• Meylene and Finnie cleanup outside
    – Lamenting that they can’t throw a party
    – Horror at an uninvited guest (Elizabeth)
  • Gift giving
    – Elizabeth arrived to give Ciel a present
    – She takes it back before he can open it when she notices he has a ring just like it
    – She finds out Sebastian fixed the one she broke
    – She leaves quicker than she arrived
    – Sebastian says it’s because tomorrow is Ciel’s birthday
  • Ciel thinks about his birthday a couple of years ago.
    – An excited Ciel tells everyone in the street it’s his birthday
    – Also that he’ll be sleeping in the same bed as his mother…
    – In his burning house, he saw his murdered parents burning
    – He was tortured with a branding iron by a group of masked people
  • Elizabeth laments her gift failure
    – She tells her maid Paula that she’s always positive and happy
    – The ring begins to glow bright blue
    – The doll-man was playing his music in an alley
    – Elizabeth sees him and runs after him in a hurry
    – She finds a doll shop featuring well dressed girls
  • In the shop, the doll-man talks to Elizabeth
    – He tells her the ring was not intended for her
    – However, her eyes are very beautiful and deep, filled with sorrow
    – Elizabeth begins to cry while he listens to her story
    – He pulls out creepy finger puppets
    – He tells her she can choose any doll or thing in the store for Ciel
    – But she needs to find something suitable for Ciel
    – He tells her that it’s her (the suitable thing)
  • Ciel finds out Elizabeth disappeared, and gets a letter from the Queen
    – Many young girls have gone missing lately
    – The culprit is using the blue hope ring
  • The doll-man talks to his master, sitting in a chair facing away from the door
    – Gets confirmation to make a doll
  • In the carriage, Ciel gives Sebastian a command
    – Sebastian must go get the name, address, and marital status for all the people related to the victims in less than 3 hours
    – Ciel will take care of a different burden by himself
    – Sebastian leaps out of the moving vehicle
  • In London City streets, Ciel looks for Elizabeth
    – He brought the puppy along (in a suit, thankfully)
    – He asks Pluto to track Elizabeth with her scent but it seems useless at first
    – Grell appears in a search for a good man, and finds Pluto instead
    – Why do all the good men go for Ciel?
  • Pluto runs past Grell, growling. He arrives at the doll shop
    – Grell reads something about the owner from his book
    – a doll that looks like Elizabeth is showcased in the window
    – Pluto chomps down on it when they get inside
    – Ciel finds Elizabeth’s ribbon on the doll
    – Everyone rushes out the back door to see a giant strange castle on a hill
    – Ciel decided to cooperate with Grell
    – He asks him to protect him in exchange for Sebastian’s “services”
  • Doll-guy making some adjustments to Lizzie on the table
    – Ciel and Grell walk in the entrance to the house and find a solitary doll
    – She’s wearing the hope diamond ring
    – The doll begins to strangle Ciel
    – Pluto is too busy to help
    – Grell slices her throat with his new death scythe
    – Dual scissors, a lethal combination – “Deathcize!”
    – The doll-man comes out saying that doll was a failure
    – He should make them stronger
    – A doll army comes out made of steel, so Grell’s scissors can’t cut them
    – Ciel tells him to stay here and fight “forever”
  • Ciel runs off alone
    – The doll man finds him, really wants to make a doll out of him
    – Ciel runs through a room of faces singing at him
  • He finally reaches a room at the end
    – He sees the same symbol on the floor that his tormentors used
    – Sebastian sits in the window
    – He comments on Ciel’s unfortunate birthdays
    – Lost his home
    – Lost his parents
    – Now he might lose Elizabeth too?


    First Thoughts:

    This was a pretty weird episode. As much as I hate to admit it, I think Elizabeth’s personality is slowly growing on me. Not the bright bubbly side, but whatever lurks underneath that. No, not the crybaby side, either – – – the other one. The mischievous, sly side.

    We got a few glimpses into Ciel’s traumatic past, and saw some of the pain he was forced to endure as a child on his birthday so long ago. The strange doll-like man is responsible for carrying out the orders of a man the queen has ordered Ciel to catch for the crime of kidnapping young girls (and apparently using them to create an army of dolls). Right when I thought they almost forgot about the puppy for awhile, Ciel takes him on a walk through town to track down Elizabeth by her smell in the area she was last seen. An old friend shows up with a new death scythe (two pairs of scissors), and he helps Ciel find Elizabeth in exchange for a promise that Ciel will command Sebastian to spend a day in his company, and do whatever he wants (maybe even kiss?).

    I’m sure Sebastian will be looking forward to that. It looks like they may try to finish this half season with the current arc, maybe even with Ciel’s birthday. The most significant thing about this episode was the sneaky revelation about Ciel’s past, and the current goal is simply to rescue Elizabeth and complete the queen’s order at the same time. Since Sebastian has shown up to help, I’m sure it will be wrapped up in no time. It will be interesting to find out who the mastermind of this strange crime really is. He’s not a great singer.


