Having been told by Kaien that they’ll be doing discipline committee work today, Yuuki and Zero are conducting surprise inspections on the Day class dormitories. Though Yuuki confiscate several albums of photos taken secretly of the Night class, she understands the students’ feelings because of how beautiful all the vampires are. The two then move on to the Night class dormitories, and Yuuki gets nervous because this is going to be her first time inside. Before they go in though, she asks Zero to show her what she had spotted him hiding in his pockets a little earlier. As she’s saying this, she loses her balance and falls forward, so Zero catches her. This allows Yuuki to get close enough to him to take the object directly out of his pocket, and it turns out to be a box of pills. However, Zero quickly takes the box back and storms off after telling her that it’s none of her business. Yuuki decides to chase after him instead of inspecting the dormitory by herself, but she eventually loses sight of him in town.

Unable to find Zero, Yuuki becomes increasingly uneasy by herself and remembers how she was attacked all those years ago. When a boy runs past her with a red balloon, she watches as he lets the balloon go, and it gets stuck in a tree. She helps the boy get it back, but the boy then runs off without taking the balloon from her. Following him, Yuuki heads deeper and deeper into the seemingly deserted parts of town until she finally finds him just standing around. As she tries to hand him the balloon, the boy grabs her arm, reveals his vampire fangs, and bites her. Yuuki tries to run away, but what she doesn’t realize until it’s almost too late is that there’s another vampire who’s also been stalking her. This second female vampire barely misses leaping on her, and Yuuki ends up running up a bell tower. She’s conflicted because, though the ones after her seem to be vampires, they are nothing like the beautiful vampires at school.

Unbeknownst to Yuuki, Zero had heard her earlier scream and is now investigating at the base of the bell tower. When he gets attacked by the female vampire, he successfully defends himself, but he doesn’t use his gun right away. It’s not until the female vampire identifies him as a friend that he shoots and kills her. It is at this point that the boy vampire appears, and seeing him gives Zero a flashback of his past and of someone named Ichiru. The boy then jumps up the side of the bell tower and starts slashing at Yuuki at the top. Things look dire for her until Kaname suddenly appears in the window, covers Yuuki’s eyes, and activates his powers. When he uncovers Yuuki’s eyes, the boy vampire is nowhere to be found, and Kaname explains to Yuuki that it was a Level E vampire. He then tries to kiss her hand, but she pulls away and reveals that she was looking for Zero. Kaname claims that Zero returned to the dorm, but in fact Zero is actually eavesdropping on the conversation from the stairwell.

That night, Kaname and Kaien discuss how Kaname is a pureblood vampire, and Kaname questions if Kaien intends to let Zero destroy the pacifist ideal. Kaname knows that the vampire who killed Zero’s family was also a pureblood, and he reveals that there are two outcomes for people who have been bitten by a pureblood. Either the blood taken is a lethal dose, or the person survives and painfully transforms into a vampire themselves. In Zero’s case, Kaname admires him for having fought the vampire instincts for four years. Yuuki meanwhile goes on patrol despite what happened during the day, and she eventually comes across Zero on a stairwell. She tells him that she understands what he said about there being scary vampires, and she now sees them as beasts instead of as vampires. When Zero doesn’t want her coming any closer to him, she tries to explain that she just wants to talk with him since they’re the same. Zero’s denial of this causes Yuuki to apologize and to try to leave, and when Zero grabs her hand to stop her, he unwittingly unfurls the bloody bandage that was around it.

The smell of blood entrances Zero so much that he takes Yuuki from behind and bites her neck. She is able to push him away, but Zero’s mouth is now covered with blood, and she can see his fangs. All of this makes Yuuki realizes that Zero is actually a vampire.


Geez, the series feels completely different with this episode. The first two episodes had some dark elements, but that never really got taken too far. This week, however, kicked it up a notch. Creepy might be the best word to describe the scenes where Yuuki is being attacked by Level E Vampires and later by Zero (the latter of which I suspected would happen but came much sooner than expected). The inclusion of the little kid vampire actually reminded me a lot of a certain episode of Blood+, though this wasn’t nearly as violent as that was.

In any case, the episode ended up feeling a lot more action-oriented (with some elements of horror/thriller) and less shoujo-y than the previous two weeks, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I for one enjoyed seeing Zero and Kaname use their respective abilities/powers, though all this talk of pureblood vampires makes me wonder what the differences are between the different types. Also, if Kaname is a pureblood, then I assume he has the power to turn Yuuki into a vampire. I can see that possibly coming into play in the near future. For the time being however, it looks like the story will be focused on Zero and how Yuuki deals with him being a vampire.


  1. HAHA YUSH! Was wondering when they were gonna get to the good part!! Finally!!

    Plus I mean they honestly couldn’t drag this on forever, plus if they did they would be straying from the manga, right?

    I know I can’t wait until Zero’s sensei comes into the picture, which hopefully will happen in the next episode or two.

    Can’t wait for the sub!!

  2. With this episode, it finally takes the same dark tone as the manga (and it should get darker!), rather than the comedic tone of the first two episodes. The last scene was so much sexier in the manga though. They added filler stuff not in the manga with those two vampires, but all in all, it ended at the same point it does in chapter 3, so it’s been 1 episode per chapter so far. Ep. 4 should be intense!

  3. well, if you’ve read the manga then you’ll notice that the story isn’t exactly a happy one and if the anime keeps following the manga, then it’s only going to become even darker.

    Which I like.=)

  4. @dxzzzz
    The manga is still ongoing. It just takes a long time for a new chapter to be released.

    Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I don’t remember that little boy scene in the manga, but I must’ve just forgotten or something. Either way, I’ve been waiting for Zero to finally turn, and this episode seemed just right. Can’t wait for the next episode, when …

  5. I enjoy the manga’s dark & often bloody theme (though the incest bothered me a bit). Hope there’ll be less comic relief from now on because vampire stories are best served dark & scary *LOL*

    Hmm, level E vampire kid is an anime original character if I’m not wrong.

  6. I see the anime is starting to differ from the manga. The manga is nowhere near done so I can only assume this series will end with a cliffhanger or just plain originally horrible, but who knows it may end nicely.

  7. Just to state @Final, I don’t think there ever was a little boy scene in the manga. The anime is honestly clipping little details of the manga relentlessly and adding random things instead. Its kind of annoying but not too horrible… yet.

  8. wonder if i should hope for a zeroXyuki ship?

    Based on what i have heard yuiki only really cares for zero as a good friend.

    and is infact engaged to Kanamae.

    wonder if thats true.

    bong bong
  9. “Also, if Kaname is a pureblood, then I assume he has the power to turn Yuuki into a vampire. I can see that possibly coming into play in the near future.”

    Hehe XD All those that have read the manga of whats released in Japan so far will know that secret bout Yuuki (:

    That little boy is creepy lol. Theres a big leap from bright in the beginning of the ep to really dark at the end O:

  10. Something about the animation isn’t right to me – there is too much brightness, roundness, and an over saturation of pastels. The vampire’s dorm at least had a sort of ominous aura in the manga – it just seems boring here, and I don’t understand at all what the ‘dorm inspection’ dillema was about in the moon dorm. The vampire attacking Yuuki was just one, very short scene in the manga – and it wasn’t a little boy, nor was Kaname involved.


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