Facing Lelouch with her eyes open, Nunnally notes that it’s been eight years since she’s seen his face, and she calls it the face of a murderer. However, she thinks that she has the same look as him because she’s been the one firing the FLEIJA warheads, and she’s determined to stop him and refuses to hand over the key to the Damocles even if he uses Geass. Nunnally thinks that he is unfit to obtain the world and accuses him of trampling on people’s hearts, so Lelouch questions if she would have preferred to live a life of always having to hide in fear of assassination. He explains that he was doing it for the sake of her future, but Nunnally retorts that she never asked him for that and claims that she’d have been fine with just living with him. Lelouch counters by noting that reality is ruled by various people and that it’s necessary for them to fight.

Regardless, Nunnally considers the Geass power that distorts people’s hearts and tramples on their dignity to be despicable, and when Lelouch points out that the Damocles is the same in how it subjugates people, she surprises him by revealing that the Damocles is to become a symbol of hatred. For the sake of everyone being able to welcome the future, she intends for all of the hatred to be collected there. Realizing Nunnally’s goal, Lelouch decides to use his Geass power on her to force her to hand over the key. She tries to resist, but she soon falls victim to it. Kneeling down in front of her, Lelouch compliments her on how she’s living and acting on her own accord, and he tells her that he loves her as he takes the key. The Geass effect disappears soon after, and when Nunnally realizes what her brother did, she tries to chase after him, but she falls out of her chair and can only curse his name as he walks away.

Meanwhile, in the battle outside, Jeremiah’s Sutherland Sieg gets destroyed by Anya’s Mordred, but he uses the Sutherland unit to grab onto the Mordred and blow itself up. This damages the Mordred’s cockpit, allowing Jeremiah to jump onto it and peer inside at Anya. He wants her to remember his name – the name of the man who defeated her – but Anya knows that memories don’t mean anything for her. Hearing this leads to Jeremiah opening his Geass Canceler eye. Nearby, Kallen and Suzaku’s battle has gotten to the point where the Guren can’t use its radiation surge anymore and the Lancelot is out of shield energy. The two are forced to fight each other in close-quarters combat, and the battle ends only after Suzaku disables the Guren at the same moment that Kallen plunges the Guren’s arm into the Lancelot’s torso. The result is Kallen losing consciousness and Gino saving her while the Lancelot explodes.

In the ocean below, C.C. gets picked up by Kaguya and observes that Kaguya, despite only recently learning of Lelouch’s real face, understood a part of his true nature. Their conversation is interrupted by the detonation of another FLEIJA warhead in the skies above, but this time, it’s Lelouch who fired it. Declaring that Schneizel has surrendered to him and that the Damocles and the FLEIJA warheads are now his, Lelouch threatens everyone with FLEIJA’s power and forces them to obey him. Everything goes according to plan – despite Suzaku now being dead – with Lelouch succeeding in unifying the world, and two months later, he’s in Japan riding in a parade towards the executions of all who opposed him, including the Black Knight leaders and Schneizel. The common people are discontent with his tyrannical rule though, and Cornelia and Villetta are part of a resistance who are planning a strike. Before they can act, a man dressed as Zero suddenly appears in front of the parade, charges through all the guards, and goes straight for Lelouch.

Despite acting surprised, Lelouch smiles because he knows that this Zero is Suzaku in disguise. Some time ago, he had agreed to let Suzaku kill him once he got all of the world’s hate onto himself. The goal was an end to the chain of hatred. He had handed Zero’s mask to Suzaku because the identity of Zero was perfect for this due to the legend of Zero with the Black Knights and due to Schneizel serving Zero. Lelouch believed that this would allow the world to come together through talks rather than military might, and they could face the future. This was the Zero Requiem. Back then, the two had talked about how they knew that people hope for the future, and Lelouch commented on how wishes are similar to Geass in that both are requesting from someone else something that you can’t accomplish with your own power. He had also thought that Suzaku would become a hero by doing this because he’d be saving everyone from the enemy of the world.

As Suzaku now thrusts his sword into Lelouch, he can’t help but shed some tears. Slumping down, Lelouch quietly notes that the punishment for Suzaku is that he’ll be unable to live as himself anymore. He now has to wear that mask as an ally of justice and has to sacrifice his own happiness for world. Suzaku accepts this and pulls the sword out of Lelouch, allowing Lelouch to tumble down the platform towards where Nunnally is chained up. Touching his hand causes Nunnally to get a vision of the truth behind all this, and when she realizes what her brother is doing, she starts crying and declares that she loves him. Losing blood rapidly, Lelouch sees his life flash before his eyes, and his final words are about destroying and creating the world. Shortly after Lelouch closes his eyes, Cornelia appears with her men to declare him dead, and she gets all the prisoners freed. By now, Toudou has figured out who the masked person is, but Kallen insists that it’s just Zero, and the entire crowd starts cheering Zero’s name.

In the aftermath, everyone pursues his or her own path: Milly continues to be a TV reporter, Ougi is an important government official who meets with Zero and Nunnally, Villetta has married Ougi and is quite far along in her pregnancy, and Anya and Jeremiah are working as orange pickers. The matter of the Damocles is even settled by sending it towards the sun. Kallen returns to a normal life at Ashford Academy, and as if talking to Lelouch, she explains how much better the world has become. All the energy put into war is now being applied to hunger and poverty, and hatred was pushed onto Lelouch. Kallen surmises that it’s easier for people to understand a person with a name rather than a system called Damocles, and for that same reason she thinks that everyone is able to move forward without getting caught in the past. She acknowledges that there are still problems, but even so, she’s hopeful.

Meanwhile, in the countryside somewhere, C.C. is riding on a hay cart with her belongings. As she stares up at the sky, she notes that the power of the kings known as Geass makes people lonely, but – addressing Lelouch – she remarks that that wasn’t quite true.

My immediate reaction to this episode was something like disbelief or consternation because of how suddenly things ended. I probably shouldn’t be surprised though that the epilogue felt rushed, and it certainly didn’t help that they chose to use that ALI PROJECT song that I’m not a big fan of to close it all out instead of something better like Colors or Mosaic Kakera. Of course, I said “immediate reaction” because the more I thought about what happened, the more positive I felt about the conclusion. If you’ve been paying attention in the series and didn’t get lost in all of the complexities and plot twists (which even I acknowledge was a little overboard in R2), then you can build a case about Lelouch still being alive based on the Code he might have received. C.C. thus might have been talking directly with Lelouch at the end there instead of her talking with the dead or whatever. Taking that one step further, you could say that Lelouch would now be R.R., aka. R2, the title of the series.

On the other hand, Lelouch might just be dead – that’s the beauty of having a semi-open-ended finale. The ambiguity allows you to interpret what happened however you want. Incidentally, since I’ve spent all this time talking about Lelouch, I should mention that – given all he did – I thought that the burden of having to be Zero forever was a suitable fate for Suzaku. I also thought they did a good job with Lelouch’s death – it was a sad scene, much of it due to the Hitomi song Continued Story playing in the background. But anyway, my point is that for a series that looked at some points like it was going to end in a horrible jumbled mess, this turned out to be a fairly good way to conclude things. How much closure you get out of it depends on how you interpret Lelouch’s fate. And ultimately we’ll never know for sure if he’s alive or dead unless Sunrise makes another sequel with him in it – and I hope that they never do.

Final Thoughts: I think it’s fair to say that R2 is a strong series, but maybe not quite as good as the original. It felt like they were going one direction in the first series and then switched to a completely different direction for the sequel, and the latter just never matched up. But despite the ups and the downs, I still think of CODE GEASS as a really good show – it has some great characters, plenty of excitement and plot twists, and if nothing else, it’s been entertaining the entire way through. That’s more than I can say for a lot of shows. In any case, it’s a little sad to think that a series I’ve been following for so long is finally over, but fortunately the premiere of Gundam 00’s second series next weekend should bring something new to enjoy.


  1. Fuck SURNISE, I own you my apologies. What an awesome END!

    So… that was the Requiem of Zero, a way to eliminate Lelouch from the people’s hearts and gave the world the true freedom they deserved. Lelouch gave up his life to atone for everyone’s sins; his mother, his father, his brothers and sisters, and finally, himself.

    You’re the man Lelouch, you’re the man.

  2. EPIC end to epic series.

    Leloiuch dieing resolved the conflict perfectly, Kallen’s love for Lelouch confirmed, Lelouch got his redemption, two most important women for Lelouch were revealed as Shirley and Kallen.

    Great epilogue

    If anyone will go on with “geass is trainwreck” it will only prove that masses are attracted to the “hating geass is new cool thing in town” stupidity.

  3. Holy crap, i could get a good idea of what happened in the episode from the screen caps. The show is freaking EPIC! Lelouch is the most amazing anime character since spikru from bebop, probably even better. EPIC!!! long live lelouch!

  4. Credit to Nick:

    I believe in Emperor Wakamoto, the Father almighty, 98th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire.
    I believe in Lelouch vi Britannia, his favored Son, our Lord.
    He was conceived by the power of Geass and born of Queen Marianne.
    He suffered under Suzaku, was crucified, died, and was buried.
    He descended into hell. On the third day he rose again.
    He ascended into World of C and is seated in Jupiter.
    He will come again to judge the living and the dead.
    I believe in Geass,
    the Holy Britannian Empire, the communion of Mao,
    the forgiveness of sins,
    the resurrection of the body,
    and the life everlasting.

    Random muser
  5. Bwahahahahaha! It happened, it actually happened! Before the second season I made up many theories of what would happen to Suzaku. One of them actually was that Suzaku would become the new Zero and it actually happened in the end! O yeah, Jeremiah totally owned Anya. Who needs a Knightmare when you can just pop its head off and attack the pilot, especially when the pilot’s about fifteen. I also kinda find it ironic that Jeremiah’s working in a farm… of oranges!

    the burnt shadow
  6. Look for anyone who wants to dis this ending go ahead but I got some peace from it, and you know what, I really believe that its Lou&CC on that wagon. WHy? well because sometimes you have to have faith in CC’s smile =D

  7. UnknownVoice:
    Actually, I see the complete opposite. There’s a large group of Geass fans who are so convinced beforehand that the series can’t do wrong that they’ll overlook anything. While there will undoubtedly be people who claim the series is a train wreck JUST to go against the popular crowd, there are some people (like us bloggers) who are trying to be more critical and analytical of the series. The people who don’t do so seem to be treating the series like a sports team or something, supporting it 100% regardless of what it does. If I recall correctly, there was a name for similar group of fans for another series. Oh right, “Narutards”. :\

  8. @Omni

    Lelouch dieing did a lot of things.

    For starters it made Zero into world-wide famous hero, who ended the rule of “Kaligula”. The world-wide influence and acceptance.
    For second he has shown the world the horrors of monarchy and made everyone forget the massacre princess and previous bad things by doing even worse.
    For third he made sure that Schneizel would follow Suzaku’s orders (“Follow Zero’s orders” command last episode). Suzaku/Zero got a tactician worthy of Lelouch in his command now.
    For fourth he made sure that the world would see Nunnally, Schneizel and Suzaku as martyrs for the tyranny named monarchy. Victims who would be accepted as the ones who REALLY want to change it.

    So yeah, Lelouch’s death did a lot of good things. Starting the real way to the peace and the true death of Britannia’s tyranny.

  9. It’s finally over.

    I feel I can forgive Sunrise somewhat for all the bullshit in R2 with Lelouch dying, since it brings proper closure to his own story. Also his ultimate dream was still to create a world where Nunnally could live happily, in the end, he realised that with the path he chose, he would have to die for that to become reality, so he chose to die to make it a reality, rather than shying away like a coward.

    He faced his own end like a man, and for that I feel that the ending is completely acceptable.

  10. At least it was an alright ending I guess
    Everyone is happy and all but I really hope they will make a 5 minute OVA for the last DVD of Code Geass R2

    Or Code Geass R2- Final Plus

    or something cause I like to see slighty more of Code Geass Sub-story for each character before they really really end this

  11. @divine
    the best is the middle. Accepting the faults, but accepting the good sides to.

    I am in no way saying that Geass was perfect – series had its own problems -just-barely-believable-coincidences, pacing problems, animation problems.

    The problem here is that people just go with the masses on “geass is trainwreck” without any argumentation. Usually when someone has an opinion about something he should be ready to back it up. And no, “omg its full of plot holes” is not a successful backing for opinion.

    My problem with most of people is that they tend to go on hype, either “omg it rules” or “omg it sucks”. Geass went into phase where “saying that show is bad is good thing” is spreading like an internet meme.

    Overall my opinion is that such end was perfect for geass(if not for rushed first part of episode). It embodied all the ideals the show carried, left enough open-endingness for people to discuss and speculate AND made a touching and nice epilogue. Even if geass had its shortcomings, I am satisfied with how series turned out..

  12. Kaioshin Sama:
    Fair enough, but I recall you calling Omni a “sellout to the train wreck crowd” back in episode 23, so I don’t see how that was called for. Considering that Omni’s been blogging the series since the first episode of the first season, I think he’s more than capable of giving an unbiased opinion.

  13. I dont like the possible relation Kallen and Gino, I hoped Suzaku kill Gino, because he is a nobody.
    Kallen losing against Suzaku is something I accept, she was a good pilot, but I admit Suzaku is better.
    Suzaku becoming Zero I like that, is ironic.
    Question, why the black knight never realize Lelouch (Zero) true intentions???

