If they kill off 1 Miester an episode, I place my bets on Tieria going next then Allelujah the last ep. They’ll sacrifice themselves before losing the now-very-precious GN Drives. Then next season we get Lyle (who Lockon mentions before he dies–twin brother?) piloting Dynames, Nene (who seems to have the same ability as Tieria to interface w/ Veda) pilot Virtue/Nadleeh, but who to pilot Kyrios? Does Soma get captured by Celestial Being next ep? Hmmm….

  40. @Ragnarok164
    It’s Neil Dillandy. He mentioned it to Felt on one of the early eps. while they were talking.

    As much as I like Lockon, (he was my fave meister), I’m glad that’s how he was written off the story. I would really hate if they Sun’rised him on season 2. Really excited how they gonna fill his shoes on the next season.

    This gundam series is the best one I’ve seen so far. (And I’ve seen quite a few).

    You will never be forgotten Neil “Lockon” Dillandy. You’ll live in our hearts forever.

  41. Man this episode is really good.. But I hate the Idea of killing lockon… Ali Al Sarshes should really die.. I got tears at the end of the episode… T.T so sad.. Another nice epi for Gundam 00.. I hope 2nd season of this and Code Geass will be as good…

  42. Kaioshin_Sama: I admit to finding Jason opinionated with regards to some series, but I’ve never read anything about him HATING any anime. Heck, it took Code Geass all 15 or so episodes to be heckled. And in some places it deserved the heckling, since events occured in the plot that were too contrived to be believed. And Jason, for all his jabs at Sunrise, often has a kernel of truth to build his arguments on.

    Although Gundam 00 is doing far better than Code Geass’ first season, plot-wise, it’s still falling into some of the tired routines we’ve come to expect in Gundam series.

    Myssa Rei
  43. So yeah..everyones favorite character has just kicked the can. Moment of silence please….

    So yeah, i didn’t find his death that wonderful, but if they make it move the story thats fine…just please don’t pull a GS/GSD and raise everyone randomly. Incidently..if his clone/twin takes his place its gonna be awkward yeah???

    What about poor Felt, he was her social lifeline T_T

  44. Well I have already prepared myself for the death of one Meister but I never expected it to be him, was actually speculating that Tieria was the first one to go since he was so guilt-ridden before. However I think his death is necessary for the advancement of the plot. I mean come on with the combined might of the world’s forces against you it would be totally ridiculous if there were no sacrifices on the Gundams’ side.

  45. Why are some of yu so convinced that all the other Meister’s will die? Yeah, alright Lockon died but it doesn’t necessarily mean the others will fall as well. Especially after that talk Setsuna had with Lasse, I don’t think he’s gonna die, not yet.

    If anything, this should serve as a base for the GM’s. Saying that, they need to step up their skills to help end the war, else more will fall.

    Though personally, I thought that if anyone was to kill Ali, it should’ve been Setsuna just because of his back story and how involve Ali Al was with him.

  46. Well yea I think Ali is still alive, it’s kinda ambiguous whether he died or not. If he’s gone for good Sunrise would have shown us his final moments like they did with Lockon and offered some reflections since he’s the main villain for this series so far. Besides Setsuna still has a score to settle with him, I’d wager good money that he’s still alive…probably ended up like Andrew Watfeld from Seed, missing an eye and with a prosthetic arm or something like that.

    Oh well Lockon whatever you do just don’t come back in Season 2! Another Mwu La Flaga moment would kill off the powerful emotions this episode has invoked in all of us.

  47. Ali is almost certainly still alive… if the intention was to kill him off now they’d show him getting vaped like even the minor characters (e.g. Howard and Prof. Eifman). After all, it wouldn’t mean anything with Lockon killing him instead of Setsuna.

  48. Ali Al Sarshes is dead, if they bring him back I will be even more ticked off than I am about them killing Lockon. Though it reminds me of Gundam Seed Destiny where they introduced a character one episode, only to kill him in the very next one. This is different in the fact that Lockon has been there from the start.

    Oh man the next two episodes have to be awesome. Then the wait until October for more. Best Gundam series yet I have seen.

  49. @ ssid: Haha true but they didn’t show Daryl getting vaporised now did they? Although we’re pretty sure he’s gone for good since nothing indicates otherwise. In any case it would be very interesting when Setsuna discovers that Ali was responsible for Lockon’s dead.

