BREW exists on a lost island north of Alaska where there used to be a witch’s tool development facility before it got destroyed from an accident. That accident resulted in a special magic magnetic field in the center of the island – BREW is inside of there – and staying in that magnetic field for longer than 20 minutes will result in a person’s body getting destroyed. A small army of Shibusen students and staff are already headed towards the island, and the plan is to have Sid’s force take care of the Arachnophobia forces while Marie, Stein, and the students head for the magnetic field. Once there, Marie and Stein will head into the field while the students stand by outside until the two return. Things start out according to plan, however Sid’s force is soon ambushed, and Sid finds himself facing off against Mifune. Justin is also on the island, and he manages to crash an avalanche into Giriko’s force, but since Giriko himself isn’t affected, the two prepare to fight. Stein and the students meanwhile have made their way to the edge of the magnetic field, and Stein tells the students that if he and Marie aren’t back in 20 minutes, then they should signal a retreat.

As the students start to get antsy waiting, Maka is suddenly unable to feel Stein and Marie’s soul responses. She suspects that something is happening inside the magnetic field, but before the group can decide whether or not to go inside to find out what’s going on, they’re attacked by an Arachnophobia force. With this turn of events, Ox, Kilik, and Kim decide to stay behind to fight while Maka, Kid, and Black*Star enter the magnetic field. Once the latter three emerge on the other side, they find themselves no longer surrounded by snow. They are instead now in a jungle-like environment with a step pyramid towering in front of them. What’s even stranger is that they see Shinigami-sama flying towards the step pyramid, and he’s wearing his old mask from before Shibusen was founded. Because of this, the three of them head towards the pyramid, unaware that they’re being followed by a pack of mice. While this is going on, Sid’s battle with Mifune intensifies, and after Sid tries to dig away through the snow, Mifune fires off a barrage of swords at him. Although Sid manages to take some cover, one of the swords has wounded him in the side.

Back inside the magnetic field, Maka, Kid, and Black*Star watch as blurry images of witches leave the pyramid because they saw Shinigami-sama. This leads to Kid theorizing that the magnetic field somehow caused the situation from before the accident to get imprinted onto this place. What he questions is if what happened was really an accident since they saw Shinigami-sama heading towards the pyramid and the witches leaving. Maka’s attention is then turned to one of the witches nearby: Arachne. Her men have Eibon’s blueprints, and Arachne comments on how they lured Shinigami-sama here and how they’re going to blow up the facility. The real Arachne is currently back in her own lair getting a report on the progress of the battle. She kept BREW from Shinigami-sama for 800 years by destroying the facility, but she knows that Eibon’s greatest masterpiece BREW wouldn’t have been destroyed by such an explosion, and she’s determined to get her hands on it.


Well that was certainly another exciting episode. Why does it always seem like all the really great battles involve Mifune? Maybe it’s because the swordplay with him is always so fun to watch. He’s usually so impressive that I was a little surprised that Sid manages to get him so injured in the preview for next week. Aside from Mifune, Kilik is the other one who got a lot of cool, flashy scenes this week (Ox and Kim did as well, but to a much lesser extent). His twin weapons are very cute, and I half expected him to go “Kamehameha” at this point. And while I’m talking about characters, it was also good to see that Medusa’s side isn’t completely sitting this battle out. It’s a shame she didn’t come personally (or at least it doesn’t look like she did).

As for the actual story, it feels like we’re headed for a revelation about Shinigami-sama’s relationship with Eibon. At least, that’s what I’ve been curious about since episode 30, and this reliving the-past sort of experience seems like the perfect way to reveal it. In fact, the preview features a shot of someone I don’t recognize, and maybe that’s Eibon.


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  2. This major battle will hopefully take two more episodes though I cannot remember if it lasted that long. Mifune is a great swordsman, hence all battles should involve him. His swordplay is seriously interesting, and of those who fight with a weapon in the show his is probably the most believable.

  3. At this rate, it seems like the anime will finish with the manga’s current arc, if it follows the manga faithfully. If that turns out to be the case 5 episodes form now, I foresee a Claymore-type ending that ends the show somewhat satisfactorily while allowing for a possible sequel to finish the manga story.

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