With Kurenai Maria now part of the Night Class, Zero tries to keep Yuuki away and instructs her not to have anything to do with Maria. Worried about Zero’s connection with Maria, Yuuki has a hard time focusing on her studies, and the chairman decides to have Zero tutor her a bit the night before the exam. Yuuki eventually notices that Zero has had his hand on his neck for a while, so he explains that the place where that woman bit him is throbbing. He can’t forget about what happened four years ago, and when Yuuki gets up to get some coffee, he stops her and takes her hand from behind her. Before letting her go, Zero tells her that her being there made it possible for him to live. After Zero then returns to his dorm, Yuuki realizes that he’s been acting strange ever since Maria came here, so she runs after him. Instead of heading to his own dorm room though, Zero goes to confront Maria, and when he finds her, she comments on how he can sense her because they have a bond. He points his gun at her chest and tries to shoot her, but he’s unable to pull the trigger because, as Maria explains, he can’t kill the one who gave him life as a vampire. Zero has already figured out that Maria is really Hiou Shizuka, and she admits that the body she’s using isn’t hers.

Shortly after telling Zero that she wants him to stop being violent, Maria attacks him with a sword. Yuuki, who had just arrived and had overheard part of the conversation, cries out to him, but she’s stopped by Kaname. Zero notices Yuuki anyway, and that causes him to take his eyes off Maria long enough to allow her to slash him, though he manages to shoot her in the shoulder in response. He isn’t able to do anything else however because he suddenly gets afflicted with the pain of a blood craving and subsequently collapses. Maria decides to let him live, and in the background, Kaname wipes Yuuki’s memories of what just happened because he doesn’t want to lose her. Yuuki thus wakes up back in her room with none of those memories, but, the following day, she zones out a lot and experiences instances of blurry vision. To her surprise, Kaname comes and finds her during the day, and he asks her about coming to the dance. When she says that she’s coming as security, Kaname clarifies that that’s not what he means, and he reminds her of how they used to dance together when they were younger. This makes her blush, especially since he also says that he wanted to watch over her for a long time because he didn’t want to see her get hurt.

Afterwards, Yuuki is still feeling out of it when she comes across a stray cat. Right after she picks it up, Maria appears and accuses Yuuki of being cold for forgetting about the person who thinks so much of her. When Yuuki figures out that she’s talking about Zero, Maria has the cat scratch Yuuki’s finger, and seeing the blood from the scratch brings back her memories of what happened. Maria then reveals that Zero is okay for now, but she warns that he’ll become a Level E soon, and she offers a way to save him. In exchange, she wants something that only Yuuki can do. Zero meanwhile is sleeping and has a dream of his past. Back then, his twin brother Ichiru had been very attached to him and had felt that Zero made up for whatever he lacked. The two had come across a crying female vampire one day, and Ichiru had wondered about their parents or other vampire hunters exterminating her. Ichiru had also questioned if Zero could do the same job in the future, so Zero had reassured his brother. Sometime later, when Ichiru was out of the house, Zero had suddenly sensed a vampire coming: Hiou Shizuka. She had captured him and bitten him in front of his parents before killing them, all as retribution for vampire hunters killing someone she knew. Before losing consciousness, Zero had seen Ichiru at Shizuka’s side and had tried to tell his brother to run away, but Ichiru was smiling.

Zero wakes up from these memories to find Maria’s masked servant in his room. Knowing exactly who it is, Zero has him remove the mask to reveal himself to be Ichiru.


So the ending here wasn’t such a big surprise since it was pretty obvious that it was Ichiru. What was more interesting was how Ichiru appeared to have gone to Shizuka willingly, and I got the feeling every time he opened his mouth that he was being disingenuous. Ichiru probably envied Zero’s abilities or something along those lines, especially since he appeared to be smiling at Shizuka’s side after his parents were dead (on a side note, I really wish they had shown the fight between Shizuka and Zero’s parents). This certainly adds another interesting dimension to the story, and I wonder if Ichiru ever became a vampire under her. I do have to say though that Miyano Mamoru talking to himself (aka. voicing both Zero and Ichiru) was kind of odd to hear, but at least he changed his voice a little.