  14. I figured that Lelouch might die. And it happened. Thus, it puts an end to the unresolved Milly x Lelouch relationship. If figured that Kallen x Gino might work out. But I always held firm that Lelouch real love interest was Milly Ashford, rather than Kallen or C.C.

    With that said, it looks like that Code Geass is over. So Lelouch will finally join Euphemia and Shirley at rest.

  15. @UnknownVoice: The thing is that the people occupying the middle-ground are so few and the meaning of the word moderation doesn’t seem to apply to the average reaction to this show. It’s either Epic or Shit, but never just good, solid or decent. In the end I think Code Geass will be remembered as one of those shows that got to popular for it’s own good. Once you catch the eye of 4chan and your average troll like this show did it’s pretty much all over for real discussion. It’ll just get to the point where you can’t tell who is trolling and who is being serious and then before you know it everyone is at each others throat and nobody is happy with the show.

    All that’s left to do is wait for the trolls to move on to other things and then we’ll see what the real reaction to the show was. Maybe well even get that discussion and speculation about the ending that you and I want. For now there’s really nothing to stop the same old reactions. We’ll just have to wait it out.

  16. I’d like to know CC’s real name as well 😮

    I dunno, couldn’t Lulu simply have created a better world as the emperor he was? Not sure why he decided to play the evil guy in the end … but haven’t seen it yet.

  17. @dexter,

    As far as I know, I dont think that was ever disclosed. I don’t really know.

    I just wanted to ask if Sayoko ever showed up in this episode since I haven’t seen her in any of the screens.

    As far as the way the ending went, I felt that lelouch dying was expected yet the end was still satisfying. I guess that was his “Zero Requiem.” Have Suzaku take the name of Zero and end Lelouch’s life for the greater “good” I suppose is how you would look at it.

    As for shippings, looks like we didn’t get much closure on it but if the rumor about lelouch being the driver of the cart, then it would mean that luluxcc would be the end pairing.

  18. I don’t understand why people think that Code transfer means death or memory loss.
    The nun was crazy and killed herself after she transferred her code. VV was injured from the battle and died. Code transfer doesn’t mean death.
    Next – memory loss. CC sealed her code away and she lost all her memory to the point where she got the geass. If code transfer means memory loss, then the nun had to kill herself before she got the code.
    More importantly, VV could not remember Marianne or CC.
    Next – to activate the code, you have to die. This is a nice theory – the geass first worked on Charles and when he shot himself, his Code activated. CC was wounded after she transferred her code. The only problem here is VV – the source of his Code / Geass is unknown.
    Code transfer also does not require contact. The nun and CC we’re apart and so we’re Charles and VV.
    So Lulu has some chances of survival, the transfer and CC still having her memories works, but the question is – did he know how everything exactly works?
    If Lulu is dead, okay, fine, so be it.

  19. I forgot!!! Lelouch have to live if not the Geass effect will disapear!!!
    Maybe Lelouch used the Geass in Gino and order him to protec Kallen, if that happend I will accept that relation.

  20. Wow, what an ending. I loved the ending, personally. I said to myself while I waited for the raw of the episode that the end would make or break the series for me in terms of it’s ending. I can safely say it’s one of my favorite anime ever, and yes I’ve seen a lot.

    C.C. is alive, and I love that. I love a happy ending, and I feel as if I got one through this. In the end, the “Goodbye Lelouch, Farewell Suzaku” in the preview ended up being true. Lelouch’s sacrafices to attone for his journey proved how awesome he truly is, and I can safely say I enjoyed the ride that was Code Geass. <3

    THE Tony
  21. Kaioshin: Well you’re familiar with my default reaction to all shows, so you should know that I found Code Geass okay. Not great, not even that well-done — the corners the series cut plot-wise, pacing-wise, and characterization-wise are easy to spot — but what’s important is that it entertained me for the duration of the season. It ended well in it’s own regard, and that’s what matters.

    Myssa Rei
  22. well a good and bad…
    when lelouch started with his zero plan i have this feeling they might be bringing back zero. A good ending for lelouch who had sin that much to archieve the true world peace for everyone but not so good ending for suzaku for he is currently living his life as zero and no more as suzaku for he is dead for good in name and in history as knight of zero…
    Guess nunnally finally learn the truth behind his brother motif sad for her as her brother need to be dead but thats what lelouch wanted. I don’t see li Xing ke with our loli empress is he dead as well? and are we safe to say that guilford is pair up with cornelia in the end ?
    its funny to see orange-kun with anya.

  23. Its a FFT ending.

    the fake hero gets credit for everything while the real hero is supposed to be dead but secretly lives his life happily with someone close to him.

    Zero is the savior, and lulu who is no longer zero is off my himself doing his own thing.

    Nunnally had contact with him as he was laying there and like we have seen before she saw him memories and understood what he did. He is later taken away, revived, and with C.C. he lived happily ever after while everyone thinks he is dead. He knows having Code makes you immortal, and if he is so smart and promises C.C. that he will fulfill her wish then he will take her code allowing her the ability to age and die, while fake his own death for the world to come together.

    If you think Lulu died, then you think hes an idiot. Why would he kill himself, if he knows he can take C.C.’s code and fake his death?

  24. @dexter

    Suzaku playing as Zero was all part of Lelouch’s plan. Unfortunately, even if that were lulu driving the cart, I highly doubt there will be a season 3. I can somewhat see an OVA but seeing as how the series ended, I don’t think there would be any materila to merit that.

  25. @Myssa Rei: Yeah, pretty much. Code Geass is definitely not the stuff of masterpieces or anything quite so ridiculous. I don’t really think anime is, but it accomplished what it needed to do and that was to keep me entertained and interested in it’s story and characters….well other than Gino that is. To me Code Geass’ only real major failures were Gino, C.C not getting enough screentime and episodes 05, 12 and 20. Yeah, contrary to most people’s opinion there were more episodes I thought were well done in the second half than in the first half as there was more plot relevant stuff and less school hijinks.

    Now everything that could be resolved may not have been resolved, but if it’s mostly stuff like C.C’s real name or the ending for some minor characters then it’s not really going to kill it for me. It really sounds like they focused on what is important and that was Zero’s Requiem. It’s still not as open or confusing as the Big O and part of the fun of the ending should be speculating and discussing what really happened in the final scenarios. Well….it should be, I’m not saying it will. That’s sort of up to the viewers.

  26. @Jay

    Lelouch taking CC’s code would have meant that CC would be dead, which is clearly not the case. As shown before, when one’s code was taken (VV and CC’s previous holder of the code), the previous holder of the code dies.

  27. Code Geass R2 will be a failure in my eyes. Went so well until episode 20+, where things just went out of character. Like the others, I also thought that this episode would make or break the series, foolishly hoping it would somehow turn out well, but it didn’t. First off, doesn’t make any sense at all that Lelouch would have fought so hard, sacrificed so many things to get where he was, only to simply die in the end? A brilliant tactician he was, yet the creators just decide to off him and make a lame “happy” ending. Secondly, Lelouch fought against Britannia in the beginning so that he could avenge Nunnally and himself, for how foolish the Britannia family was, which was what the show was really about, showing Lelouch gather forces to fight against Charles and the entire Britannian empire, but suddenly he becomes the most hated guy just because the Black Knights decided he was geassing them the whole time, thus forgetting their entire anger and frustraion on how Charles enslaved the Japanese people, even degrading them by giving them the name Elevens? The series stopped making sense a long time ago, such a shame it will never be as good as it wanted to be. A good example on how an anime series whose creators thought since the first season did so well, no matter what would happen to the second season, they would continue to profit and expect people to just accept whatever crap endings they produced.

  28. and with the last episode, all I have to say, this is the second best series since death note. A bit too much some times, a bit shallow some others, but the character development made me want more. After every episode I was craving for more. I’m sad this series is over because Code Geass was a bit different than the other mecha series.
    So long to a very awesome series.

  29. @Yamamoto
    1. It was decided that story would be 50-episode long even before it started. If it was not given a go of R2, it would have just ended with the face off at the end of R1, exactly the same.
    2. Lelouch dieing being the final part worked perfectly. He succeeded in destroying Britannia, his fathers ideals and even the monarchy itself, as well as opening the way for the true peace.
    3. You have to be REALLY dense to think that Charles would be final villain. If anything this much was clear ever since his first appearance.

  30. R2 will go down as a failure in the history of failed sequels just like the matrix, star wars and jaws … R1 is the best anime I’ve ever watched but this is just … ya I’m sure you fanboys were drooling all over this ending. Good thing it ENDED, couldn’t have done a worse job.

  31. If Lelouch dont geassed Gino and order him protec Kallen, I prefer Kallen an nobody, but is she have some brain she maybe realize that Lelouch is alive in somewere.
    At the end she return to the school just as Zero (Lelouch) want.

  32. Lulu is sitting there on the hay cart but camera is focused on CC….and the one who died was Sayoko, his perfect double 🙂

    Now that would be an open ending, but I don’t really think its possible ^_^;;

  33. @Kaioshin Sama, I totally agree with you on all parts. You just tell it like it is instead of going like these guys here and say omg best series ever, instead of actually noticing how bad it went.

  34. a friend found this on a forum …it makes some logic .
    Lelouch is still alive. He has Charles’ Code which he received when the man choked him. The Code activates first when you die, which happened. And before you say can’t have Code and a Geass at the same time, the Code wasn’t the one C.C. had, meaning that Lelouch was the first one to achieve Code Geass. He’s now travelling the country-side with C.C., living as immortals.

    That’s the only reason for C.C. to be suddenly so happy again. Also, before you say that C.C. was just talking to the dead like with Marianne, that’s not true. She could only talk to her because of the nature of her Geass which allowed her to implant herself into the “hearts” of others. That’s how she was able to talk with Marianne. Lelouch’s Geass was entirely different, meaning that she could only have spoken to her if he was there.

    Also, the screenie of the cart driver who is masking his features competely supports this.

  35. i’m guessing either xing-ke is out on business during those moments or he actually did pass away from his disease.

    well, if cc did pass her code to lelouch, then the rumor of lelouch driving that hay cart is likely true. guess we wont know. I read some other posts in other places that CC mentions “nee, lelouch?” at the very end, hinting the rumor iof him being alive is true. can anyone confirm?

  36. Eh, I don’t understand the hate. As far as plot is concerned, I think the Requiem makes sense.

    1. Lulu wants to create a good world, where Nunally can be happy and there is peace.
    2. He’s screwed up many times, starting with Euphie’s accident. That geass was an accident.
    3. There are other “evil” characters like Charles and Schniezel who have their own plans for the world.

    Therefore, he take the “all the way” route of consuming all evils in the world onto himself. He commits many atrocities and takes over Schniezel and FLEIA. He creates an image to the rest of the world that he is the ultimate evil. Then, with his death, all “evil” is removed from the world and all that remains is peace.

    Albeit, Nunally (and all of Lulu’s friends) loses Lulu in the process, but at least the world is peaceful.

    Lulu’s death (or not?) reminds me of Rolo’s, and how Sunrise seems to be able to pull off some good endings for characters.

  37. that cart driver is SOOO lelouch

    isn’t C.C talking to him at the final scene and the meaning of those words meant that he won’t be alone? 😀

    furthermore, the memory transfer to Nunnaly is a trait of immortals with the Code so he wouldn’t have died from the stab wound

    Lelouch probably got the code from Charles or C.C, and now is living happily ever after with C.C while traveling the countryside

  38. What the hell? That’s it? Lelouch dies,alone? Wtf… Schneizel should be the one who dies,Ougi and Toudou for betraying Zero.Why don;t C.C. stopped “Zero” killed Lelouch? But I guess that she knows that already.

    And these guys are happy that Lelouch is dead? Totally out of expectations,and totally sucks.

    This anime is one of the greatest animes ever,and this is the final episode? Man,this really makes me pissed…

    Jeremiah grows oranges? That makes me laugh.haha.

    At last,we can confirm that Kallen loves Lelouch,and Lelouch loves Kallen too.This is enough makes me happy for this episode.

    Don;t know about this,but I hope the cart driver is Lelouch,but I highly doubted that myself.

    Sunrise,please make an OVA or a movie or something to give us a better happy ending,where Kallen will be reunited with Lelouch.

    Thanks for blogging the whole two seasons,Omni.I appreciate that.^_^

    Chaos Master
  39. I saw this in AS Forum :

    – Lelouch got Charles’ Code.
    – Lelouch still has Geass from C.C.

    So he is the first person to have CODE GEASS.

    (and he is still alive ! LelouchxCC forever !)

  40. If they were to make a movie sequel, a cool idea would be something like the 3rd death note live action, where L solves a case. Lulu would still be alive (but no one knows that), so he would have to solve the problem as zero again.

  41. Well i watched the episode and i think this was jsut too early.So many questions unanswered.But i really think lulu is still allive.Someone posted about an idea that lulu gained charles’s code and now lulu and C.C are travelling together as immortals.In the end where C.C was on the wagon he was asking lelouch and damn the ending comes before we could be 100% sure if hes dead or alive.Well since so many questions unansvered i hove we’ll get a special or a movie that will answer them like C.C name and is lulu still alive.

  42. Are you guys serious? Lulu Alive? *sigh*, He’s in the World of C, it’s the only way he and CC (who’s still immortal) can be together forever.

