Reunited with his twin brother after so long, Ichiru compares past expectations with how Zero now has to fight against the desire lurking within him and will eventually become a Level E. He suspects that Zero knew all along that it was he who helped Shizuka and joined her after the attack on the Kiryuu family. It all stemmed from how Ichiru had overheard their parents one night talking about how a weak body like his would be fatal for him as a vampire hunter. Ichiru feels that Zero doesn’t understand what it’s like to be compared and pitied, and he remembers how Shizuka had noticed that he had been crying when they had first met. He admits to always having hated Zero, and he had asked Shizuka to keep Zero alive back then so that Zero could suffer before Ichiru eventually got to kill him. Ichiru then angers Zero by comparing the pureblood vampires to gods, and he feels that way because Shizuka had made his body impervious to disease. Despite his desire to kill his brother, Ichiru still gives Zero the chance to join him as a servant to Shizuka, but Zero turns down the offer, and Ichiru subsequently draws his blade. Unfortunately for Zero, he suffers another paroxysm at that moment, and Ichiru decides to just let Zero suffer.

Yagari Touga bursts into the room at this point and rushes to Zero’s side when he sees his student on the ground. Pointing his sword at Yagari, Ichiru suggests that he could fight him, but Yagari ignores Ichiru and helps Zero to his feet instead. Nevertheless, Yagari feels that Ichiru was his student too, and he proves it by protecting Ichiru after Ichiru tries to attack and gets his sword thrown into the air by Zero. It results in Yagari’s shoulder being pierced by the sword, and Zero ends up bringing his injured teacher to the chairman’s room for treatment. Afterwards, Zero tracks down Yuuki who is helping prepare the dance hall, and she follows him to a back room. Seeing that Zero is hurt, Yuuki offers herself to him, and he doesn’t hesitate to take her from behind and suck from her neck. This reminds Yuuki of how Maria had offered her a deal to save Zero: either give herself up or give her Kaname’s corpse. The following day, Yuuki is preparing to go to the dance as part of security when her roommate brings her a dress from Kaname. She decides to wear it and, after meeting Zero at the entrance to the dance hall, she straightens his clothes and gives him a rose to wear. He doesn’t understand how she can keep smiling like she is, so Yuuki explains that she wants him to smile too.

Yuuki then goes looking for Kaname and finds him alone on the terrace outside the hall. After she thanks him for the dress, he invites her to dance, and the two do so outside the view of everyone else. Yuuki eventually realizes that Kaname is dancing slow for her sake and questions how long he’s going to keep treating her like a child. When she cites how she knows that he tampered with her memories, Kaname hugs her tightly and explains that he only wanted to protect her. This reminds Yuuki of how Maria wanted her to kill Kaname because he only lowers his guard with her, but Yuuki is of course unable to do it and runs away from him. Having watched what was going on between the two from a distance, Zero approaches Kaname afterwards and questions what happened with Yuuki. Instead of answering, Kaname reminds Zero that he’s supposed to be Yuuki’s shield, and Zero ends up running after Yuuki. Meanwhile, Aidou and Kain leave the dance and enter an underground chamber where they discover Hiou Shizuka’s frozen body. Seiren, however, suddenly appears behind them and warns them not to get involved in this any further. Kain concludes that if she’s saying this, then that means Kaname has a plan.


Sheesh, did it have to be this kind of pose? It’s almost too easy to misinterpret/sexualize everything about that scene.

In any case, it occurred to me as I watched this episode that instead of one emo Zero, we now have two of them. I say that in a somewhat joking manner, but each has already shown himself to have plenty of angst potential. The thing about Ichiru is that, given how he reacted to Yagari Touga saving him, I get the feeling that he’ll eventually become a good guy, but also that they’ll spent a good bit of time on his hatred for Zero until that point. Given what this episode reveals about him, I really don’t see how his character turns out any other way, unless he’s suddenly killed off or something.

As for Shizuka, I don’t see how telling Yuuki to kill Kaname (essentially in exchange for Zero’s life) is anything but a ploy to get at Yuuki herself. Yuuki obviously can’t bring herself to choose between the two guys, but the plan runs the risk of Kaname finding out and potentially dealing out some punishment to whoever is troubling Yuuki. I wonder if he’d actually show anger in that case. I’m surprised though Yuuki even considered the option of killing him since she could have just chosen to give herself to Shizuka. Come to think of it, couldn’t Shizuka trick Yuuki into doing things by having Ichiru pretend to be Zero? Anyway, the main question is still what Shizuka’s goal for doing all this is, and I’m also curious to see why her body needed to be frozen like that. Next week’s episode will hopefully shed some light on that.


