After having been saved by Kallen, Lelouch wakes up back in his own room at Ashford and finds Rolo at his bedside. Rolo notes that Lelouch seemed to be having a nightmare and wonders if something happened yesterday, but Lelouch denies that anything had. When Lelouch asks if he had said anything, Rolo recalls how Lelouch had uttered Nunnally’s name while sleeping, however he tells none of this to Lelouch. Regardless, Lelouch spends the rest of the day thinking about how Zero is in the way of the world that Nunnally wishes for, and he knows that she’ll be safe with the Britannia forces and Suzaku. The other members of the student council are preparing for their class trip and notice that Lelouch isn’t looking very energetic, but their conversation is cut short by an announcement that the new Governor-General is about to make her inaugural speech. In it, Nunnally asks for everyone’s cooperation and announces her desire to rebuild the Japanese Special Administrative Region. In such a place, the Numbers and the Britannians would be treated equally, and the Elevens would once again be called Japanese. Nunnally acknowledges that the previous attempt ended poorly, but she feels that the goals for an equal and gentle world weren’t wrong, and she specifically addresses the Black Knights to ask for their participation. After the speech, Suzaku expresses his surprise to her over what she’s doing. When she wonders if what Euphemia tried to do was right, Suzaku asserts it wasn’t Euphemia who was wrong.

Lelouch had walked out partway through the speech and thinks to himself about how Zero isn’t needed anymore. While on the train, he gets a call from Kallen, but he doesn’t answer and instead throws his phone out the window. Meanwhile, on the Black Knights’ submarine, Ougi and Tamaki are discussing how no Japanese will participate in the Japanese Special Administrative Region because they still remember the massacre that happened last time. Tamaki favors fighting a decisive battle with Britannia, but Ougi points out that the only Knightmare they have currently is the Guren. Kaguya then comes by to ask why Zero isn’t around and reveals that she never got a single letter from him while she was in the Chinese Federation. When Tamaki suggests that Zero was being unfaithful, Kallen tries dismiss the idea, but Kaguya actually doesn’t mind and cites the proverb of how heroes like fooling around. This leads C.C. to comment on how Kaguya is older than she looks, and Kaguya goes over to thank C.C. for being there when she wasn’t. Kaguya then joins Kallen’s hand with C.C.’s and her own because all three of them support Zero, and she dubs them the three court ladies.

By nightfall, Lelouch is still riding around on a train, and after having caught up with him, Rolo uses his Geass power to get to the front of the train and activates video of Nunnally’s earlier speech. Seeing this video broadcast throughout the train shocks Lelouch into getting off at the next station, but he can’t avoid seeing Nunnally because her image is now plastered everywhere. He eventually runs into an alley where he finds a group of thugs led by a Britannian noble selling the drug Refrain. In his disgust towards them, Lelouch uses his Geass power to make them do random inane things like howling and push-ups, and he laughs crazily afterwards. Back on the submarine, C.C. is talking with Marianne about how she doesn’t care if Lelouch doesn’t return as long as he alive. She thinks that it’d be easy if it were just him quitting as Zero, but she also knows the way things are going will lead to the end of the Black Knights. The following day is the day of the class trip, but Lelouch doesn’t show up. Instead, he is at a construction site in the Shinjuku Redevelopment Zone about to inject himself with Refrain. Kallen finds him there, and whens he realizes what he has in his hands, she takes it away from him. She then tries to talk some sense into him, but Lelouch wants her to comfort him and leans in to kiss her. Kallen slaps him right before their lips meet and reminds him that he’s Zero, so he has the responsibility of showing them their dreams. She thus wants him to deceive until the very end and play his role as Zero.

Kallen ends up running off in tears, and though Lelouch thinks about going after her, he’s stopped by the appearance of Rolo. Rolo suggests that, with Zero, the Black Knights, and Nunnally being so painful, Zero should disappear. This would lead to peace in Area 11, and Lelouch could return to being just a student and be happy. Rolo then reassures Lelouch that he’ll always be there for him. Meanwhile, Nunnally is having a video-conference with the Emperor of Britannia. She tells him that her brother will see her in this position even though he’s missing right now, so she wants to make choices that aren’t shameful. By now, Kallen has returned to the Black Knights’ submarine and has Zero’s mask in her hands when C.C. walks into the room. C.C. notes that the mask is heavy and explains that wearer has to have the resolve to bear the burden of the entire world. Their conversation is interrupted when their ship is suddenly hailed by the Britannian navy – led by Suzaku – for not following the sea route that they originally reported. Suzaku decides to give them ten minutes to disarm and line up on the deck. During this time, Lelouch returns to the school with Rolo and sees fireworks being shot from one of the rooftops. He discovers that the people shooting off the fireworks are none other than Milly, Shirley, and Rivalz who had decided not to go on the trip without him. They feel that a trip is not about where you go, but who you go with.

Lelouch then notices that Shirley is holding a paper crane, so she explains that that it can fulfill wishes, though she can’t remember who she learned that from. When Lelouch asks her what she wished for, Shirley reveals that she wanted everyone here to launch fireworks together. This reminds Lelouch of his old friends and of how he had once talked with Suzaku and Nunnally – back when they were young – about what happiness would be like if it had a shape. Suzaku had said that it’d be like glass because it’s something that you usually don’t notice but is definitely there. Recalling how Nunnally was the one who had made paper cranes and had wished for a gentle world, Lelouch feels that they are close to that, even if it’s been dirtied by fake memories. All this thinking leads him to suggest to everyone that they launch fireworks again sometime, and he realizes that his fighting isn’t only for Nunnally anymore. He thus tracks down the Black Knight submarine which is now being attacked by Suzaku’s forces and starts giving them directions right as things are looking bad. really Lelouch has the submarine fire torpedoes timed to explode in 40 seconds at a spot where there are no enemies, and this notifies the Britannian forces of the submarine’s position. The torpedoes land in the dirt around a giant underwater tank of methane hydrate, and the ensuing explosion of bubbles capsizes the Britannian fleet.

With this done, Lelouch dons his Zero costume and has Rolo’s Vincent carry him out towards the Britannian forces. He stops Suzaku from immediately shooting him by saying that it’d go against the orders of their ruler, and he then announces that he’s accepting Nunnally’s offer. This surprises everyone, including the members of the Black Knights who think this is like surrendering, but Zero nonetheless orders everyone to take part in the Japanese Special Administrative Region.


Out of all the episodes so far, this is probably the one with the least amount of plot twists since it dealt almost entirely with Lelouch coming to terms with how Zero is in the way of Nunnally’s plans. Given the high bar that CODE GEASS has been setting week after week, I can’t help but be a little disappointed that more didn’t happen. For one, I kept thinking that Rolo might do something drastic against Lelouch after he heard Lelouch say Nunnally’s name in his sleep, but he actually acted fairly calmly in calling for Lelouch to be happy. Admittedly, he was also being manipulative in the way he said that he’d always be there for his brother, however I doubt that he gained any meaningful advantage from doing things that way because I don’t think Lelouch can be manipulated in the same way he manipulated Rolo. It’ll be interesting to see what eventually happens between the two of them, but for now, it wasn’t much.

Even the ending where Zero orders everyone in the Black Knights to participate in the Japanese Special Administrative Region wasn’t all that surprising given all that talk about happiness and a gentler world. Of course, it is unlikely that this turns out the same way as it did in the first series with Euphemia, but there’s still the sense of here-we-go-again that comes with it. And while I’m confident the writers have great things in store, I have a hard time at this point seeing how doing this changes the story in a significant way. If they achieve true peace, then that might as well be the end of the series. If something goes wrong, then the fight continues and there was little point to attempting the Japanese Special Administrative Region stuff again. If something goes wrong and Nunnally dies, then the fight continues and Lelouch is super-pissed-off. I’m sure there are scenarios I’m not considering – and that’s what I’m hoping for – but the more obvious ones don’t sound too great in relation to the overall plot. Regardless, the preview already hints that things won’t go according to plan and that the Chinese Federation might get involved, so despite how I feel about this episode, I’m still very curious to see what happens next.


  1. Oh? Could it be that Zero’s identity will be revealed to the public in next ep? Come to think of it- it’s not like he has any need for a secret identity right now, seeing as the only real reason for him to keep it was to protect Nanally and she won’t be killed by Britannia just after becoming governor.