    And did everyone really just mentally block out all the signs/hints/clues about the dark king dying? From the chess piece to other things, you guys think it was there for nothing?

    The only way to make up for everything he did was to die, shitty to the lulu fans I’m sure, but oh well.

  43. GP, your three to four sentences make little sense, if any. Must be one of those kids who brainwashed themselves into thinking Code Geass is the best anime since..forever. It’s totally possible for Lelouch to be alive, since CC would not be talking to anyone else besides her, nub.

  44. I don’t get it… with Lelouch dying, everyone will achieve happiness? I don’t understand… Half the person in Ougi’s wedding photo had been trying to kill off each other. Tell me if I am wrong… but I just so don’t get it….. I mean…. WTH?

    Great series, anyway. Sigh. Too bad C,C and Lelouch didn’t stay together at the end……

  45. Hey guys, I did not kill Lelouch, I repeat, that I did not kill him. I merely pierced him with my sword to fake his death, so that his wish would be granted. Do not hate me guys, I just wanted to help Nippon escape from Britannia’s clutch. I cried before sleeping, knowing that I lost Lelouch as a good friend, someone who in the end was there for me.

  46. Suzaku, much love. :3

    Gino in China is a flashback pic just like all the pics on that wall! Look at Viletta and notice her stomach is not budging out yet! I bet he returned to Ashford to be a student. :3

  47. Look guys i am like 4 episodes behind! When i see them i will comment but let me add this!

    If the Geass Effect of Lelouch was still active AFTER his death, in any scene of this episode then simply he is not dead! WHy? Because when a Geass User dies his victims are free of his influence!

    I dont know if this happened! When i watch the episode i will know for sure!

  48. @Lelouch

    Are you brain dead? I don’t like the show but I can post about it regardless, which of the two of us is the bigger fan here with the name you’ve decided to use eh?

    As shown in the series you can talk to anyone who’s in the world of C, Charles even talked to clovis ffs. It’s also shown that if you have a code YOU DON’T HAVE A GEASS. When the hell did Lulu get Charles code? Are you guys even thinking about this? When he killed Charles and his mom in the world of C he used his upgraded geass, after he’s still got it. You either have the code and are immortal or have your geass eye hax and arn’t, there is no both together. And after you give your code you die.

    I really don’t see where you guys are coming up with or holding on to this idea that he’s still alive. Sunrise wouldn’t hide it, they’re not that clever with this sorta writing we’ve seen.

  49. Because Geass is too powerful.
    Lelouch want to put the end of everything and himself so he ask his close friend Suzaku as the new Zero (fake his own death) to kill him to put the end of himself and the power of Geass for good.

  50. @Lelouch: Like I said earlier, I still think the people that brainwashed themselves into thinking that Code Geass was like the worst anime ever take the cake. It’s one thing to be a blind fanboy, but at least usually they aren’t hurting anyone….well normally. The other side is just disruptive and annoying for the most part. Most of their comments tend to be of the “…..yeah….thanks for sharing” variety.

  51. “zeroLockon at 6:12 am on September 28th, 2008

    a friend found this on a forum …it makes some logic .
    Lelouch is still alive. He has Charles’ Code which he received when the man choked him. The Code activates first when you die, which happened. And before you say can’t have Code and a Geass at the same time, the Code wasn’t the one C.C. had, meaning that Lelouch was the first one to achieve Code Geass. He’s now travelling the country-side with C.C., living as immortals.

    That’s the only reason for C.C. to be suddenly so happy again. Also, before you say that C.C. was just talking to the dead like with Marianne, that’s not true. She could only talk to her because of the nature of her Geass which allowed her to implant herself into the “hearts” of others. That’s how she was able to talk with Marianne. Lelouch’s Geass was entirely different, meaning that she could only have spoken to her if he was there.

    Also, the screenie of the cart driver who is masking his features competely supports this.”

    I also agreed that it makes sense that Lelouch took charles’ code because if u watch Episode 21,Marianne said that without 2 Codes,Ragnarok cannot work.Somemore Ragnarok isn’t destroyed,if it did,the world will end.Most likely “Zero Requiem” is when Lelouch died,C.C. bring him to a hidden place where he is “rose” up again.But this time with him immortal.The memories that Nunnally saw was to let her believe that Lelouch did that for the world so that his sister won’t hate him….i guess.”Zero Requiem” is also to help Lelouch and C.C. to be together??? o.0? I also believe that Cart Driver is Lelouch and C.C. travelling together.^^

    Well these i can think of….if its wrong dun blame me. T-T
    I also hope that there will be a OVA like a Chibi Party(Got that idea from FMA) for Code Geass or a live-action movie. ^^ If there is a OVA for Chibi Party,it will totally AWESOME!!!!

  52. Ok, after watching the raw, I’m convinced Lelouch is still alive. But I’m not convinced that there will still be a season 3 though. Kinda sad, really. In the end, as much as I do every after episode of Code Geass, I still want more of it!!

    We don’t even get to know C.C.’s real name.

  53. Right I forgot to bring this up, but in many instances characters end up talking with someone who his dead and say “isn’t thats right?(insert name)” Its very typrically, gives more emotion to it, nothing more that was the point in her saying that, its doesn’t literally mean she is talking to Lulu.

  54. this is soo disturbing.

    and there i hoped lelouch to get some happiness, not being alone anymore, he who suffered so much through the whole series – and now look – everyone can enjoy there life and lelouh is gone…

    actually i don’t have a proof but i really really wish, that lelouch is the one with c.c at the ending, i just don’t want to imagin c.c to be alone again and lelouch gone for good.

    so i will believe in the words, that lelouch has got the code and is now immortal – is it that difficult for some of you to accept, that some peoples feel like thinking that way ???

  55. Well,
    The death of Lelouch came as no surprise, ever since episode 13 when Shirley died. However, the writers have never resolved Milly’s feelings for Lelouch in any way, in my opinion. But once his Zero identity was exposed to his enemies, he could never go back to his old life at Ashford Academy. As a result, he had to create a plan B, which was Zero’s Requiem. This way, he makes the world believe that he is a villain so that the fake Zero would be a hero for peace. He fulfilled his goal of making Suzaku Nunnally’s Knight and redeeming Euphemia’s name.

    I guess every since Euphemia died, he wanted to atone for that sin. As much as I would have wanted a Milly x Lelouch relationship, you guys were right by saying that it was very unlikely given the direction that the series was going. And I used to believe that neither C.C. or Kallen was Lelouch’s love interest, and felt that the only reason why Shirley and Lelouch was paired was because she made it known to him. Milly never got a chance to do so. Thus we’ll never know how it might have turned out between them.

    In July, I thought that one of the most likeliest endings for Kallen was for her to be reunited with her mother and living together. That prediction came true. I also suspected that a Kallen x Gino relationship might have been the best possible outcome, even though most were against it. The only option that I figured that was likely to end the speculation of Lelouch’s possible love interest was he own death, which had became a reality.

    One thing was for certain. Since Charles became an immortal and disappeared, Lelouch had no other choice but to become Emperor before anyone else had a chance to do so. This way, he could unite the world against him, in order to end the old Britannia, once and for all. So Zero’s Requiem was planned between him and Suzaku. Suzaku sees the new world, but he can’t enjoy it, while Lelouch dies to join Shirley and Euphemia. So Suzaku is on the losing end of the stick.

    Lelouch will certainly go down in history as the most unpopular Emperor of all time, thus making Euphemia’s massacre a forgotten memory. But I guess that was the only option that he had to work with. At least, he gave C.C. a reason to live again. To think that Charles plan would have worked had he not treated Lelouch in a emotionless manner following Marianne’s death.

    V.V. jealousy for Marianne x Charles happiness was his eventual undoing because the cursed Prince(Lelouch) was realized. And the old Britannia is no more.

    Overall, the last episode, where everyone is happy is too superficial. They seemed to believe that Lelouch was far worse than any other Emperor in history. Not to mention that they might still be a greater evil on the horizen.

    So, I guess that they will never be a fanservice for Milly Ashford. The writers probably forgotten about her after Turn 12. And seeing that the last 13 episodes was nothing but plot development, like a loaded hand gun waiting to be discharged, Lelouch would be the one to take the bullet. And he did.

    I thought that Code Geass would be one of those rare series that would turn out to be amazing. At least the 1st season was. The second half of the R2 was a very typical of most of the animes that I have seen where the main character dies and important matters are unresolved. Sometimes, I wish that I had never seen Code Geass to begin with because whenever I start to like the series, it always ends with the character’s death. Just like the Death Note and Cowboy Bebop. So predictable of Sunrise.

    Sorry for the long rant. But this puts an end to my post on this forum. The only reason why I posted was because I was dying to see how things might have turned out between Milly x Lelouch. It never happened. As well as the fact that R2 was not as planned due to the change of the series timeslot to Sunday at 5PM. I now suspect that the “Planned Version” of R2 would have been so much better.

    Take care everyone!!!!

  56. Well, i kinda expected this but it still shocked me that Lulu is dead. For a world that is so divided in philosophy and government – lulu needed to be a greater evil for thee whole world to unite against him.

  57. there is really no way to proof lelouch is the one who is driving the wagon, but maybe they release some picture books regarding this.

    i just want to believe he his lelouch, since they hide his face for speculation…and there everyone is free to say what they think…i’m really sad about c.c. being empty handed again, after finding lelouch.

  58. Nice theory RC i think that your reason is actually true. Also it confirms my theory from 3 months ago. And yes Sunrise is heavily hinting that lelouch is driving the cart.

    Why are there wooden carts in the future, cuz from my guess atb 2018 is 2800’s in AD.

    Best ending but they mixed death note and eva together.

    Who thinks they want to see the writer’s original story?

    How does Arthur know where suzaku’s “grave” is? can he read?

    Lol the one who opposed zero the most became zero and took his revenge.

    This is the best story ever(though they need to fix it a bit). Very good ending seeing that they combined the endings of 2 very popular series together in a good way.

  59. Wow how can you not get it?? He is just feeling very sleepy at that moment. God let the main character rest. It’s just like Rollo he didn’t actually die he just feel asleep and got amnesia and never found his way back onto the screen.

  60. oh and lelouch is alive cuz his geass is still working on Smigol(his brother but i forgot his name) See in one of the pics hes is standing behind “Zero”2 (for those who have watched the ep yet its suzaku)
    They should just fix nunnally’s dam legs. Its the fckin future, make her into an orange kun or something, give her auto-mail or just regular prosthetic legs.

  61. Lelouch hasn’t died yet, evidence pointing to the Geass effect still active on his older brother. Makes sense that if the user who geassed the other person died, then the effect would have gone also.

  62. Wow, great character Lelouch. A real leader. To the very end, he’s serving a cause higher than himself, really nice, stuck through with that till the very bitter end.
    Too bad, I thought C.C. would elope with LeLouch, they make a nice couple.

    Michael Bay
  63. Hmm ok I read all the comments here and I would like to add few things to the theory about RR o_O

    Anyway it seems to be very close to the truth for me at least, since everyone should already know after watching so many episodes that the code kicks in after the person dies, which explains why would CC have that scar or when Charles got geassed by Lulu, YOU CANT GEASS CODE USERS, thats enough for me to believe that Charles code kicked when he killed himself. So imo, its either…he gets the code from Charles and still have his geass, or he gets the code and looses his geass when he dies at the end since, there are always 2 codes?

    Ill go for my ending, since I don’t really think that Lulu’s death is a good ending for him….where everyone enjoys happy life, he kicks the bucket oO

  64. RaRutsu a.k.a. RR a.k.a. Lelouch got his Code from Charles, his dad, when he killed him. Thus he retained his Geass powers that he obtained from C.C. and got a immortality code from his Dad making him CODE GEASS: LELOUCH of the rebellion R2 (R.R.).

  65. Lol look at Anya’s expresion(its hard to see but it looks like this -.- ) Why is Miya trying to rape Rivalz? Ougi must be very lucky to have 2 loli world leaders at his wedding
    Toudou is a pedo (kind of)
    Guildford ur not a agent(matrix) so dont dress like one, especially if ur gunna smile in a retarded way.
    Tamaki is trying to take ougi from behind.
    The loli chinese girl is too short to be older than me.
    Asahina is still alive?
    Where is Nunnally?

    2 great series ended this weekend, Macross Frontier and Code: Geass
    Should they consider, Code Geass : Suzaku of the rebellion?
    Cecile is trying to be a loli(ur too dam old)
    Why is Miya at the wedding in the first place? inst she just an unimportant character that was to fade off after Ruru geassed her to fck off?
    Anya is my favorite character besides RR and CC
    They didnt give us CC’s real name.
    Gino looks like that guy from Ouran High(was his name tamaki or something)
    CG is over… sniff* sniff*
    I know how darkmirage feels.
    Subliminal messages in Code Geass: Eat pizza, become obsessed with oranges, plan everything ahead, be a loli or shota, get together with old people, and finally never expect a harem ending in great stories.

    Now that code geass is over, go read Full Metal Panic.

    Omega Knighx
  66. I my opinion, if Code Geass is ever brought back, it might be a reset version of R2. There was so such to talk about. But they cram everything. The best option would have been to focus on the Geass Cult and V.V. for R2. Anything else, like Charles and Marianne, could have told later on. The problem with R2 was the fact that the writers wanted to tell everything at once instead of taking their time.