    On a side note, just when I thought Lockon x Feldt was possible this has to happen! Grrrr….

  50. While Lockon is die, patrick sure is a lucky guy to survive in that battle.
    maybe he will become the strong enemy in the next season. after all, why would they keep patrick alive until now.
    the battle pretty good with the appearance of additional weapons,gn arm and trans-am system.

  51. lockon was so nice its sad that they killed him off so soon
    but thats why we watch the gundam shows
    dont think he killed sarshes though
    but setsuna will definitely get back at him :p
    go setsuna!

  52. Like Omni said, Lockon ONLY hit the leg of Throne Zwei, Ali IS ALIVE, Gundams in this series universe don’t get destroyed just because they get hit on the arms or legs, the body of the MS needs to be hit in order for it to be truly destroyed, so ya to those thinking Ali is dead, he’s not, also Ali wouldn’t have been able to shoot the shot that destroyed the cannon Lockon was on if Lockon had made a direct hit and destroyed Ali’s gundam, so ALi is still alive however he has sustained some critical damage to the Gundam…

  53. Hmmm has anyone realized that sunrise loves to throw plotwist and mega surprises around this time of the year…? I mean lets take into account last year… Code Geass: Euphinator and the year before that Blood+: Riku’s death/rape/w/e… and the list can go on and on… so I was already prepared this time… jaja

    poor Tieria… he’s now a crying widow… oh well you will die next episode so don’t worry too much….
    silv3rblade: thank you for the conmemorative moment… this Haro surpassed his GD/S ancestror…..
    and somehow >>Noworries is right

  54. just who told you that lock on is dead?
    did you see his dead body?
    just remember what happened to kira yamato in gundam seed and GSD(he was killed two times and then sunrise revived him with two powerful mobile suits: freedom and s.freedom)
    sunrise makes the impossible possible

  55. oh, this sucks. they killed my favourite character!!
    but hopefully he’ll somehow miraculously survive.
    and IF he does we’d probably only see him in the next season.
    No, no, NO!!!

  56. If you watch the episode, the Throne blows up after it gets its shot off. If we don’t see any wreckage inside the remaining Virginia carrier then it is probably safe to assume that Ali didn’t make it. Besides, he doesn’t deserve any death scene anyways.

  57. What the hell Nena should join up and take Lockon’s place she should have a grudge against Ali Sarshes too. I think she will come save the day. Ali should die that guy puts me on edge all the time he shows up and by the way it’s good Daryl died next it’s Grahm and all best pilots of the U.N. I want Nena to come and fight. All Gundams from other series will help too !! Wing Zero, Burning Gundam, the whole hero lot of them with best equipement.

  58. LOCKON!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why didn’t you activate trans-arm to beat throne?!! why didn’t you retreat, you could have taken him when you were better, there was no need to break off from your team!! sorry, i’m a bit upset.

    Rob ^^
  59. One thing that bugs me about the Zwei though.

    It did not emit red GN particles when it ‘blew up’ unlike Eins, and the explosion was more like Dynames’ when its head and leg blew up.

    I really hope Ali is dead, but…

  60. Yeah……….his death was further emphasize by the sound of haro at the end. Its even sadder when so many ppl have the same feeling for him. Very very good gundam series. lockon is such a great character and they end it just like that.

  61. @Myssa: Well addmitedly he’s slowly starting to broaden his targets, even if 90% of his articles remain almost exactly the same in how they are layed out. Lately he’s going after Gonzo and I heard Kyoto Animation (Something to do with Clannad) so perhaps he is at least trying to by more diverse and spread the “love” around. If there are kernels of truth in what he says then they are probably things I already noticed on my own.

    Still 100% guaranteed bashing of every episode of a particular series is just not interesting to look forward to reading every week unless that is what you specifically want. When there is absolutely no chance of you liking anything about something even when 80+% of the people I’ve seen greatly or mildy enjoy it then why even bother. There’s familiarity and then there’s predictability and to me Gundam 00 falls among the former more than the latter, albeit it does happen in some of the dialogue like we saw in episode 22. Currently though Jason is immeasurably more predictable and cliche then the series he finds to be as such, which I think makes him a poor judge for what he calls a trainwreck. Not like there was any possibility of him not coming to that conclusion since he has already decided that every Sunrise series is a trainwreck from now until the end of time. So either he can see into the future or he is the personification of hackery in everything the term implies. And that I’m afraid is one thing I cannot stand.