    Have no idea what’s going on, but Ougi and Tamaki are so cute XD! …. This doesn’t really look as epic as the rest because mostly about Lelouch depressing/realizing again. Though I like CCxLelouch, KallenxLelouch seems to be progressing. Ah well, I guess every girl has a moment with the main character, though Lelouch did lean in first O.o. I still love Rollo >.<!!

  3. Geass-ing that many people, I wonder if Lelouch would regret that one day. Nice LuluXKaren moments. Lulu has so many good friends. I hope that Shirley would be the first to get back her true memories, especially remembering the letter she wrote. The battle strategy used today was awesome. OHKO. I am now very suspicious of Rolo. I think he was the one to put those videos on the train to mess with Lulu’s head. Now that Nunnaly is back, I bet Rolo would not like to take a back-seat.

  4. An entire EP about Lelouch being emo. Holy fucking christ how Lelouch failed to deliver. Diethard is going to be seriously disappointed if he was to learn WTF Zero is. Code Geass is going to make me hate the three main characters at this rate.

  5. good now someone elses has sed it i can say it too . I still REALLY hate Suzaku also because at the end of the day he has done 3 things for no discernable reason

    1. He serves a rasict conquesting dictator
    2. He destroyed his countries only real hope for survival ATLEAST ONCE (whether through killing his father means twice is debatable)

    3.He has betrayed his best friend

    and as for becoming kinght of one to ‘SAVE’ his country HA! if someone came into a house that you OWN and said , ‘actually’ im taking it and u can have the small bedroom in the basement near the loud pipes’. Wouldnt you be a little anoyyed

    AHHHHH YES FINALLY OUT OF MY SYSTEM!!!! 😛 Please continue….

    WingZero zxt
  6. Suzaku is also extremely short sighted. Sure things MAY be better for the Japanese in the short run while he is governer, but what happens when he is gone? It would be crueler for the Japanese, given a small short hope and then going back to how things were before when another governer comes.

  7. I think everyone is missing the point yet again. This show has never been and never will be about freeing japan from britannia! In another 4 or 5 episodes it’ll switch over to whatever VV and CC want and all this stuff about Jupiter and god killing. All the signs are smack in front of you guys.

    We’ll probably get a bit more of this Japan stuff with Nunnaly and so on, then Rollo will hit up with the backstab etc. Then around ep15 or 18 we switch over to what I’ve been calling the “Jupiter arc” that will wrap up the show. Emperor will be dead, I don’t know who will take over, but the end result will be your typical happy Sunrise ending with all of the main character group in one piece.

  8. @ Ungas lol notice how sumeragi is wearing nothing more then a fancily cut sailor outfit (school uniform)


    Lelouch: Well suzaku it was a bit rough in there but everything worked out in the end

    Suzaku: Yeah i know its great the empire and V.V plan to kill god was stopped C.C was finally alowed to die and thier cerazy cult is no more

    Lelouch: yeh i know its funny , for all our squables only when we worked together did we acomplish anything

    Suzaku: THATS true im glad we could work out our differences in the end ole buddy… ( 😛 )

    Lelouch: uhuh…. its possible though if we’d worked together in the begining we would have solved everything alot quicker dont u reckon

    Suzaku: we’ll will never know now will we. ahwell no use crying over spilt milk

    Lelouch: NO im SURE of it. though its as u say milk and such

    [Lelouch has gun behind him]
    Suzkaku: Anyway ive gotta go pick up nunally from school byee. (truns around back facing lelouch)

    Lelouch: [pulls gun laughs in his cool way from episode 4] Spilt milk ! thats what you call kidnaping my sister and wiping my mind is it! i should have known youd never feel guilty for any of it

    Suzaku: I do feel guilty about one thing

    Lelouch: go on lets hear it

    [Suzaku turns quickly and shoots lelouch]

    Suzaku: Im sorry you could never forgive me (:P)

    (in short this anime is so tragic that it may just end with lelouch dying and suzaku getting all as thats whats happened so far. I HOPE NOT THOUGH)

    (This dialogue was brought to you by an idle mind (c) 😛 )

    WingZero zxt
    Yeah, she remembers me a bit of Miss Maria from Mai Otome (the younger version, she’ll shown up in Zifr again).

    I also agree with GP. Lulu’s goal is to create a world where he and Nunally can live in peace, his goal is NOT to free Japan. It’s rather something which comes by (remember the last episode from season 1 where Kallen said that Lulu used them and he replied, that Japan will be liberated through his actions). Also, was there ever mentioned where Lelouch was born?

    @WingZero zxt
    Totaly agreed. Don’t forget though, that Lelouch also used and killed many people.

  10. @UnknownVoice : Neverheless its totally plausible because it even fits into the whole Typical sunrise ending mentioned by GP (at least partially :P) and thankyou for taking time to read it

    @GP regardless of what the show is about i find it hard to believe that freedom for japan wont be at the very least a side effect due to the fact that i find most animes to be pro japan as oppposed to against it!

    WingZero zxt
  11. @mutio : I havent forgotten but lelouchs evil doesnt validate suzakus just as the emperors doesnt validate lelouches EVIL ACTIONS all im saying is that lelouchs actions are validated by the fact that as a side effect of his hatred hes fighting a rasict dictatorship which can only be a good thing whearas the side effects of Suzakus evil (masked by pluckiness and a quite determination and by NOT evil laughing) he ends up supporting an evil government

    WingZero zxt
  12. because I have nothing to do… I’ll attempt to interest you Through wasting your time “My song like a bell chime” I’ll make you see there’s nothing good in me

  13. @DG04 and UnknownVoice : Guys its not happend yet . But if it does MY geass allows me to see abstract information several months into the future 😛

    I really do hate animes with tragic endings so if this ends like i um… have forseen ( 😛 ) then aside from thinking i rule and my mind is a force of nature i will be fairly miserable and may just join you on your quest for revenge against sunrise

    WingZero zxt
  14. Damn! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! It did not fail to amaze me. I can’t believe it but this has become the best anime EVER! From a good anime to the top one in the list!

  15. What is that coming out of the water and which side built it? If it was the black knights then i’d like to know when they built something that big.

    Random thought when i saw 3rd preview screencap: Next episode millay throws some kind cosplay party at school and lelouch dresses up as Zero to mock Suzaku

  16. What is lelouch doing… lol he wiped out most of the enemy, he should have called suzaku = Orange 2 !!!! lol, My guess for the next episode judging from next weeks trailers, lelouch may try and take nunally again at the ceremony where zero is supporting nunnally ceremony.

    Just waiting for Kallen to kill suzaku in the new guren!!!

  17. ive had another abstract vission from the future (refer to page 2 of this for details)

    At some point lelouch will be seeing both Kallen and Shirley romantically at the same time

    WingZero zxt
  18. Dang just watched the raw and I’ve got to say… nice…
    This just turned out to be my favorite episode so far that had practically no action at all.
    Instead what it had was Lelouch lost in thoughts in what to do.
    And when he was about to give up he sees his friends and with renewed energy he marches on forward.
    But I HIGHLY doubt any I mean any numbers to join in the special administration.
    That was until all the Black Knights was ordered to participate.
    If this knowledge is made public than many Japanese/Numbers should participate.
    But I wonder how this is going to work out since if it did work out that would mean the end of the show practically :/
    But Zero could always use it to his own advantage somehow but that would mean he used Nunallys ideal.

  19. @anon #222
    He told Suzaku not to shoot because then it’d cause a world wide problem or something. Then he orders all the Black Knights to participate in the Special Japan

  20. @WingZero zxt
    I personally like the second season better but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the first season. My main reason probably is that the first season had to introduce all the characters and develop them and all that. And the creators themselves said they stayed away from the romantic aspect of the show purposely because they didn’t have time for it but in this season they said they’d focus on some of it so I’m like screw Lelouch give me some KalenxCC :]]

    Another reason I like the second season more is because the first season already did everything for it. It created the main story, it united everyone and created the Black Knights, etc. I think of the first season as an introduction and with all of that done R2 has more freedom and can now fit in more things. But with that said it does still have to introduce some characters such as the Knights of Rounds, what happened to Cornelia, who is “god”.

    Either way I’m getting ready for one helluva ride and hope this’ll be the best anime of 2008.