    Had they had used R2 to explain the Geass Cult and V.V. as the season focus, there might have been a lot of time for the writers to explain the relationship between Lelouch and Milly as well, after Episode 13. Instead, they killed off V.V. and the Geass Cult all at once. That might have cleared a lot of things up if they had used R2 as the focus of C.C. creation of the Cult and her relationship with V.V. and Marianne.

    I feel that the writers cramed in at least 3 potential seasons into 13 episodes(Geass Cult, The World of C, and the battle against Britannia). This was why R2 didn’t flow too well. It might have been enjoyable if they had taken their time and not rush their ideas altogether.

  67. Lelouch lives by using Chales’s code. It is activated after Suzaku stabbed him.
    Every Code owner activated their code this way: C.C. by getting stab at her heart and Charles shot himself in the heart.


  68. Terrible Ending, It seems that the Japanese believe that suicide can wash away dishonour. With Lelouch’s talents, there was so much more that he could have done for his country instead of killing himself.

  69. I respected Lelouch to a point too. It’s nice to see that he’d like to sacrifice himself for so many others, and to possibly erase his sins, but it still ends up being slightly selfish. I mean.. look at what he did to poor Nunally? And Suzaku?

    Okay, I actually don’t care. I’d like to buy into the whole “He’s driving the cart, why else would C.C. be so happy” and such. Now instead of dying alone without her Code, she can live as an immortal with Lelouch. Everyone wins.

  70. Now that I think of it its kinda dumb for Lulu to geass his father and tell him to kill himself instead of making him his slave, who would follow any order anyway….this would change whole R2 story :O

  71. @UnknownVoice

    is fucking a Code Geass fanboy who does not know or care about story sturcture or anything that made Code Geass R2 popular.””If anyone will go on with “geass is trainwreck” it will only prove that masses are attracted to the “hating geass is new cool thing in town” stupidity.”” He said, is too much of a discrimination to the people/viewers who did not like Code Geass R2. In my opinion, you should go to the nearest mental hospital or something.

  72. Waw, “Code Geass R2” certainly had an amazing ending!
    I do regret a few important matters and plots were not resolved, like CC’s name.

    I’ve read a few good arguments to suggest Lelouch is alive, and even though I personally want there to be a happy ending where CC isn’t left alone but can live on together with Lelouch (imagine after CC’s “nee lelouch” hearing him respond using her true name… romantic!) I do believe he is dead.

    As it is, it looks like Lelouch’s death will be the same as Spike Spiegel’s death (from “Cowboy Bebop”), debated for years to come about wether or not he is truly dead.
    In that sense both series endings resemble each other a bit.

  73. yeah, i guess it’s because he differs from the usual heroes – nice job lelouch – and he lives on in lucky star ova! =D

    well, i think , most of us are convinced, that lelouch is now immortal and is traveling together with c.c , which actually is a very nice outcoming for both of them, no one to disturb their relationship.

    kallen will most likely get together with gino, i don’t approve it, since lelouch could have been a playboy with two chicks but at the moment i’m happy, if he is the one who survived.

  74. Haven’t seen the epi yet, but I went “Bwahahaha!” when I saw the screenshot of Nunnally falling out of her chair. Yes, like with the BK, I feel like she decided to trust someone she barely really knew too soon and turned on Lelouch too easily.

    The ending is not that bad, as far as I can tell. They have guts for killing off the main character. I also like bitter sweet endings, but whether I will like this one, depends solely on how the BK and all other Schneizel brainwashed view Lelouch in the aftermath.

  75. So he achieves his goals at the expense of destroying himself in the eyes of the ones he loves. Irony.

    Zero’s Requiem did turn out to be what I expected, him encompassing all evil and surpassing it to erase Euphie’s atrocities and obtain peace, though I wasn’t expecting the revival of another Zero and Lelouch’s death. This episode had a rather interesting turn of events, perhaps a longer epilogue showing a little more into the future would have been better suited, but overall it was an excellent episode.

    P.S. The man driving the cart is supposed to be interpreted by the viewer, it can either be Lelouch’ & C.C.’s happy ending if you wish it to be, or it can be a show of C.C. moving on and heading back to her home (the country side, when she was young), which would also mean that Lelouch commited the ultimate sacrifice to achieve his goals.

    I preffer the Happy ending that Lelouch is the driver, but then again we’ll never really know will we? 😉

  76. All I have to say, it will reinforce my opinion that Code Geass is one of the best animes of all time if they succeed in punking almost half their viewers into thinking Lulouch is dead. I see too much of Char/Millardo Peacecraft in him that will inevitably lead to a Char’s Counterattack/Endless Waltz movie as they way he dies shows that he foresaw it coming, likely had a better plan than to throw away his own life, too much suggest that he is immortal, the farm ending with C.C’s last words to the cart driver suggest that Lulouch is alive (who in god’s name ever thinks the mysterious stranger at the VERY END of an anime that had the apparent death of a character to be some random guy? Trainwreck crowd feel the need to be stupid in addition to A-holes?) But I digress because I’m straying into fan-girl mode… C.CxLulu forever! I KNEW IT! …okay, done. Look forward to a Code Geass movie… just hope it isn’t pure fan-service, though it will likely end with Lulu dying/vanishing again (Sunrise’s favorite method of closing their Anti-hero character’s stories).

  77. Really losing faith in Sunrise mecha endings, giving them one last chance with 00 s2. Examples?

    Gundam Wing, bad ending that had to be improved with Endless Waltz

    Gundam Seed, vague ending that left us unsure as to Kira’s fate, had to be fixed with 5 min OVA on the last DVD.

    Gundam Seed Destiny, Final Plus, nuff said.

    Gundam Seed Stargazer, open ending that had to be fixed in the final unpublished manga chapter.

    Code Geass, cliffhanger, 5 month wait for 2-episode finale to set up…wait for it…ANOTHER cliffhanger

    Gundam 00, rushed and tacked on battle between Setsuna and Graham.

    Code Geass R2, vague ending and they left more unresolved plot points behind than a season of 24!
    Examples: CC’s name, CC’s wish, CC’s code, Xingke’s disease, what happened to Villetta/Ougi at the cliff, how did Sayoko get away, how did Gilford survive, Charles’ code, all the people Charles/Lelouch geassed.

    Geez, I thought Code Geass would be an improvement over Macross’s ending, but Macross was better than this.

  78. This is probably going to be lost amongst the sea of comments, but I am slightly surprised at how for some people, the fabulous ending episode is suddenly enough to excuse the general poorness of the rest of the season. It’s not only the destination that counts, it’s the journey as well.

  79. Lulu died, why are people being delusional for their pairing? My god.. If he faked his death he would be with Nunally, the person he loves most… Sorry, guys, he is DEAD DEAD DEAD… get over it..

  80. Only two positive points from this episode:

    All hail Arthur, eternal lord of Britannia (seriously, after surviving and witnessing all that cat has been through, he deserves the title).

    Orange-kun with his own orange farm is pure win.

  81. I say… rebel! Get the Elevens (um… I mean Japanese) to spam the Japanese Sunrise, and Us English speaking ppl to spam whoever licensed this, and when they tell us to bug/blame Sunrise, we spam Sunrise too ^_^

  82. Btw, only halfway R2 did I really start to get more critical about how the show was shaping. But in hindsight, I think that in season one they should have adjusted some things.

    Mao and the Ashford episodes were mostly fillers. They never touched the subject of Kururugi connection with the Geass. Suzaku getting in touch with C.C. was implied to be the reason why Lelouch’s Geass went out of control when he was with Euphie. Also, flashbacks of the temple entrance of the Kururugi shrine (if I am wrong, correct me, but it was a shrine entrance) is meaningless like this.

    And there is a big gaping hole of the mass of people with the immortality code, also in the flashbacks, who seem to have disappeared at some point in time. That too is never explained. How can you loose so many immortals and where did the immortality code came from anyway? What was it’s purpose?

    I also wonder how V.V. got into Ashford.

    I was mostly disappointed with the dumbing down of characters probably because the production team were pressed for time. I could accept people believing Schneizel, if there was some more development to it.

    I also find that the “villains” were kind of a letdown, in a way. They had too little screen time to give me the feeling of satisfaction when they were done with. And I don’t think I quite get Schneizel. He had no passions or any real interest in things. So I find it somewhat difficult to explain why he was doing the things he did.

    I think that if instead of two seasons, they made it a anime which did not break up in seasons, but had 52 episodes, or something like that, like with Blood+ or Eureka 7, it might have been better. Hopefully the story would have been able to cover everything and make a good story out of it.

  83. theory of wether lelouch live or not.
    – Lelouch Geass evolving to both of his eyes (remind me of the emperor geass too, and he become immortal)
    – Jeremiah seems to be please when suzaku killed lelouch in eps 25 (this one that really interest me a lot, Jeremiah seems to be discontend when he heard lelouch is dead when the black knights betray him in eps 20 but when suzaku killed lelouch, he seems…. okay… ???)
    – CC seems talking to lelouch

  84. Having read a couple of comments, if pretty much most of the people (the BK as example) are happy that Lelouch is death, this will be a sucky ending. I don’t mind it if some people are happy about it, but it feels pretty bad to see how they were so easily taken in by Schneizel and just as easily throw everything that Lelouch did for them out of the window.

    And it is pretty bad taste that Viletta gets off the hook that easily, despite the things she did. I don’t like to see the BK all happily ever after, because without Lelouch they would have probably already died in the slums. But on the other hand, you can’t punish characters just out of random dislike. So even if I don’t like it, it was probably the most logical thing to happen storywise.

    I am not against a ending in which the main character hasn’t achieved a real happy ending, but I prefer some sort of comforting ending, because I spend so much time in following the story and protagonist.

    I agree with the OVA option, if the story is decent. But I think that Code Geass would be better off being rewritten to some extend.

  85. >who in god’s name ever thinks the mysterious stranger at the VERY END of an anime that had >the apparent death of a character to be some random guy?

    So true. It’s definitely a character we know … so Mao and Rolo are also possible … or Euphie XD

    I’m 100% sure that we are going to get an OVA, movie or complete reboot. Or maybe all of those. Sunrise isn’t going to let such a successful series rest …

  86. Just watched the last episode with Chinese sub. A few points of note:

    1) You’ll need to wait for the DVD/Novel/Omake to see everyone’s fate. The ending only deals with Ougi, Tamaki, Karen, Anya and Orange-kun.

    2) ‘Sex Slave’ Nunally is HOT!!

    3) The guy driving the wagon is ‘probably’ Lulu.

    4) Suzaku has the ‘good end’. He ends up being the hero of the people, gets to marry Nunally, and becomes the Emperor of Britiannia!!

    5) Where is our favorite Ninja-maid Sayoko @_@

  87. Something that I noticed and was thinking about in ep 24 was Lelouch’s Geass command on Schneizel to “Serve Zero”, it seemed weird since Lelouch was using his real name at the time and not his alias but with this it makes complete sense. I guess Suzaku gets to inherit a Schneizel slave now.

    I don’t believe the driver is Lelouch since it seemed like C.C. was reminiscing rather than a direct conversation but that point will intentionally remain vague. As much as we want to know everything about what happens, ultimately the best shows end vaguely which keeps the fandom going long after the show dies out (From TV anyway), look at the TV endings for Full Metal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion or Gundam SEED for example (strangely enough all those examples have sequels/extensions now or in production). If we are lucky we may get an OVA epilogue or a whole new TV series.

  88. All in all, it was a very fun and enjoyable ride. I definitely don’t remember Geass having this too many “fans” (of either critical spectrum) when it just started – I still remember people going iffy about the Nippon Banzai statements – so it’s a triumph in its own right.

    I suppose Lelouch may have actually lived (the cart guy), but I can’t help but feel that’s actually Xing-Ke…but then again, that doesn’t seem very plausible either since I’m sure Xing-ke would much rather be next to Tenshi…

  89. Awesome, speechless the best ending I have ever seen, People you just have too high of an expectation for the ending it is blinding you (like geass) to the brilliance of it, read deeper into whats happening!.

    This puts the entire code geass trilogy to the top of my list and I don’t think it will be matched for a long time and if IT WAS EVER MATCHED THEN IT WILL BE TOO SOON.

    What an ending summed up everything perfectly I per sonly don’t think it was all too sudden Most of us knew it had to end with lelouch for it all started whith him

    Brilliant Having zero kill lelocuh made him a hero forever and the irony there was beautiful it almost made me cry, it also finally rested lelouch as a good man, that he never was a tyrant but a man (teenager I should say !) who was more mature, loving, caring, intelligent all the praises that should go with it (the list is to f**king long) then oooe lets say some mystical god,legend,myth from herosvile.

    Let me end with Oh god plz let that carriage driver be lelouch even though the idea is more zanier than how he would have gotten their in the first place.

  90. 3) The guy driving the wagon is ‘probably’ Lulu.

    So you think Lulu lied to the world again.. and faked his sacrifice? he died for his sins.. that was his atonement.. why would he have those flashbacks?! he was thinking about his most precious moments because he was going to die… HES DEAD… until there is sold proof.. not C.C wouldn’t be with a stranger in the cart.. yeah, the taxi driver is my husband too.. come on people, I know it sucks.. but he is dead..