  1. >Sheesh, did it have to be this kind of pose? It’s almost too easy to misinterpret/sexualize everything about that scene.

    I assumed it was the whole point, making for a hot scene… but anyways, this episode is looking good, better than the last.

  2. Hmm, I actually caught this episode on TV last night while I was up writing my Nabari no Ou post.

    As for sword sharpness, I recall hearing how some katanas were only accepted if they could cut certain objects under their own weight. If this is true, I don’t doubt that a real katana can impale someone simply from falling on them.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I found that scene where Zero pinned Yuuki against the wall to suck her blood pretty hot. :X Evidently, that was the sexual pretense they were going for and I felt they did it well, so kudos to them.

  3. >>Do swords really impale people like that if they only get knocked up six or seven feet into the air? Physics was never my strong suit, but something about that just seems wrong.

    It seems a bit of a WTF moment, but, like divine said, if the sword is sharp enough and it doesn’t hit any bones then I suppose it’s possible for it go through that far. Sharpness was also tested by sticking it against the current of a stream to see if it would cut the things that flowed its way just by them flowing into the path of the blade.

    Am I the only one who wasn’t too impressed with Yuki’s dress. Kaname should have better taste. XD

  4. That scene with Yuuki against the wall was exactly how it was in the manga, just as sexual as I remember it. There was also no bedroom fight scene between the twins, either.

  5. Good episode, really liking this series. The sword impaling him like that does require suspention of belief. It is unlikely that a sword, after being knocked loose, would fall point first at all, it should continue to spin. Swords are well balanced and only blades heavely weighted, like throwing knives, will do that. While the wall scene was meant to be hot, the slurping sound ruined it for me.

    I have to wonder, does Shizuka know Yuuki’s real Identity, is that why she wants her or to force her to kill Kaname?

  6. sigh.. this keeps drifting father and farther from the manga.
    i’m sticking with the original content.

    omni, what happened to those daily doses? i liked those, & the art that went with them 3:

  7. When Zero bit Yuuki in the neck while he was behind her, that was so hot.
    It was so shoujo also.
    But still hot.
    He then made Yuuki to face him and then he bit her again.
    That was even hotter.

  8. Katanas are a crazy weapon depending on the blacksmith. Theres a video on youtube where MG(machine guns, talking about those mounted ones with like 100 bullets per clip) shot at a stationary katana and the bullet was cut in half. the sword took about i think 6 or so shots if i remember correctly before breaking.

  9. Loving this anime so far. It’s been really intriguing, but I’ve only read the first five chapters of the manga. Can anyone give me advice as to whether I should continue reading them or should I just strap myself in for the anime and read them afterwards.

    (The scene with Zero and Yuuki pinned against the wall was hot.)

  10. The bitting scene better in the manga!!! ;__; they cut off the “heavy breathing”, “the moans” ,”haa” and other sounds from both of them that appeared on the manga while the blood sucking part!!! T-T
    Yuuki looked more pretty in the manga with that dress, also , the touching scene between zero and her at the dance, was a huge deal in the manga, and in the anime one noticed it o_-

  11. I really hope this series doesn’t turn out to be the Hentai type, I agree the scene where Zero pins Yuki to the wall to suck her blood was…. kinda gross actually sorta sexualizing the blood-sucking thing I don’t really like thou u gotta admit ya it was sorta hot, I especially don’t like it since Miyano’s voicing Zero and imagining Miyano doing that to another girl wud drive me nuts! ;p lolz but thank God he isn’t

  12. >Sheesh, did it have to be this kind of pose? It’s almost too easy to misinterpret/sexualize everything about that scene.

    Oh yes it did, very hot scene, love it when Zero sucks Yuuki’s blood.

  13. I have a feeling that they did the whole Zero’s twin scene so that they wouldn’t have to cram the “omgosh Ichiru is alive, and he joined Shizuka, and he hates Zero” bit into the next part where Yuuki goes to Shizuka and Zero encounters them there and lots of stuff happens. In the manga Zero first meets his brother again when he goes to save Yuuki from Shizuka, so I think they were just trying to spread out the information overload that was going to happen there. And they also had to come up with a way for Zero to escape from Ichiru without being killed, so they involved their sensei in it. Seems to work, even though it deviates.

  14. @Snehova: “Miyano’s voicing Zero and imagining Miyano doing that to another girl wud drive me nuts! ;p lolz but thank God he isn’t”

    OMG I Miyano FAN!! FINALLY!!! xD Hehehe I don’t think I would stand Miyano doing that to another girl either! If he did in real life, then Yuki must die. >D That or she can switch jobs with me ^0^


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