The commercial that aired after today’s CODE GEASS R2 finale is probably the last Gundam 00 second series trailer before it actually begins airing next week. The wailing in the background of this one was rather jarring – it reminded me of Diva’s song from Blood+ – and made the mood of the series seem a lot darker than in the previous commercials. Anyway, it looks like Setsuna will start the new series off with the Exia in a battle against an Ahead mobile suit, but the Exia will probably get destroyed or Setsuna will realize that it’s no longer sufficient, and that will lead to him getting his new Gundam. The thing that caught my eye in the character montage part of the commercial is that in the next to last shot where Sumeragi is in bed while Billy is nearby. Did she sleep with him?

Also, for anyone who’s wondering, the Fall 2008 Preview is now 95% done. I’m going to add the finishing touches after I write up the CODE GEASS R2 finale.


  1. Omni thanks for blogging all this commercials from Gundam, I can’t wait, this series are the best. You and Divine are going to be very busy this fall, there’s a few good series coming this season. Keep the good work guys, counting on you

  2. God, what’s with the ridiculous number of Geass posts here? Geass isn’t even that grand of a show, especially this season.

    But, of course, opinion is opinion.

    As for the commercial, I don’t think anything can get me more excited for Gundam 00’s second season as I already am, but there was some good stuff in there. I’m desperately anticipating the start of the series, which is so close I can freaking taste it.

  3. Looks like Exia will be destroyed(except for the GN drive, of course)or made unusable so that Setsuna will be forced to pilot 00. From the other commericals, Gundam 00 season 2 looks good. Can’t wait for the season premiere next week. Interesting tone in this commmercial.

  4. Gundam 00? ohh gundam 00
    I’ll probably hafta wait 3-4 months recovering from the fucking epicness of code geass before watching this and thinkin its uber shit compared to CG…

    seriously… how the fuck can gundam 00 compare to CG? It better have a fucking awesome ending like CG did

  5. The GN drive on Exia doesn’t have to get destoryed with the gundam. I see this scernario. Setsuna faces a tough battle with his battered gundam in which he destroys the GN unit from the Earth federation, but most of Setsuna’s gundam is destroyed to the point that it can no longer be used at all except the GN drive. More GN units are heading for Setsuna, but at the same time Celestial Being finds Setsuna and get the GN drive from Exia. The GN drive is placed in 00. 00 starts up and Setsuna owns all the enemy units while showcasing 00’s abilities.

  6. I’m thinking that Exia probably was found by the UN, and stored away, now Setsuna needs to steal it back so they can use it for 00 Gundam…

    And has anyone else noticed 00 gundam is a really awkward name. I mean I can say Exia or Virtue, but I can’t say 00 on it’s own.

    I have a feeling they might do a thing where Setsuna is in the middle of a fight, comes to a realization, and rechristen the Gundam under a new name to match his beliefs. Of course I can only think of something like Freedom, but obviously that’s taken… Salvation maybe?

  7. Isn’t it supposed to be called “Gundam Double O”?

    Anyway, I’m glad Billy finally gets some. After getting the cold shoulder through season one, it’s nice to see his persistence finally paid off. 🙂

  8. @yanipheonu:

    Even if the show hasn’t aired yet, the HG 00 manual states that Setsuna had been repairing the Exia to the best of his ability and using it for the past 4 years, and then comes out of hiding to engage the Ahead in episode 1.


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