• Weekly Shounen Sunday has confirmed that, after nearly 12 years, the InuYasha manga will be ending in next week’s issue.
  • I’ve seen a lot of discussion recently about CODE GEASS R2‘s relatively poor television ratings. Apparently it’s on the upswing, as episode nine got a 3.3%, the highest of any R2 episode so far. The previous high was a 3.0% for the premiere episode, and the low was 1.4% for episode four. In comparison, Gundam 00’s episode nine got 4.5% last year, but the caveat is that Gundam 00 had an arguably superior time slot. The Japanese blog AAA~Yuukyuu no Kaze~ has the full numbers for last week along with a handy chart comparing the ratings of every major Saturday/6PM series so far with R2.
  • The Macross Frontier soundtrack is not only good, but it’s also been selling quite well, having moved over 72,000 copies and staying in the #2 or #3 spot for the past week. As the Mainichi article notes, no anime soundtrack has done this well since the End of Evangelion one almost 11 years ago.
  • The website for the upcoming Hakushaku to Yousei series has updated with staff and cast listings. Notables include Mizuki Nana and Sugita Tomokazu.
  • The website for the upcoming Strike Witches series has updated its staff and airdates listings. (Note: this is the new television series starting in July, not the OVA from last year)
  • The Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu website has been redesigned.
  • TV Tokyo has posted its preliminary website for the upcoming World Destruction series. The show is set to premiere on TV Tokyo on the night of July 7th.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
  • Image at left courtesy of ゆうや on pixiv (account needed to access).


    1. wow inuysha’s finally finshing o_o wonder how it’ll end :O
      oooo Hakushaku to Yousei looks good, and world destruction does too =O!! -adds to list to watch when then come out-

    2. About those poor Code Geass ratings, time slot or w/e aside (that’s often just an excuse imo). Maybe viewers finally figured out that it’s not going to be what they thought originally. I mean what, with people from jupiter coming to earth to steal our pizza and all.

    3. So what is your opinion on the ending of inuyasha?

      I’m not familiar on this title and i don’t know the value of this news bit.
      Is it the end of something special?

    4. @outcast
      Well as you probably seen from omni’s post, the Inuyasha manga has been running for 12 years now. The ending is special cause (at least for me) its like a piece of my anime life ending. Inuyasha was my beacon and my igniter into the world of anime-viewing. Im not sure if it applies to everyone but, Im sure that those who DO follow the Inuyasha manga, will have sum sort of sad emotion to see it go(after we followed it for sooooooo long). It had its ups and downs. There were some arcs that nearly turned me off completely but i persevered. Now that its ending, as much as its for the better(as well as the fact that chapter 557 shaped it up pretty good), I think everyone will be sad to see it go.

    5. As for Inuyasha, I have to say, it’s about time. Sheesh I was, what, in high school when it started. Talk about drawn-out. I have to wonder HOW the story will end though…

      And I have to wonder if Omni has any idea how much his pic selection for this article surprised people.

      Myssa Rei
    6. oh ye! talking about the macross soundtrack, its fucking good. It’s almost unbelieaveble that i didn’t want watch macross when i see the preview and in my opinion, macross is doing better than CGR2.
      And congrats to owner of this blog! Always bringing fresh news for us. Thanks!

    7. JESUS H. CHRIZZZEIST!!!!!!! I THOUGHT THEY FINISED INUYASHA YEARS AGO!!! how can that have gone on for so long with just “one type of slash attack??” …man….i never forgave that lady for RAMNA 1/2..ohh well

      BROOKLYN otaku
    8. Yeah! Finally InuYasah is ending in Japan. Crappy series without a decent final…

      Ohh I didn’t know Strike Witches had an OVA; I’ll have to check it.

      Macross F OST is a good one, their insert songs good as Hell.

      Syaoran Li
    9. The Inuyasha ending is going to end like most people thought. With Inuyasha winning and starting a relationship with Kagome. I really never wanted him to end up with Kagome but it was obvious with the direction that they where going. Kikyo was a better partner.

    10. I think those low CG ratings are due to the time slot. I also wouldn’t compare Macross Frontier to Code Geass R2, since they are both pretty good at what they are doing and are mostly targetting different spectra of the mecha audience. Good to hear the OST is doing well! I am addicted to every song, although I am praying that Yoko Kanno will shamelessly do what bode well for her in Vision of Escaflowne: Gregorian chants! But that might just be me….v.v Can’t wait for Ranka’s album (or was it a single?) as well!

