With the filming of the movie BIRD HUMAN set to begin, Ranka manages to get a small role, but she worries if she’ll be able to do it well. She calls Alto hoping that he’d make her feel better about it, and his advice is that she should feel instead of think in order to become the character. Ranka is disappointed, however, when she hears Sheryl yelling at Alto in the background, and Alto has to hang up because he has to return to the shoot he’s doing with Sheryl for the military. He’s disgusted with himself because he realizes what he told Ranka is what his father once told him. Leon meanwhile gets a report saying that the VF-27 couldn’t have been unmanned, but also that a normal human couldn’t endure the output and mobility of it. A few days later, Ranka arrives at the island where the filming will take place, and to her surprise, Mikhail and Luca are there as well because the S.M.S is helping with the filming. Alto isn’t around at first, but he shows up with Sheryl during a discussion between the director and the production staff about using Sheryl’s song as one of the key songs in the movie. Sheryl know that the song they’re talking about doesn’t fit because it wasn’t written for the movie, so she offers to write a new one, but the director wants more time to think about it. Sheryl is then approached by lead actress for the film who was also the winner of the Miss Macross contest, but Sheryl ignores her and talks to Ranka instead.

When the production overhears Sheryl mention Alto’s name, they immediately ask him to be in the movie because they’ve seen his kabuki performances as a princess. Alto doesn’t want to because he quit theater already, and he gets angry after Mikhail accuses him of running away again. Having not known anything about Alto’s past, Ranka learns from Luca and Sheryl that Alto didn’t want to continue the family kabuki tradition and became a pilot after arguing with his father. Distressed by how she didn’t know, Ranka decides to go off into the jungle by herself and makes her way to a cliff overlooking the beach. Since she’s by herself, she starts singing Aimo and unknowingly catches the attention of the director who was fishing in the water below. Unfortunately for her, it also attracts a winged predator. Back below, the production crew has to deal with how the actor for Kudou Shin is now refusing to do a critical underwater scene as well as with how the actress for Mao isn’t here yet. Since Alto is around, they decide to let him be Shin for that particular scene, but Alto doesn’t realize until Luca tells him that it will involve kissing Mao’s actress. He stomps off embarrassed and goes to look for Ranka, and he manages to find her right as she’s about to be attacked by the winged beast.

Though Alto tries to use his gun to protect Ranka, the beast knocks the gun away and smacks him around before it turns its attention back to Ranka. Fortunately for her, Brera suddenly appears and allows the beast to bite into his arm so that he can get an open shot at punching it. Seeing this reminds Ranka of the Vajra attack from her past and of her brother, but her concern is unwarranted because Brera easily uses his blade to slice the creature in half. With the danger gone, Brera starts to walk off, though he does introduce himself to Alto first. Alto then carries the unconscious Ranka back to the movie set, and when she wakes up, she thinks that he was the one who saved her because she doesn’t remember what actually happened. Once the two get back, they learn from Elmo that the director wants Ranka to play the role of Mao and wants to use her song as well. Alto panics because he realizes that this means that he and Ranka will have to kiss, and this also causes Ranka not to immediately accept the role. She admits to Bobby afterwards that she’s not confident in her abilities since she doesn’t understand Mao’s character – in particular, she doesn’t understand how it feels to love the man her sister loves, as was the case with Mao and Sara. This changes when she sees Sheryl suddenly surprise Alto with a kiss on the lips, and though Sheryl pretends that it wasn’t a big deal, it has a significant impact on Ranka.

Because she now understands how Mao feels, Ranka decides to accept the role after all. She and Alto thus go through with the underwater kiss scene, and that scene is especially embarrassing for her to watch when the movie finally premieres. Nevertheless, she gets recognized after the movie ends to the sound of much applause, and the director tells her that her legend starts here.


Wow, that was a really good episode – much better than last week’s. Part of it is because it wasn’t just an homage to Macross Zero – it also advanced the Frontier plot significantly. The two kisses were certainly surprising, but what I loved was how they weaved the Macross Zero/BIRD HUMAN story into everything, from the parallels between the love triangles to how they made the ending of the movie into the ending of the episode too. And the movie version (aka. Tori no Hito) of Aimo has been stuck in my head ever since – boy am I glad the soundtrack is out. It was also interesting to see the director say at the very end that this begins Ranka’s legend because it makes this feel even more like a critical point in the series. With all that’s happened, I suspect that, from this point on, Ranka will become super popular but at the same time, she’ll lose Alto slowly to Sheryl.

Brera also made an appearance this episode, and all clues seem to point to him being Ranka’s true brother. He’s at least part cybernetic, and perhaps that’s the result of the Vajra attack all those years ago. Regardless, it’s looking more and more like he won’t be an antagonist after all since he demonstrated a desire to protect Ranka and since he supposedly wants to reclaim his past, though I still can’t quite figure out what his employer is up to. The preview shows that Brera will be in next episode (or at least his Valkyrie will), but unfortunately there is no Macross episode next week. MBS is replacing it next Thursday with the Rank Oukoku show, and TBS is replacing it next Friday with soccer (UEFA EURO 2008). Episode 11 will air on June 19th.


  1. Just watched the episode.

    I absolutely LOVE how Macross just keeps having these dynamic endings where they tie in the ending credits with the episode. First time they did it was with Diamond Crevasse in ep6 and now this. Other anime studios could definitely take some lessons from Satellite.

    The animation was very stellar this week, and thankfully we’re spared of Filipino outsourcing for the most part next week too (judging from the preview). Great Zero tie in.

    RAGE!!! I RAGE HARD at no Macross next week. First it was Geass last week, and next week it’s Macross. GRRRRRR. Why don’t they skip like, Naruto or some stupid show like that?