  91. The ending was pretty anti-climatic.

    The whole plan was pretty transparent once Lelouch became Emperor, make the world hate him then unite the world. The twist was having Suzaku become Zero but that in itself wasn’t surprising because of earlier when they had their discussion of how Zero is a symbol.

    I guess he atoned for his sins that way, but it just seems so unlike Lelouch to just “give up” at the end. I mean did he want to die that badly after Shirley died??? I don’t think most of us were feeling that. To live with sins with regret about them is punishment, death is the easy way out to atone.

  92. If Lelouch got the Code and is now RR or R2, then I’d like to see a another sequel DDDD: Think of the awesomeness of that! With more CC… Or does she not have hers anymore, then?

    I like how MAIHONEY girl is randomly in the wedding picture.

    SAD END. ;___; I wanted Lelouch to continue his tyrannical rule.

    Magical Poof
  93. Anyone else remember that the director of Geass said that the story WASN’T proceeding as he had planned???

    I’m wondering what he was really thinking as the ending was fairly transparent for awhile unlike other outcomes which came out of nowhere. Can’t shake the feeling something is off like this wasn’t truly intended.

  94. @slade

    somehow you’re right, in many games and animes they say death is the easy way to escape from your responsibility etc.

    lelouch would never behave like that, if this is his attitude.

    well, i will help myself and ignore code geass, watching other animes to get over it.

  95. Why would lelouch show his face ever again? He is after ‘dead’. And don’t you think he didn’t fullfill her wish of dying and replaced it with another… few centuries of wandering the world hoping to die? So now CC can’t die and she gets to live… some more.

    Round 2 would be nice but let’s also remember all the Code holders all were called…. C2, V2, and maybe there’s R2… then D2.

    But let’s face it. The end is not bad but does leave a lot of loose ends, particularly with C2 =(

    (I second Lulu’s (L2?) head in the bag. She’s talking to a head now… poor Makoto XD )

  96. hope there’s a code geass nunnally of sumthing or some other geass protagonist.

    the issue regarding geass wasnt explained at all. it was like at the middle of the series, they just decided to fuck geass and continue to the mecha plot and world domination

  97. One more note, can we at least see villeta dead? It’s like the ’empire’ ‘spy’ ‘change side’ ‘all for oghi’ makes me sick. She shoots oghi and gets a happy life with him? Oghi gets to live after hating zero and now all the BK’s love Zero again? Someone say stupid BKs? (Bad kallen!)

  98. very good anime but.. too rushed i think

    if he didn’t make that mistake that resulted in Euphie dying in season one, i bet everything would have been perfect.

    and im still pissed that shirley died.

  99. Shit ending is shit.

    This was too stupid to even be “so bad it’s good” like the rest of R2. Oh well, at least Code Geass is over and we can all move on to something else.

    Also, Orange oranging is probably the only good thing that came out of this episode. Epic win there.

  100. Let’s make a petition to request a movie or an OVA on Sunrise and ask Goro Taniguchi direct it personally so that Lelouch will survive,and live together with C.C. and Kallen.hehehe.^__^

    It is a shame that every member of the Black Knights forgets what Zero have done to the the Black Knights,every single good things he have done. (except abandoned them in first season’s last episode,but who can blame them who wants to save their own sister?)

    Chaos Master
  101. @Cat-Arthur

    I think that the writers had forgotten about Nonette Agra. In my opinion, if Sunrise allows another Code Geass series to be made, it would be a reset of R2. The way that the creators wanted it to be. However, the current R2 would have to be considered as non-canon if they were allowed to do another Code Geass series. This version has a lot of unresolved issues, which could been avoided if they had only focus on one theme of the season, such as the origin of V.V.,the Geass Cult, and the World of C for R2.

    The Ashford scenes was a lost opportunity that could have shown some serious developments of Milly Ashford and her family importance to Lelouch and Marianne respectively. Instead, the writers made the Ashford moments as comic relief, unlike the first season.

  102. Suzaku also got the shaft in this ending. Lelouch said something about punishment, though I’ll have to listen carefully if he was implying himself, or to Suzaku. He also said Suzaku was dead in name.





  104. His death was so awesome…and Nunally touched his hand don’t forget she is a cetector liar so I guess he is really dead -_-”
    This flashbacks finally give us kallen as a winner in the shipping war I guess…meeh at least he remembered Shirley, i’m fine with it.
    Really beautiful, just wnder what is going to do CC now…she finally discovered she still had human feelings I guess she should finally enjoy her life 🙂

  105. Happy ending for everyone but Lelouch. I knew that he was trying to create a peaceful world for his sister and he had no intend on living in it either and that he was going to die. It only made it clear about it on how C.C. was acting she must have know that to. Which mean the death must have been stage beacause C.C. would be happy with this ending she never wanted this for Lelouch and Karen was in love with him. Winder if their going to have a OAV like Tsubasa Chronicles to finish it up or leave it hanging?

  106. I get it now….. Lelouch is Jesus because when u see him fall, his arms are aligned with the cross. That means that zero is god and Lelouch is well alive (hence the masked driver of the wagon)

    Geass Pwns
  107. So, i watch anime from sunries, but, only make emo’s final. I hate that. The Characther stupid live and the smart died. Luckluke with soupopera finals. Code Geass is great anime, but that final stinck

  108. Ya honestly anyone thats been watching anime though the years would know hes a cart driver. CC wouldnt be so happy at the end if he was dead. She loves LuLu and she wouldnt be over his death that fast. Besides wtf is the point of showing a random cart driver? Just to fill in the time? Please…lol once people get over the fact that it looked like he died they’ll figure out he did everything he wanted to do and know is living his life in peace with CC unless hes needed again…..^_^ In my option this is the perfect ending for this series, all you have to do is use your head a little.

  109. at the least, one person was able to get to know the truth (nunnaly)

    i hope she told everyone close to lelouch about his thoughts and why he acted the way he did – so that those close to him are able to know the true lelouch.

  110. Okay folks, I haven’t seen it yet, but this is my theory. First off, Zero Requiem was set up to reset everything without the evil of the Brittianna in control.

    Considering everyone was geass to follow Zero’s command, they are now under Suzaku’s influences as long as he pretends to be Zero. Thus, he isn’t quite a prisoner in his own place …at any time he can simply walk away and leave it behind. He just goes to a foreign country and do some hacking of his hair, and he will be fine …besides as he gets older he won’t look exactly like the Suzaku you know and love/hate anymore either.

    So this is for as long as he wish, and besides, Suzaku might actually like Nunnelly enough to make it a permenent thing.

    As for Lelouche, yeah he is alive. Why bother with all the mystery at the end at all? Besides, this show has pulled stranger survivers …cough..Nunnelly..Guliford.

    As for the limitation of a Geass being as long as a person is alive …well I wouldn’t know about that either. Have any Geass user been killed & we seen signs of recovery …Charle’s memory erasing recovery victims ….Nunnelly ..nope. So that’s a dead end theory …Geass is pretty permenent.

    Anyway, I will miss the series,

  111. @Syaoran Li

    Agree with you. Like certain people in history, Lelouch “bore the sins of mankind” (or rather Britannia) upon himself and gave his life to take them away with him. In a sense, he fulfilled his ultimate objective – to create a world where Nunnally can be happy, even though he himself wouldn’t be there.

    (Not going to argue about the possibility of him actually still alive somehow; suggest not getting started on him pulling a “Marianne”, since that’s not his Geass power)

    Sailor Enlil
  112. Meh, you guys are buying into all this junk. C’mon ppl its Sunrise. Let Leo RIP already. If he’s driving the GD wagon then f’ it as well. I don’t care. I wished they would have closed some of the plot holes instead of giving Leo a way out. Rushed endings are always like this & I’m sure Sunrise will fix it once they rewatched the series enough to find all the GD plot holes.

  113. Suzaku didn’t get the shaft people. He wanted to die to atone, and instead of actually dieing he simply died in name only. Thus, Suzaku did die, and he is now getting to do what he wanted ..change the world for the better. I mean, he was alone most of the time anyway …considering his own people hated his guts.

    Nunnelly had Lelouche’s memory transfer to her, and thus, she would know about what Suzaku and Lelouche plotted. That would mean that Suzaku isn’t alone either, and kind of implies a Suz/Nunn, but then again …maybe he is so hack in the emotional department that he wouldn’t fall in love with the only person whom knows he is alive.

    Anyway, as I meantion before, he can escape that life anytime he wants. He simply disappears as Zero and goes somewhere and live his life quietly. Hell, he might even take Nunnelly with him after he make sure a good power will be in place and return whenever necassary to stop the evil alongside Lelouche.

    Season 3? Nope, let’s hope not.

    As for why the enemies are now friends, well they all fought against Lelouche and Llyod and then pretended to rescue the embrassdors making them heros.

  114. ARgh!!! shit, most of you have watched it and i am still stucked at ‘downloading’ it … 4 hours to go.. T.T (stream… stream… stream!!!)

    Lulu might be alive or dead.. depending on what you (the fans) fantasied it.. Okouchi had done a great job to make a very ‘full’ coverage on the ending by making it ‘ambiguous’ in such a way that it will satisfy almost anyone’s expectation (for those who want lulu to be dead, for those who want him to be alive, for those who can’t deside which appropriate end or closure for the series, AND for those who enjoy spectaculating both of the possibilites that lulu is dead or alive) at the same time. You see, although at the end the information about what stands for C.C (her real name) is remain mysterious, the most major plot got its own resolusion. In other words, BRAVOOOOO. Code Geass, the greatest epic ever!!!

  115. My theory in Zero Requim is that lelouch tried to be very evil to lure Schnizel out and Geass him to serve zero.
    As he already conquered the world, the world is already one and they face an enemy, Lelocuh. Killing Lelouch will tells the world that their enemy is gone and they can restore the world again. They did restore it, and Schnizel who is againts Lelouch is force to serve Zero wif Lelouch’s Geass. As the person who is againts Lelouch’s plan in making the world as one, he is now serving Zero, which means that the biggest obstacle is solved. Thus, the world can live peacefully..

  116. I swear Lulu is the next Elvis.. he is DEAD DEAD DEAD.. why cant people just accept fact?!! why would Suzaku cry as he was killing Lulu? What about all the flashbacks Lulu had before he died? come on people, don’t let your wishes cloud logic..

  117. i” hope she told everyone close to lelouch about his thoughts and why he acted the way he did – so that those close to him are able to know the true lelouch.”

    tommykn @ I think Jeremiah knew about his plans all along, so did Loyd and Cecile, hell Lulu was even talking about zero requiem in front of Loyd, also Sayoko prolly knew, I dont think that overloyal ninja maid would defect so easly…

    Oh and thru out the series, it was confirmed that Kallen has pudding instead of brain inside her head, just like all the BK, and I srsly can’t believe Sunrise didn’t finish Tamaki off 🙁

    Anyway I am glad Jeremiah lived in the end, he is the best kick ass side character in the series xD no one can beat him in imbaness.

  118. listen, world will NEVER be at pease, wheter it’s in a fiction or real life – it’s just momentarily, IF there would be a third season, war and slaughtering will be unavoidable!

    if the big evil is down anew will rise the evil!

    lelouch died with a smile but still in vain. >.<

  119. Well as for the meaning of Zero Requiem…

    i got the meaning of ‘requiem’ from Encarta Dictionary which means “Roman Catholic service for dead: a Roman Catholic mass held to offer prayers for somebody who has died”.. well it could be literary interpreted that Zero died and people pray for him.. But it had been asserted before that Zero did not neccessarily means Lulu, it’s only a symbol. Here, other interpretation may come: Zero give the prayer for the dead… or it may even means ‘no’ (zero = no) prayers for the dead or “no” need to pray for the dead, cause no body dies… hahaha many possibilities… need to watch first then…

  120. O____o;
    Right now I still feel awful with the ending.
    I’m so touched with it.
    But Lelouch played a very daring role, having himself prepared to BE killed after he HAD killed.
    No wonder his line, “Utte ii no wa utareru kakugo ga aru yatsu dake da” won the Best Character Line in the DVD Magazine before. He had grown up, we had seen it, we’re grateful, yet uncontented.

    LELOUCH’s the DRIVER!!
    There’s the reason why this season is called “R2” right!!

    And he passed the mask to his best friend. Sweet.

  121. i didnt really like the ending i wanted lelouch to stay alive his death was really sad…i agree with those who say that lelouch inherited the code from c.c. because when you think about it how else did nunnally see the discussion between lelouch and suzaku…i hate when series ends and ur left confused im happy kallen is alive although i wanted her to end with lelouch
    i doubt anyone has the answer but how was cc talking to lelouch?

  122. I have to agree with tommykn on this one – a big bad boss dying doesn’t magically make the world a better place, unfortunately. A fake death is even worse in this regard, actually. If lulu had the guts to remain alive and in public view as the villain, THEN everyone has a common enemy to unite against so longer lasting peace is possible.

  123. I have reason to think that Lelouch has survived, among those reasons being Jeremiah, C.C, primarily… but I’ll leave it at that.

