I’m back, bitches. My last post was something like 15 months ago (Sketchbook was so boring it made me go comatose), so I should probably (re)introduce myself – I’m jaalin, the guy who writes all the philosophical, sexually deviant, troll bait, ankle-loving, and retardedly unfunny posts. Can’t imagine why Omni lets me get away with it… I probably make him look good in the wake of my overwhelming nerdiness.

My interests typically lead me to cover the low-budget harem comedies because of my profound sense of humor and ravenous affinity for anime girls, but time to time I’ll provide some scathing commentary when it’s due (hey, Clannad is actually much better than Kanon). Unfortunately, these shows usually suck and are all the same, so I’ll probably end up recycling my writing as often as harem shows recycle episodes. As long as Omni doesn’t notice, I’m probably ok.

Anyways, I’m gonna pick up right where I left off – posting tired summaries of bad shows, alienating most of Omni’s hard-earned readership, writing nonsensical editorials on how I love trap characters, and otherwise putting myself at the mercy of the rabid readers of randomc.



  1. DAMN JAALIN!! it’s been a while much welcome backs! I had an OMGWTF moment when I saw this post like actually! lol @ desu yes the return of the ankles guy!!!! I can’t wait for you to regale us of your adventures in not in randomc land

  2. Jaalin! Oh God I’ve missed you! WE have missed you! It’s absolutely amazing that you’re back! Omni just don’t appreciate ankles enough sometimes y’know.

    Good to have you back!

  3. Oh crapcakes, jaalin’s back!

    But that’s strange, the walls aren’t bleeding… So this isn’t the end of the world?
    Anyways, get yourself back to blogging minami ke. I’m anticipating much amusement from your posts.

    Seriously, good to have you back.

  4. the return of the comeback well FMA: Restart (this time following the manga at 100%) in April 2009.

    Oh you’re still fantasizing on Nagi hope the season 2 of Hayate no Gotoku would be this year as well.

    I want Hamster X Hinagiku Yuri like sequence

  5. i thought u were gone welcome back jaalin. i hope u review more ecchi shows cus it release alot of stress for me. omni is a good blogger and all, but you jaalin brings comedy/ecchi/romance anime shows at this site to bring laughter on some of us

  6. Hey, great to have you back, you son of a b!tch. We missed you. lol

    Now get back to blogging and satiate our desire for more humour series. Preferably starting with Maria Holic. 😉

    Kinny Riddle

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