  2. Oh yeah, Ranka’s stock went up *slightly* this week, but still cannot compare to Sheryl. I just love Sheryl – she’s so playful. She can make me call her queen any day.

  3. Can’t wait for the raw! My internet is abnormally slow today and is taking another 3 hours to finish so I haven’t watched this yet but I have some questions.

    Does this episode spoil Macross Zero?

    If Sheryl is Mao Nome’s great-granddaughter and Mao is a legend, doesn’t that make Sheryl a living descendant of a legend too? Strange they haven’t mentioned that before. Strange she had to grow up all alone too.

  4. @Brooklyn

    Not necessarily true. It depends on whose kiss scene was more emphasized. Looking at this episode, Ranka kiss > Sheryl kiss in terms of focus. So I say you are right. For this particular case atleast.

  5. Surprise kisses are awesome. I love how they used the anticipation over the Ranka kiss to catch people off guard with Sheryl’s kiss with Alto. Very cute scene.

    Brera seems less of a bad guy now that he risked himself for Ranka’s sake. I want to see how her feelings for the two guys pan out now.

  6. Geez, they’re sure laying it on thick, aren’t they? Alto Ranka looks like it’s shaping up to be Hikaru Minmei in reverse. With the way things are going, I’m not surprised if Ranka take Sheryl’s place in stardom (if not, then super famous herself) while Sheryl adapts to an ordinary life like she always seem to want.

  7. @W-General
    Even if that Filipinos supposedly did THAT episode, that doesn’t mean that you have to go racist at us Filipinos. You just don’t go assuming that we made/will make every badly animated episode.

  8. @ragnarok164

    That part must have been “outsourced” since W-General claims that it is the caused of animation quality drop.Anyway it’s good that the story is picking up again after that stand alone episode last week.I’m honesty rooting for Ranka since I’m just a sucker for small cute things(and people) in general.Kinda surprised that Sheryl kissed Alto this early in the series.I’m hoping the subs come out tomorrow.

  9. @mary

    Considering Ranka is imitating Mao here, who lost, and has a Minmei vibe, who lost, I’m not seeing it right now.

    I also wish people would stop constantly talking about the animation, even for episodes that have passed. Nothing in Macross has been bad enough so far to harp on as much as some do.

  10. haven’t watched the episode yet but it looks fantastic. long live sherylxalto! i still adore ranka but she looks to be this series minmei in reverse. why was sheryl on set if she didn’t have a role in the movie? promo? special guest?

  11. Not being racist or having anything against Filipino. Just stating the observation of the quality drop in those episodes. I have proof too.

    If you look at the ending credits for episode 10 (which has stellar animation), under the Shiage section, it says in Japanese “Hiwa”, “Studio Eru” and “Nara Animation.” Shiage is the part that’s responsible for everything that’s not keyframes (which are done by Satellite themselves).

    Then when you looking at the episode credits for episode 6 (while a great episode, the animation was inconsistent), you see evidence of outsourcing. But then again, now that I look at it, I see it’s not just Filipino (“KMU Manila Studio”) but also Chinese outsourcing (“ShangJie Animation” and “Zizidongman”). So I stand corrected – sorry to make it sound like I dislike Filipinos or anything against them. I am merely pointing out outsourcing = reduced quality in animation.

    I should have said, “We’re thankfully spared of Filipino and/or Chinese outsourcing.”

  12. … Brera Stern, played by MIYU.

    Nice to see that Brera’s there, keeping Ranka out of trouble for whatever reasons. STill, it looks like the relationship front’s building up, in part thanks to Brera’s intervention. Also nice to see they’r ekeeping his air of mystery.

  13. Sorry to everyone but I totally can’t stand seeing a Ranka x Alto ending as it is now, Ranka look like a freaking grammer school kid OK. Maybe if they can push the time forward a bit and show Ranka a few yrs older, or else I am totally rooting for Sheryl and Alto ending and no one else.
    Right now an Alto and Ranka ending would make Alto look like a pedophile.

  14. @ W-General

    “We’re thankfully spared of Filipino and/or Chinese outsourcing.” still sounds a bit harsh. Let’s just say that the non-Japanese studios are doing well considering the fact that the animation industry in other Asian countries is relatively young compared to Japan. Outsourcing is a stepping stone and learning opportunity for them.

  15. Personally, I like Ranka’s character much more than Sheryl’s. I’m more simply hoping that Ranka gets a happy ending, whether that means she’s paired with Alto or not. I prefer Ranka’s side to the triangle than Sheryl’s, though, because Ranka acts more like a schoolgirl with a crush, which is cute, while Sheryl pursues her side way too deliberately, which is a turn-off.

  16. I’m betting Brera is Ranka’s brother too. There were strong hints in this episode. I also think Ranka will end up with Alto in the end. Which is a shame because I love Sheryl so much more.

  17. For some reason I do not like Sheryl. She’s so boring and annoying. And I feel like she knows that Ranka likes Alto since she is a super star she think can get anybody she wants. She likes Alto too and she is doing everything to pull him away from Ranka. Sorry that’s just my opinion.

  18. If she likes Alto she has every right to go after him. *shrugs* I’m too crazy about Ranka because she is your typical “damsel in distress”. Plus she looks so young next to Alto….she looks like she is 11. Gives it a lolicon feeling, which is revolting to me. I know she is actually only like a year younger then Alto, but it doesn’t change how she looks. I wish she looked older at least.

  19. wow! macross zero… anyway nice episode and by the way knowing macross zero both female lead had a family name of “nome” how are they related to sheryl? if there are any.