  21. Wow. Your blogs are really fast :0
    Did the character design change a bit or is it just me? DX [it looks better this way. xD]
    This episode looks really good. I cant wait for the subs.. =D

  22. I think the ending is quite ambiguous. When Lelouch says he get it, what did he get? To fulfill Nunnally’s ideal, or did he find a new reason to fight, i.e. ‘save’ his friends and return to the previous world? I am hoping that he ordering the OftBK to join the SAZ of Japan is merely another ploy of his 😀

  23. i think lelouch uses the special administrative region crap to talk to Nunnaly or maybe he trys to grab her or better yet reveals himself to Nunnaly and make it her turn to go crazy bwahahaha revenge is sweet XD

  24. Worst episode so far. They should’ve picked up from the cliff hanger like they always do but for some reason, they didn’t.

    Just so everyone knows, the cliffhanger in episode 6 was when Nunnaly realises Lelouch’s voice.

    All it was was Lelouch going emo (refrain, geass abuse), destroying his pride (Kallen kiss thing) and then coming back on a stormy night.

    I didn’t like it, but nonetheless, I still can’t wait for the next episode.

  25. That was a really strange development. It probably makes the most sense for Lulu – he does everything for Nunully, so the most logical thing for him to do is to put his Black Knights to good use for Nunully’s goal.

    Nevertheless it is still strange – I can’t really tell how the plot is going to develop now. This was kind of like last season, when Euphie managed to get Lulu to buy into the Special Administration Area idea, but then shit happened. Now that it’s Nunully, it’s even harder for him to go against her wishes…….unless if something is to happen to that plan, or if something is to happen to Nunully.

    I’m semi-suspicious of this plot development, but I will reserve judgment until I see what they have next few episodes.

    The preview show the Chinese Federation doing something so looks like they’re going to be big players from now on. Let’s see how the Britannia-Black Knights-China dynamics change.

  26. X: No, that’s in response to Kaguya’s suggestion that it’s OK for a hero to be a pimp and have many love interests, and Kallen grew at such a suggestion.

    Hmmm yeah now that I think of it, one way things could change is if Lulu tells Nunully that he is Zero. That’d change things…

  27. @Hei Cornelia god naaaaah that wouldn mean emperor trying to kill her right! 😛 she aint god she just supreme commander who destroys stereotype that girls cant pilot mechs as well as guys can in anime

    Mention lunamaria or stella and ill tell you how they died/lost

    WingZero zxt
  28. I think this episode is great. It showed Lelouch’s resolve.
    If his thought never be changed, Order of Black knight will eventually like last episode of R1 and everything will go back to the previous point.
    But I wonder if his ultimate goal is changed from only Nunally’s happiness to the whole world, what will happen to Nunally.
    Will he sacrifice his only sister for the world’s sake ?

  29. Lookie! 6th screenshot: Cornelia?!
    well . . . cornelia IS supposed to be in hiding, right? XP
    hrm . . i like this episode. Maybe it’s cause we finally get to see Lelouch’s human side (sorta). And did Kaguya suddenly grow breasts? I remember her being a loli in season 1 but now . . . she sorta grew some. . . or is it just me? 😀

    Graham Cray
  30. @ Jenanime: I thought the same thing as well. XD a lil’ clamp treat for us

    In general, the episode was good. Though we are only @ 7, and the Black Knights are surrendering? Yeah we preety much know it is not going to go as smooth as everyone thinks it will. Hellwe have a hell of alot of epis to go, its way too early in the game. 😀

    @Graham: never noticed that, could be highly possible.

  31. wow…i have never seen lelouch so distraught and vunerable…it was kinda nice to see him so emotionally throttled, since usually he is the one doing the damage. i actually was not disapointed in the least with this ep, i like how code geass is intellectually genius and full of action, but at the same time it knows how and when to take a break to sort of add the emotional side that every good anime needs.

  32. Well, this for me is among the best episodes because it’s been a while since we’ve seen the caring Lulu. Now that he has a new resolve, I hope that things won’t go like it did in the first season and I hope we go into the world stage now since I really can’t see Lulu winning without involving the world against the greatest super power. Was it me or did those destroyers look like the Aegis Class Destroyers of the US Navy??? Also, best attack ever with the Bubble Attack to wipe out a navy task force lol.

  33. LMAO all i cann say is that Kaguya so owned in this epsiode. She just kept on geting better and better with her declaration of being zero wives and even dont mind he has multi-lovers. Even CC gets caught by her. LOL

  34. also everytime lloyd just dtarts to get on your nerves with something like his lancelot fetish he does somthing amusing to redeem himself. Stealing a sandwich= Classic lloyd moment

    WingZero zxt
  35. i know its late (in england) but i just had a thought lelouch as we might see isnt that unhappy that suzaku has his sister or that Nunally doesnt need Zero hes unhappy that after a whole year including a small war hes still a virgin 😛

    WingZero zxt
  36. It was great for episode seven to remind us of Lelouch’s strengths again. He may lose to Suzaku in physical combat and knightmare duels, but when it comes to tactical manoeuvers, Lelouch has no peers. Suzaku and an entire fleet of naval ships and Lancelot had no answer to Lelouch’s single submarine and a sea chart. It pretty much reasserted how Suzaku can only rely on pure brute strength (literally, and in terms of his Lancelot operational capability) to win his battles. Now that the Order of the Black Knights only has a godlike Guren, and possibly a Geassed Vincent, Lelouch’s strenghts are very much more needed. OftBK is never going to win against Britannia via pure knightmare/technological superiority. The latter is a superpower, while the former is merely another rebel group. What is needed is pure tactical awareness and intelligence, and I really hope we start seeing more of that from Lelouch now.

    Also, Lelouch’s decision to join SAZ Japan was also highly ambiguous. Does this point to the surrender of the Order of the Black Knights? Personally, I doubt so, and I am hoping that the little time he spent with his student council mates, and perhaps even Kallen’s mini pep-talk may have given him a new resolve to fight his battle, but in a different way. Lelouch should start to utilise his intelligence more, and an ostentatious surrender would do good, in allowing him to let Nunnally do whatever she wants, and yet still operate covertly to start striking once things go wrong. It was good to see (possibly) that Lelouch may continue fighting and yet rid himself of his sister complex at the same time, all without losing his humanity. Well these are all guesswork, but I do hope the series progress in this manner.

    And I am pretty sure things would go wrong sooner or later. Britannia would not leave Nunnally alone to start her SAZ Japan in peace, and the Chinese Federation would enter the fray eventually. Perhaps Lelouch is going to wait for Nunnally to fail, whilst ensuring her safety from the background in the meantime, and after pull her out and over to his side.

    It was good to see Lelouch bowing down to Suzaku at this period, however, whatever his motivations may be. I feel it goes a long way to show how he is intending to avoid a similar mistake with Nunnally as he did with Euphemia, and I do hope he does.

    Also, the episode referred to C.C.’s conversation with Marianne again. Think this is highly significant, though I do not know what it is. Any thoughts, anyone? Also, C.C. also showed more signs of becoming more of a friend/lover to Lelouch than a mere acquaintance. Although she expressed her sole wish of him living (so that he can fulfill his contract), she inevitably showed her concern for the OftBk too.

    Also, it was quite good to see Kallen slapping Lelouch and asking him to continue his role as Zero to fulfill the hope he had given to his followers. It resembled the very speech he gave to Toudou when he saved the latter. It also elevated Kallen’s status to more than being a mere OftBk member who was being manipulated by Zero.

    All in all, although the episode seemed to point to a bleak outcome from Lelouch’s perspectives, I think it gave great promise for the future. Just hoping that this ostentatious surrender is another ploy of his.

  37. Megaman – Agreed.

    There’s gotta be a a reason there’s smokescreen and unmasking. Perhaps it will become a Britannia + Black Knights vs China + EU? I doubt they would shift the series into global conquest, but y’never know.

    And methane hydrate ftw. Kicked Britannia’s ass heh. But it does look like Ep 8 is more plot-oriented, so that’s cool.

  38. Well, Zero’s decision to join the SAR was expected since the last episode. He accepted Euphie’s deal before how could he refuse Nunnally’s? What’s interesting is what catasthophe(?) will happen this time.

    What’s more interesting is that Lulu has changed. He’s not fighting for only Nunnally anymore. I hope this’ll make a significant difference.

    This episode had some gorgeous shots of Lulu though. *_* (happy)

    Too bad Lulu didn’t get a kiss !!

  39. This a much needed episode. Good to see the other side of Lelouch/Zero again. Reminds me he is not just some crazy Light Yagami clone. The combination of his motivations, weaknesses, regret and resolve makes him a more likeable character IMHO.

    Rollo also gets some character development. Not as naive as he initially seems now does he?