    1. The ridiculous level of mysterious characters in this series is actually starting to irritate me. Its getting to the point to where you would think no one is “normal”. Bah, the only thing that is normal about this lot is that they’re all weirdos. Its a good thing that this show has its funny side.

    2. I thought the manga did a better job at comparing Ciel’s everyday life directly against normal people, but yep, there are a bunch of weirdos here lately. I’ve had to readjust my expectations multiple times in order to enjoy this show, and the suspension of disbelief lever was also jarred around a few times.

      snoosnoo, that’s my line! oh, wait, I’m not in despair. I don’t care much about subs -_- This series isn’t using very much difficult language right now – at least not enough that you couldn’t get a good general understanding of the story even without a decent translation. Actually I think this episode could be understood even if you turned the volume off with no subtitles.

    3. There are rumours that it is going to be more episodes since there is reports that a new OP and ED are going to be played. As well as the indian arc is going to be animated.

      Grell with scissors, considering he acts like a child thats dangerous for anyone.

    4. I’m looking forward to an animated Circus arc more than the Indian arc. The way the anime is going, I feel they would do a great job with the quirky Circus cast. The new anime villain looks like he belongs in the big top.
      It’s also nice to see the show return to a darker theme. Next time, kindly leave Pluto at home!

    5. allen-kun, but the Indian arc was godawful. I thank god for the current anime arc because the indian arc was just boring and nearly killed my interest in the manga. In fact the anime looks to be doing a much better job with this current villain than the manga. The Indian arc sucked. Srsly. Lol More Grell is always good.

    6. English subs are behind T.T I agree bout skipping (hopefully) the Indian arc and right into this instead and maybe even the circus. Much more darker ^^ I’m really starting to like Elizabeth…I’m seriously confused, what did Ciel order Sebastion to do in the carriage? >.<

    7. This anime is really pissing me off. They never have any important schenes for the workers like Meilene the maid, the cook and the gardner. They are suppose to be some of the main characters and they just act like they are there just for a good laugh. That’s boring. Why do they put other characters that are not even main ones with all the schenes and on top of that the subbing is too slow and they make Ciel, the 12 year old act like he is 35 years old. Come on, show me some good anime. Even the manga is pissing me off.

    8. I am ok with fillers as long as it’s only adding up, without modifying…but now, they put Greil back in the story? 🙁
      From the pictures that appeared in January’s magazines, the maid from eps 7/8 should reappear again, so I am hoping she will take doggy back and we will nicely go back to the manga plot with the indian arc in ep13 or ep14 ^^

    9. For the record, I don’t think the Indian arc is anything mind-blowing, but at least it’s written by the proper author. Which means I’m looking forward to it, but not in the same way as say, the ending to Michiko to Hatchin. More of a “god get me out of this filler!” kind of looking forward to it.

      Also for the record, I don’t particularly appreciate users abusing the name Trillian, just because you can choose your nickname freely. I can abuse it quite fine by myself, thank you. In the future, if you have an opinion, stand behind your own name please. I don’t feel like deleting comments for such a stupid reason.

    10. Be happy, after the next, they’ll start the indian ark /o/ But the currently ark have a really mysterious pseudo-ending, I’m looking forward for your review ^^’ (which eplains a lot, when we don’t have subtitles)

    11. I am almost certain Kuroshitsuji is 26 episodes (that’s why our blog is putting it on the winter list too). Are they splitting it into 13:13 and have the second half shown later? 🙁 I hope not. Thanks for the blog entry as usual. 🙂

    12. Yahiko: I understand your feelings, and agree with you on various levels, but probably not to the extent that you do, BECAUSE: The kind of careful attention to storytelling and writing that you’re demanding is no longer on my short list of expectations.

      Also, I kinda feel like they are still side characters. Back in episodes 1-7 or so, I was really annoyed anytime they had screen time, so for the most part I don’t care if they were well developed or not. However, the more they’re developed, the less annoying they are, so I can tolerate them more now than in the beginning. But I am a bitter, critical person, so my opinion about this in particular should not be seen as the end-all-be-all. : )

      Everyone: Once again, sorry for the delay that’s going on blog-wise. Playing catchup is difficult when each piece takes quite awhile. However, tomorrow is my last day of work before winter vacation! I am looking forward to tons of season finales and a whole lot of nothing. Nothing is the best plan to have for vacation, because it comes full of zero stress and zero obligations for *two weeks*. The countdown is on.

      つまり, The summary will come this week, along with tonight’s episode. Enjoy!

    13. @yahiko03: it technically is a decent anime; and ciel is supposed to act like an adult, that’s how his character is supposed to be. :\ oh, i don’t know. you could call it a unique character, maybe? and it’s plain typical for people to have depressing, old personalities after they’ve seen too much of the real world. like an adult. plus, the other characters who start up scenes are characters that only last an arc or so; just so that it’s not the same villains over and over again. and, what would meilin, bard and finnian be able to do seriously, anyway? i mean, in the anime they at least gave the three some important screentime in the doggy episodes.

      and yeah, the subs do come too slow e_e i’d have to agree on that.


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