  20. waaait a second. mao was a teenage girl in zero, single, and 4 years later she and her island gets vaporized. she couldn’t have…could she? O_o i’m sure the nome reference is just teaser material.

  21. Ranka has a higher chance of dying than ending up with Alto, more than likely she’ll be a massive star by seasons end while Sheryl semi retires to be with Alto. Stardom 50%, Dying 30%, Alto 20%.

    Also all you people thinking Ranka is going to win, realize who’s in charge of Frontier, Shouji Kawamori not some otaku hack with a fixation on moeblobs. Look at his work over the last 25 years over every Macross and everything else like Escaflowne, Arjuna and Aquarion. It would be out of character for him to make Ranka win Alto since it’s obvious by his history he prefers strong woman like Sheryl Nome.

    Also it’s much more easier for him to give Ranka Lee a good losers ending than it is for Sheryl Nome. What’s a good losers ending for Sheryl? She continues to be the Galactic Fairy like she was before the series started? Amazing character progression that would be… Ranka otoh going from someone who worked at Nyan Nynas and went to school to someone who played a key role against the Varja threat as well as becoming a galaxy wide superstar is a pretty good losers ending isn’t it? And if he wants the 3 to be friends at the end like the original trio from the original once again Sheryl winning fits that better.

  22. still rooting for Ranka though. Even though Ranka does give off the Minmei vibe everywhere, it doesn’t have to end up like THE Macross series. I mean, shouldn’t the creator create more variation in his endings? Why should he pattern Macross F with the first Macross? If that were the case, it will be just like taking same old Macross story just with different characters… Well, sure the main idea of robot, fighting, sci-fi aliens and love triangle can be the same elements but NOT necessarily the outcome… That’s just my opinion anyway.

    And I beg to disagree that Ranka is a weak character. Sure she has her insecurities (for very good reasons) and childish moments but she just lost her family and is suffering from trauma. Some people develop insecurities and worries through that experience, that’s not being weak though. The way Ranka is able to cope with her insecurities little by little especially when she joins Miss Macross pageant AND the way she accepted Mao’s role even after that hesitation, that’s what makes her character grow stronger little by little. So yeah, even if she can be insecure and immature at some points, I still like her more since she’s growing so well and her character is built up slowly every episode that you can’t just help but adore her!

    Ranka x Alto FTW! X3 (random ending lol)

  23. Totally agree with Zalem. Every point. I don’t like damsels in distress nor lolicons.
    Plus, Ranka’s phone and when her hair moves it triggers my repulse for green slugs/caterpillars/bugs/slime/goo/jellyfish/snakes/reptiles/monsters/hydra/giant blobs that try to eat you like giant amoeba. #shudders# Sea cucumbers freak me out.

    I like Ranka’s purity and innocence though. I also like her voice when she’s not going “nyan” or some loli song. I love the “tsunagu te no hira no ondo de shizuka ni me wo samasu yo” part of Aimo ~Tori no Hito~. Because of her purity alone, I want her to have a happy ending. Who knows? If she grows taller and lets her hair grow longer, she might turn out quite pretty. She should keep wearing dresses like the white one with cute boots at the end of this ep (her best outfit yet) and stay away from carrots.

    As for pairing I still cheer Alto x Sheryl since they are cute when they’re together. Ranka is cute as she is, and she actually becomes more annoying around Alto coz IMO she’s putting expectations on Alto to encourage her and listen to her life. Now I like both Sheryl and Ranka far more than Alto, and come to think of it the only times I find Alto interesting is when he’s with Sheryl. No, never when he gets to save Ranka in distress. Not even when he fights is he particularly interesting. For fights, Brera already stole the spotlight.

    Er, now is it possible that Ranka’s voice also draws wild fierce animals, fish, and cyborgs in addition to Vajra? How did an animal like that roam around free in a closed environment anyway?

  24. Kawamori finally matured over the years and became a loli then…everyone can see from this episode Ranka and Alto will get together. ‘Cept for the steamy kiss Sheryl looks like a side character here. They never did that to green girl. Plot loves her, even if Sheryl’s hotter.

  25. ^

    You must have missed the previous episodes where they gave 90% of screentime to Sheryl. Understand that there is not one, but TWO heroines in the series.

    And no, can’t see it. (I think it’s the opposite actually. o.o)

  26. I love this episode. Seems like the triangle aspect of the show is now really starting to get moving. I am also of the opinion that a SherylxAlto ending is more and more likely to happen after watching this episode. As much as I love Ranka’s character, I am getting the vibe that she’s going to have a tragic ending. In my eyes, she still the bait and sacrificial lamb.

  27. Derrick: I said the PREVIOUS (5-8) episodes have given most of their screentime to Sheryl. This is a nice balance after the first four focused on Ranka. Like it or not, Sheryl and Ranka ARE the heroines of the series. It’s to be expected they both share a healthy amount of screentime. Implying that Sheryl is a side character is moot, especially as the opening seems to prove you wrong.

    “Plot loves her, even if Sheryl’s hotter.”

    If the plot loves Ranka, then it’s 90% Sheryl will get Alto. One heroine for the story, one heroine for the man. It’s unlikely that Kawamori will allow a MAIN HEROINE to end up with *nothing* (Sheryl) so if she isn’t important to the plot as Ranka is, then she’ll be important to Alto. It may be possible that Kawamori might change this formula a bit, but as far as his stuff goes, that’s how it goes. *shrugs*

  28. lysanthus-Can you tell me why in Macross Zero Sara got the Man and the central Plot if your Kawamori is so absolute? Who cares about history…People can comfort themselves about Sheryl’s loss. I feel bad for the chick too…but I’m just stating what’s obvious here.

  29. I am both confused and interested. I loved Macross Zero and loved the references that Frontier had. Having Frontier act out Zero caught me completely off guard though.

