• I’ve been listening to the Macross Frontier soundtrack, and it’s every bit as wonderful as I hoped it’d be. I’m loving the tracks What ’bout my star (both versions), Big Boys (reminds me a lot of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme), and Innocent green. Oh and the Nyan Nyan song is as cute as ever. It’s going to be hard at the end of the year deciding whether this OST is better or the true tears one is – probably this because of all the vocal music (which isn’t to say that Yoko Kanno’s instrumentals aren’t great too). And that’s assuming the next Macross Frontier OST won’t be better.
  • I also managed to scrape together some time this weekend to watch a few episodes of the currently-running drama Zettai Kareshi. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it’s about a girl who gets a robot as her ideal boyfriend, and the love triangle and troubles that this leads to. That might sound silly, but it’s actually really entertaining. I was curious about this adaptation because I read the manga a long time ago, and though a lot of things have changed in the story, it’s still very very good. It has that same spark that I found in the Hana Yori Dango and Yamada Tarou Monogatari dramas – the perfect mix of comedy and romance drama. It can be very funny at times (especially the actor who plays Namikiri), and the romance and drama elements are slightly over the top – just the way I like it. I wish I were blogging it, but sadly I just can’t make the time commitment for a drama series right now (though I may try to next season or the season after that). On a side note, I had the theme song of this series, Okaeri by ayaka in my head all the way until today…when I started listening to the Macross Frontier soundtrack.
  • Also in the news, the official Mai-HiME/Otome website announced a new project. No details about it other than the name and character design of the new heroine, Mao (see the link). While I do wish Sunrise would develop more new original properties, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious what this one will be like, especially since S.ifr’s first episode was better than expected. Speaking of which, the second volume of S.ifr is due out July 25th.

    1. Hm. I am nearly certain that the new “mai hime” project is “Mai-Hime Destiny” novel adaptations…Since the main character has the same name there too(Mao)

    2. Wow a new mai hime series…I agree with UnknownVoice…its probably the adaptation to the mai-hime destiny light novels. Which are pretty good. I love shizuru with a katana, its bad ass.

    3. Macross Sundtrack is Awesome its up in my top tem i think along with

      1.Sousei no Aquarion
      2.Eureka 7
      3.Code Geass season 1 ALI Project ROCK!!!!!
      4.Gurren Lagann (with that many songs and variation of trhe same song youll find one u like eventually :P)
      6. macross Frontier
      7. Claymore
      9.Nodame Cantibile
      10.Gundam 00

      WingZero zxt
    4. “typical excuse for Piracy?”
      I have LOTS os original stuff.
      But i dont mind buy it before listen it once, at last( i only heard fragments in the episodes..)

      good luck against the piracy , sailor !

    5. Been enjoying the soundtrack and it’s a lot better than expected. Just hoping my actual CD gets here this week cause I’d rather make my own MP3 rips with naming and such. Have a lot of Yoko Kanno’s CD soundtracks and love everyone of them to death.

    6. i’m listing to a bunch of songs from macross

      Aimo ( ending epi7)
      the song from miss macross
      Infinity(epi 7 )
      Diamond Crevasse
      Iteza☆Gogo Kuji Don’t be late
      Nanairo ninjin ( carrot song )

      All on this is on youtube 😛

      When the cd is out with al the songs of the series 😛

      I will buy it ofcourse ^_^

    7. The only anime score touching Yoko Kanno’s Macross Frontier one is Taku Iwasaki’s Soul Eater, True Tears would be in 3rd place from Winter + Spring. Though I guess a few spring series could do a gundam seed and have an incredible second half after a decent first.

    8. Mai Hime is good but the ending totaly sucks. Also if Mai Otome wouldn’t have been that good I doubt, that Sunrise would have created Mai Otome Zwei and Zifr and now this next unknown series/ova.

    9. @mutio
      first – its not confirmed that these new series will be for otome. The Mao designs seem to be more hime-ish (the uniform)
      second – the fact that it sold well does not mean that it had quality – sunrise already did the same with their previous FAIL, known as Gundam Seed.

    10. Well really Sunrise is one of t
      he only companies doing original works these days so I find it strange that you would be asking something they frequently deliver Omni. Unless you mean like a whole new starter franchise from scratch rather then an expansion that isn’t an adaptation, which I’m sure isn’t too far off. There’s at least one every year. Really though in this day and age, a franchise expansion itself is a blessing considering most companies seem afraid to even….well have franchises of their own with which to expand and would sooner adapt a manga or game (I could go on for a while about stagnation of the market and a few good men, but really…..). Sunrise, Bones and when they are up to it, Gainax seem to be among the only TV Series producers who are coming up with new franchise ideas.

      Then again, I’m not at all impressed with the idea of a new Mai series and would have taken anything else before that, but beggars can’t be choosers. They just don’t have to be watchers.

      As for the Macross Frontier OST, so far I’ve liked every song except for the opening and that one they play pre-launch a lot of the time. It sounds to folksy and doesn’t do anything to build tension before heading into battle. It’s probably not so much a poor BGM in that it’s just misusd in my opinion.

    11. Macross Frontier OST is packed with full of ‘goodies’! There are quite a handful of songs in the anime that you can only find in the OST! Especially Ranka’s Ninji-n Loves you yeah!

    12. Macross F ost is great although i hope there is clean version of the ‘what bout my star’ song( just my preference, I dont quite like the cheering at the end of it). Yoko Kanno really genius in composing music love the ‘big boys’ theme, and the 23 second nyan-nan cm will goes to my ringtone 😛
      Thanks for sharing the info OMNI

    13. “Ninji-n Loves you yeah!” is so CUTE I could die. But my favorite song has got to be “Infinity”. Too bad that “My boyfriend is a pilot” song isn’t on here, I really liked Ranka’s version of it.

    14. Mai-whatever is probably the only series where a 14-yr old virgin can be a biological mother and a former queen at the same time – next they will tell us that she’s actually a boy 🙂 Surely I misunderstood something about the setting of S.ifr, but that whole franchise is just not worth watching like Kaioshin pointed out. It’s a bit disappointing but I suppose there is sufficient demand for yet another Mai-Otome sequel on the market.

      The Macross music has been on the whole underwhelming so far, but it’s not plain bad like in many other anime, so one can’t complain too much.

    15. WingZero, sorry if I managed to offend your delicate eyes 🙂 Actually, I am a big fan of Kanno Yoko. Especially all of her songs that are performed by Origa, and a number of other GitS pieces. That doesn’t mean that I will automatically like everything she puts out, though.


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