While Al fights the armored figured who calls himself Number 66, Ed meanwhile comes across a transmutation circle and guesses that it was used to create Philosopher’s Stones. Another armored figure who calls himself Number 48 then appears and confirms that this is true. Number 48’s job is to protect this place, and so he and Ed begin fighting. Ed soon realizes that his opponent is just a suit of armor, meaning that he’s just like Al. Reintroducing himself as Slicer, Number 48 declines to tell Ed if the condemned were used to make Philosopher’s Stones, but he does reveal that his seal is inside his helmet. In their subsequent clashes, Ed feels something out of place with his automail arm, and he remembers what Winry said about it being weaker. He has a hard time ending the fight quickly though and finds himself on the defensive a lot.

When Slicer comments on how his companion should have dealt with Al by now, Ed isn’t worried because he’s never won against Al. Indeed, Al isn’t having much problem with Number 66, and Number 66 decides to pause the fight to tell Al about his past as the serial killer Barry the Chopper. When Al reveals that he’s also a soul affixed a suit of armor, he mentions his brother, and that causes Barry to suggest that perhaps Al is an armor doll with fake memories created by Ed. Back inside, Ed pretends that Al has arrived in order to trick Slicer into turning away, thereby giving Ed the opportunity to cut off Slicer’s helmet. This is however not the end of Slicer because his body is able to move on its own. As it turns out, Slicer is a pair of brothers, and the other brother controls the body of the armor. Bleeding and in a dire situation, Ed remembers Scar and uses the same transmutation technique to break his opponent into half.

Despite his victory, Ed refuses to kill the brothers because he still considers them to be human, just like he does with Al. The elder Slicer is impressed enough by this that he offers to tell Ed everything as a parting gift. However, before he can reveal anything, he’s taken out by Lust. She has come with Envy, and together they destroy the seals on Slicer’s armor. Envy in particular mentions a human sacrifice and a plan, and that gets Ed worked up. He loses use of his automail arm though and gets knocked out by Envy, and afterward, Lust decides to burn the place down. Al meanwhile has let Barry’s words get to him, and he remembers how Ed had something that he had wanted to say but didn’t in the past. Fortunately, Ross and Brosh arrive to help him, and moments later, the entire building collapses. Envy emerges carrying the unconscious Ed, but he disappears soon after in the chaos.

In a nearby prison, Kimblee hears what’s going on and loves the sound of a building crumbling from explosives since it reminds him of the Ishval extermination. While all this is going on, away from all the action are Hughes and Mustang who are talking on the phone about Mustang possibly being relocated to Central. Hughes warns of potential enemies and advises that Mustang have a lot of people who understand and support him.


As expected, there were plenty of exciting action sequences this week (though battle-wise I liked the Scar episode a little more), plus an appearance by AllelujahKimblee at the end. There are still some things that are similar to the first series, but this time I think there are more differences than similarities (for one, Scar’s not in this at all other than Ed being reminded of him at one point), and this part of the story was brought to a conclusion in just one episode as opposed to three. There’s no Greed yet either, and it feels like the Homunculi are a bit more mysterious this time around. One thing though that is constant – and that I really don’t want them to revisit – is Barry filling Al with doubts. I know it’s important character development for him, but I don’t care for the angst. Maybe the manga version does it differently? On the plus side, there’ll be more Winry next week.


  1. It was a pretty good episode, and they covered a lot of the manga material.

    I think the next bit actually handles the Alphonse thing better than the first series. That extra episode with Scar and the kids was sort of unnecessary.

    I sort of miss the chimera Tucker and the rooms of red water, but it probably makes more sense to make the stone directly by putting people in that circle. The first series never explained how the red water is made, anyway.

  2. It’s kinda weird how they keep sticking Kimblee in early, but maybe it’s to get us used to his attitude before he actually becomes a part of the main story. Anyway, Alphonse angst next episode. And that preview shot of Winry was directly from the manga! 🙂

  3. that was like…whoa…show me a fight on such a high level like the one between Ed and Slicer in the first series. nothing felt rushed, every single important bit from the manga was there. and the scene when Ed uses Scar’s destruction alchemy was absolutely amazing, felt like a movie.

    and Envy…

    @kkg22104 – i think they are trying to do a proper job with this adaptation, and Kimblee was there in the manga. it’s also just as You say – it’s to get used to his attitude.

    i feel that something… unexpected… is going to happen next week.

  4. It’s not “revisted”, they are doing the history of the manga in the way is told in the manga, and the part of Barry telling Alphonse that he might be artificially created is in the manga. Also all the scar thing is not in the manga, the history for scar from now on is almost completely different than in the first anime.
    Also I should point out to the fact that Barry escapes in this series, and this also happens in the manga, because he is going to have a little more of relevance in this series.

  5. this whole series is pretty much following the manga story line now, which is good since there are a lot of different things going to happen which i’m not going to say too much you’ll all have to find out yourselves

  6. Eclipse subs ftw.

    And yeah, this hasn’t disappointed but it hasn’t impressed me as much. Probably because I still have the old FMA series in the back of my head.

    So hopefully when this gets back on the manga storyline, this will be much more thrilling.

  7. Animation made a dramatic recovery over last week’s budget character drawing. Guess they decided to spend the money on an action pack episode and skimp on plot exposition episode.

  8. chimera Tucker and the rooms of red water, but it probably makes more sense to make the stone directly by putting people in that circle.”

    Yeah that circle is pretty important to main parts of the story and plot that come waaay later, and deal with other major characters in the series, as well as explaining the beginnings of the main villain and what that person is trying to do. That’s the reason they had it there (as it was in the manga too)

    it also explains why the red water was in the first series, the writters knew they werent gonna make it totally to the manga so that had to put that part in to pave the way for the divergence later on in the series.

  9. @Ghostfish

    It has nothing to do with movie or FMA1. ;]

    Since FMA2 follows manga storyline, in next few episodes the differences between FMA1 and FMA2 will grow bigger and bigger, and the outcome will be totally different from FMA1.

    Unknown Voice
  10. Though this gag appeared in the manga and first anime, when Hughes says Roy should find someone who understands and supports him when he transfers to Central, I still LOL’ed when he said Roy should hurry up and get married.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. ooh, I’m thinking the next episode will be of a couple of my favorite parts in the manga!! YEY!! And Winry!

    spoiler for future chapters/episodes.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Whatching now…. … …

    I hated that other Barry, in the first anime…this one is much funnier. even though 11:07-11:30 is in “FMA1” this was more fun somehow *shrugging*

    by some reason I just love 15:19!

    why haven’t they just destroyed the circles in Kimbleys hands? like make a scar right across…(Well because there wouldn’t be much of a story then would it!?)

    YES!! I saw The Milk!!

    can’t wait for next ep….

  12. I get the feeling that this show is being rushed, and since its being rushed I have a hard time getting into the actual episodes.

    But then I release this is the second adaption of FMA and they are trying to get thru the plots that were already explored in the first series, while pointing out differences from the show and setting up future episodes.

    Hopefully in the second half of the series they will take more time with the story line, but I guess it depends on how many episodes they are going to do.


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