  30. The plot didn’t exactly “love” Sara. At least not in the traditional Macross singer role.
    She was not the solution. She WAS the disaster. She sung the song of destruction.

    Contrast this to Minmei, Myung, Ishtar and Basara who sung the song of salvation

    And wasn’t the song that guided Shin to the stars, Mao’s song?


  31. Derrick… we have countless Ranka fans whining about too much Sheryl and how she’s dominating the show and yet you think Rankas had more screentime?

    Going by screentime…

    Episode 1 = Sheryl
    Episode 2 = Ranka
    Episode 3 = Ranka
    Episode 4 = Ranka
    Episode 5 = Sheryl
    Episode 6 = Sheryl
    Episode 7 = Sheryl
    Episode 8 = Sheryl
    Episode 9 = N/A
    Episode 10 = Ranka

    And the best thing is that for every episode that focuses on one over the other there has beens strong undertones for the other one. They have done a good job with both characters, this isn’t Code Geass where Kallen got a lot of development, than got ignored for C.C in the second half. If this happens again in R2….

  32. heheh well Derrick haven’t you seen the beginning or end of the shows where they say who it’s sponsors are.. if you wait a little bit you’ll usually see a shot of Sheryl smiling or something.But you can’t really base this whole screen time, because both have almost the exact same time on the show, except sheryl has a little more screen time with Alto than ranka since he is the only thing that she doesn’t have…

    But man did you see the jealousy in ranka’s eyes when she saw them kissing again.. wow i guess Ranka isn’t as humble as we thought she was, because after she saw that kiss she went strait to the director for Mao’s part hehehe

    Show Spoiler ▼

  33. Actually, I do think Ranka has more screentime than Sheryl too. All those Sheryl episodes have like 40-50% Ranka undertones though, unlike episodes 1-4 where there’re like 20% Sheryl undertones. But I am one of those people who are whining about the increased Sheryl screentimes DESPITE that fact haha It’s probably because Ranka looks
    like a neglected puppy whenever Sheryl’s around.

    Speaking of this episode, Alto and Ranka looked so cute here. I especially loved the piggyback scene. They’re so pure together. I’m so enjoying Ranka’s high school crush on Alto, and the way Alto treats her in return. I hope Kawamori doesn’t turn all crazy and kill off Ranka in the end. I think that’s the strongest reason why she won’t end up with Alto. Kawamori’s cameo character here seems to be fond of Ranka though. We’ll see lol

    Lastly, Brera Sterne is so cool. Too cool.

  34. Just curious…

    Has it been confirmed that Macross F will end within one season? I note that the previous TV series both lasted quite long (especially for Macross 7).

    On a lighter note I think neither Sheryl or Ranka will get Alto because we all know Alto secretly enjoys being a princess^^ (recalls Alto smiling away at himself after he was done fixing his hair in front of the mirror… what kind of man does that? seriously…)

  35. Macross Frontier hasn’t really been built at all like a competitive love triangle the likes of which you see in an average Visual Novel adaptation, but rather a mutually supportive triangle where each of the characters has something to offer the other one. That’s really what sets it apart from the average romantic themes you see in any given anime series these days.

    Also what is it with some people and there having to be a “winner”. Last time I checked Macross stories have never come down to soley to the conclusion of who the male lead ends up forming a couple with, but other things as well. I don’t get why this is such a huge focus for some people and why they could have trouble excepting certain conclusions to the love triangle. As long as it fits then shouldn’t that be good enough? Competitions in everything……

  36. Ranka hang in there! After giving it some thought i chose Ranka. You see i have this….thing….for hot chicks that are shy and clumsy. But on the other hand i also like cocky little princesses that fall for a guy that treats them harsh.

    Oh GOD! Which one to choose! Ranka or Sheryl? I……cant………….that….dont……..*mind exploded*

  37. Both Sheryl and Ranka fans are putting too much weight on a simple kiss. One was a surprise from Sheryl which we get often in many shows, and Rankas was scripted into the movie, making it forced either way.

    I’m personally a Sheryl fan, but even I know it’s too early in this 25ep show to start tossing out “zomg sheryl/ranka x alto ending coming!”

    For what it’s worth though, If all the Ranka x Alto stuff kicks in starting now in the middle of the series, I can also say that that looks like a sign for a Sheryl ending also. But do I have proof? No, this is all just a feeling from having seen so many shows which all follow a similar dynamic. It’s like this, you have girl A and girl B, you start with the first one early, then move into the 2nd’s part in the middle, then switch back to the first for the ending. It’s happened often in lots of shows but again, I’m not going to try and bang home the idea that we already have the makings of either a Sheryl or a Ranka ending. If anything we’ll know more/better by the start of episode 18-20. For now it’ll just go back and forth between Sheryl centric and Ranka centric episodes to develop both.

  38. Rooting for SherylxAlto too ^^

    I do not think Sheryl is trying to get in Renka’s way at all, as she helped her more then once, nor that she is a ‘know it all’ or ‘can get whoever she wants’ : she is a fighter who reached her status in society by hard work, what she is now is the rightful result of her efforts.
    Mind you, I am not against Renka as a character nor anything, I love her songs and she is a very ok girl ^__^ But on the other side, for the ‘pure innocent blushing little girl who has a bad past but keep moving on and change herself’ to be the Love heroine of the anime would be sickly predictable? Sheryl being the ‘strong one who could still live on her own’ should immediately be doomed to never be loved and loose to the ‘nice girl’?…

    In the end, more then looking at the 2 girls, should we better focus on Alto’s reactions to both of them?