    Its in regards to the statement that what he’s done has been in vain, I think not to be honest, not only did he destroy himself but at the same time purged Britannia and much of the world of people who really are tyrants. But its not so much the death of the tyrants that will lead to peace, it is the birth of heroes, when the world sees their own will rise up against what they know is wrong, and this will inspire them to stop people from ever really doing the same, at least from my perspective. It worked for Gundam Wing/Gundam 00 anyway if you all recall :p

    Great ending

    but whole series seems rushed

    i hope they make episode 25+ pluss
    like gundam seed destiny lol

    at least if they put extra episode for dvd version im so gonna buy this 🙂

  125. YES,
    the reason for me to tell that?
    Hey doubtfulled men , Cause SUNRISE got the “gold chicken” to make a new egg.
    They let the ending open finally. Use a little bit your brain! “To live is have faith”
    Yes lulu is dead in a certain way (as simlpe human).
    But he still live for sunrise making money. The flow of money will go on.

    All Hail lulu!!!!!
    all hail $$$$!!!!!

  126. Jesus died.
    Buddha died.

    If you save the world from something, if you change the world, or the people’s view about the life itself, you cant live happily with your nice green-haired wife while making kids and tea.

    Lelouch was a brilliant mind, but alone he could have not achieved this. After they planned Requiem with Suzaku, the story resolved perfectly – according to my views, of course. Lelouch had to die, he had too much karma waiting to backfire: it really makes sense if you plan on doing a religious ending.

    Which brings us to one final comment from me: Sunrise works so far have been really interesting, and all incorporated the question of “how to deal with the lack of world peace”. In Gundam SEED and Destiny, battles were fought on the level of ideas (remember: Lau Ru Kruz versus Lacus or Kira, and so and so), in Code Geass, a solution was shown, however, without showing the real result – I am looking forward to seeing Gundam 00-s answer. Because to me, an analogy exist between Celestial Being and Lelouch, Gundams and Geass – not so strickly, of course.

    Why it ends like this? Because people are not perfect. Perfect world will probably never come, unless it is a world without humanity. Attempts are the only thing which can be made, and Code Geass has shown a hell of an attempt to me.


  127. Yeah lelouch survived that’s why Suzaku, and CC cryed. Cause he survived. Let’s be rationnal sometimes guys. Sunrise is able to screw amazing death but this one is lelouch’s answer to all his lies, finally his loved one realized his true face and he died happy. Awesome death.

  128. I don’t see why people can’t believe Lulu’s(R.R IMO) not dead. I mean, Gilford “died”, Nunnally “died”, Cornelia “died”, Sayoko “died”, hell almost every character “died” at one point but hey! They’re back! After an anime pulls a stunt like that (and more than once) how can you even believe someone’s actually dead? At this point I have a hard time believing anyones dead for sure.

  129. I think Lelouch is still alive for many point :

    – C.C. still have the code, so Lelouch don’t fullfil his duty with her
    – If Lelouch die, and C.C. still have the code, she might give the geass to someone to get her death… It’s a great danger for Lelouch new world, and I can’t believe that Lelouch let a so big danger behind him.

    Lelouch lost again everything with this “death”, He’s family, his power, all his life… To atone his sins, it’s better to live, than to die.
    C.C. cry because she know how much that death cost for Lelouch, and for Suzaku, that mean he lost his best friend just after they became friends again…

    This end give the opportunity for everyone to make them own idea about the destiny of Lelouch and it’s really a great thing. Far better than the sad end of Bebop !

  130. Ah one more thing about Zero Requiem…

    It is said that it was the promise between Suzaku and Lulu… Back then, remember that Suzaku told Lulu to ‘lie’ up to the end.. Zero is an ally to justice, so in order to preserve the notion, lulu has to take all of the evil and became the villain so that Zero (as the hero) could finally banish the evil (by killing Lulu)… This was actually the impossibility that was made possible that can only be achieved by the ‘symbolic-miracle-maker’ Zero which Lulu offered to Suzaku. By telling Lulu to keep ‘lying’ up to the end which was agreed by Lulu back then, Suzaku finally joined forces with Lulu. From the term ‘lies’ which may mean that what we see in the end of the series is actually a lie (death of Lulu)…

  131. all i can say is nunally was pretty cute and the ending made me cry T_T
    but it was really good… thanks sunrise! I think the ending with that hay dude
    and C.C. is just to make the anime still interesting and just like how they get us every
    episode ending we are craving for more Code Geass and lelouch… it was brilliant!^^

  132. I like the ending. I actually expected SUzuke to live and be Zero per Lelouche’s plan. Lelouche needed to die so that he can be reborn. Honestly, Lelouche wouldn’t be able to stay sane if he remained the emperor. Plus the people needed a hero like Zero, the symbol of freedom and justice to prevail. I believe Lelouche let himself die cause he knew he will wake up an immortal warlock! The Gease is very strong in him already. And YES, the driver could only be Lelouche. I’m waiting for the subs but if I am correct, CC mentioned Lelouche’s name (on her last phrase) while on the cart. It sounded like she was asking Lelouche for a reply. Should be the driver! Besides, on ep.24 before they parted, I think Lelouche promised CC that she won’t be alone. Love the stuffed toy.

  133. thats driving one insane, right? ^^

    i was hoping so much, that this show will end soon and now after it ends, i want more – that’s crazy, how easy they can pull me inside !!!

    sunrise is evil !!!!

  134. You know Sunrise I’m still waiting to hear C.C.’s name……….
    It’s probably like 4 syllable long 😛 Find a way to squeeze it in
    but I while I wish for an OVA I don’t see any point in it unless it’s one of those stupid one where’s it’s in between episodes
    😛 I don’t care anymore I just want my Gundam now :[
    Although I did enjoy the ending part kinda…
    I liked it when Lelouch got stabbed and slid down the slide and Nunally finding out the truth which I kinda don’t know how that worked out but hey who cares and then we see Orange growing Oranges, Kallen repeating a year of high school since everyone else graduated and she never attended her senior year.
    C.C. …… is traveling the country side…… by herself…. so…. wtf sunrise at least make Kallen tag along jeez
    While I like the whole idea of making Lelouch a martyr but that’s only for like 3 people since everyone else thinks he was a evil overlord that pwned the world.
    I hated Cornelia till the end and I thought Guilford was blind but we see him running out along with all the other losers with a gun so….blind people+guns? bad combo or maybe he just likes sunglasses now
    Now I need to wait for a Code Geass 2 part movie covering both seasons but the second movie won’t be as shitty because the director and writer will actually get their way this time and not need to make up gibberish

  135. well i actually kinda liked how they ended it..lelouch actually ended up being the hero even tho no one really knew it but us and sukaku as well as the orange guy…i guess nunally and kallen guessed what lelouch had actually done for everyone and therefore forgave him, but i was disapointed that lelouch and c.c. or even kallen never hooked up or anything, i wanted a romantic goodbye kiss scene or something…but oh well..i believe that the directors made the cart drivers face hidden on purpose to keep the viewers hoping, and i have to admit i was one of the “hope-ers” lol lelouch didn’t deserve to die, thats for sure, but i am really glad he didn’t end as a bad guy, i really liked him being the good guy, i was dreading a “death note” kind of ending…

  136. I agree, this ending leaves a lot of plotholes left uncovered. CC still alive? What about Xin-Que? Seems like a play for a possible season 3.

    Code geass: Tamaki of the rebellion!

    or Code geass: Rivalz of the rebellion

    Like gundam seed destiny ova final plus, it’s 90% same as the last episode + last moment that’s never releaved in the last ending!!
    It’s cheating!!! It’s EVIIILLLLL!!!

  138. @Putz
    Only a part of it the important part is that they never showed his face so we don’t know who he is. Until mister Taniguchi or Okouchi decides to explain who he is or if they ever will.

    And another thing is people keep saying Lelouch is alive 😛
    I don’t get it some people are saying he got a code but from who. Correct me if I’m wrong by all means since my Geass knowledge isn’t so grand but once you give your code away are you not mortal? Isn’t that how the nun (person who gave c.c. the geass) died.
    But let’s say that did happen let’s say C.C. gave Lelouch the code that would mean C.C. would die and Lelouch would have to live an eternity. I think the only person that would actually make sense to give the code to is Suzaku seeing as how he’s Zero and all. But that doesn’t make sense either since Zero isn’t a position where physical strength will do you any good. It’s more about intellect which balanced out the Suzaku x Lelouch one had the brawn the other had the brain which is why they say there unstoppable put together. Either way I am adamant in saying that Lelouch is dead it’s what I wanted since episode 1 and I got it, but since he was the only who knew C.C.’s real name it’s like at least tell the viewers what it is before you die Lulu. It would’ve only took 20 seconds a brief convo involving C.C. and Lelouch and Lelouch saying Bye INSERT NAME HERE. or Thank you INSERT NAME HERE. I’m sorry INSERT NAME HERE for not being able to grant your original wish. The C.C. fanboy inside me is going insane here.

  139. “PLS READ AND REPLY” very important
    Just finished watchin the end of Code Geass R2 i must admit i didn,t watch the series from the beginning but i still understood the whole thing in season 2 to show how good the series was cuz there are some series u watch at half way and u still don,t get it been that a lot has happened. Haven said that Code geass r2 was a series that had what took to skyrocket just like Tsubasa Chronicles did not to talk of the OVA that got evryone talkin hope they get one too.
    i believe code geass could have been better than that. the first thing that drew my attention to this series was the storyline and the animation work “clamp”did a great job with the characters and i,m sure a lot of people fell in love with it . The final episode had a flaw but i,m not complainin its was a good ending it could have been the best with an hour or at least 40 minutes like two episodes in one,don,t get me wrong i,m glad i watched this series although there are still unanswered questions in this series i belived i mention it before what happened that one month after charles and marianne died still can,t get an answer to that question how did ougi survive an attack from sayoko and ends up been alive when we were so sure he was going to died count viletta too off the cliff no answer, why did guilford and cornelia survive when we were so sure that or certain that they were dead at least if they explained what happened it would have made a lot more sense why, Lelouch is killed by suzaku who is zero was perfect in everyway but what about a burial ceremony with everyone there i,m sure it would have givin you that sad atmosphere or suzaku buried along side him and oh the guy at the end is lelouch he definately kept his promise to c.c i think they could made him smile at the end to give us that ironic ending or the wedding for ougi and villeta. suzaku, lelouch and c.c could have attended they could have shadow images of three people talkin about the wedding but we don,t know who someone once said this once on this blog that anyone could write a good script just like sunrise. the truth may be as people claim, if he had more time he would have made the series better. To me i just i think its was a cunning way to end a series but still decent.

    james memento
  140. IF lelouch is dead, then there is ONE big question: WHY did nunnally recieve images when she touched lelouch? tell me the answer to that, and explain with something other than lelouch having the code, and then i will agree that he is dead.

    for now, we do not know who gave lelouch the code, or if suzaku knows, or if it was lelouch with c.c. in the end. but, it was indeed a little bit wtf when charles grabbed lelouch with his code-hand. i agree with everything written in this post (not the comments but the real post).

  141. wow epic ending. previous eps seemed rushed but i think they did a good job at the end. Compared to gundam seed destiny this ending was liek 50times better (though they are in the making of a movie like Wing for Seed destiny).

    and lets face it, it’s lelouch at the end. they even show the crane nunnally always makes. and c.c. doesnt have to die for her to give up the code for whoever was saying that. the sister who gave c.c. the code died because she asked c.c. to kill her after. and v.v. oviously had it coming to him. with that said.

    Talk about the irony. zero was originally created as a way for the evil lelouch needed to do can take the down fall. for zero to become the hero and lelouch to be the evil mask. very well done. I wonder if the rest of the knights core will now acknowledge lelouch in secret. Also pretty ironic how cornelia one of the hardliners of the briannian nobility ended up storming out with rest of the black knights.

    O and orange-kun definately owns an orange farm hahaha.

  142. Now that is over i will rate the entire series.season was one of the best anime ever i’d rate it 10/10,season 2 wasn’t bad but it was pathetic compared to season one,so i’ll give it 7/10.Overall series rating: 8/10. Season 2 was a big dissapointment it started to suck around the China arc,if we could have gotten the original story it would have made more sense we could had have a season 2 that is even greater than season one,this ending really sucked even if Lelouch was alive it doesn’t matter, season 2 was a failure since it started, I always felt it was rushed and anti climatic, it din’t give me the same feeling r1 gave me, I only watched it until now beacuse Lelouch’s voice actor is simply amazing as Lelouch, so sad to see a great series ruined.

  143. @ Gawain
    Yes, I too think that CC doesn’t have to die or have memory loss when she passes on the Gease to another. The points you made were logical. It just so happens, that CC’s benefactor wanted a death wish, it doesn’t follow that it is standard Gease procedure. I have a question though, do you become mortal after the transfer? Is it possible to remain immortal even after the transfer? I’m asking cuz I’m a big Lulu & CC fan (Yes, I’m silly!). I want the witch and the warlock to stay together as immortals, changing the world 1 town at a time. There is no doubt in my mind that Lelouche inherited the Gease and He is the mysterious cart driver.( After all, he’s brilliant and I gather he’d want to live to see that all his efforts for a Brittain free world come into fruition.)CC seemed much too happy and carefree than usual, Lulu must have fulfilled his promise to become a Warlock! Love the orange pickers!

  144. A part of my Sunday mornings for the last few months is now, GONE. I give Code Geass R2 6/10 for being stupidly entertaining. It was not the “Code Geass” that I wanted it to be. Luckily, the series did not end “a slam in the face” for me.
    It was entertaining, and tv shows like Code Geass is mainly for entertainment. I did its job fine, which is why I give it 6/10.