    It’s that he’d rather ignore or get rid of anything that contradicts his version of Gundam 00 that really makes him hopeless in my eyes though and not worth paying much attention to beyond a shining example of extremist blogging gone horribly wrong.

  62. Why oh why!!! Looks to me that Tieria will take his/her anger against somebody in the next episode.. setsuna will also fight on lockon’s behalf as well.. and allelujah.. I have no clue. Perhaps Neena will join their group, seeing how she has nowhere to turn to. Also there is still the remaining solar furnace from dynames. Great episode, too bad they had to kill of my second favourite character.

  63. i knew it its sad but i really love the show… hopefully nena joins the team(she better)
    ali ali sars is alive they know it pisses us off to see that a-holes face. But really which one of the gundams is grahmn going to kill cause you know its coming.

  64. @Persona0

    I was originally expecting a battle between Dynemes and GN Flag and they both end up destroying each other, but now it looks as if Graham will more likely just be a tough opponent for them, since really his only real rival died. Most likely him an setsuna will fight a lot.

  65. QUOTE:

    The Voice of Reason at 2:18 pm on March 16th, 2008

    point of the anime is not to get attached to one character but the story of it…
    duh, watch more anime people, and stop being so bitchy about it

    I totally disagree about not getting attached to one character, also Lockon was expendable, they began writing some character into him lately so you could tell

  66. @gundamboy: Tieria takes her anger (yes her… I won’t believe of him as a guy until I see he has a dick) out on Setsuna (or so does it seem by the preview)
    and most likely with all the battle Tieria pulled of on that one preview he might die next week

  67. “. The preview also showed Alejandro piloting something?” could be the first Gundam that
    Setsuna saw in some flashback ep. maybe ? it looks alot like the Virtue other form.

  68. @ Everyone who says Ali must die:

    No worries gang, I’m currently in the process of building a Gundam as we speak. Now I have the separate the plastic parts from the nuclear active parts… and I’ll need some Elmers glue too! Don’t you worry, we’ll get that son of a bitch yet 😀

  69. Why everyone using Trans am but Lockon dont use it? O_o he could have owned ali with that really fast without dying. That wasnt well done, i mean he knows he can use it but he dont use it :p
    Any opinion about that?

  70. This episode was great.The ending scene when Haro continuously said Lockons name as if to let the truth that he was dead sink in was great and moved me almost to tears.
    Sux that he died .As many people said he was the most sane and likable person and its a shame that after rescuing him they killed him off.
    As for Ali I have a feeling that its not over with him yet.From experience when some evil character is going to die they usualy make a speach in their final moments show surprise but here Lockon just shot him and that was it.Well maybe I`m wrong and he is really dead but if not it can serve as a drive for the Meisters(Setsuna in particular) to finish him off once and for all not to make Lockons death meaningless.
    Well now I wonder who will take up his positiion as meister.And a last thing – Gundam 00 is not Gundam Seed Destiny and lets be happy about it and not talk about clones and ressurection of dead characters thanks to some plot device(true that I would prefer them to keep Lockon alive but if they decided to do it let him rest in peace ,because that would make death cheap).People die and it should stay that way to make it more epic(well maybe the baddies have one “escape from death” free card ;p) like Spike in Cowboy Bebop.

  71. #
    @ Troj (Saji wont be piloting any mobile suits. He has absolutely no experience.)

    Neither did Amuro, Kamille, Judau, Uso, Garrod, Lorran and Kira and they did pretty well for themselves…

  72. @MC_Phatman

    Well, 00 is a lot more realistic than seed or other ones before. It actually TAKES TIME to become a pilot. Yea, I know its surprising, but if saji wants to “pilot” something more than a simple car, he is going to need some serious years of training 😛

    Unknown Voice
  73. @ Unknown Voice

    Good point, but this is still a Gundam series so I wouldn’t be suprised if the Dynames MK II crashlands somewhere near Saji and he pilots it like it was a simple bike…

  74. Lockon….
    This reminds me of a WWII movie. It was about Normandy. A soldier is saved by his helmet which shielded him from a bullet. He took it off, examining it in disbelief, only to be shot in the same spot and died.
    This is the true nature of war — anything can happen, anything/anyone can be destroyed in any given instance.
    Ali is the embodiment of madness. Alexandro is the embodiment of greed. The soldiers, even some of the meisters, are embodiments of hatred. These are the elements behind the conflicts, I believe.