  39. I just have to say something here….


    For one, the girl who made Alto blush the most out of all 10 episodes is Ranka. (When Alto found out they were going to kiss) And I’m talking about quality, not quantity.

    I don’t get the logic of an early RankaxAlto development turning into a Sheryl win. Isn’t the one with an early development here SherylxAlto? Just one date and suddenly, Alto and Sheryl started getting closer and Ranka suddenly doesn’t matter after 4 episodes. Isn’t that development? It looked even forced to me. The development Sheryl fans are waiting for at the end of the series is already happening/happened. Ranka is just starting to get her OWN chance at Alto and people keep shooting her down. The girl loves Alto, she has every right to be with Alto other than the fact that “Sheryl and Alto’s slave thing is cuter or Sheryl’s prettier/stronger”—> which is nothing but an opinion. =/

    I doubt Kawamori’s going to trash all those TEN episodes of Ranka developing feelings for Alto so that Sheryl and Alto can get together. Thirteen episodes even, based on spoilers. That’s…what? Half of the series? I don’t think so. That will be inconsistent of him. It’s not like Sheryl will go crazy or hit rock bottom if she doesn’t end up with Alto. People sure are exaggerating. Kawamori can take care of her too without ever being inconsistent.

  40. I have the feeling, that Brera is a Vajra too..
    Maybe we got some Ranka x Alto development, but next episode seems to focus on Ranka climbing the ladder of success – which also forces her to sacrifice things.
    From that aspect, Sheryl has better cards for being with Alto.

    But whatever, the series isn’t even half way through, so anything can happen. In the end we get a Canvas 2 ending xD.

  41. W-General not to be picking on you but if you read the credits at the end there are other outsourcing animation from several countries.

    Thai, Korean, Filipino names has been seen in the credits of several episodes so you can’t exactly say that it was Filipino outsourcing that is the problem.

    Now it has always been about budgeting and who is the particular director for that episode.

    If you want to know if a Filipino did that episode read the credits if the name has a Spanish lastname.

    Most Filipinos have Spanish lastnames.

  42. Awesome ep. Go Sheryl! Go!
    Just one small WTF?! about that fight against that manticore thingy. I mean come on an animal that usings attack moves like that is ridiculous, it was on par with Red XIII.

  43. @Sherry

    That’s basically what most people don’t even bother with, what Alto thinks/feels. I still say it’s too early in the series to get a good idea of his feelings towards the girls but also at the same time he identifies with the two differently.

    What I mean is that he sees Sheryl as more of a women and Ranka as more of the younger sister type friend. We’ll just have to wait and see how the events in this episode work out later down the line, (events being the kisses). But at the same time I think out of the 3 only Ranka puts a lot behind the kiss than the other 2 do.

  44. @diva

    Sorry, I really don’t know much what to answer since, even if your addressed your post to me, it’s not a really a critic of a line I wrote specifically, but better a general opinion of a RankaxAlto shipper, which relationship is without a doubt very *VERY* possible : will Ranka’s success lead to her loosing Alto slowly and furthering the distance between them like the trailer implied? Is it the complete contrary and will we witness a RenkaxAlto finale? Only the future episodes will tell us how it ends up; but the fact Alto lost the earing, better then keeping it as a ‘special luck charm from a special girl’ shows clearly the producers didn’t want for Sheryl to have a head off with Alto by linking them together through an item.

    Just one last thing : I do not thing that one or the other ‘deserve’ or ‘have the right to’ or not to be loved, better then the other, if it’s the impression my post gave you. I only pointed out the predictability of the ‘nice girl’ winning the heart of the ‘cold grumpy guy’…which is not BAD, but PREDICTABLE. It’s different. Both girls have special features that makes them very moving and interesting, but I can’t hardly root for them both to end up with Alto ^^;;;; so I simply stated which was my actual coupling preference.


    Neh? I think too that Alto’s position and feelings should be taken a lot more into consideration better then only the girls running after him *he is so loved* aha~ ^^
    I’d say he deeply cares for both of them, but for the time being I don’t think he’s got any romantic feelings for either girls, in spite of a lot of blushing ^_~

    For the time being, truthfully, I am more interested in Alto’s past then the love triangle. Which is why the trailer showing off a kiddy Alto made me very happy, so cute ♥

  45. Yay for summary! \^_^/

    Um, still curious about something.
    What was talk between Leon and mysterious woman at Formo about?
    What’s the thing that looks like part of Sheryl’s earring?? <-very curious
    And her voice, is she the same person who gave orders to Brera last ep?

  46. “I suspect that, from this point on, Ranka will become super popular but at the same time, she’ll lose Alto slowly to Sheryl.” I think it’s highly possible too :0 [i hope it happens] 😛 aww man, it’ll be ages til we see the next episode of macross F.. TT__TT

  47. @Invy
    More like what happened after Macross Zero, to Shin and Sara or mao if that matters. I can’t wait to watch this episode; ever since I watched Macross Zero, which was pretty much, my first Macross (without counting that I watched robotech in the 90s), I was hoping to see some sort of continuation of the Zero storyline, looks like am about to get served with Frontier.

  48. I have to agree with the non-happy ending finish to MF. I think by the end both Ranka & Sheryl might just “disappear” the way Sara Nome does in Macross Zero; although not necessarily the same way.

  49. heh both disapear? that wouldnt be a nice way to end off their characters. all this char development would just go to waste. just wait till the end of the series to see who wins. its kinna fun waiting to find out anyway, so why kill the fun now eh?