  145. OMG this is just like Deathnote wtf i need my Code Geass.

    Oh please let there be a little twist like Lelouch comes back to live or he is alive
    and he just tricked everybody omg what is wrong with this story

  146. Err shouldn’t Lelouch be immortal(sort of) like his dad was when he had the double geass eye thing?Yea he can die but he’ll just pop back up on his feet when he thinks the coast is clear….I think there’s maybe some room for an OVA here if they choose to do so.

  147. will I think the person driving the wagon is Lelouch. Why would’nt they show the person driving the wagon it because it is lelouch and why would C.C. says his name out load??

    “If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.”

  148. objectively,

    the ending peace is a fake, cause the technology of geassworld is still on motion. Someone has to take humanity away from geass power?
    someone with the same abilities. Without the geass technologie:ability you can’t interact with it.
    Who know that all the geass owners person is all dead? Judging by how far VV plan to experiment geass by entrust geass in some large range children. And what about the origins of geass technoligy, that is not enough clear to end this serie definity ( a least sunrise sinks) but the franchise still have bullets in the gun.

    And to destroy geass make CC disapear. Think about how marianne and charles disapear, we can imagine use the same way to CC if she would like to end. But that is not the case and CC evolved enough to understand the fact that “someone has to take your place to end your life” lead to a fake peacefull world. Seeing how strongly lulu want a peace world can’t make her be so selfish in my opinion. So She can’t give him her code in the end. (yes she cried, touching scene); and Lulu don’t want to take it from her to finally. I think with lulu she was able to free from life seen as “experience”, cause she was accept the concept of tomorrow, “everything could change”.

    “Diying with a smile” is the way you live your fullfiled life with acceptance of what you are.
    that was not the case for CC until she met LULU and accept what was hidden inside her. She was able to really change from what she was before (an selfish witch immortal).
    For lelouch to fullfill his promise, it was not so simple as to say “ok i will do it and do it as a robot”( so stupid without sense). Promise is about feeling. Lulu as to prove he was able to know her first to open his heart and mind to her. I am sure he was going on a different way (better) to give her a smile (of go on living).

    The ending may have be in that way is what i think.

  149. for those of you still too ignorant, the effects of geass continue even when the user dies. see anya.
    and i’ll admit it: i felt bad for suzaku when i thought he died when the lancelot blew up. i mean, we didn’t even see him eject did we? also, guren > lancelot, while the geass magically enhances suzaku’s abilities, pretty cool, eh? the way he killes lulu with his own hollow, plastic sword also is proof of his mad HAX. i used to have no respect for him, but now i believe suzaku can take out knightmares with his bare hands. lelouch, whether he lives, intended or unintended, or dies, is an eternal hero in my eyes. (amen)

  150. this is without a doubt one of the best endings and anime ever. saying it is a trainwreck and shit about this anime because it didnt live up to your expectation is stupid and incomprehensible. you guys have to admit you were blown away by this anime in the beginning. you keep making predictions after predictions but none of them hit or most of them didnt happen according to your plan. then you tried to overexpect the expectations but was disappointed because it didnt go your way again. you guys should just watch Code geass or any anime for that matter with an open and relaxed mind and just enjoy the ride. there is definitely room for another story or season but that will have to wait. or maybe the staff are already making a story at this moment secretly so as to not raise anymore pressure or expections. if it comes like a surprise then a lot of people would definitely watch it. Code geass is just mind boggling. the open endedness is just right. the character zero/emperor lelouch is just one of a kind. he’s not all that perfect and athletic but he can create miracles. he’s good but bad at the same time. he is calculating but sometimes shows his weakness when faced with the ones he cares about. there is no other anime character that can top his charisma. they may be on par or just below but never above him. ALL HAIL LELOUCH. ALL HAIL ZERO.

    the prophecy
  151. Amazing conclusion. One of the very best ending in my 25+ years of watching anime.

    Let’s face it. Lelouch HAD to die in the end. He committed too many dastardly and evil acts, especially in season 1, to get a good ending. Same for Suzaku, who is now forced to forsake his identity and continue to live as Zero. So instead Lelouch managed to devise a Heroic Sacrifice for them both in the form of one last Xanatos Roulette that covered the entire last 4 episodes. This is just epic AND highly original in my book.

    I also don’t see how this is even remotely close to Death Note. Light loses, here Lelouch wins.

    And I don’t think it’s necessary to believe that the driver is Lelouch to give a conclusion to C.C.’s story (although I would have liked to hear her real name). Lelouch said multiple times that he would have made her smile, and C.C. is indeed seen smiling in the end.

  152. There is the possibility of the code transferring from another person other than CC

    Notice that Charles grabbed Lulu with the hand that had the Code Symbol in the World of C

    Code doesn’t activate till someone dies or hurt in some matter, just how like CC was injured when she received her code.

    R2… R.R.? Could be Lelouch now… more or less Engrish = L.L

    As C.C. was talking on top of the wagon, she says “the power of Geass brings loneliness… that’s not quite right is it, Lelouch?” and nods her head in the direction of the wagon driver

    This leaves only more speculation as to Lelouch still alive and well…

    Let’s not confirm anything just yet now…
    Wait for DVDs or word from Taniguchi or whoever wrote and taped together this episode


  153. Lelouch DID NOT die. when C.C. was talking she moved her eyes up to the direction of the driver and also when Lelouch killed his daddy, he got the code and the code can only be active when the user died for the first time. so that is when Lelouch died for the first time.

    and one more thing, C.C. can’t talk to Mao or Marine when they died, but she was talking to Lelouch that means he alive and she was talking to the driver.

    and also she said Geass bring loneliness but it not quite right, so she means now Lelouch is together with her.

  154. Since the end of the first season, Lelouch has always planned to dominate the world because he told it to Suzaku. Then, for the end of R2, there is two possibilities :

    If you are optimist, Lelouch Lamperouge can be reduce to initial : L.L. It could be reduce to L2. Since it’s a japanese story, there is a L/R problem then L2 becomes R2.
    Then Lelouch is alive, living an immortal life with C.C.

    If you are realist, he just died, realising his wish (complete destruction of Britania)creating the perfect world for nunally as he always wanted.

  155. In the original Lelouch most likely wasn’t going to die,we would have gotten the real lelouch,the real villian charles and schinezel would have been a real villian. And we would have seen Lelouch as Zero WTF Pwning the emperor at The end,or Some Space invasion from Jupiter.And not this The director of the show did everything he could do to make a decent ending. but this wasn’t the Code Geass we fall in love with. i hope it would turn out good but this ending made me realize that this wasn’t the same series as season one.
    It was like a fanfiction trying to stay true to the original season.Seriously what a shitty ending the whole season was so rushed this series din’t feel the same after charles died Lelouch’revenge was 60& of his goals the other 40% was making a safe world for nunnaly and HIM. but thanks to sunrise we get a fan service season where nothing makes sense.

  156. Alright, I just finished watching it… When Lelouche was stabbed and Nunnally grabbed his hand she saw all of his memories… Now, that wouldn’t happen with a normal person, that only happened to those who touched C.C (i.e people with Codes). If Lelouche didnt have a code, Nunally wouldnt have seen his memories. I think that in itself proves a little of something.

  157. as we all know lelouch is probably cuz c.c talks to herself a lot especially when marianne was thought to be dead she was still able to speak to her. where as she was living inside anya it is also possible that lelouch is inside nunally transferin his memories to her just marianne did but if that is true then why didn,t he geassed her allowin c.c to be able to communicate with lelouch the person riding the cart might be so he might be dead for real but there was a grave for him i guess people didn,t like him or maybe they left that important aspect out in the end. who knows just mad that they did not reveal it .

  158. I’m betting that Lelouch is still alive.

    Reposting something from another site’s comments.

    Biggest Clue;Paper crane:Nunnally taught Lulu to made those in R1

    Lelouch is still alive. He has Charles’ Code which he received when the man choked him. The Code activates first when you die, which happened. Charles code got activate when he shot himself the first time, same with C.C. when she was killed by the nun. And before you say can’t have Code and a Geass at the same time, the Code wasn’t the one C.C. had, meaning that Lelouch was the first one to achieve Code Geass. Lelouch’s code also activates when Suzaku stabbed him. Nunnally even gets ‘memory watch’ when he touched Lelouch. It was the similar effects when Leluch touched C.C.’s body back in the cave episode. This pretty much tells us that he really has the code and it is activating to revive him. He’s now traveling the country-side with C.C., living as immortals.

    That’s the only reason for C.C. to be suddenly so happy again. Also, before you say that C.C. was just talking to the dead like with Marianne, that’s not true. She could only talk to her because of the nature of her Geass which allowed her to implant herself into the “hearts” of others. That’s how she was able to talk with Marianne. Lelouch’s Geass was entirely different, meaning that she could only have spoken to her if he was there.

  159. I agree that Lelouch is still alive

    well atleast i hope he is.
    he deserves to live a happy life, after all he’s been through.

    Any other normal person would have told everyone the truth and hope they would forgive him but lelouch kept it to himself and lied to everyone not for him but for them he did this for nunnaly for the black knights,his story is so sad…..

    im sorry i underestimated you sunrise!! wow awesome ending–also loved that suzaku in the end became Justice and that Zero (according to me) did achieve the Code and still lives

  161. So the only ones who know of Lelouches self sacrifice are Nunnally, Suzaku/Zero, Kallen, Jeremiah and Ninja Meido?

    Seems pretty fucked up still the second half made it a pretty good and sad ending though I hate the fact that everyone gets to be happy except Lelouch since so many people deserved to die as well…

    Also C.C. was crying for him in the end so I don’t think Lelouch is still alive maybe she can talk to him through Jupiter or something.

    All in all R2 was pretty mediocre the ending was a good way to end the series but as a whole Code Geass season 1 and Code Geass season 2 just diverge way too much to totally enjoy them as the same series. and two last thing I still wanted to hear C.C. real name and here’s for an adaption based on Knightmare of Nunnally (hopefully a sequel).

  162. for people who are saying this is a death note ending its nothing liek a death note ending in my opinion. Light didnt want to die at the end. Things didnt go his way towards the end and world more of less ended up returning to what it was before (depite the fact that a kira religion formed).

    Thinks definately unfolded in the end as lelouch wanted it. He accomplished his goals. Even if he really was dead (which i dont think he is just too much evidence against it) he would be happy about it.

    But lets face it. What made this anime good was lelouch just didnt give a crap. The lines for good and evil were so grayed it made it very enjoyable. Even Charles and Schnezil didnt really end up being evil. They essentially were trying to make a better world like lelouch at the cost of everything else including themselves.

    There’s a picture on kallen’s wall that shows orange-kun with the rest of the black knights. Im guessing he ended up joining them. Also they revealed C.C.’s name couple episodes back for those of you still wondering about that.

  163. 6 pages between where i read to and where i posted?? MADNESS
    i remember reading that the gundam seed movie was posponed because someone was hospitalized or something and if they ever make it it will be a long while. anyways, i think that even if they have some more closure with some sort of continuation it won’t ever come close to solving all the unsolved issues in code geass such as the stuff relating to the geass cult.
    and the mordred was supposed to have such heavy armor that the swords which sliced through other knightmares like warm butter didn’t even visibly damage it, but it got a crater from the relatively small explosion of a whimpy knightmare. even if the explosion was that strong, orange would have been obliterated and anya, who was in the cockpit that got exposed, was unharmed. blasphemy. he was, however, awesome this episode, and i’m willing to overlook this. i do think the whole “orange” thing was played out a bit too far with the orange orchard though.

  164. Well, Nunnally also taught C.C. to make those paper cranes in the very first episode. Also, throughout the series, it has always been C.C. who has been making them nonstop…

    The ending was suggestive though.

    Still waiting for people to make an edited of C.C. talking to the bag instead of the driver (or whomever) 😛

  165. Megaman, you have never been to a wedding have you? Most people DON’T know each other unless you have a small wedding with family only. You only have to know the bride or groom. Half of those people know the bride, half know the groom.

    And lol at people calling a happy ending cliche. Every ending is cliche to this point. Tragedy is as old as the Greeks. Every base plot is cliche by this point in time. The only thing that changes are the details.

  166. Shows over make way for the fall season. It had your typical uber optimistic ending monologue / montage. It ended in the general way i thought it would, though I didn’t think he was going to plan his own death or fake death. I really hope this is the end for the Code Geass universe, I don’t think I could take a third season or some sort of remake.

    Taking both seasons into to account I’d give this show a B. Good premise for a show, had problems with pacing, pushing fights to ridiculous levels, and leaving some annoying plot holes / side stories either unresolved or confusing to why they were even brought in in the first place.

  167. Look, either

    Lelouch is the driver.


    Lelouch’s head is in the bag. Nice cart.

    and what’s CC’s real name? I certainly didn’t catch it a few episodes ago if it was revealed as claimed.

  168. @umeboshi

    The only way to resolve this matter is for the creators to reset Code Geass R2. Thus the current season 2 would be a non-canon. I could see why the director was so upset. This doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

    The filler episodes could been handled better. For example, the Ashford Academy scenes could have developed Milly’s background into her relationship with Lelouch and her family’s connection to Marianne. I just can’t understand why the writers never had Milly and Lelouch develop their relationship for each other in greater depth, starting from the time when they first met, and the reasons behind the Ashfords decision to force Milly into an arranged marriage to restore their Nobility. The filler episodes could have talked about Kallen’s father and brother as well as Rivalz background friendship with Lelouch. Such a waste of potential moments. This season has certainly left a lot of unresolved issues. I now understand why the director was so upset at the treatment that he was given by Sunrise, when they changed his project timeslot to Sunday nights, at 5PM, because it would restrict his ability to tell the story in a manner that was geared towards a mature audience. The 5PM timeslot was mainly geared at the younger audience, which sucks!

