When Ozma enters the colony ship onboard his own VF-25, he’s immediately alerted to how his comrade Gilliam’s variable fighter is firing at the large Vajra monster. He quickly realizes though that there’s a stranger in the cockpit and that Ranka is also in danger. Scared, Ranka is at that moment remembering how she watched a similar Vajra destroy a ship in her past. Alto meanwhile gets in trouble when the VF-25 runs out of ammo. Fortunately for him, Ozma comes to his rescue and is able to keep the Vajra at bay, so Alto picks Ranka up with the VF-25 and runs. He is chased by a trio of smaller Vajra, and this time, it’s Mikhail showing up with a variable fighter equipped with a long-range rifle that saves him. Not paying attention where he’s going, Alto almost slams into a high-rise and forces the VF-25 to propel upwards towards the domed sky. However, his remaining Vajra pursuer blows a hole in the dome and shoots off the VF-25’s arm, causing Ranka to go flying towards space. Alto accelerates to catch her, and when he’s not able to reach her, he jumps out of the cockpit and goes after her in EX-Gear instead. He’s thus able to save her and returns to the VF-25 via a tether, and Mikhail saves him one more time by sniping the last remaining small Vajra.

Ranka is so scared that she cries and hugs Alto until she realizes who he is, and in doing so, she accidentally hits the control stick. This causes the cockpit to shake, and when Alto’s hand ends up on her chest, Ranka screams. At that exact moment, the large red Vajra senses something, and this distraction gives Ozma enough of an opening to charge forward and thrust his VF-25’s knife into its head. Ozma then gets word from Luca that all the Vajra are retreating, and though he’s concerned about what happened with Ranka, he knows that he can’t let her find out about his current job. Ranka is actually on the ground now with Alto and thanks him for saving her again. Alto, however, remembers Gilliam’s sacrifice and rushes off in his EX-Gear without telling Ranka his name. He instead re-enters the city and starts to throw up after seeing the fires and destruction that all this has brought. In the aftermath, things return to normal, but Alto is paid a visit the next day by military officer Cathy Glass who forces him to come with her to the hospital.

By coincidence, Ozma and Ranka are at the same place so that Ranka can get a check-up, and she uses the chance to ask her brother to look for Alto. Shortly after Ranka leaves, Ozma sees Cathy and Alto enter an examination room, so he eavesdrops from outside. Cathy ends up having some blood samples taken from Alto, and when Alto questions her about the monsters, she claims that it’s a military secret. She then reveals that the military can indict him for piloting the VF-25 and offers him the option of joining the military as a compromise. Their conversation is interrupted by Ozma who points out that this is his business too because Alto was piloting an S.M.S. unit. Ozma thus takes custody of Alto and brings him to the S.M.S. hanger where he shows Alto the damaged VF-25 and the last of Gilliam’s belongings. He wants to know from Alto how Gilliam fought and died, and a crowd gathers to hear what Alto has to say. Before Alto can reveal anything though, alarms go off indicating another emergency, and the entire group scrambles to their respective fighters. Alto is lost in all this, and so after staring at Gilliam’s helmet for a moment, he asks Ozma to let him pilot the VF-25. Ozma, however, punches him in the face and has him thrown out.

During all this time, Sheryl has been trying to track down Alto after reviewing video of the previous day’s performance – specifically the part where he carries her through the air – so she dons a disguise and takes to the streets. By chance, she runs into Ranka who is singing one of her songs. Not knowing Sheryl’s real identity, Ranka starts talking about how much she likes the singer and how she wants to become like that. When they see some variable fighters zoom past the colony ship’s large window, Ranka gets an uneasy feeling and tells Sheryl how her brother used to be a pilot but is now doing office work. What she doesn’t know is that Ozma is actually one of the pilots going out to combat a group of Vajras who had been hiding since the previous battle. Regardless, Ranka starts singing one of Sheryl’s songs and when Sheryl joins her, Ranka realizes who Sheryl really is. Alto meanwhile was nearby and had heard them, and when he comes to see what’s going on, both girls recognize him. Their encounter is interrupted, however, when the Vajras suddenly appear outside the colony ship.