  75. wow, that was really intense. Now that’s how a favorite character is supposed to go out. Curious – has there ever been any other Gundam series where a main Gundam (not just a mobile suit, but a Gundam) character dies?

    Ok, all seriousness aside for just a second. Patrick, seriously, taken out by a freakin’ rock? At least all the other times it was weapons fire.

  76. i don’t think lockon is dead, remember in gundam seed when kira was supposively killed in the explosion and somehow he survived?? lockon will most likely make a come back with a whole new gundam when the CB are all in a jam and about to lose.

  77. Lockon is saddly dead, (the director of FMA is doing this so..) his twin brother Lyle is alive, who knows what he might do. After all he did just lose his last Family member.

    Smile For Me
  78. you know what sucks!!??
    as i was downloading this episode from veoh
    i accidentally read a comment about lock on!
    then i read another one and some idiot says “oh nooo lock on! why did he have to die!”

    that’s so wrong!!
    people should not post these on veoh videos the day of its release!!!
    that is so messed up

  79. If you look really carefully at the credits of the following episodes

    Gundam 00 Ep 22 22:28-They space Eiola’s name apart from the cast to signify his death
    Gundam 00 Ep 23 22:29-Same format for Lockon Stratos

    Although we’re all really hopeful that Lockon isn’t dead, I think that we shouldn’t hold our breath for a Lockon revival.

    Nathan Mahler
  80. Kelbek the movie you are thinking about was the d-day invasion movie for Canadian History. Forgot the name, but yeah watched it in my history class recently. Its a popular choice by teachers for WW2 d-day info. Really informative.

  81. @Iggy
    No it would be stupid… is don’t think the ‘sit in a gundam and miraclourously (sp?)learn how to pilot it like a pro’ rule apply here if something Saji might become like the son of a b*tch Kazuki from dragonout if he does that… or Shi(t)nn Asuka from GSD

    actually that might be true…. if the anime director wasn’t that from FMA, his motto might very well be “what’s dead stays dead”…. UNLESS you’re an homniculi in which case you’re already dead but….
    PLUS it was shown the weapon Lockon was using kind of a death symbolism

  82. i don’t think lock is really dead yet if u recall the episode louise loses her hand, she was right in the middle of the blast and somehow everyone around her died and she only lost a hand and she was pretty close to the explosion. soo….. if lockon wasn’t even that close to the explosion he’s probably still alive.

  83. @jenga
    The blast didn’t hit Louise, and the second one hit a wall that fall over her

    In Lockon’s case a damn GN Armor exploded right by his side, even if he didn’t died i’m sure the helmet glass would break killing him anyway

  84. @jenga
    one thing is an explosion on earth and something entirely different an explosion on space… given that he survived his helmet would not… (and seriously first comes the clothing thant the helmet anyway) can you breath out there? or better yer can you survive out there without protection? I thought so…

    on a siude note we just got the same numbers of comments as that one in Blood+ when Riku died kudos to you all for your hard work …

  85. @monopoly….
    and your point is? I said without protection not without the entire suit… and an spacecraft nearby? are you serious who in their right mind would be ‘nearby’ a all out combat area? not to mention that the nearest thing were either Exia (who didn’t seem to find him… wonder why)OR Transports …

    I know you’re fond of the LaFlaga miracle (I myself am fond of the ‘no body=no death’ rule) but in this case… you have to learn to let him go… FMA director does not revive people unless it is for flash back purposes

    and you have to admit you saw his death comming since last episode…
    NOW if they only kill off Tieria next week…

  86. @Ri
    who said i was fond of lockon? i could care less if they found his body burned to a crisp or whatever im just trying to justify that given the possibility that exia never found the body, anything could happen next with lockon.

  87. To back up your argument Ri, I’d also say that explosions are more likely to have a larger radius in space where there is no pression (explosions are caused by a difference of pression between the inside and the outside), thus reducing his chances of survival.

    So yeah, I believe Lockon’s pretty much dead, however you look at it.