  40. Creating a smokescreen to unmask in front of Nunnally would be a horrible plan.

    I kind of wonder how much Nunnally knows about what happened with the previous SAZ. The way she talks about it seems weird, like she doesn’t realize the pain and suffering the japanese would associate with it, she talks about the massacre so casually.

    Even though he’s made a lot of progress this episode, I don’t think Lelouch is mentally prepared to reveal himself to Nunnally yet. By that I mean is he capable of accepting her judgement?? I think this episode truly demonstrates why he couldn’t reveal himself in episode 6 either. He couldn’t habdle her perceived rejection when she didn’t know that he was Zero, what happens if she rejects him when she finds out the truth??

    The whole Rollo situation is kinda interesting too. I hope this episode means that its resolved, given his frame of mind and angst over Nunnally, I actually thought Rollo would be the last person Lelouch would want to see. Rollo being the fake brother sent to replace Nunnally. So this would be the time for him to slip up, maybe his calling out for Nunnally was the slip-up. But I’m hoping the fact that he didn’t slip up, means that it will allow for a real bond to form between them, and we won’t get the expected betrayl from one side or the other.

  41. I bet Lelouch is kicking himself in the nuts for Geass’ing Kallen back in Season 1. Otherwise the episode would have turned out very different.

    I enjoyed the episode. As far as I have ever seen there is no such thing as a bad episode of Code Geass.

    Sidenote for you guys with the spare money. Most XVID encodes ( including Eclipse ) will run on a Creative Labs Vision W without making any changes. You get a screen size of 480×272. Very watchable. Use headphones and it sounds perfect, otherwise just use the speakers. I take Code Geass with me everywhere I go.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  42. Whoa, Lelouch is doing drugs!!!!

    And man, this series is going to another point because now i don’t what will happen next….

    ..though i think the Chinese Federation will get involved in this scenario….

    next episodes to watch out:
    *A Million Miracles
    -another strategic plan of Zero….duh, that’s what he do

    *The Bride of the Vermillion City
    -Vermillion City is the real-life Forbidden City found in Beijing,China……so probably something do to with the Chinese Federation

    *When the Shenhu Shines
    -Shenhu is that blue Chinese Knightmare that you saw in the OP and it is rumored that Li Xingke will pilot it… i don’t know, I’m guessing that it’s still about the Chinese Federation….

    BTW, here’s a question that i saw another Code Geass r2 blog:

    Does Britannia represents a fair criticism of the US government?

  43. Well, this one was a total new ep, I cannot say I hate it, but this was really bizarre, I mean, Geass-missuse, Drugs, Intent-of-Sex-For-Depression,…I was even fearing Lelouche’s lose of himself to an evil use of the Geass, fortunately is only ep 7, so it was unlikely.

    Yes, indeed it was a Needed ep, but I consider it so, because since last season I was thinking it was a very childish/idealist reason being Zero only for Nunnaly’s sake, it lacked some reality and humanity -in a wider sense of the word-, containing also some self(ish)ness, wish, and/or flaws, and the result is, that now, not even we know what Lelouche really wants, and only have a vague idea of friendship, happiness and stuff, that’s a real human being, not the perfect Light-Zero-Lelouche like character we’ve seen…
    And what does it mean the OoBK are joining SAZ???!!! Even if Lelouche lets Nunnally know he’s Zero, how can he politically deal with being a Rebelous-Leader/Fellow-Citizen of SAZ?, I hope Sunrise doesn’t screw this…
    Again, it seems like Marianne is talking to C.C. from Jupiter-?, and the ep starting with the emperor says to me, we’re gonna know more of him in the next eps, what’s the point of it, if not?
    Ultimately, I hope we get to see the World arc soon and the Jupiter? final of the rebellion, if not it’ll end up being a village conflict dealing with some already loser rebels.
    Good for Rollo XD, let’s see if Lelouche thinks of him a bit more like a brother after this…But sth bothers me…Why was he chasing Lulu on his depressing state? Was it only to find the best moment to comfort him? That seemed a bit suspicious to me…
    And yeah, the draw was different!, I noticed it too, now we see a more adult-like Lelouche, perhaps it fits better the ep…anyway still bizarre—

    B. Prince
  44. @ George
    “Does Britannia represents a fair criticism of the US government?”

    Let’s not start with a US vs Britannian discussion PLEASE, this might get out of hand, while the US Foreign policies might appear to be cruel for foreigners (Iraqis / South Americans), the US is nowhere as close to the cruelty of the Britannian empire which view all non-britannians as lesser, non-existent beings. End of discussion.

  45. ^okay, sorry man….the other Code Geass R2 blog is talking about that…..that’s not my question, OK? The guy who made that other Code Geass r2 blog started it….

    now to my other question:
    does this mean that R2 will have a lighter sense now after Lelouch now realized his actions are not just only for Nunnally?

  46. I will quote from a fan name mundex, ” …and my hate for that kid keeps increasing.” Now this quote can go both, one for Suzaku for being a bastard lol 🙂 And for Ougi for getting Villetta in bed.

  47. To quote L “Also, the episode referred to C.C.’s conversation with Marianne again. Think this is highly significant, though I do not know what it is. Any thoughts, anyone? Also, C.C. also showed more signs of becoming more of a friend/lover to Lelouch than a mere acquaintance. Although she expressed her sole wish of him living (so that he can fulfill his contract), she inevitably showed her concern for the OftBk too.”

    I agree that it is significant because one of the questions boggling Lulu’s mind after using his geass on Cornelia, is why Marianne put her children at the crossfire when she knew that there was going to be an attack in the first place. For C.C. to assert that it does not matter if Lulu comes back so as long as he is alive is a contradiction to how Marianne approached it from before. She put her children’s lives at risk, while in C.C.’s case she put her life at risk numerous times to ensure Lulu her accomplice remains alive. I think wanting Lulu to live gives us a clue to one of the premises of their contract. If Lulu were to die, imagine how many gruesome memories C.C. would have to endure (ie getting shot on the forehead, getting jabbed by the stone, getting shot at the heart, getting crushed under the sea in a knightmare, etc) since the only memories she retains are the bad ones. I think Marianne is alive with the scenario of her death contrived (either by herself or the emperor or v.v.) for what purpose? I have no idea lol! We’ll see on the episodes to come.

  48. The situation with Marianne-C.C. and Charles-V.V. has always been at the back of my mind. I mean Code Geass and its fore-plot itself is so intense and filled with suspense, that I think who C.C. really is, what are her connections to Marianne, what is the contract she wants to see fulfilled by Lelouch, are very much questions that remain unanswered.

    Going into that direction itself will probably swing Code Geass entirely away from its current mecha-military-hero-vs-villian genre to a completely different one of fantasy and the supernatural. How and when that will happen remains a mystery. My bet is that that would probably take a whole new season, i.e, CG:R3, especially since Lelouch’s revenge does not seem to be completed anytime soon.

    My guess is that C.C. and V.V. are probably inhabitants of Jupiter, where perhaps some ‘God’ has playfully twirled his little finger, and condemned them to eternal life/suffering on other planets, say Earth. Maybe that would explain why V.V.’s contract with Charles is to ‘destroy God’, and I would guess C.C.’s contract might be to request Lelouch to spend the rest of his life with her or something. Alternatively, C.C. might be working for Marianne- everything just seems to transcend normal human experience that it remains inexplicable.

    Just thinking of that shows the potential of Code Geass to completely transform into a different kind of anime, with a totally different genre, plots and emphasis on characters. The feud between Suzaku and Lelouch even seems minor relative to this. Doesn’t this remind you of the rapid transformation in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, from a simple-escape-from-my-underground-cave to save-the-world in a matter of 27 episodes? Code Geass will probably take more.

    I doubt Marianne is alive, at least not in the typical sense. She is probably some higher spiritual being now or something. Also, I read somewhere about her choosing to die in the first place, so as to awaken Lelouch’s hatred for his dad and the inequality that is Britannia, perhaps to change the world (or something). Looking at C.C.’s conversations with her, Marianne seems to be concerned with how Lelouch’s rebellion will proceed, perhaps.

  49. I love the Suzaku haters lack of logic. He betrayed Lulu for no discernable reason? Did you miss how the Japanese refer to Euphie as the “massacre princess”?? Maybe you guys won’t see it as justice, but to not see it as equitable vengeance for killing her and her legacy, seriously.

