Armed with the legend of Excalibur, Ox Ford visits the cave where the sword sits and easily pulls it out of the ground. Excalibur turns out not to be what Ox expects though, as the sword hardly lets Ox speak and is more concerned about telling his own story. Ox is eager to hear Excalibur’s heroic tale, but Excalibur goes off on many tangents pertaining to coffee in the morning, his family, dancing in an opera house, solving a mystery with Sherlock Holmes and Watson, adventures with King Arthur, and the love of his life. Excalibur also sings about himself at length before finally formally choosing Ox, however by this point, Ox has had enough and puts Excalibur back into the ground. Ox already has a partner and only came because he wanted to do a homework report on Excalibur, but he’s too disgusted now. The following day in class, the students have prepared their reports, and Black*Star ended up doing his on Excalibur. His report consists of only one word: Excalibur’s oft-used expression bakame (idiot).


Meh. It was amusing to hear Koyasu Takehito sing in English – the “Here we go!” cracked me up and he sang through the commercials – but that was probably more novelty factor than anything else. Otherwise, I didn’t really love or hate this episode – it was just a lot of Excalibur’s normal antics, and it highlighted Ox Ford as part of the supporting cast. And since we’re in the middle of some really good main story, the only really exciting part of this episode was the preview. Especially this. Next week should be a lot of fun.


  1. Damn it… I’ve been waiting for the “Fight to the death” part to be animated. *Sigh* one more week and both Code Geass and Soul Eater will have to satisfy my desires.

  2. Frankly, I wish all fillers were made this well. Loved all the homages Bones made, and loved Excalibur’s song-even the subliminal commercial break :P-
    Next week episode looks very interesting.

  3. Didn’t like this episode. Personally, Excalibur and Ox (esp after seeing him animated in the exam episode) are two of the few characters in Soul Eater that I really hate. Plus, I thought the art this week really blew: semi-ok bg with an ugly character (with prolly 4 colors (2 main colors, with one shade for each color)) dancing around screen. The long pauses between jokes didn’t really help either, especially when my least fav characters are on screen. There were a whole lot of parodies going on, but I just couldn’t get myself interested in any of them.

    At least there were a few scenes of the rest of the gang.

    Ooh, and I guess I finally felt FIRSTHAND what Kid and Black Star must’ve been feeling when they were leaving the cave: Bored to death by something that was rumoured to be good (Them, Excalibur; me, episode 17)

  4. @Venire
    ‘ “best show of this damn period”

    And that is why anime fanboys are shunned from the society. ‘

    Who cares? If these fanboys started worrying about everything society would say about them, well, there wouldn’t be any anime localization to begin with. It’s a bit like all those scientists who were shunned by their religious communities, if you worry about what others think about you, well, you aint doing or going anywhere in life.

  5. By the end of this series Excalibur will be known as the most annoying anime character of all time. Still love the little guy though.

    Btw, anyone know what excalibur is supposed to be? Anteater seems like a good guess to me.

  6. Well, I’m thankful it was only 1 filler episode (as opposed to say, Bleach, sigh) and I think it was supposed to be one last “for the fun of it” episode since things are going to get much more serious from now on. It wasn’t that bad, much of it made me giggle and I thought what happened to the Soul Eater official website was funny.

  7. LOL@Ox,Kid,and Black Star’s expression in the last screencap.XD
    Excalibur is funny and cute in a weird sort of way?
    That pairing has NEVER crossed my mind.
    Smells very fishy to me..Medusa is such a witch. DX

  8. It’s interesting they are adding Ox to the equation of characters this early, simply because he doesn’t become important till later…and even then he’s not that important as it still focuses on the main 3 characters shown later on.

  9. Just saw the official soul eater web site. That little guy took over the entire place.

    From what I saw, I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed the title, OP and ED the next time they bring him back.

  10. O.O umm the preview for next week.. do i see stein and medusa kissing??? WTF!!!! steins awesome he cant do that!!! i dislike Medusa she acts like a know it all and pisses me off! get off of my stein he’s mine!!!


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