  88. I think its still a toss of if Lockon’s twin brother’s name is Lyle, Kyle, or Ryle.
    The guy with the girl friend? Are you talking about Saji? Saji’s girlfriend due to a gundam attack lost her arm and family, felling she would be a burden, dumped Saji. His older sister was killed by “Gundam” People,(Even if it was Ali that killed her) and so he hate Gundam even more.

    Smile For Me
  89. i think lockon really die this time because if you watch the credits his name this time is away from the other three. usually episode 1-22 four of them are stick together in the credits. face the reality guys his death now and beside this is war story of course there will be a lot of people die and they are facing with three main nation with just four gundam. lockon death make sense in this story because they are human not god.

  90. Lockon has to be dead for Pete’s sake. No one, no one I mean deserves a death like than and then “magically” being bring back alive like SUNRISE usually does…

    I hope for the show’s sake, Lockon Stratos remains dead.

    Syaoran Li
  91. @battleship
    O.O I believe I was answering monopoly’s argument… plus I never said that he (she?) liked Lockon as I clearly stated before I said Monopoly was fond of LaFlaga Miracle

    *claps* my sentiments exactly

    wow I never knew that interesting bit of information… now we know why he’s always like that…

  92. If there’s one thing we learn from animes, when you don’t see the body, they are still alive. And yea, it’d be pretty funny to see Lockon come back wearing a mask and having amnesia like some of the people here suggested.

  93. i think they killed lockon for emotional impact or something, they wanted the viewers to feel sad for him and shit and if it was tiera or allelujah nobody would question their decision in killing off them.

  94. Sigh – shame that now a second cool character voiced by Shinichiro Miki bites the dust (he voiced Assassin in Fate/Stay Night, too – although he also voiced the same character in the PSP game Fate/Tiger Colosseum, but that game is, well… not exactly Fate canon, shall we say.)

    Oh well. We’ll see what the fallout will be with this one.

  95. Umm, if Lockon dies from that blast – then he’s dead for sure. He’s been exposed to GN Particles. When you’re exposed to those particles, you won’t be able to replace/heal whatever you lose again. For example Louise who lost her hand and Lockon’s eyes.

    So, if he got blasted away by all of those GN Partciles – do you HONESTLY think he’ll come back in one piece again?

    As sad and bitter as it is – the chances of him coming back is slim to none. He’s dead… =/

    Xineohp Erif
  96. I think Saiji is gonna be Dynames new pilot.

    Don’t think Ali Al Sarshes is dead may be a hand or eye blown but not gone.

    As for a long break 🙁 Totaly not good for me.

  97. @cycier

    It will be great to see Saji pilot a Gundam or GN-X as many fans have wanted (and let’s not forget that his name is Saji “Crossroad”, which may imply something?). IMHO, I don’t think his future will be revealed clearly until next season. There’s a possibility that he may follow his family’s footsteps by being a reporter to find out the truth.

  98. So, Lockon’s really dead; at least that’s what Shinichiro Miki said on this week’s radio program. Well, let’s cross our fingers to see another Meister goning down…

    Syaoran Li
  99. @Li
    don’t worry money goes on that Tieria will be gone tomorrow

    and I inever thought I’d hate Code Geass sooo MUCH! damm… my two favorite anime shows going antagonic to each other @.@

  100. A bit off topic but I’d like to throw this out there. Back in Episode 14 Setsuna is invited into Saji’s place so he can help calm down Louise.

    With her missing a hand and both of their lives ruined I’m positive that Setsuna will not let it go. I presume that Saji will play a bigger role through Setsuna after he commented on how “peaceful” their lives have been… up until now.

  101. I dont think that ali ali sarshes is dead because the BEAM by the GN arms gun which lockon used to sniper from only hit the right side of the ZWEI. If you look at it constantly, you will see that there were no GN particles being realeased from the engine, unlike when Johan’s Throne was destroyed. This makes it alot less simpler about him being dead because the Gundam was only badly damaged, not destroyed. I have a feeling that we will see Ali Ali Sarshes and the Throne Zwei in upcoming seasons 🙂

  102. Lockon.. Lockon..
    Lockon.. Lockon..
    Lockon.. Lockon..
    Lockon.. Lockon..
    Lockon.. Lockon..
    Lockon.. Lockon..
    Lockon.. Lockon..
    Lockon.. Lockon..
    Lockon.. Lockon..
    Lockon.. Lockon..


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