  50. Nah, we just hate Spinzaku because he’s all brawn and gay
    anyways, back to the animu, Imma betting that we will see Lelouch and Karen on a bed somewhere in the near future 😀
    V.V. and C.C. still remains an enigma that seems to be forgotten among the battles, but still remain a significant one nonetheless. Wonder if the end will reveal the real mastermind behind all this was Marienne all along and Lelouch was just a pawn in her bidding

  51. I just thought about “L”‘s theories for a moment… I think you might be on the right track, at least. But I DO think that Suzaku has something to do with this as well. Remember C.C. stating in episode 22: “He can see me. Is it because of (…) Kaminejimablablabla, or is he…?” And later on: “Answer me this; Are you…” but then both C.C. and Lelouch seems to be in some kind of pain. This leads me to think that Suzaku also plays a part in the fantasy of Code Geass (plus, he’s going to be the Knight of One, closest to the emperor, with V.V. and all that, though I guess that wouldn’t count as playing a role, but if you add that together with what I just said… You might get something).

    Anyway, it’ll be exciting to see how it ends. Even though I don’t want it to end.

  52. Few things to say about ths ep.

    1)Kallen didn’t say anything about Lulu being a prince. Maybe cuz of that close kiss?
    2)If the OftBK does join the SAZ it would be more like their army, but what would be the plan is unknown to me. Maybe they get The Chinese Fed to come attack, yet its the OftBK that ‘saves’ the day.

    Either way, this brings up a lot of questions now. I also wouldn’t be surpirse if they had a R3.

    Does anyone here besides me think that, maybe, Charles might of geass some people before the show even began?

  53. something will happen to screw over the SAZ, there will be mucho fighting, etc. i don’t think nunnally will die in the process, i can see some plot armor on her right about now from lelouch’s ‘this isn’t just for nunnally anymore’, as contradictory as it sounds.

    i’m hoping for only 1-2 eps more of the SAZ business. anymore would be taking away valuable mecha action time.

  54. Wow this episode is great despite not having that much action/battles. First of all it shows the main character’s human nature, Lelouch doubting his own goals, his dreams, and even his own existence. (Unlike Light in DN, that even in the end still thinks he’s a god) I think this episode is quite fitting to show the audience, I mean it would completely suck if they ignore what happened in the last episode, and just start this episode as if Lelouch wasnt affected at all. This was the worst thing that could happen to Lelouch at the worst possible time. However, despite it being the worst thing to happen to him as Zero and his black knights, he was able to look at it optimistically again.

    Since many people blame Lelouch for what happened to Euphie, I think it was only partially his fault, since after all he pointed out examples that Euphie could never do – thus would be against her own will ex. shoot lelouch, fire suzaku, and kill the japanese. Though it wasnt his fault that the geass became permanent, which was quite weird actually when it happened cuz if you guys dont remember. Lelouch actually ordered Euphie to ignore the command, but Euphie did not follow his order. I still think that V.V. may have something to do with it, especially since Charles witnessed the whole thing. Still it reminds you that Lelouch as Zero accepted Euphie’s japan administration zone (jaz).

    This time he is doing it for Nunnally since she herself wishes it. I believe that this isnt some ploy of Lelouch, but actually IMO he may want to protect Nunnally’s dream now, which means he would protect JAZ. HOWEVER! As we all know how FATE LOVES TO SCREW AROUND WITH LELOUCH, so I believe that it is possible that a similar situation to Euphie may happen (this time though Suzaku would be the one to kill Nunnally), although I myself dont want such a thing to happen or else Lelouch would just seek vengeance. It is more highly possible that the Chinese federation would mess it up OR the emperor would deny it – since he wasnt too keen when he was talking to Nunnally about it.

    IMO the Chinese federation would interfere with Zero’s decision of joining the JAZ, especially since he was the one to make a contact with the general eunuch, although lelouch could get out of this one by saying that he is merely observing the situation for now, but is currently using it to buy time and assure the safety of his army. If the emperor interferes, there is nothing that Lelouch could do about it, since I believe that the reason the Emperor may go against this is because it would be harder for him to locate and capture C.C., knowing that Lelouch would live an ordinary life, he would assume that C.C. would no longer need to be with or seek out Lelouch.

    Also regarding the Kallen and Lelouch thing, is it just me or was Kallen pissed off when after she ran out and look back, only to find out that Lelouch isn’t going after her? lol

    Kaguya is more mature than I thought as well, even more mature than Shirley and Kallen in terms of love.

    C.C. couldn’t be just honest and say that he wants Lelouch to come back:
    It also seems that Marianne keeps teasing her – first season was about Shirley asking Lulu out on a date and now this one about her not caring if he quits so long as hes alive.

    Another thing is that this episode just shows how Suzaku cannot and probably can never be a Knight of One with his own abilities or effort alone. It shows how useless he is in terms of leadership, I mean even Todou knows that they are all firing randomly, which is quite stupid. He has so much resources at his disposal and he completely wasted it due to his own stupidity. Lelouch on the other hand lol, wow! I say this battle scene in the end just shows how Lelouch’s intelect is superior to everyone else, I’d say the only one who can match him might be Schneizel, although he wasn’t doing so well with the Italian forces and still relied on the knights of rounds. Damn, Lelouch with simply a map and a phone, beats Suzaku with a knightmare, radar, 20+ battleships, 50+ mini subs, and 100+ weaponry. IMO Gino is pissed off at Suzaku since he took command, instead of just leaving it to Suzaku and joke around like usual. Anya seems to be disapointed at him as well.

    In any case, it was cool that they show how Lelouch matures in this episode. He finally realizes that his goals and dreams isn’t only for Nunnally anymore, but to his friends, his black knights, and perhaps to the japanese people as well.

  55. Oh ya I forgot to mention, wasnt it strange that Kallen didnt realize that Lelouch was a prince of Britannia since Nunnally became a governor general. Also it is quite strange that Kaguya and Todou isn’t shocked at all that Nunnally is the governor general, I mean in the first seaosn, they all met when Lulu and Nunnally lived with the Kururugi’s. So for sure, the two should’ve recognized her and wouldve eventually pieced or figure out that Zero might be Lelouch since he cares so much for the new governor general.

  56. Lovely episode imo.
    Lelouch struggling with his own thoughts.
    At the end going against all his knights wishes and joining the new special zone.
    Really, what is he up to now? He must have something planned.

  57. @zanshun Tisk tisk tisk suzaku betrayed lelouch before that remember somthing to do with erm i dunno say joining the rasisct army and helping them over throw the world! nono… Joining his cerazy father! Besides that as we all know was ALWAYS his plan meaning he had planned to do it regardless. Plus suzakus a hypocrite and has various other problems with his means of self justification.

    ‘I killed my father what should i do hmmm maybe i should try to fix it by taking action contrary to this one by helping my fellow man. Nah i know what ill do, so i dont look and feel like an idiot ill lend my superior fighting skills to the enemy and destroy once and for all any hope my people have of getting thier country back. Then when they [brittania] recognise my skill and appoint me governor general as kinght of 1 ill use my power and cordon of a small portion of the country just for them how nice am i!!!! yeh that will work im great’ PLEASE!!!!!!!! SPARE ME!!!!!!!! this is like wild dogs and putting them in cages which we did except the problem is suzaku is using people which is as we know EVIL!!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  58. oh and incase u pick up on the seemingly obvious contradiction reasons have to be good in my book otherwise they arent valid and therefore beneath my discernment 😛

    WingZero zxt
  59. @X:

    Good point about the connection between Nunally and Lelouch, and their royal status. However, I highly doubt that Kallen or Toudou or anyone else, will realize it now. Good point nonetheless.

  60. well one thing i wan to confirm…
    nunally ‘s contact (nemo) will it appear in this since it had appear in manga, which able her to see the future for while and able to pilot the strongest knightframe ??

  61. ohya if based on the knight of the round table tale, maybe anya will join ofbk … anyway , she full of mystery no feeling and seem to be full of motif . Lancelot ?? run away with king ‘s wife mean suzaku having affair with emperor’s wife ????

  62. I don’t know why people are being so hard on Suzaku’s leadership. His leadership and plan were fine, the problem was Zero showed up, given the circumstances and area the result would have been the same for any other leader.

    The real disappointment was that the black knights didn’t have a better plan than “oh we’ll slip out of the bottom of the ship” Isn’t Todoh meant to be a great strategist himself? Wasn’t Ougi a leader as well?? Laksharta couldn’t come up with anything?? All those people on board and nobody could come up with a better plan than dive at 30 degrees????