  50. it won’t have gone to waste if it gets a response out of the audience. maybe with all these shipping fanatics yapping about, kawamori will get pissed and decide to screw them all over, which i’m personally not against. 😛

  51. A great tie in with Zero, after all it seems that the Sheryl could be related to Mao after all and it looks like the Anti-UN forces are back. Earlier someone mentioned that Maian island was vaporized in the Zentradi bombardment. While the island was destroyed, I am certain Mao was one of the survivors on the Macross and not on the island. Remember back at the end of Zero? Mao and the other Mayans were refugees on the Asuka carrier. Which no doubt returned to its station on Macross Island and dropped the Maians off there as new citizens of Macross.

    As for the Anti-UN forces Brera is no doubt there elite fighter and Grace, Sheryl’s own manager is his boss. There is plenty of proof of this:
    1. Grace spys on the secret presidential meeting of discovering the Vajra nest, then Brera is ordered to destroy the nest to hide evidence by Grace.
    2. The Anti-UN had superior technology, but relied on quick sneak attacks rather then Brute force to make up for there small numbers. As such the Anti-UN would no doubt resort to using cyborgization to make elite soldiers and spies ex. Grace and Brera.
    3. Brera’s fighter is nearly identical to Nora’s fighter from Zero in appearance and superiority over UN fighters.

    I doubt Sheryl releases what Grace is up to. More likely Grace uses her relationship with Sheryl to help her spy on the UN. In Ep3 she asked the Lieuntant who was Ozma’s ex for some Access codes so she could locate the missing Sheryl by plugging into the ship. No doubt she would make great use of those codes her spying activities. It also occurred to me that Grace seems to resemble Nora quite a bit, think of the irony the descendants of Nora and Mao working together.

    Roy Fokker88
  52. It’s interesting how a couple of kisses can get people so worked up. Remember: the louder a person protests, the more it betrays their feelings of insecurity over what just happened. 😉

    Right now, I think the triangle has more to do with developing a conflict between the two girls that will need to be later resolved, than it does with any “choice” on Alto’s part. There’s much to be said in how Ranka took the role this episode: she’s faced with the realization that her truest friend is also her greatest rival. How she overcomes that conflict will be an important part of her character’s growth.

  53. @Roy FOOKER,
    First of all, the Macross Zero, is a prelude to the original Macross Series, “The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross”, the anti-UN and the UN were both trying to gain control of the artifacts that fell into the sea, that is, the would-be Macross battleship. So, I highly doubt that the Anti-UN are behind this, as the Ventradi war started shortly after the end of the Anti-UN and UN wars.

  54. @cain: didn’t the macross battleship fell on land?

    looks like mao is going the way of minmei=super stardom= loss of time for alto= altoxsheryl


    brera is either black-ops or anti-u.n.

  55. When you look at the love triangle you kind of see that Ranka basically uses Alto to feel better or for support, while Sheryl actually has gotten to know him. Ranka knows nothing about Alto because she never bothered to ask. Every time she talks to him it’s about her or her problems. Sheryl and Alto are a more mutual understanding and support. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

  56. @MichJobert,
    the Macross Battleship indeed crashed into the island where Shin met Sara and Mao Nome, I am actually watching the first episode of “The Super Dimensional Macross” right now. I take it for Zero they actually changed this for the purpose of the story. Anyway, I highly doubt that in this day and age, being the timeline of Frontier, that the Anti-UN had been holding grudges against the UN Spacy, in times like this, Mankind should be united not divided.

  57. @Cain: uh, no. It was never shown or stated that Macross crashed on the mayan island. To add proof to that, where is the huge city around the macross then? Wouldn’t Sara be going in fits about all the kudons on her island before meeting shin? Zero takes place in 2008, one year before Hikaru pilots his first VF in that city, so it should be there next to the macross and fully functional if that’s the case. They didn’t change anything from the original in Zero.

  58. @Tmoo, it is stated in Macross, that the city was built while the Macross Battleship was being built, in the very first episode of the original series, the Macross crashed on a deserted island.

  59. This episode was the best! It keeps getting better and better! To me, Ranka sings better than Sheryl. *puts on “I support Ranka” t-shirt*

    As for the Alto pairings, I also think its going to be AltoxSheryl…
    I feel sorry for Ranka, already…

    Well, next episode gets even better.

    On the side, did anyone notice how Mao was more recognized than Sara at the awards?

  60. wait…maybe since I haven’t seen this ep yet…how does everyone know that she is mao’s great grand daughter? I’m smart enough to realize the same last names so I figured there has to be some relation…but other than that…I have no clue.

  61. @cain: er yeah, i know. But it isn’t on the mayan island. And by 2008 most of the city would be built and fully functional. Macross launches in 2009, and if my eyes don’t decieve me the city was fully established by that time. Unless they miraculously built a city in one year. Also, the mayan island is inhabited. If you need reference, check the Macross Compendium, it states everything up to the end of Zero there in a time line.

  62. @Tmoo,
    I will make sure to check the Compendium, but am basing my answers solely on my understanding of the Macross Zero / Original Macross plot, I am by no means an expert in the Macross Universe background etc .. etc .., just wanted to add, that in Zero, the “mayans” were evacuated when the UN and the Anti-UN fought in the skirmish at the end of Zero, and the “awakening” of the alien artifact.

  63. woo good ep, i just watched zero too. ionno why tho, but it annoyed me how the lead actress playing sara has orange and curly hair, ranka too. one would think since its a movie they would at least dye their hair.. look at alto.

  64. I’ve really been enjoying the two heroines passing Alto back and forth honestly.

    But I’m still rooting for the Sheryl x Alto ending. Ranka’s role in all this is to become a burgeoning superstar, like Minmay (even comes from a Chinese restaurant), and influence the fight like Minmay, since every vajra in the galaxy is attracted to Ranka…
    And maybe we’ll even see her singing of “Aimo” save Alto from a near death situation like Myung did to Isamu in Plus and Mao did to Shin in Zero.