    11. nani?! nuuu!! Code geass r2 should get good ratings…well everyones mainly watching the episodes on the internet. i heard they dubbed code geass r2, also my friend saw. its on the television RLY late, at 2am or something…maybe this is the reason their getting bad television ratings? dubbed and on late while everyones sleeping..

    12. Youko Kanno turns in another brilliant set of compositions in the Macross Frontier OST, but Ranka/Nakajima also delivers great performances. One of the very best OST’s I’ve heard in long time.

      I too share an interest with Crappinometer; Omni, what are you’re favorite or most memorable anime OSTs? The best ones I can think of atm are Cowboy Bebop and Simoun, but I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch.

    13. I also thought Gurren Lagaan had some exceptional pieces, but it’s hard to objectively rate music from the animation. So much of enjoying music is about emotional connection, even nostalgia, and personal taste. Memorable anime tracks also happen to be from shows I enjoyed very much.

    14. I think it is just about time for Inuyasha to end. How many times can a bad guy keep coming back? Judging by the way it is going now, you can expect to hear a lot of fans demand more like a what happened to them because it looks like when it ends, it may leave many unanswered questions (unless it is an extended chapter).

    15. @shinigami99
      it was hard to imagine anyone following a manga for 12 years. since i just watch anime for a couple of years now.
      But yeah you are very right when you say if you follow something for 12 years you’ll be pretty interested to hear that it will end.

      So from what i read in the comments it’s a manga where there is one type of slash attack a love triangle which is directed to the girl less popular and the author is the one who wrecked the ending of another long during show ranma.

      I hope we get a spoiler update now. How it ended 🙂

    16. Wow Inuyasha has been around for 12 years? Cose Geas R2 deserves it’s lower ratings, like many Sunrise sequels it just doesn’t compare to the original. Should have done a 50 episode series from the start.

      Btw, I love the Daily Dose, thank you so much!

    17. Man, CG got low rating really lets me down. I think the story is so far so good… It deserves better ratiiing!
      InuYasha… finally! I stopped reading it about 1 year ago… the story has developed too much for me to keep on, but I will read it! For sure!

    18. inuyahsa ending was shitty read the spoiler treads on free lance manga website. point in case i do not like where and hoew kaome ended up she should stay in her world with her family i hope its open ended and she never gets with inuyasha just visits… she deserves someone better.

      enidn was vauge it look like shouta says she went off to get married buy after three yrs of hs she just returned to fuedal era.. that day so it is just like Jii chans aka kagome’s grandfather and shoutas excuses so think of it like that and other of it. atkeast it had an ending.. evne people in japan aree not satified wth it so i think she will have to add more and write a whole ova series and an exclusive canon movie..

    19. if i may be controversial, Code Geass R2 is pretty awful so far. it’s like the writers had no idea where to go with series after the first season. instead of fleshing out the plot, they insist on giving us an endless barrage nobody cares about. NEWS FLASH! Ashford Academy isn’t that interesting. nobody cares about Lelouch’s love triangle, we wanna know more about Geass!

    20. v1cious: You’re entitled to your opinion and I’ve already typed about what I think of R2 a dozen times, so I won’t repeat it here.

      But the point is awful stuff can still get good ratings, whether we want to talk about anime or reality shows (I hate those), so I don’t think that’s the reason.

      Code Geass season one also had poor ratings, yet it became a commercial hit because people actually went and bought the episodes when they came out on DVD. Even after it had already become “cool” to bash the series online.

      Dan: It’s not a lame excuse when you consider that there was no anime at all in R2’s current time slot for over 20 years. Did you know or did you not know that, huh?

      C’mon, Sunday afternoon (R2) vs. Saturday afternoon (the Gundam shows)?

      Just because it’s a daytime slot and not in the middle of the night / early hours of the morning doesn’t mean it’s a good slot.

      If there was no anime at all in that Sunday time slot, for over two decades, it probably wasn’t because of a mere oversight. Making such changes isn’t a good idea, especially in such a busy, disciplined and organized society as Japan’s.


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