OP Sequence:

OP: “FEELING” by AciD FLavoR
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ED Sequence:

ED: “my fairy” by Edgar J.C. Ashenbert (エドガー・J・C・アシェンバート) : Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川 光)

「あいつは優雅な大悪党」 (Aitsu wa Yuuga na Daiakutou)
“He’s a Huge Refined Scoundrel”

First Glance:
While the “official” start of the fall season is this Wednesday, Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl and Fairy) breaks ahead of the pack with a special early broadcast premiere. The regular broadcast on AT-X starts Friday, October 10th @ 10:00AM with a reshowing of the first episode, but here we have a sneak peek at what this series has to offer a week and a half in advance. (Note: Chiba TV will premiere on Tuesday, October 7th @ 25:15.) From my understanding, the exact length of this series is still unconfirmed, but early reports indicate that it will likely be one season long (i.e 13 episodes).

After watching the first episode, I’m still not sure what to make of fairy doctors who come from a fairy country ruled by Lord Ibrazel, a.k.a. the blue knight earl, but the story revolves around a fairly doctor named Lydia Carlton, who inherited her mysterious powers from her mother. With her talking, newspaper reading cat Nico (which normal people can’t see), Lydia boards a ship headed to London so that she can see her father, but runs into a brown-haired, purple-eyed man asking her to help him escape from a man named Huskly. Seeing the rope burns on his wrists and hearing how he’ll be killed if he’s caught, Lydia decides to help the stranger escape, only to later find out that he’s really a blonde-haired earl named Edgar J.C. Ashenbert. Shocked by this revelation and by how he knows her name, Lydia learns that Edgar purposely let himself be captured in order to get close to her, and that she’s now onboard another ship. Over dinner, Lydia is confused as to why Edgar is flaunting her in front of the other guests, but is more surprised to find out that Edgar is a descendant of the blue knight earl, who can take a wife back to the fairy hometown. Edgar later reveals that he knows about Lydia being a fairy doctor, and needs her help finding the treasured sword Mellow that his ancestors hid, since he doesn’t possess the powers they did. Most of all, he needs to recover the sword before Huskly and his group do, who are currently pursuing their ship.

While the premise doesn’t sound overly interesting to me, I think it’s mainly due to the fact that I don’t know what to expect from a series about an earl and a fairy doctor. As such, I can see this series turning out to be a real sleeper this season or one that’s easily forgotten. With that said, the main appeal of this series to me is the fact that Mizuki Nana stars in it, whose portrayal of Lydia is reminiscent of the two female leads she played in Allison & Lillia. Edgar on the other hand is played by Midorikawa Hikaru, who’s hot off the CODE GEASS cast as Li Xingke, but is probably more well-known for his roles as Heero Yuy in Gundam Wing and Zelgadis in Slayers. Aside from those two, there’s also Sugita Tomokazu (Kyon in Suzumiya Haruhi) as Edgar’s attendant Raven, with Miyano Mamoru (Setsuna F. Seiei in Gundam 00), Kamiya Hiroshi (Tieria Erde in Gundam 00), Koyasu Takehito (Mu La Flaga in Gundam SEED), Oohara Sayaka (Milly Ashford in CODE GEASS), and Ookawa Tooru (Roy Mustang in Full Metal Alchemist) set to appear later on. Their respective roles can be found below.

Aside from that, I noticed that the opening sequence mainly features scenes from this episode, which will hopefully change for regular broadcast. I haven’t heard of AciD FLavoR before, but I find the opening song “FEELING” quite catchy after listening to it a few times. There was no ending sequence this time around, but the the ending song played through the last part of the episode. Because of this, I refrained from posting a video on it, but will note that “my fairy” is performed by Edgar’s seiyuu, Midorikawa Hikaru, whose singing I haven’t been a huge fan of in the past — I don’t particularly hate Hikaru’s singing, but I’ve never taken notice to it either. From what I’ve seen so far, I quite like the shoujo-style character designs (especially Lydia), but I don’t think I would’ve bothered with this series if it weren’t for the cast to draw me in. The setting reminds me a lot of Hatenkou Yuugi, but the story thus far comes off a bit more serious and intricate. Since this first episode was mostly an introduction to the story, I’m going to watch a couple more before I make a decision about this one.


Notable Cast:
– Lydia Carlton (リディア・カールトン) : Mizuki Nana (水樹 奈々)
– Edgar J.C. Ashenbert (エドガー・J・C・アシェンバート) : Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川 光)
– Raven (レイヴン) : Sugita Tomokazu (杉田 智和)
– Ermine (アーミン) : Oohara Sayaka (大原 さやか)
– Nico (ニコ) : Yuuki Hiro (優希 比呂)
– Kelpie (ケルピー) : Koyasu Takehito (子安 武人)
– Tomkins (トムキンス) : Chafuurin (茶風林)
– Paul Ferman (ポール・ファーマン) : Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷 浩史)
– Ulysses (ユリシス) : Miyano Mamoru (宮野 真守)
– Prof. Carlton (カールトン教授) : Ookawa Tooru (大川 透)
– Huskly (ハスクリー) : Yasumura Makoto (保村 真)


  1. Newspaper-reader talking cat is cool and the heroine is appealing to me. I have to actually see the first episode to decide, however, I don’t find the story that interesting especially consider the fact that there are many shows that I am interested in following during this season.