ED Sequence

ED: 「ダイヤモンド クレバス」 (Diamond Crevasse) by シェリル・ノーム (Sheryl Nome) starring May’n
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Like all the other music attached to this series, I loved the ending song (and I believe this is the true ED). May’n – the stage name of Nakabayashi May – has an incredible voice, and I look forward to all the songs she’ll be singing as Sheryl (note: the actual voice actress for Sheryl is Endo Aya.


If the broadcast version of episode one gave me any doubts about this series, episode two completely wiped them away. This was just as good as the original first episode was, even without a major battle/song scene (though they came close) and I just can’t get over how incredible all of the BGMs are. You could point out that that’s to be expected since Kanno Youko is the composer, but I haven’t been quite so impressed by everything she’s done (the Darker than BLACK OST comes to mind). Regardless, she’s doing a wonderful job here, and I can’t wait to hear the entire soundtrack.

Story-wise, there are several clues this episode that point to Ranka’s voice being what the Vajra are reacting to. When she screamed in the VF-25’s cockpit, the large red Vajra seemed to notice. When Sheryl first runs into her, Ranka is singing to herself, and they cut to a brief shot of the red Vajra’s eyes. Ranka also has those memories of a Vajra attacking some ship from her past and she claims to be 1/4 Zentradi, so it’s likely that she’s going to be the key component against the Vajra (never mind the fact that she’s one of the central three characters). I know that might sound like a “duh” statement, but in contrast, Sheryl’s role is much less clear – I’m not entirely sure if Sheryl could be the next Minmay or if Ranka is more suited for that. It might be too early in the story to be talking about this kind of thing though. Regardless, I remain excited to see what happens, and from the preview, it looks like the high quality of the animation will continue too.


  1. Wow the 2nd episode is as great as the 1st episode even the animation quality remains the same, lets hope it can keep this kind of quality throughout the whole series. Now just need to know what’s the reason Sheryl is looking for Alto, can’t wait for the next episode and Code Geass.

  2. every macross sequel (prequel for zero)is a classic, so there a lot of things to expect in this series… i wish PIZZA HUT would support THE GALATIC SONGSTRESS hehehehehe….

  3. HAHA nice! They played Fire Bomber’s Totsugeki Love Heart in the middle of the episode. I love Macross 7 and I love Fire Bomber. I wonder what happened to them now. Hopefully 14 years later Mylene would’ve picked Gamlin or Basara (I am hoping Gamlin) – but we’ll never find out I guess.

  4. How the heck was he channeling Shinn Asuka?

    He isn’t all..really people these days.
    And the episode was awesome..really kept me on the edge of my seat..can’t wait for the next one.XD

  5. I wont watch the show because i dont like the girl that he’s going to end up with: i dont like the green haired girl. I prefer the other one with the long hair. And dont ask me why i know he’s going to end up with the green hair, Thats how these things usually are:
    the main girl usually end up with the main character, the girl shown the more in the OP and ED, the girl that’s also the second character listed after the main on the Offcial website…..thats how they always are…

  6. MoneyMarl..that’s a pretty stupid reason to not watch an anime..XD

    And believe me..nothing is simple when it come to love im Macross..nothing.

    I hope that he stays with Ranka..but who knows.

    Trust me and watch it..the last thing you could accuse Macross is regarding predicability in it’s love matters.

  7. Macross Frontier totally pwns Geass *__*

    I mean, seriously, most heartstopping rescue scene ever, hell.

    And the fact that Alto got punched? Made the whole anime that much better to me XD

    And yeah, remembering the original macross while the lead male dated both girls…the one he decided on in the end wasn’t really an obvious thing *till the end*

  8. You know, that whole ‘capturing the falling girl in mid-air while trying to match trajectories in a Valkyrie’ scene reminds me of something from the first series… and I thought Gundam was the only mecha series which did that sorta reference/homage. 😉

    Still, a certain green-haired girl’s growing on me… and that’s not just because I get happy-happy Aria-reminiscent vibes due to her serafuku.

