Death the Kid wastes no time in starting his attack on Chrona, shooting her multiple times at close range. It doesn’t do much damage to Chrona though, and Liz observes that Chrona’s attitude towards fear is kind of like how the sisters were before they joined Kid. The fight gets interrupted when the captain of the Nidhogg – who, despite being a severed head, is still alive – fires the ship’s cannons at the two combatants. The cannonballs and subsequent explosions have no effect on either Chrona or Kid, however Rangarok’s soul wavelength begins to swell up afterwards. Letting out a sreech to match Rangarok’s, Chrona uses a single powerful slash to cut the ship and its captain in half. As the ship starts to sink, Chrona and Ragnarok make their escape, and Kid tries to give chase. Unfortunately, he’s distracted by the fog clearing up and the emergence of a perfectly symmetrical sun and sky, and so Chrona and Ragnarok are able to get away.

Back at Shibusen, Medusa reports to Maka that her blood test came back normal. Medusa herself finds the lack of black blood odd because she had herself been watching when Maka had coughed up the blood during the last battle. Nevertheless, she gives Maka some bad medicine that will speed up the effects of the black blood and reveals to Maka that Soul had came to her about his dreams. This makes Maka angry because he hadn’t told her about it. After Maka leaves, Medusa tries to find the girl’s file so that she can figure out why the black blood is gone. That file is missing from her cabinet because Stein has it, and he suddenly appears behind Medusa and asks her about her interest in Maka and Soul. Stein also has a prescription that Medusa wrote for Maka for a medicine that he’s never seen before, but Medusa keeps up the good-nurse act and claims that it’s of the herbal variety. When Stein wonders aloud if her interest in such medicines is as a doctor or a witch, Medusa stares daggers at him for a moment before returning to her normal demeanor again.

Stein then completely diffuses the situation by falling out of the chair, and after he leaves her office, he pauses for a smoke. He had noticed how she had looked like she wanted to kill him, and it had actually made him shake in fear. As for what to do about her, Stein lets Sid and Sid’s weapon Nygus go investigate her home first. Sid finds the place filled with experimental materials, and sitting right below a magic circle on her wall is a diary. Reading it reveals what Medusa has planned, and Sid realizes that Medusa might try something tomorrow on the eve of the festival. Before he can leave to bring this news to Stein and Shinigami-sama though, Stein gets blown up by some bombs set by Eruka. Meanwhile, Kid returns to Shibusen and goes to question his father about what the captain of the Nidhogg had said about the Kishin close to them. He suspects that it has something to do with how his father can’t leave Shibusen.


Well this was a surprise. Based on last week’s preview, I thought that this week would be pretty much all Chrona vs. Kid, but that was barely half the episode. That’s not to say that I’m complaining though. It was a cool fight while it lasted (the way it ended was a little anticlimactic), and the story then moved on to even bigger things – namely Stein/Sid figuring out Medusa’s secret, and Kid asking his father about the Kishin. There was a very interesting tension between Stein and Medusa, and I think it fuels the notion that the two will face off again soon. That might come as early as whenever Medusa strikes for the plan she’s concocted, though it won’t be next week because the preview shows a divergence from the main plot so that they can do an Excalibur side-story. I hate it when something like this happens because it feels like the series is killing its own story momentum by not taking advantage of a good cliffhanger. Oh well, hopefully it will at least be funny.


  1. totally agree with the preview… but you know, if ur an impatient jerk like myself and read the manga up to its current place, then you might actually look forward to some anime original eps. might be good

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. ok but medusa kept talking about some sort of wedding and being pregnant, and then before kidd confronted his father, he kept talking about a wedding and getting some woman pregnant too… Im scared, remember even sid was talking about a “wedding” before he got blown up wtf is up with that?

  3. @Omni

    “… Stein gets blown up by some bombs set by Eruka” (3rd Paragraph)

    A little mistake here, should be Sid I believe. Would have been sad if Stein was to die this early in the show? 😉

  4. I got the one with the joke subs as well. Not sure if it was the whole thing but at some point I’m like…okay, time to stop watching this bad attempt and wait for a good sub group probably sometime today or tomorrow.

  5. i hate it… there are a few pages when you can watch the anime subbed. but those people change the dialogues and i dont know any japanese so i’ve been tricked twice with this joke and now i have to watch the anime on 2 different fansubs so i dont get tricked anymore

  6. Yeah, looks a bit like Edward Elric… same cartoon style I guess. But Chrona reminds of the Elric of Michael Moorcock… concepts here include the living Black Sword that eats soles, and an emaciated white-haired character. Hmmmm….

    Chino F

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