Since it’s now the end of the year, Sakura holds a party with Yoshiyuki, Otome, and Yume, but she explains that she won’t be joining them for hatsumoude because she has some business to attend to. Due to the accidents that have been occurring around the island, Sakura wants to be vigilant with regard to her students in case something happens. The talk of this troubles Otome, but then she proceeds to get drunk on amazake. At the shrine the next day, Yoshiyuki, Otome, and Yume go to draw omikuji, but Yume doesn’t want to get one because she had a dream that it would say great misfortune. Yoshiyuki draws one for her instead, and just like in her dream, it says great misfortune. Yume later notices how well Yoshiyuki gets along with Otome and thinks about how he had earlier told her to act more feminine. This leads to her staring at a pair of pajamas in a store window because she knows that Yoshiyuki would like them, and it reminds her of a dream she had of herself alone in a dark room with a table of food in front of her. When Yoshiyuki catches her looking at this, she asks him if he’s free tomorrow, however it turns out that he’s not because he has work to do with Otome.

The next morning, Yoshiyuki finds Yume cooking in his kitchen. When she cuts her finger, he sucks on it without thinking, and this causes her to get very embarrassed. Even Yoshiyuki quickly realizes that he did something bad and expects to get hit, but Yume ends up just staring at her finger and thanking him. While the two are talking, Otome enters the house looking for Yoshiyuki and overhears Yume asking him to be back by six o’clock that night. Yume insists on this time because she hopes to avoid what being alone as she was in her dream, though she doesn’t tell Yoshiyuki about it. Otome and Yoshiyuki then leave to continue their investigation, and they learn of a blonde-haired girl from one of the people they question. This corresponds to some of the other stuff they’ve been hearing, and since more people confirm seeing this girl, they suspect that she’s behind what’s happening. As evening-time approaches, Otome decides to send Yoshiyuki home because she wants him to get home by six. She reminds him that today is actually Yume’s birthday, so he starts rushing home, but along the way, he remembers that Yume had been staring at those pajamas. In order to get those as a present for her, he runs to the store and manages to arrive right before the owner closes shop. However, shortly after he buys the pajamas, the shopping center’s security system malfunctions, locking everyone inside the building. The maintenance people soon arrive, but it takes them a long time to fix the problem.

By the time Yoshiyuki is able to finally return home, Yume had already waited for several hours and had given up. All that’s left is the table of food in the dark room. Otome meanwhile is also returning home when she hears some sirens, so she investigates. On the scene of the accident, she sees a blonde-haired girl in the crowd, and she’s shocked to realize that it’s Sakura.


Oh Yoshiyuki, if only you had realized that just being there for her would have been enough of a present for Yume, then you could have made it back in time. Then again, knowing fate in this series, something else would have happened to keep him away. The lesson either way is that Yume’s dreams/premonitions always come true. On the bright side, at least Yoshiyuki is (theoretically) becoming more aware of her feelings now. It’s not too late for him to make things right again.

My main gripe with what happens this episode is, how exactly do Yoshiyuki and Otome not immediately realize that the blonde-haired girl connected to the mysteries is Sakura!? I mean, it’s strange enough that she’s so old and yet still a loli, so she should be one of the most suspicious people around. In any case, I doubt Sakura is the direct cause of the accidents. It’s likely connected to that sakura tree, and that’s why she’s involved too. I suspect that things will get cleared up a little next week, assuming they can find and confront Sakura about it.


  1. cause one thing is that no one sees sakura when she goes to the sakura tree every night but juniichi knows it -_-… and no one suspected that she was the one who killed the original tree -_- since the sakura tree that they see now if i remember correctly is only an illusion and keeps tomoyuki “alive”…

  2. Wow that scene with Yoshiyuki and Yume was so intense. It reminded me of the scene in 5cm (Okasho) where Takaki was so focused on seeing Akari knowing that he was sooo late and she might not be there anymore. definitely one of the best episodes of the series. Go Yume! Keep on fighting!

  3. “How exactly do Yoshiyuki and Otome not immediately realize that the blonde-haired girl connected to the mysteries is Sakura. I mean, it’s strange enough that she’s so old and yet still a loli, so she should be one of the most suspicious people around.”

    Yes, as Algester said, it’s because only we the viewers and Junichi know about Sakura, her age, the past, etc. To “the kids”, she’s the school principle, a family relative, and Yoshiyuki’s adoptive mother. I don’t even know if Otome knows that Sakura’s a magician. Of course, it won’t be a “secret” for long, especially with next week’s episode title…

  4. Well isn´t Suginami quite weird too…?He´s been in school for the next 80 years too or is it that just a big joke?!Agh…!

    It’s not the same Suginami. One presumes that, somehow, it’s Suginami’s grandson (a scary thought?), but of course it’s also “a big joke”. They made it a bit more confusing in the anime because they used the same voice actor (whereas, in the PC games, the D.C./D.C. II Suginami voice actors were different). His personality was also a bit different in the game compared to the anime (which makes him off to be a bit more similar to the original D.C./D.C.S.S. Suginami). In the end, though, even though it’s more of an in-joke that you’re not supposed to think too deeply about, I don’t think you’re supposed to think of them as being the same person. If they ever make a D.C. III, no matter what the timeframe, I’m sure there’ll be a Suginami. ^^;

  5. Next episodes preview:

    The difference with the past.
    A ritual with two people.
    Charging… complete.

    That’s some huge foreshadowing, especially if you remember the last line.


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