  63. lol i agree with breaker mostly it can hwever be said and has been said that suzakus plan is short sighted first of all it relies on the knight of 1 leadership and full jurisdiction being more than a puppet government like all the others seem to be. Secondly as soon as hes gone the situation will no doubt completely revert. And thirdly independance of a nation (giving them the chance to defend themselves) is way better than a puppet government ruled by a traitor. what hes supposed to say at his inauguration ?
    Hello i am Suzaku, former knight of Euphimia li Brittania. i have come from amongst you! crushed zero and the rebellious 11’s and come before you to ask… ‘Cant we all just get along??? ill give u a new building in your corner of the country this one will even have plumbing!!!’

    Random Japanese guy: Hell no ill never accept hi … wait.. did he say plumbing??? im in!!!’


    WingZero zxt
  64. i think the special zone will fail because of the brits.
    did u see how they all were pissed of when nunally announced it, not to mention kotei-chan (lloyd forever 😉 and his wonderful speech at the beginning. (btw. someone asked if u there should be a comparison betweeen usa in rl and brit in cg, i dont think this is valid. if u want to draw a comparison between cg and rl its more like emperors ethics vs raw unleashed capitalism)

  65. btw. though things might not look that well for the black knights, there is still one (at least to me) very obvious plan that would lead to victory without too much military force needed. lelouch just has to somehow get to the emp (shouldnt be that mucb of a problem seeing how he can dispose of the the goveners at will) and geass him to reinstate him as a prince, make him nr.1 in succesion line and then retreat-> lulu is emperor and everything is fine

  66. What I feel is that Suzaku might have his points in fighting. If Lelouch can kill to create a new Japan, what have we to say about Suzaku who wants to try and gain independence of Japan from Brittania?

    The only difference is time and the mandate of the people.

    Through Zero’s method, it would be faster and the Japanese would be more united in fighting against Brittania. The only draw back is that Brittania would not give in for sure, this would merely caused a war which would end up lasting an unknown span of time before either force is defeated.

    By Suzaku’s method, it might be a long time before he gets to Round of Knights 1. Plus he merely have 2 supporters inside the group, there is a possibility of him having to rival out with the rest of the knights, since according to King Brittania that weak shall perish, then having him killed by majority of the rest of the knights is possible. Thus giving his plan a risky one, althought he can prove his worth through the battles he fought, looking at the fact that even as of now his merely a 7 shows that his not going to move up as fast as what he thinks.

    Thats just the time factor, I expect the people of Area 11, epically the Japanese will reject having him as the ruler of Area 11 as his being branded as a Traitor, even without having Zero’s presence, his credit has already being cut down by more than half.

    Looking at the content now, what I feel is that several scenario will pop up.

    1 – Nanaly dies, Lelouch and Suzaku goes into Mortal Combat, both dies or MIA, and the King of Brittania laughs at the ending. (Not so Sunrise….)

    2 – Lelouch extracts his vengence, Suzaku killed by Karen, Zero’s victory as ending.

    3 – Suzaku kills Lelouch, continues to serve the Emperor, Suzaku’s ending.

    4 – Suzaku is convinced and joins Lelouch to fight the Emperor. (Typical Sunrise ending?)

    5 – The Emperor launches his secret weapon and destroy the whole of Area 11. End of story

  67. hmm… this episode is interesting indeed, with not that much of plot twists, this might be the purpose of trying to make people curious of what happens next, this episode can actually be quite sinister.. kekeke… anyway if the plot continues without anymore plot twists, I reckon Zero would either try to expand the Japanese Special Administrative Region and/or encourage other countries to fight for a similar policy (which he already is doing without noticing).. But in the other case, anything could happen (like that funny scene where Zero’s geass actually went out of control without him noticing it, and actually resulted in him killing euphie with his own hands, and yes I actually find it hilarious xD)

  68. I don’t want to start a Britannia/America thread, but I think it’s more of a “what if” scenario more than a direct allegory. It’s more metaphorical of what people are afraid America could become more than how they see it now. Not to say it’s proof or anything, but a major part of that “what if” is “what if America wasn’t Christian” since Britannia and Charles are OBVIOUSLY Darwinian and compeltely against religion. He specifically ripped out at the TEN frickin’ COMMANDMENTS! That sent chills down my spine, along with the way-too-nazi-esque “All Hail” afterwards.

    Anyway, the epsiode… I was pretty happy to see Lelouch finally lose momentum, actually. It reminds me of how he was physicially ill after killing Clovis in Season 1. You realize Lelouch is human and now matter how great the momentum he gets, he’ll eventually slow down and have to overcome that. “Human physics” as I call it. But what I really like is that it wasn’t a classic “whine and bitch sulk-o-rama” EP because of three things: (1) It lasted only one episode. Seriously. (2) Lelouch actually didn’t get just the whole “friends pick-me-up” and suddenly get better. He also got sense slapped into him AND temptation to just live a normal life. He actually had a choice here and his friends helped him realize the magnitude of that choice. and (3) He made that choice, and gained a renewed (and broader) focus. Hooray for character development done right!

    Though I did think the happiness/glass comparison was a little… much, I honestly liked it because it brought out that nostalgic side of Lelouch again. The fact that Suzaku originally said it cracks me up, by the way, because he THREW FRICKIN’ ROCKS AT THE HAPPY GLASS!

    I am curious how Lelouch will deal with a few things, though. Mainly the unrest in the Black Kinghts about the Special Zone, what will inevitably be a closer proximity to Suzaku due to working on the Zone, and the now completely unreadable Rollo. But I’m content just waiting and seeing how things turn out. This show’s had some good twists so far and hasn’t let me down.

    C.C. and Rollo were my favorite parts this EP (besides Lelouch. Duh.) C.C. teased her usual connection to Lelouch and threw a monkey wrench in a few theories (I remember the old theory that the contract was to kill Charles, but she obviously only cares that he lives.) and then spoke to Marianne, which I think happen last time in Season 1. But as curious as I am how things work between the two of them, I don’t mind not getting answers if I still get to see C.C.’s smile appear again. She seemed almost horrified that Kaguya saw her! Hahah!

    Oh, but Rollo. I still spell his name with two “L’s”. Why? Wait, that’s not the question! The question is what is he trying to do? Does he think he can pull the brother card on Lelouch, the same way Lelouch did him? I honestly do hope that Rollo doesn’t die (or Nunally). I keep kind of rooting for Rollo, that he’ll get a happy ending. I can’t stand to see anything bad happen to him, but now he seems like he’s really trying to undermine Lelouch, or at least test him.

    …Okay, I can’t keep my fanboy in check any longer… Kallen was adorable this episode!

    And this episode also reminded me once again… Lloyd is WIN INCARNATE.

  69. @X

    I am merely presuming, but I think that Kallen already knows all that needs to be known about Lelouch/Zero. Since her memory was not wiped out, it should now be obvious to her that Lelouch is a prince of Britannia. Also, the series has also confirmed that she knows of Lelouch’s reason to fight as Zero. Her desperate pep-talk to Lelouch in this episode confirmed this. This means that Kallen has already reached a higher level of understanding of Zero/Lelouch, with the other being C.C., and her silent acceptance of everything thus far could be either due to her attraction towards him, or an admission that whatever the intention, only Zero/Lelouch can give her the victory she craves.

    I am happy though. Kallen remains immune to Zero/Lelouch’s manipulations, and would possibly remain so, since she cannot be geassed and also since she now understands Lelouch’s intentions better.

    Anyway, does Kallen like Lelouch? Or Zero?

  70. With Zero’s part of the contract fulfilled (well semi-fulfilled)since Nunnally will theoretically live in a peaceful place albeit with the responsibility of overseeing the new area 11, I think the only part left is to fulfill C.C.’s part of the contract. Maybe this will propel the show to a much higher battle ground as some of the commenters suggest. I don’t think there will be a third season although I wish there is, I think it will be bad for my brain if they will continue to bombard it with unanswered questions at the end of season 2. I want to know C.C.’s name already!!!