    In Sheryl’s development, we get to see the more natural side to her. One that it should be very clear from her playtime at the mall and various other alone time with Alto that she only shows him. In front of her fans, Sheryl has to be The Galactic Fairy, but when she’s with Alto she can be herself. Manipulative, toying, playful wonderful tsundere bitch that she is.

    And from that standpoint, we can see why she would open up to Alto. Just like everyone else at the filming, Sheryl has known *exactly* who Alto is from long before. She knows he’s a famous kabuki actor. Sheryl also understands that he ran away from show business to do what he really wants, flying, and understands that completely. Being similar people, Sheryl loves to sing, but with Alto, she can really be herself and the two both understand.


    And it’s not like Sheryl and Ranka are all that competitive. Sheryl has helped Ranka gain her own popularity and career with helpful advice. She lets Ranka earn her own place, rather than saying “I’m Sheryl and this is Ranka Lee, everyone love her too!” Sheryl wants Ranka to realize how important singing is to the both of them, and rise on her own…with a little bit of encouragement here and there.

    If Ranka keeps to the sidelines and loses Alto to Sheryl that way, it’s her own fault. She simply realized it later than Sheryl, who liked to toy with Alto right away. Maybe Sheryl fell in love with Alto at first fall 🙂

  65. Man, the people working on the show are going to feel so much pressure when its the last episode….theyre going to get a bashing from at least one faction according to who he ends up with. maybe they’ll explode and give a really obscure ending.

  66. At any rate Ranka should know by now what her true feelings are judging by this episode hence her forced march forward. Whether she can actually do anything about it is another matter.

    Rising stardom and and growing a relationship don’t exactly mix so I would agree with OMNI’s analysis that quote “With all that’s happened, I suspect that, from this point on, Ranka will become super popular but at the same time, she’ll lose Alto slowly to Sheryl.”

  67. If you ask me, as long as Ranka has the will and desire to be with Alto–something Minmay didn’t realize till it was too late–Ranka’s in the right path to the Alto. ^__^ Kawamori won’t do a SDF Macross type of story all over again. That I’m sure of. Besides, I don’t see him forsaking Ranka after sharpening her feelings for Alto and giving her this much attention in the story. That’s like shooting the foundations of the story.

  68. >>Melchior wrote: But I’m still rooting for the Sheryl x Alto ending. Ranka’s role in all this is to become a burgeoning superstar, like Minmay (even comes from a Chinese restaurant), and influence the fight like Minmay, since every vajra in the galaxy is attracted to Ranka…<<

    They just want to bring her flowers… that´s why they constantly attack. 😛

  69. A friend of mine introduced me to anime via both Macross Frontier and Azumanga Daioh. I’m definitely a newbie to this. I’ve been avidly following this series each and every week (via the blog) and it gets more and more intriguing all the time. Saw the ending to Macross 7, and listening to Yoko Kanno’s score for the ending to this episode was breathtaking and an absolute delight.

    A few things: It looks like Ozma knew Mao personally. It’s great to see that indirect connection with the past. I was kinda expecting that Brera Sterne would be a cyborg. What I didn’t expect was the he might also be suffering from amnesia.

  70. Don’t forget the Vietnamese in doing Macross Frontier. Oh yeah I have a feeling the olympics will delay Macross Frontier in August. So except MBS/TBS to might not show some eps later on.

  71. @Tmoo & Cain
    See I told you guys that the Mayan people were most likely moved to Macross City. Whats more the “Legend of Zero” would have had to have been told by Mao because the only other people who knew what really happened was Shin and Sara, who we all know disappeared.

    @ MichJobert
    True. While it has not been shown for sure who Brera is working for yet. The Anti-UN certainly fits the bill storywise not just in the tactics and mechs used by Brera, but in the fact that the UN and Anti-UN struggle is a representation of the Capitalism verus Communist struggle of the Cold War. If you look back at Ep2-4 starting with the first look at the S.M.S hanger it is commented that thanks to the Free Markets of Capitalism S.M.S has the best mechs and gear available. Now if so much attention is shown to the fact that Ranka’s adopted brother Ozma represents Capitalism it makes sense for her real brother, Brera to be representing some Communist faction. Perhaps there will be a kind of Roy/Ivanov like conflict between the two “brothers” Ozma and Brera?

    Roy Fokker88
  72. “the UN and Anti-UN struggle is a representation of the Capitalism verus Communist ”

    I just find it hard to have this kind of plot on a Macross, at least, post-zentradi war > . < … socialism ftw …

  73. I think it’s interesting nobody’s mentioned that Ozma said “Dr.Mao”. So that’s pretty much proof Mao grew up, survived, and has passed on her legacy. Also of note is the similar reactions the Vajra and Bird-Human from Zero had when Sara would sing and when Ranka was singing in the mall. Possible relation or complete coincidence?

    Also, since some people seemed to miss this, at the end of Zero the Bird-Human with Sara inside was hit with 4 nukes and Shin flew into space in a non-functioning VF-0. I think it’s pretty safe to assume they’re both dead.

    As for Brera and Grace, the Galaxy fleet is known for it’s advanced technology so would it be unreasonable to think that they’re spies from Galaxy trying to hide something? Brera’s a cyborg and Grace has used her implants to hack a security meeting with the president. Personally, I think it’s likely the Vajra are a weapon secretly developed by Galaxy that has gotten out of control. Maybe they were trying to recreate a Bird-Human (the similarity in reaction to Sara/Ranka singing) and the possible descendent of Mao being Ranka (Ozma saying it was fate for Ranka to play her role). The tie ins with Zero will hopefully continue and be fully explained by the end of the series.