    Maybe the reason why Milly wasn’t used at all was because the scenes that the writers wanted to present might have had some sexual overtones. And Milly loves to live out her fantasies. Maybe if she had told Lelouch how she felt about him, Milly might have given him more than just a simple kiss. However, if they did provided a Milly x Lelouch moment, it would have been interesting to have seen that outcome. Too bad that they can’t show stuff like that to children. I am sure that the other women would have gotten some respected fanservice as well. As for R2, I no longer consider it as part of the Code Geass canon. I’ll take the 1st season for what it is over R2.

  169. Some people want lulu to be dead! He is in a certain way.
    Some other people want him to alive! He is.
    Some say “OMG, lulu has to die cause he kill many many people”! That sound stupid in war to say it naively. When you don’t want to kill any one single person, just to kill you in a first stupid move before the war knock at your door. You know what i mean hypocrites!
    War and peace is not as simple as some would like to be , that is on of the argument of CG!Hate, justice, redemption…
    i remember the scene film “UNFORGIVEN” with the old clint eastwood when he says a text like that
    ” death and live is not about deserve to”.
    Because lulu want to be killed, he was. The “Supreme God (that some hypocrites whan to be as their wish) didn’t land an hand on him.

    The way lulu begin the rebellion was a bloody way , and we all know. Even if he kill euphie there was circumstances, even if it was condamnable too. On the way lulu has to take and want to take, he makes some mistakes(certain big as shirley death, euphie…). But what is important is that he could change from R1 to R2 by fighting against the britannians even against the fate (geass order). He learned than he has to do more than freeing japan; united the wold and leave a peace. But what is great from him is that he done what he decide. So let the hypocrite attitude in your pocket.

    open ending 100%

  170. I think that was a very good ending given what the staff have to work with in the past few episodes. Whether Lelouch dies or not (I’m thinking of more dead than not), is not the point. The point is he got to do what he desires to do the most: destroy and recreate the world, even at the cost of his name/life. It is very consistent with all his actions throughout the entire series. Lelouch, for all his actions, has shown that he has no regard for his own welfare and has always been about other people. This is what he wants to do and he is happy with it.

    This is a ending that has CONSISTENCY and CLOSURE. I don’t understand the rage and there shouldn’t be any rage. I have shown EPIC RAGE when Macross Frontier 25 aired. That was a shitty ending.

    Macross: BAD END 1/10
    Geass: GOOD END 10/10

  171. My heart breaks watching the raw file… tho I can only understand 50% of it… it’s so sad… not that I am a major Lelouch fan or what… It’s just so sad to gather all the hatred of the world on him to give everyone a tomorrow. And I just don’t see any hint about Kallen X Lelouch, but I have seen so many people talking about how Kallen was his final and actual love interest… Did I miss out anything? o.O

  172. 400++ !?!? Will it hit 500?
    I like this kind of ending. How often do we see anime with protagonist dead? One in a hundred? Anyway, most of us are expecting him to die – the flag for happy ending is already long gone – problem is how he’ll die?

    Ok, now the million dollar question is did lulu died? Personally, I think it’s a yes. However, looking at how Sunrise is working with otome and Seed, I’m not surprise to see an OVA with reasonable explanation on how he survived. Or at least an audio drama on R2 turn 26. I want more, more…

    Lastly, ALL HAIL LELOUCH. Our cunning black king, you’ll be in our memory…

  173. @stella

    lelouch had a flashback at the moment he died – this flashback was packed with people he treasured a lot. kallen did appear in his flashback, so people say she’s one of the persons the likes most but so did c.c, shirley, rolo etc.

    so it’s not clear to say, if he love one especially but at least he cares for them alot.

  174. I hate sad endings, the end should have been EPIC,this anime was about bad ass Lelouch pwning bad guys. we should have gotten Lulu’s best victory(just as planned)as the end.

    and end it with Lelouch’s fabolus grin,that would been 1000x times better than this emotional ending,it’s all sunrise’s fault for not letting us see the original story,
    Lelouch vengence should have been the last episode. not this nonsense fanfiction.

  175. i was like hey thats zero gonna kill lelouch. he scaled a fuckin knightmare light it was track and field. and everybody was just watching. yeah a peaceful ending. im sad its over dammit. nice series!

  176. Wow, amazing ending, and what the hell? I think it was all planned out, because you know …almost everyone that mattered was in on it. I think the only person whom wasn’t was Kallen, and even she figured out that it was Suzaku whom killed Lelouche. That is kind of scary, but yeah, I have to refute my last commments.

    It would seem that Suzaku won’t have a normal life, which is Lelouche’s way of telling Suzaku that he can’t run away from this. For the rest of his life, he will be Zero and Suzaku will remain dead.

    Though whether or not that means no love life …well we will have to wait and see won’t we. Or maybe, not cause this is the end afterall.

    Anyway, overall great series …a little iffy at some parts, but overall …well done.

  177. Lelouch is definitely alive. Remember the episode when he raided geass stronghold, after Rolo killed the little kid that put a geass on the guy in the knightmare, the geass was broken? If Lelouch were dead, then Schneizel’s geass would have been broken but he’s still serving Zero, which means that Lelouch is alive

  178. @tommykn

    Sigh…. I hope Lelouch did go to a better place with C.C. [if it’s really him driving the wagon] Both of them can spend the rest of their life teasing each other. 😛

  179. just watched the sub.

    I thought the ending was sad yet it was fitting, especially seeing its entirety. Although in the world’s eyes, Lelouch vi Britannia is a tyrannically name, I am glad that only the ones truly close to lelouch, even Orange, knew of the Zero Requiem. From Kallen to Orange-kun, they understood his sacrifice. I could care less of the others who think otherwise but as long as we know that the ones closest to him knows of his true intentions, then all is well.

    As seeing the the final moments with CC on the hay cart, those animated gifs are pretty much false. But I still am uncertain if that was lelouch at the end, even though his figure looked similar. I guess only the creators will know that for certain.

    A great ending and even though most people still see this as a shit ending for a trainwreck, I keep an open mind and think that this anime was still great, granted not perfect, but great! Thanks for the ride Code Geass! Youa re now one of my most favorite animes I have ever watched!

  180. kallen knew of his plan right as she saw zero, and so did orange-kun. im pretty sure she forgave him and still loves him and didnt came together with gino faggot. and im pretty sure aswell that lelouch is the farmerboy whos driving that cart. but overall it was a nice ending, im not sad about how it ended, more liker over the fact that its over w/o some explanations of the other characters and overall the end of the series. N> new animes , all my favorite animes ended this weeks.

  181. Great end, really great. Now almost everyone can live a normal life w/o all the war and stuff. All thanks to Lelouch, the Lelouch and Suzaku we knew…. is no more.

    ='( Its OVER?!?! Nooooo!!!

    Random Boy
  182. I thought anyone with GEASS symbols on both eyes are immortals and can’t die…
    Well, it’s not such a bad ending and it does make senses being by making up for those who got perished by his GEASS. Zero Requiem also means END of GEASS and the world is FREE from lies without GEASS. That’s really noble of Lelouch, I say.

  183. Stella : During the flashback there was two pauses ; One on Shirley playing as friend, one on Kallen who was kissing him,and one on Rolo with who he was acting brotherly. People are assuming that he saw in them a friend a lover and a brother. Actually I ‘m starting to think the same, those pause were impossible to miss.

  184. This has been a most appropriate ending to Code Geass R2. While it may be portrayed as an open ending, I choose to believe Lelouch is alive…

    1) Only people who have the code can transfer memories.
    2) Why would C.C say that people gifted with the geass are NOT lonely at the very ending if Lelouch was dead??
    3) The paper crane was something Lelouch was taught to fold in Season 1
    4) “EH? Lelouch?” I’m sure C.C wasn’t talking to a dead person or talking to herself.

    Overall, this was a good ending to the series 🙂

  185. For those who think its sad that only C.C, Suzaku, Nunnally, and his core staff when he was Emperor that know he wasn’t an evil person, you have to remember that Lulouch never cared what most people thought of him in the first place. Only those people with the addition of maybe Milly & Rivalz (both likely told if they really are that broken up about it by Nina or someone). Everyone else was just sorta filed under competent officers or people he used to further his objectives as zero.

    After watching the subs, I just really hope/can’t wait for an OVA/Movie announcement since I can see the return of a mysterious person calling himself L.L or R2. I think Lulouch has achieved Char level fandom at this point, so Code Geass has left its mark on Anime forever if by nothing else than a memorable character who was not a main character super-ace pilot in a Mecha anime.

    @Proto: That Kid’s geass was a “channeled” thing as he had to continue to control the guy. Charles’s Geass for example persists long after he lost his ability to use the geass for memory re-writes and is presumed dead. I can foresee maybe Schneizel breaking the geass in the future or maybe Charles returns as a good plot for a movie. Don’t think it holds as a way to justify he is alive though.

    I think he’s alive because C.C is speaking clearly to him, she CAN’T speak to dead people (Marianne wasn’t dead when C.C talked to her). Going to go back to rewatch the episode about how C.C got her code to see if it might be suggested that the Code activates only upon death theory. Its probably since Charles might have not been merely screwing with Lulu’s head when he took the order to shoot himself (Not something you’d think he’d do since he doesn’t strike me as a Masochist nor the kind of person to gloat meaninglessly like that when he could have just stood there before informing Lulu of his Code). *shrug* Code Geass was never completely predictable.

  186. I BELIEVE Lelouch is alive. And i really BELIEVE IT.

    1. When Nunnally touch Lelouch, his memories flow through her. I don’t think it is so called Power of Brother-Sister Relationship. And the only want have this phenomena is C.C. which has the CODE.

    2. I dont know where Lelouch got the CODE, but i’m sure he HAS the CODE. The theory which says the geass owner must die first in order to activate the CODE is believeable, as Charles is shot before he rise again, and this can also shows that why C.C. is bath in blood when she got the CODE.

    3. The nun is commited suicide, and V.V. just died from the wound. This is TRUE as when C.C. got shot in the forehead she don’t just rise like that, it takes time to regenerate

    4. The guy who driving the cart is SURELY Lelouch. As C.C. said in the end of the episode, “The Power of the King will make you alone….but it isn’t quite true”. This hinting that Lelouch ISN’T alone. If he’s dead, he IS die alone, as I don’t see others dead in the end…..This means Lelouch still have C.C. (LelouchXC.C. go for it!!!)

    5. And DON’T forget about the promise Lelouch says that he will make sure that C.C. will leave the world with a smile. If Lelouch dead, how he going to make C.C. smile? And so I believe that Lelouch’s CODE is GIVEN BY C.C. He will live for eternity as his sin, and make C.C. happily for her whole life. (O YEAH!!)

  187. WHAAAA~~~ I HATE THIS DAY! I NEVER WANTED THIS DAY TO COME WHEN CODE GEASS FINISHES!!! I still remember season 1 …ah, those memories..and now! ITS DONE!!! It just pisses me off that a few people knew how lelouch really was…(i would say, he died as a hero) and suzaku represents him.
    T^T, ahhh the tears cant stop, i dont think i feel like watching Gundam 00, it would never own Code Geass….EVER!!!!
    I enjoyed this serie very much, and i will never forget it…(i hoped for a season 3, but i think this is really the end) *depressed

  188. She’s one of the Black Knights, Hitokiri.

    Although she doesn’t have much screen time, she only appears briefly in Season 1 calling Tamaki as ‘Senpai’ and some shots in Season 2. She’s just a background character to give tamaki more realisim.

  189. Hitokiri @ yeah thats the so called secret character that was suppose to be introduced and important, and she was introduced altho she wasn’t very important xD forgot the name tho, she was with Shirley in the swimming club.

  190. It’s a lovely ending!
    I’m so impressed!
    I am very sad that it’s over, but happy that the ending is satisfying and ties up most of the ends.
    C.C.’s name bettered be in a booklet or somewhere. Like L’s name was revealed in a special data book.

    Now, I’m going to love Lelouch and Code Geass for the rest of my life.

    I’m absolutely sure Lelouch is the cart driver/is now R.R. and will live happily with C.C. forever after. ^__^ SMILES
    – He got the Code when Charles strangled him.
    – Code bearers become immortal and lose their geass after their first “real” death.
    – He promised C.C. to fulfill their contract “to grant one of my wishes in exchange for power”.
    – C.C. said “Hurry and go, then come back. You promised to make me smile right?” in Turn24. Lelouch promised to do so. Lulu definately keeps his promises.
    – C.C. never talks to herself, she’s always talking to somebody.
    – Cart driver is suspiciously covering himself up.

    …I am so happy! ^___^ Heads to tomorrow with hopes and smiles!
    Let’s believe more lovely series like this are to come!

  191. This ending was epic! I never cry so much!… I don’t believe he is alive. He’s dead clearly. But he had to die for the future to come. Lulu is so awesome and care so much about others that he decided to sacrifice himself.

    All hail Lelouch!