  71. “I don’t want to start a Britannia/America thread, but I think it’s more of a “what if” scenario more than a direct allegory. It’s more metaphorical of what people are afraid America could become more than how they see it now. Not to say it’s proof or anything, but a major part of that “what if” is “what if America wasn’t Christian” since Britannia and Charles are OBVIOUSLY Darwinian and compeltely against religion. He specifically ripped out at the TEN frickin’ COMMANDMENTS! That sent chills down my spine, along with the way-too-nazi-esque “All Hail” afterwards.”

    hey wedge, while i agree that this kind of thread 1. wont gain us much insight and 2. this wouldnt be the right place, as an outspoken atheist i simply cant hold still on the “what if America wasn’t Christian” part, as well as the statement that the emperor/britannia are darwinian.
    hes a social darwinist, as for example the nazis were, but thats a completly different thing as something/someone being darwinian(which is about science and not ethics).
    as to the christian thing: many european countries arent christian, if you mean by being a christian nation = majority of the people that live there are christians(and if anything theyre even farther from the cg britannia) while if u refer to the government the us also isnt christian but secular.

  72. “and compeltely against religion”

    cant quite agree on that too and just thought of a nice quote from one of the greatest emperors in rl.

    napoleon:”religion is exellent stuff to keep the common people quiet”

  73. @olb

    I didn’t quite mean “against religion” but rather against some of the concepts in it, such as equality and morality. Charles clearly holds more to survival, rather than morals, as a standard for action. I suppose I did mean “Social Darwinist”, but Charles says a lot of things like what my old professor said a Darwinist leader would say.

    That quote from Napoleon is pretty good, too. But I don’t think Charles would bother using it as a “silencer” since there’s overwhelming force and drugs (like Refrain) to help him keep his hold on Area 11.

    By America being Christian, I actually was mostly referring to the people, as the government is obviously trying to disconnect itself with Christianity entirely anyway. Frankly, I don’t call the U.S. itself Christian or Secular anymore. It’s so split now.

    I just find the idea of what Britannia might represent interesting because it’s probably just meant to be more subjective: It can represent Nazi’s for one person, the U.S. for another, and the U.N.(!) for somebody else. To be honest, I originally thought it was an alternate history where people like Charlemange would have extended their power wider than any thought possible. A lot of warfare that conquered large areas happened in Europe and Asia, so Britannia and Japan made me think more an alternate take on history rather than some sort of allusion to current politics.

    Besides, the implications of what Britannia means isn’t even secondary to the anime, so I don’t really need to know what it means to someone else. I can enjoy the show no matter what it “means”. (And boy do I enjoy it!)


  75. Well i havent seen any comments on this topic yet so here goes i kinda noticed that when Nunnally is giving her speech one of the Black Knights was blushing (think his name was Minami)

    Makes me wonder if that guy is into loli (well blind and paraplegic loli)

    Dude my be a sexual predator

    Lulu better watch out if he ever brings nana-chan back to the sub or Black Knight base.

    What ever happened to the Black Knights Base from the first season? That Giant Trailer

  76. @Zacks suzakus rulership would be a vassal kingdom no more he would esentially be no more than a glorified governor general. It boils down to this for me

    Japans situation = suzakus fault regardless of reason

    Suzakus plan= Rubbish

    Suzakus reasoning =flawed based on some kind of pseudo-murder complex he developed as a child.
    Ill rephrase the question twice more

    1.Who amongst you would do what suzaku did were u faced with the same situation. (Obviously dont take into consideration the murder of his father cos no one of us can honestly say the course of action we would take after having faced such emotiional trauma at such a young age could we?! )

    2. Picture this your 10 years old. You go to make yourself a drink and by accident or due to some form of excitement (perhaps anger from not having the kind of drink you like) you break your parents favorite glass!!! What do you do next

    A. Clean up mess and promise mum and dad to do your best not to break anything else

    B. Break every glass in the house then when your brother comes in before parents blame him

    C. Do nothing knowing your guilt or if not at very least your parents anger will subside??

    shall i give you suzakus answer or is it THAT obvious!?!?!?!

    i put a line through so Zacks didnt thinki i was ranting totally at him 🙂 im not

    WingZero zxt
  77. aww.. i LOATHE SUZAKU, really.
    It was a nice thing that kallen and lelouch kiss did not happen.
    yahoo!!!~ ♥
    Lelouch, i’ll support you whatever happens.
    thanks for the summary!!~

    ♥~lulu-chi:CERTIFIED fangirl of lelouch~♥

  78. Well japan situation had two choice, get completely wiped out or surrender and become slaves. Wonder which one sounds better. Japans situation, I’ll say Suzaku had some part in it, but the most obvious and main reason for Japan’s situation is no other, the damn Britanians love to colonize -_-. Oh and the current situation, I blame Lelouch for pulling a stupid Geass evolution on Euphemia. But since we all love Lulu, and for some reason most of us hate Suzaku (I think he’s a bit mess up, but I don’t hate or loathe him and in his mental state… i guess he’s reasonably sane except a bit more assholish) lets blame it on Suzaku. Yay! wait a moment, that was my sarcasim, I really want to say is that given the choice of fighting to the death or surrendering, I’m happy that Japan didn’t get totally wiped. Therefore, I will not blame, and I hope half of us realize that we should blame the situation on the obvious puputraitors, the Britanians.

    Anyways, suprise the Lelouch matured to caring for more people. Watch how the Emperor decides to screw over the Special Adminstrative Region.

    Oh well, I agree that some of Suzaku’s plan are rubbish (jumping into the middle of the enemy lines and wiping them all out is pretty retarded, but somehow works O_o). But this episode, his plan wasn’t to bad. Just that Lelouche pulled a wtf Methane gas deposist ownage plan. SOmething I didn’t expect, pure genius, something not many people could think of, unless possibly, that chinese guy. Btw, thsi time i wasn’t being sarcastic in this paragraph :P.

    Wingzero, you’re being unrealistic, with 1., Suzaku is a naive child, (we’re older so we can’t really answer as the age of a 10 yr old since we don’t think like them anymore) and hearing that his dad wanted to continue to the death, he wanted to choose life. How many of us could firmly say, even when put into the situaiton they could fight to the death at the age of 10.
    Rather, shouldn’t you ask what reactions would a child of the ten or whatever Suzaku age was at that time when told that the fight will be to the death by his Father (he’s the one sending out the orders) would do? Damn I wish there was a psychology major in here to enlighten us.
    And for 2, WTF Would suzaku do if he broke his parents favorite glass. WE DON”T KNOW! BECAUSE ITS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SITUATION. For all I know, he may follow proposal A being a nice naive Justice, Life boy, but I don’t know. Anyways, all i’m saying is you’re make a better point if you posted a situation we all know how Suzaku reacted to.

    Oh and breaker, the reason why Todou did jack crap as a strategist this episodes is A, 1 suit is left. B against a lot of battle ships and suits including 3 round Knights. C They’re at sea and D he isn’t as smart as Lelouche to look into the regions seimology and use it to his advantage.

    1 rant, 2 advice (I hope it didn’t sound like a flame @@) and 1 explanation. Peace

    Sora no Kaze
  79. This might have been discussed, I only glazed over the comments briefly…but just what was C.C. implying by mentioning Lelouch’s mother’s name? Something to the extent of “isn’t that right marianne”

    That was something that stood out to me, though I could just be nit picking.

  80. @Sora no Kaze What i wrote was a metaphor. (obv. i know your not stupid) regarding number 1. Suzaku OBVIOUSLY didnt join the army at age 10 mere minutes after he hears lelouch say hes gona destroy brittania (or break it apart i forget) he probably joined as a teen logical minimum age of 15 (he is suzaku afterall)

    2. Regardless of psychology and regardless of the fact that suzaku is a fictional character in THE GREATEST ANIME EVER MADE isnt it quite human to discover someones reactiion to a situation based on what hes done in other situations which have similar parallels all be it its not an exact metahpor (which is sorta the inherant nature of metaphors tbh.) All im saying is suzakus behavior regarding the brittanian situation would lead me to believe he would choose option B just like in his situation there were three choices The smart obvious one the dumb one and the choice to do nothing hoping the situation would resolve itself. Bottom line when you make a mistake your first reaction is to perform an action contrary to the mistake you made right?????? Suzakus actions are hardly contrary if anything they progress the action he originally took.

    im tired of explaining i think i got everything (back to bed)

    WingZero zxt
  81. Ah hah hah.. Suzaku-chan is just stupid as USUAL (a matter of fact XD)
    Poor Lulu.. What’s with that shaggy act? You sure have a plan, don’t cha?

    Nunally-chan is really a spoiled kid. She’s a cute kid in R1, but now… Guess it’s time to throw her away XD

  82. Sora No Kaze, I understand what your saying, but Lelouch’s plan was a lot more luck than intelligence (though I do believe they go hand in hand at times) and I highly doubt its something todoh was incapable of coming up with either.

