While everything else is going on, Justin and Giriko are having a private battle in the snow. After getting a little beat up, Giriko decides to run and distracts Justin with snow copies of himself. Meanwhile, the Mizune sisters report their success back to Eruka outside the magnetic field. Inside the field, the demon inside Soul is urging him to start playing the piano, and when Soul finally does, everyone can immediately feel the effects. The resonance link allows Maka, Black*Star, and Kid unprecedented coordination, and Mosquito barely has time to defend himself. Soul then directs each of the three to use their strongest attacks in succession, and Black*Star and Kid cause Mosquito to lose his arms. When it’s finally Maka’s turn, she transforms Soul into a form that surpasses the Majou Gari (lit. witch hunter): the Majin Gari (lit. demon hunter). This easily slices through Mosquito, but unfortunately, Mosquito detaches his head and escapes before the rest of his body explodes.

Kid wants to give chase, but Soul knows that they can’t because they’re out of time. He realizes that unlike them, Mosquito can keep transforming himself younger and buying himself more time in the magnetic field. This leaves the trio no choice but to withdraw without BREW, and they meet up with Kilik and Ox on the way out, right as the image of the pyramid explodes. When the group emerges from the magnetic field, Marie looks ready to slap them, but she ends up hugging them instead out of relief. They are then found by Sid and the others, and Maka reports back to Shinigami-sama as they all head back home to Shibusen. Mosquito meanwhile makes his way back to Arachne and nervously reveals to her that after 800 years in the magnetic field, BREW has stopped functioning. She doesn’t mind though and points out that Shibusen doesn’t know that it’s broken, so she can bluff and threaten them.

What neither Arachne nor the Shibusen group realizes is that the real BREW was taken by the Mizune sisters and Eruka for Medusa. They had switched it out for the broken one, and Medusa is confident that her sister won’t figure out that she got a fake. As for the Shibusen side, Medusa had used the snake inside of Marie to bring out the madness in Stein. And now that she has her hands on BREW, Medusa wants everyone – including the Kishin – to watch what she’ll do.


Well I thought the fight was very, very cool to watch, especially when Maka used her majin gari. The music in that scene was really good, and it made it seem like she was finally overcoming some huge obstacle and achieving her dreams or something. Having said that, I’m not sure how much her using such a move was needed given that they were already winning at that point. On that note, I was surprised that Mosquito getting his arms cut and then blown off wasn’t censored more – what exactly are they showing these days in the Late Show anyway? In any case, it was also good to see that Medusa’s involvement in all this is much deeper than expected (with her having obtained the real BREW), and she appears to have taken back the role of the greater evil in this series.

As you may have noticed, this series has been fairly good about sticking with the manga, but the Maka conclusion to the Mosquito fight wasn’t the exact same (she never used majin gari), and, based on the preview, next episode doesn’t look to be following the manga either. It might be time for some non-Excalibur anime originals with Kid. BONES has done pretty well so far though, so I’m staying optimistic about where the series is going.


  1. Yeah, I’m actually glad they decided to skip the Clown arc. Theorethically, with some condensing, I think they could actually fit the Baba Yaga arc in there and end it at that point, leavin it open for a sequel. An original, conclusive ending doesn’t really seem possible since they’d have to deal with Arachne, Medusa AND Asura.

  2. I see that i’m not the only one that “wtf”ed when saw Demon Hunter in this arc. Clown arc was good too, especially that fight with Blair. Anyways this episode was truly epic.

  3. Did Soul still stop the fight by keeping his senses? I liked it better when that happened. It’s kinda horrifying that they seem to be trying to draw a conclusion by episode 51… They may have to rush it to finish off all the conflicts, and that would mean skipping Black Star character development. Why waste 3 episodes on Excalibur if it means rushing at the end?

    I want to believe that they plan to not rush and do another season, but moving away from the manga seems to disprove that.

  4. Oops double post, but the Giriko-Justin fight was really unsatisfying. I know it was really short in the manga, but if you’re diverging from it then might as well diverge there too right? 😀

  5. The show ran 52 episodes and will never be as popular as FMA. I’m quite sure that this show is going to go into anime original (as most people should have figured) and will end different from the manga.

  6. well i’m kind of glad they just chopped off that whole 3 useless chapters that they used to get the demon hunter in the manga (which happens right after this anyway), and ontop of that it looks like they try to perfect it in the next episode, so it’s not like they can actually use it yet… maybe?

    Only thing i don’t like about it is that it sort of strayed away from the “finding courage in the midst of insanity” thing in the manga. And what happened to Soul not wanting to resonate with Maka while he was in the Black Room to prevent the Black Blood from spreading to her?

  7. Of course they had to turn from the manga, the anime won’t get a conclusion otherwise. Even if they could count on a second series this is a monthly manga, it would take years for there to be enough material for a sequel.

  8. Yeah from what I hear how they actually got the Demon Hunter isn’t something necessary to cover. Though if they could fit in Excalibur episodes makes one wonder why they couldn’t put that in. They really haven’t changed anything in a huge manner yet so we should relax and see where they go. I’m just hoping they keep important events from the manga in this even if it means moving some things around.

    Just hoping the manga has written in solutions to BlackStar and the presence inside of Tsubaki and hopefully a round 3 against Mifune. Would really suck to not see that match especially not animated. Though if it hasn’t been put into the manga yet then it would be tough to make that rematch.

    Just wonder how they will plan to finish it. Could go the D.Gray-man route and more or less follow to the end and just leave it open to a sequel far down the road. Just hope its not a Claymore like finish where they make a huge change to finish the series off that ends up resolving nothing and makes you wonder why they made the change in the first place.

  9. so im guessing theyre skipping the clown arc…. and the baba yaga castle arc which is ongoing…..
    Theyre trying to make this epic like FMA aren’t they…..
    And it’s easier to get a season 2 w/ this…..

    [index O_o]
  10. It’s funny to see so many people worrying about the story deviating from the manga, as if it’s impossible for the anime to be better than the manga. It’s already been announced that the anime will in fact deviate heavily from the manga, but is necessarily a bad thing? I trust the storytelling skills of Bones and Takuya Igarashi more than Soul Eater’s mangaka Atsushi Okubo.

    Not that Okubo is bad, since I enjoy the manga, but it would not be surprising to see Bones pull off another great story. They’re one of the best anime companies at this. I still love to remember how much better the Ouran High School Host Club anime was vs. its manga counterpart.

  11. All of you bickering about demon hunter this demon hunter that are giving my a pain in my side, stfu and watch the show, ur annoying me to the point I want to pull my friggin eyes out QQ SOMEWHERE ELSE

  12. I hope the do the Black* vs. Mifune fight #3! That was probably one of the most epic fights in the entire series!!!!!! As long as they animate that, I will be a happy panda 😀


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