  2. Well, I just hope one of the fansubbers picks this one up. I’m curious to figure out what was really said other than a few words I caught here and there like ‘help me’ :p Although even without the subs, I found myself drawn to Lydia’s character. The artwork in general seems extraordinary and Lydia really pushes the right butans for me :> She reminds me a lot of Shirley from Code Geass, and I was sure it was the same seiyuu until I double and triple checked and found out it wasn’t 😡

    If it turns out to be a silly story, it still might be worth watching just for the artwork and the hilariously fabulous characters. I had to laugh quite a few times when the background was changed to colorful rainbow bubbles when Edgar was talking/fighting. Oh the lulz

  3. aaaw! Tamaki’s clone! kya! i wonder who is better XD LOL
    anyways thanks for the screenshots 😀
    i’ve been hoping if i could add this to my watchlist depends on the episode 😀
    well i’m waiting for this one to get subbed and watch it!
    thanks again for a review! 😉

  4. Wow your snapshot sure look the same as your usual series that you blog, that being said as much as i like MIzuki Nana voicing the heroin somehow Edgar is just annoying with his one moment of sparking most of the time.

  5. setsuke:
    Hmm, is that a good thing or a bad thing? I mentioned in my first Snapshots revival post that I would follow a format more like my usual post so that more screenshots are included.

    As you’ve probably noticed, I left out a proper summary in lieu of a brief one in the impressions. Personally, my decision to watch something has never really been driven by directors or production studios, so you probably won’t hear too much of that from me. Instead, I plan to give a few thoughts of what I felt about a series by watching it and going from there.

  6. As classic as classic can gets.
    Judging from the preview, it is much more of a classic Cobalt Bunko romance novel than Mari Mite or some other modern, light novel kind of ones. I mean, like Harlequin meats Shoujo Manga.

  7. Well… I don’t know what to expect about this anime… I don’t think that i’ll watch it, the plot doesn’t interest me and the newpaper-reader cat… hum…

    On the other hand, who’s “Tamaki” ? :O

  8. @divine
    Well it is nice that there’s more screenshots that we get to know more of what’s happening in the series and bring out the curiosity, what i’m surprise is just how much time you’re able to spent to cover most of the new series

  9. FYI: Official promo art shows the English title of the series as “Earl and Fairy”, not “Count and Fairy” which makes sense because the British aristocracy does not have a rank of “count”. They use “earl” instead. The raw I watched looked washed out. I hope that was just a bad raw and not a true indication of the series color palette. Other than that, I liked what I saw. I’m looking forward to the subs so I can better understand what was said.

  10. The character designs are dazzling, even though it looks like they took Tamaki from Ouran & Shirley from Code Geass & threw them into their own show.

    I kinda liked Edgar with brown hair.. it was more original, rather than the typical blonde haired prince / count figure.

  11. setsuke:
    Ah, I see. That may change though in the upcoming weeks. I realized that I summarized pretty detailed here, so I may cut back down on that later on. I still plan to have more screenshots so that people have an idea of what a show looks like though.

    I’m assuming the washed out look is due to AT-X’s poor broadcasts, but we’ll have to see if it looks any better on other stations. Also, thanks for pointing out the Earl/Count nuance.

  12. Anonymous:
    Sure is, since it gives me my own section to file series introductions and one-off episodes (e.g. Itazura na Kiss 24) under in a more slimmed down manner. I’ve included my usual cast stuff here, but it’s only “Notable Cast” here and not necessarily who appeared in the actual episode. As mentioned above, I’ve omitted a “formal” summary too. In my ongoing attempt to strive for consistency, I wanted to distinguish the slight differences in a “Snapshot” compared to a regular post, so readers know more or less what to expect later on.

    Also, while this post may seem lengthy compared to Snapshots before (and other sites’ normal posts), it’s actually pretty short compared to my usual coverage. I tend to be pretty meticulous by nature, which comes through when I blog. However, most people seem to appreciate the comprehensive details found on RC that many other sites simply don’t provide.

  13. Brown haired Edgar -> Henry Townshend. Blond hair Edgar -> Tamaki Suoh.
    Hahaha! I liked the Henry-Edgar more.

    Before, I thought that Brown-Edgar and Blond-Edgar were different people but they had the same face because of the bishie art style. 😛 I feel dumb.

    If this anime is interesting enough I might watch it!

  14. Thanks for the snapshot,Divine. Glad that you guys decided to bring it back. X3
    It’s great in showing how a show might be like and such. I also appreciate the detailed insights as always.

    As for Hakushaku to Yousei,the character designs are nice and soft.
    Though like many have said in the plot not sounding interesting,I’ll still definitely check it out.

  15. perhaps a little out of topic.. but couldn’t resist, since a lot of emphasis on the VAs..

    tomokazu sugita is here.. but.. is it just me, or is seki tomokazu not appearing that much anymore?

  16. @lurker:
    Yeah! I’ve thought the same as you and did a little search through the net, and seems Seki’s doing good. He’s actually voicing the main chara on Blade of the Immortal and again as Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile.


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