    I dont know about Todoh, but if id been in his position, I’d be kicking myself for having not done something as simple as checking the lay of the land.

    I guess I just find it frustrating, everything said about the guy points to him being a formidable fighter and leader. But we don’t really get to see much of that from him. I guess I just wanna see one of Todoh’s Miracles, which this one easily could have been had there not been a need for Lelouch to save the day to contrast with the rest of the episode.

  83. @Breaker

    What Lelouch did was atypical. No one else could do what he did, not even Toudou. The latter may be a good commander, but all his previous success were due to good planning and hard work. Lelouch is pure genius- no one else could have anticipated that. Or else we would be merely reducing the credit of Lelouch’s intelligence. On his day, Zero has no peers.

    Hope his duds in the first scene of the ED minus the chains – though he could use them as whips somehow ;/ – and rips will be his new outfit. Looks cool, but the eyepiece seems unwieldy. There goes half your vision.

    I was laughing maniacally for a few minutes when he capsized the fleet. He sure likes taking advantage of the environment since he can’t accomplish that in chess.

  85. @L

    The difference between Lelouch and everybody else in this instance wasn’t his intelligence, it was a map, give Todoh a map and see if the outcome isn’t the same. If it isn’t wouldn’t you find that a bit disappointing??

  86. just thought of a fourth possibility regarding omni predictions whatll happen to the saz.
    i think itl go well (at least for some time) and the black knights will go international

  87. @Breaker

    It is a sea chart, not a map. And the difference is not in the chart, is whether one knows how to use it. I am sure Toudou has a chart- how on earth would you pilot a submarine without a chart?

  88. I imagine that CC and Lelouche’s mother had a pact at some point as suggested. Perhaps she had the ability to see her own future or that of those around her. Perhaps if Nunnaly had not been made useless she would have been disposed of so she acted in accordance with the future that would allow her to somewhat survive.

    In Episode 1 or so , CC acts as though she has finally met Lelouch. There is also that scene in the very beginning of the series when CC is seen in a kimono like outfit watching over Suzaku and Lelouch as they are climbing that wall.

    Maybe Marianne left it up to her children to fulfill CC’s will since it became impossible for her to do so.

    With all of the scenes concerning religion and all. Seeing the future and prophetic visions does not seem too far fetched of a Geass like power. Of course this is Code Geass. I dunno if they would have made it that predictable… or maybe its only predictable since we are so far along into the series.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  89. I am a fan of the “Japan is now peaceful, but everyone begins to learn about the Emperor’s true plan and the history of C.C. an V.V. in order to ‘kill the gods’ or whatever, which may unite Suzaku and Lelouch with the rest of Japan against the larger enemy that has been hinted at so much thusfar in the series” theory

  90. Also, about Todou and LeLouch, Todou did the expected by the book military strategy, which was to hang tight in the safest position until an opportunity arises to break out. Even had he known about the gas chamber on the ocean floor, he probably would not have known the effect that heating up the ground would have on the environment, in addition, Lelouch used his trademark wit to simultaneously fire the torpedos and lure the fleet into the position he needed them in in order to hit them all. Had Todou had the total knowledge of key structures, ocean layout, physics and Britannian strategy (most of which he does have, but not all) he could have figured out the same strategy. But he didn’t and that is why he is who he is and Lelouch is Zero.

  91. i don’t know if anyone else remember but during the firs season of CG he put this girl under his geass and made her draw crosses on a wall at school. However it seems as if during the year she stopped mid way signifying that it has a time limit. my question is if he can use his geass on the same person after the time limit is over(since it was pretty much a year or so it would be pretty interesting)

  92. @Viceral I spose if the conditions of the geass can no longer be fulfilled then she would go bck to normal
    like if lelouch had sed ,’ Every day that you go to school draw a cross on a brick of this wall’ then since she was no longer going to ashford due to moving everyone it would have simply not acitvated the command due to the conditions not being met

    WingZero zxt
  93. @ breaker

    Not that sure todoh could have pulled it off. After all, it was more of a map on the geology of the area (where each miniral was) If you gave Todoh the map, perhaps he would have chosen what Lelouche did, however, Todoh did not try to get a map of geology (A map of terrain would be more sound, but geology of the area is not something a comander would look at ever if 1 out of a million chance). However, Lelouche thinks of everything, geology, terrain, his powers, and all the minor stuff and uses it to his advantage. thats what makes him a genius of his era. To be able to use the minor things that people overlook and use it to it as an overwhelming advantage shows a sound difference in strategic abilities.

    Sora no Kaze
  94. What is with all the hate again Suzaku. He is still the best character in my book(Totally getting flamed for this :D) Where is Jeremiah Gottwald or Orange he totally needs a come back revenge anyone it will be a major dish of awesome!

  95. i interupt this blog to bring a possibly already done announcement! Code Geass in english SUCKS!!!!! why because somebody who obviously hates his job casted Jonny Yong Booch (aka the second black ranger ever [when the power rangers started to suck]) as Lelouch. Fair enough they were trying to make him sound normal but lelouch IS NOT normal!!! no offence to him but his voice far from fits the role. They should have cast someone like dan green (the pharoh yami from Yu gi oh) tisk tisk tisk

    (this special interruption was brought to you by an idle mind :P)

    WingZero zxt
  96. @Warwalrus to be fair you have a point half of lelouch’s appeal correction a third of it is he fact that compared to Suzaku he is the dal-ay lama (cant spell it!) with the other two thirds being His manifested genius and his voice

    WingZero zxt
  97. @WingZero zxt I am glad someone agrees! That tactic Lelouch pulled was genius complete and total genius, way to annihilate an entire fleet of ships in a minute! Any way the the series is moving along very nicely very enjoyable at the moment! 😀

  98. Nah, there’s a much simpler way of ending the Special Zone. All Zero needs to do is ask a question along the lines of: “Since numbers and britanians are equal in the Special zone that means Japanese will also have the right to possess and pilot military Knight Mares, right?” There’s no way Brittania will agree to this, which in turn would make it look like the Special Zone was another lie.

    Sounds so simple…

  99. Y’know, after watching the first seven episodes, I’ve come to a conclusion.

    The intro to this series is absolutely awful, it’s all over dramatic crap. Am I the only guy who watches this? Because it seems like the series has become too feminine.

  100. I must say im impressed that i could be depicted in the script this way.Although im a bit displeased about that “SLAP” inccident.But nether the less,this was a memorable episode.Heres to the Prologue to season 2.
    -Lelouch Lamperouge (Lelouch Vi Britania,ZERO)

    I dont have alot to say about this.More pizza would have been nice and Lelouch was being childish alot in this episode until the end.I guess season 3 would be something to look forward to.Atleast then i can get more pizza again.
    -Cecelia Lamperouge (C.C.)

    DAMNIT!Why did i slap him?!
    -Kallen Stadtfeld (Kallen Kōzuki)

    Your fault Kallen. ~MEOW~
    -Cecilia Lamperouge (C.C.)

    What the hell C.C.?!Whats with that meow!I outta…wait..wha..w-were still in interveiw?!
    -Kallen Stadtfeld (Kallen Kōzuki)

    Suddenly i feel that this interveiw has degraded…
    -Li Xingke

    Hey Nunally,ready to get outta here and get to the wedding?
    -Suzaku Kururugi

    Ok.Besides^^ It looks like Lelouch is a bit busy with all those girls at the moment.
    -Nunnally Lamperouge

    -Lelouch Lamperouge (Lelouch Vi Britania,ZERO)
    -Cecilia Lamperouge (C.C.)
    -Kallen Stadtfeld (Kallen Kōzuki)
    -Shirley Fenette

    (Painful Wrestled Noises and Lelouch Rasping)

    Ouch..its like a Television Debate gone wrong…
    -Kaname Ohgi
    -Kyoshiro Tohdoh
    -Li Xingke

    Lets just wrap this up and finish this,SHALL WE?
    -Charles Di Britannia (The Empereor)

    Shut it old man!Dont worry Lulu,we can make it a double wedding and get married right along with my cousin Suzaku and your sister Nunnally!
    -Kaguya Sumeragi(aka,Lelouch’s illegal, but detemined, bride to be.)

    -Everyone but Kaguya Sumeragi(aka,Lelouch’s illegal, but detemined, bride to be.)

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