  9. There’s more than a handfull of references from the original Macross series.The love triangle element is bulding up like the original series.There’s a pop idol singer Sheryl and Ranka who mirrors Minmay.The head of SMS also looks like Captain Gloval minus the scar on his face.I think they made Ranka a litle too young looking though,makes me think she’s jail bait if Alto falls for her.The series looks great though, my only gripe is why do they have to make Alto’s hair like that?Everytime I look at him it reminds me of Kanda fron D.Gray-man,it’s just weird.

  10. In the first episode it seemed to try to grab Ranka instead of vaporizing her so I’m guessing their after her….
    As for Yoko Sousei no Aquarion was the best work she’s ever done by far in my opinion of course

  11. Love this new series. Since they are going to the center of the galaxy, I wonder if they will come across the remains of the Megaroad-01. They seem to be on the same course the Megaroad-01 was. Maybe they are even fighting the same enemy. Anything is possible for an episode I suppose. Who knows if they might shed some light or not.

  12. i used to think mayaa’s vocals weren’t really suited for the OP, but the song’s growing on me, totally reminds me of ouran haurhi going: noda noda! but yea i definitely like how the lyrics foreshadow the inevitible macross love triangle (which was kinda missing from zero).

    as for newbfy’s comment, i really do hope they incorporate something about the megaroad-01, i’ve been waiting a good 12 years to figure out what happened to it.

  13. It’s interesting to note that Alto didn’t pay any heed to how many Gs he was pulling doing that climb, and that despite all that Ranka never fainted. My theory for now is that Ranka is Minmay, Cathy Glass might be Misa, Sheryl Nome ~ doesn’t have a purpose yet. I loved Yoko Kanno’s BGM at the S.M.S. HQ!!!

  14. @rickymack – and everyone who often wonder abt Hayase Misa and Ichijo Hikaru, check this out…. incl. links to Japanese wiki pages relevant to the subject.

    ‘娘娘”Nyan Nyan’ the chinese restaurant where Ranka works obviously got its name frm the original ‘Nyan Nyan’ on Macross Island ( later Macross City ).

    Megaroad-01 + fleet is otherwise still considered lost or MIA. its almost 43 years since July 2016 to 2059…

  15. it’s nice they bring the old macross series element in this series, i slip from my chair when hearing Basara sings in thiis ep haha,hopefully they don’t do recycle cg when doing the valkyrie battle.

  16. ozma was driving a lancia delta. man, i’d like someone to make a kit for that – with ozma and alto figures included.

    and it was nice to see him digging fire bomber. hahaha!

  17. I like the themes for Macross Frontier (specially “Triangular”)
    It looks that It’s a good episode (cos I still haven’t watched it).
    I like the sountrack (Oh Sheryl… I can’t get your songs out of my head!)

    This anime must get better than GEASS R2.

    Thanks for the article.
    Goodbye (^^)v

  18. OMG they played Totsugeki Love Heart from macross 7!!!!!!!
    when is the last time i hear that song on tv…..
    seriously man, the second they played that song my blood start boiling, god this brings back the good old memory of macross 7!!

  19. The pacing in episode 2 was really good, the battle sequence was amazing. Episode 1 & 2 are pretty action-packed, I think Episode 3 will slow down for a bit.

    Can’t wait for Alto to *officially* pilot a Valkyrie!

  20. I was quite impressed by Hard Chase.

    -the wonderfully choreographed fight scenes
    -that sense of urgency against a powerful alien force
    -the love triangle already making a strong presence
    -LOVE yoko kanno’s new score and all the voice actors are strong

    … it’s everything that I love about Macross.

  21. I loved the original Macross, and this new series looks like it won’t be disappoint. I would be quite excited if Mikhail ends up being a Max-type character (he was my favorite from the original). Mikhail already has the blue valkyrie!