    Finally, Alto has two women trying to get him. That’s 2 more than me, so as long as he gets one of them in the end is all good.

  74. @ noname
    “Finally, Alto has two women trying to get him. That’s 2 more than me, so as long as he gets one of them in the end is all good.”

    Hahaha, you’re funny dude.

  75. actually i’m more concerned about what Ozma said “playing Dr. Mao role…”
    Could it be, Mao has become some great scientist in the time of Macross F or it was just a mistranslation ?

  76. @sejo76
    Thanks, I try 😉

    My current hypothesis, which will probably change, is that there was some kind of further research done on the Bird-Human and seeing as how Mao had his blood infused into her would mean everything centered around her. She was fascinated by the cities and technology so it’s not absurd to think she went to receive an education to better understand herself and her sister’s abilities? But that’s really sketchy atm.

  77. Everyone is literally forgetting the Macross 7 Triangle, if everyone wants a non-happy or unresolved ending, the triangle in 7 is the way to go, didn’t like the Macross Zero ending, but it was a enjoyable OVA.

    Alto may begin to equally love them both, and may not make a choice, or the SDF way. >.>

  78. @W-General.

    Trust me in this one. Better the filipino outsourcing that Gonzo outsourcing. Have you EVER seen a GONZO animation that isnt stellar when they aren’t paid big bucks? Look at everything GONZO has done and you will understand me.

    Truth to tell.. i dont want to know how it would have looked.
    As for the part with Sheryl and Mao Nome.. just what did ranka’s brother say about it being fate that Ranka played Mao’s role?

  79. This episode was the most meta thing I’ve seen in awhile. Not only is it a homage and funny way to bring in Zero, it also reintroduces key points from Zero that play a part here. Like Dr. Mao 😛

    As for who Alto ends up with? Doesn’t matter if the build keeps up the way it has been. Ranka/Sheryl seem like they could be friends (Sheryl dissing the star to talk to Ranka was a great scene). Not to mention it’s nice to have a relationship where the triangle isn’t fighting each other.

  80. I saw Ep 10 RAW and only say the subbed version today so I missed the Doctor Mao part. I think dragoneyes is right that Ranka and Sheryl are related by blood and therefore both girls are descendants of the Nome sisters. That would explain how they were able to communicate to each other “mystically” during Sheryl’s last concert. Several things also occured to me when Ozma mentioned Dr. Mao.
    1. Lee is Ranka’s adopted name from Ozama perhaps Ranka is an adopted name.
    2. In Zero when Mao’s boat was destroyed Mao suffered amnesia from the trauma just as Ranka does.
    3. While Frontier is about 60 years from Zero, Dr/ Mao could very well be alive. Due to medical advancements from doctors like her and the Zentradi’s cloning technology the people of the future might live much longer and age slower than the people of today.
    Perhaps Ozma will reveal who Ranka’s parents were and perhaps Ranka is the greatgrandaughter of Mao.

    As for which girl gets Alto in the end I say Alto should just make it a true love triangle and have a threesome. If the ‘princess’ is man enough for the two girls that is.

  81. @W-General – I’m assuming that they paid the outsourced animation companies commensurate with the quality they are expecting in return, so the truth of the matter is, we only get what the budgeting team decides us to get. If they don’t do that, then we won’t get the kick-@ss budget-busting stuff on the other episodes, so you should consider it as a good balance. If there’s anything to gripe about, don’t say, “No to Filipino / Chinese / Taiwanese whatever outsourced animation”, but say, “No to lack of budget!” because that’s the fact.

    The NARA animation group has had their share of good and bad feedback too. It’s more about the budget than the place it was animated in.

    I sure wished I spent this post talking about how I love both Sheryl and Ranka but W-General, I think you were stretching it.

  82. By the way, my final say – episode 6, which was the episode with the Filipino studio, was not the worst one. Episode 8 was tons more terrible in quality (just check the flashback to Episode 6 from Episode 8 and you’ll see what I mean) and the Filipino studio was not there.

  83. Ranka’s boots at the end are VERY similar to Minmei’s boots at the end of Macross DYRL.

    I was skeptical of Frontier at first, seeing as I HATED macross 7 with the burning intensity of a thousand suns… but Frontier has done an excellent job of honoring all the previous shows so far in a cohesive experience.

    For those of you who have not had the pleasure of downloading Macross Frontier OST vol 1, do it! otherwise your life is hollow and incomplete…

  84. I really don’t understand(makes me wonder if everyone is watching a different episode 10), how so many Ranka fans think, that Ranka playing Mao in a movie scene, kissing Alto, solidifies her chances in having a romantic ending with him? It’s not like anybody on Frontier knows that it was Alto who kissed the character Mao aka Ranka(since he didn’t play the main role and was only filling in cause the star wouldn’t do the underwater scene). It’s not like Alto accepted the role so he could kiss Ranka. He accepted the role initially, when Mao was starred by another person. And don’t give me the whole blushing thing. He blushed when he found out that scene 47 involved him kissing ‘Mao’. Then he blushed again and was sweating bullets when he found out Ranka was going to be playing Mao(per the director’s wishes). He was very troubled by the whole thing. Sheryl knew that, and you could see it in his actions.

    At least when sheryl kissed him, he was left speechless. “Sheryl… You…” Then just stares at her. This is Alto we’re talking about. He’s trying to figure out if she’s teasing like normal. Once she falls back on her defenses and says it’s all a joke, he blushes and gets mad. He obviously took that kiss seriously from her initially. You think he took Ranka’s accepting the role as anything to do with him? Only Sheryl had an idea.

    I swear, which show are you guys watching? o.0

    -Macross/Robotech fan since 1985-

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