As for Yuuki, Maria/Shizuka proposing a deal was one of those moments that made me just scream at the screen because it’s so obviously a trap. I wonder what Kaname would do if he found out that Shizuka/Maria was trying to do something to Yuuki. I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy about it, especially after he went to all that trouble to wipe Yuuki’s memories. The question is how this’ll play out when combined with the Zero and Ichiru stuff, and I assume that’s what next week will be focused on.


  1. I’m heterosexual myself and into mainly shonen like bleach, d.gray-man, gundam 00 and code geass and somehow I like watching this show. You should give it a try Justin Olbrantz.

  2. Justin Olbrabtz: Depends how much gothic-vampire-mystery you can handle as much as the bishies. I myself can’t stomach cookie-cutter type stuff anymore. I’ve had my fill of it.

    P.S. I don’t mean to try and rain hate in a section about an anime I don’t follow, but I thought Mr. Olbrantz deserves honest opinions from both sides. By all means, sing the praises of Vampire Knight despite me. 🙂

  3. Great episode! The ending surprised me a bit since it came sooner and differed from the anime, but I’m excited to see the finale of this arc, as some great scenes are yet to come! =D

    @ Kadian1364: Why would you advise somebody not to watch a series you don’t follow? o_O

  4. I agree with Omni’s comment about wanting to see the fight scene, would of made this episode from a good watch to a pretty excellent watch. But then again we are not here to see sexy fight scenes. No, we are here to watch two twin males get it on in the same bed and if the only reason your watching this series is for possible fight scenes then your missing the male eye candy point now arn’t we?

    Of course saying this makes me a hypocrite since the plot a and a possible fight are exactly the reason I am watching it but I thought the point needed to be commented on.

  5. Damn right! Miyano talking twice was sooo funny xD!!! I thought they would give Ichiru other seiyuu but I was pretty wrong. Godness, can’t they make Shizuka even uglier >_<?

  6. I’m liking this episode. Glad they show the back story of the twins and how Zero got bitten by Shizuka. A little surprise at the ending with Ichiru revealing himself this early.

  7. @Justin Olbrantz: im a straight dude and i like this show, mainly for yuuki, rima and maria. try watching it and hope for more loli-yuri scenes from maria and yuuki *drools*

  8. Is it surprise shonen ai week or something?

    The closeness between Zero and Ichiru was cute…a bit much maybe.

    I would suggest everyone watch at least the first episode of this series. Sure it has it’s detractors, but there is a reason so many people like it.

  9. I hope the manga finishes the story this month, or else I’m a bit worried that the anime will catch up too quickly and then create its own ending. Actually I don’t know how they could stretch it to 24 episodes without rewriting at this point.

  10. i dont think they’ll rewrite the plot. they’ve stayed pretty true to the manga so far. and the anime’s about half way though the manga thats been released and the anime’s almost half way. and it seems as though the manga’s approaching the end. so i think the anime will get the entire storyline from the manga. hopefully

  11. well the scene where Zero’s parents were killed, the Fight scene to wanted, it wasn’t even show in the manga!, why would it be show at the anime?? ò_O , they even “wipe off” a lot of blood at madness from that scene *sigh*

    “is it surprise shonen ai week or something?”
    LOL!!! is a shoujo, of course it has to have some shounen-ai, though i didn’t find it wierd or over the top at all!!(you know the closeness between Zero&ichiru) i was pretty cute and…normal; my guess Hino Matsuri is not a big fan of shounen ai ..U__U.

    Yeah Shizuka was soo ugly!! DD=

  12. im pretty sure the manga is going to end soon.

    im thinking… random filler episodes?

    -cause remember in the manga… everyone goes away for like the “break”

  13. wow 3 white haired ppl all conected to each other ;p but isnt d lady who kild zero’s parents a brunnette? omigosh!miyano mamoru is soo cute! too bad hes 7 years older dan i am =(…does any1 know if he has a gf? n most importantly an fb profile?…oh n what does seiyuu mean?

  14. I’m also a heterosexual male, and I really like this show. Idk, the twin brother thingy was pretty homo-ish, it kinda made me feel like “Why the hell am I watching this?.” In other words, it made me feel kinda gay, and that isn’t a good feeling. but Maria is SMEXY as hell!!!!!

  15. I’m just finishing this series now, kind of regret even starting it. I didn’t even know what kind of series this was, but the plot is relatively simple and quite predictable, and it drags out as well.

    Seems to be fan service… but for da girls 😉


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