  22. hmm it is not sure yet if frontier will have the same “love triangle” angle, just wait the whole plot is yet to be revealed, even though that this is part of macross universe treat it as something unique… ^__^

  23. You know Omni, after reading your review of this episode I never would’ve guessed that the Vajra were keying in on Ranka’s (Lanka’s, Lanca’s, lol) voice at all! I just took them for random scenes in the episode mounting up to a 2nd offensive. But, after looking over the episode again and watching the last few minutes of it, I could confirm it completely as she was singing again with Sheryl and lo’ and behold, there are the Vajra practically watching their little singing session, lol. It’s great that you pointed that out! Thanks! =D

  24. So who else was like ‘OMG!’ when he was trying to pull Ranka back into his cockpit.

    That took me back like 15 years (so I wasn’t around for the ORIGINAL wave of Macross, aka Robotech, but I saw it when I was 5.) I was like ‘IT’S RIIIIIIICK (Ichigo :p) and MINMEEEIIII! AHHHHH! MY CHILDHOOD!”

    Sorry, I grew up on Robotech when I was young and seeing them pay homage to it just set my heart a racin’.

  25. HAHAHA Hailene! I know what you mean! I’m in EXACTLY the same boat as you! Granted that scene was in a different setting altogether, it still felt soo damn nostalgic! It was all about Macross – Do You Remember Love back in the day. Ahh, memories revisted. ^_^

  26. I liked the second episode but they keep ripping off too many elements from the original macross. Its starting to look like a remake more than a new series. So far all the good macross sequels (and prequel) have new story elements and stuff.

    The most obvious rip off was the scene where the arm of the VF-25 gets severed and Alto opens the cockpit to catch Ranka. Also the love triangle between Ranka, Alto, Sheryl is too obvious. However I still have a lot of hopes on this one.

  27. I liked the episode… a lot!

    I just hope they don’t make it into another Macross 7, I hated that series. Seriously, 3 losers trying to fight with mecha using their songs… (Basara is probably the most annoying Macross pilot even, what a fag).

    Alto seems more like Shin type character out of the previous heroes well (shin + Hikaru)

    I don’t think Mikail will be the Max Genius though…

    Jubei Himura
  28. I agree with you Jubei, Macross 7 is terrible. I tried to watch it when it came out and couldn’t watch past the 5th episode. It puzzles me why some people are excited that a macross 7 song was in this episode. But I feel confident that they won’t go into that direction on this one.

  29. @Jubei Himura & Sergio sama

    too bad you guys din finish Macross-7, or you would know every fleet has its own major Singer + idol + group and the Galaxy Network Charts, SuperNova, Minmay Voice Idol Contest…
    Macross-7 is still out there….

    the ancient beings, Proto-culture, delved into military medicine far more deeply than just creating warrior slaves; producing the Zentradi, Proto-devln amongst others… the battle between Zentradi and Supervisory forces still rages on while the proto-devln simply went berserk long ago , only to surface again during Macross-7 in their hunger for spiritual food (no pun intended). In other words , the Proto-devln were a part failure that helped bring Protoculture to its own destruction.

    near the time when ‘… Do You Remember Love’ aired in 2031 [yes, its a movie in the timeline, with Macross II following the movie’s unique timeline] relations between human and zentradi had also hit a new low… a situation made worse by the fact that they couldn’t just invite Minmay or Misa to just speak to the public nor could they pull a genuine ‘Minmay-Attack’ on marauding forces anymore( Megaroad-01 disappeared in 2016, without a trace ) until Basara and the Sound Force came along…

  30. Thanks tonbo, I actually never saw Macross II, so there’s a lot of the story background that I’m missing, I have only seen the first Macross series, Do you remember Love, Macross Plus, Macross Zero and now this one. In addition I grew up with robotech so that adds a lot to my confusion.

    So in this timeline after first Macross ended there where never again a low between human and zentradi relations, right? And the Ancient Beings are also called Supervisory and where the one that was found in the bottom of the sea during the events of Macross Zero? Are the new aliens in Macross Fronteir Supervisory forces?

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