The second (by my count) commercial for the new Fullmetal Alchemist series aired with today’s episode of Gundam 00, and it shows some actual footage of the new series. At least, I think it’s new footage – it’s been ages since I watched FMA, so I honestly don’t remember. Either way, the images don’t reveal much and mainly show Ed and Al. It’s good to see those two in action again, and I’m looking forward to the new show even though it’s still two months away. Fullmetal Alchemist is slated to replace Gundam 00 starting April 5th, 2009.


  1. Judging from the looks of it, they are remaking the actual manga plot. That’s totally awesome! (the first 30-ish episodes of the first anime only had about 70% of manga, while the rest is completely original… I really don’t see how they can pull off a second anime without redoing the whole thing =P)

  2. Did the music strike at anyone’s memory? I’m definitely looking to see how this soundtrack will turn out because I heard that Akira Senju’s going to be behind this series and I’m interested in seeing his take and how it differs from Michiru Ooshima’s.

  3. My opinion, Ed and Al just stumbled into the world of Dissidia:Final Fantasy.

    lol, Just kidding, wherever they are, it seems inhuman. Whatever enemy awaits them, I’m sure they’ll be worse than the Homunculus. Who knows, maybe Dante will return and seek revenge.

  4. woo new footage as the animation looks a bit different. soul eater-ish a bit maybe? omg can’t wait, the manga is really awesome so far. can’t wait to see all the characters that didn’t make it into the anime in this one 8D
    and more RIZA please!!!

  5. FMA back again? HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man, nothing beats the previous generation of anime, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Wolf’s Rain, Trigun, Inuyasha, G.I.T.S, Samurai Champloo, FLCL, Paranoia Agent, etc. etc…..

    Aside from a select few, for me, nothing has premiered that matches the awesomeness of the previous line up of shows or their soundtracks.

  6. Well this answers part of everybody’s question. It seems that they are remaking the whole thing starting from the beginning and not midway. Now the question is how many episodes are they going to do because it is going to hard as hell to fit the whole plot into 50 episodes unless they go at full throttle the whole time.

  7. @Jarmel

    Well, it would be from 2(if chapters have more talking) to 3(if there’s more action) chapters per episode.

    Considering manga will end in about chapter 100, they perfectly fit to 52 episodes 😉

  8. @Unknown Voice

    Well we’ll see if it actually ends at the 100 mark. She said that it would, but it seems at the current rate it would take a few more like around 105 but again we’ll see. I’m assuming that they already have planned out how they are going to be doing this. The only thing I really hope doesn’t happen is if Arakawa isn’t done and they have have to do another anime only ending, I would be enraged.

  9. They don’t need to redo the series, the first one was awesome. I just hope they don’t redo the story and move on to a new story that has something to do with the manga’s ending after the Lab 5 incident, probably something like Ed and Al being taken to an alternate version of they’re world away from our world and are magically reverted back to they’re 15 and 14 year old selves. I mean, starting over again will make them look as lame as Batman:The Brave and the Bold, where the whole Batman story is separate from the Batman’s rouge gallery, and he joins up with the weakest and dumbest looking characters ever, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BATMAN!! Besides, the first FMA anime was good because it told a different story, it was unique.

  10. Woot! It does look like it’ll follow the manga more closely! (although, for some reason I always thought that the Gate’s eye was red in the manga…) Oh well, it’s going to be kickass anyway! The first anime was really good, but the manga’s storyline is really more wicked!
    Looking at this trailer, I wonder what the scene around 0:09 is about? What are these red lights behind Al?

  11. the Edward in this adaptation looks like the Edward of the manga too much….interesting, but to stay true to the legacy that the first Fullmetal Alchemist left, i would like to see the Edward in the original anime series drawn here as it is…..

    standby mode
  12. yes people, by all accounts, this is basically the way the original anime should have been if the manga was even close to finished at the time. that measn, yes, though some things will be a little different, for the most part, we kind of already know how the beginning of this anime adaption is going to play out. but who cares, as far as i know (i havent read the manga) people cannot stop talking about how the second half of the manga (where the first anime of FMA diverged into anime-original eps) is absolutely crazy good and exciting. even better for me since, my memory of life in general being shit, all i know is that i loved the first season, but beyond that …… i dont really remember exactly how things went. bring on more crazy good FMA anime.

  13. The first FMA series was average, it was ok when compared to the actual manga which had a really good plot. This new series isn’t really a remake, its the actual story, its gonna follow the manga properly. This series will be a lot better i personally think as it will be true to the manga. I really look forward to this new series, something to replace gundam 00 after it finishes.


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