Faldio recognizes Selvaria, aka. the Azure Witch, and Alicia realizes that the man with her is none other than Maximilian. When challenged, Maximilian concedes that this isn’t the Empire’s property, but he asserts that it’s not Gallia’s either. Instead, it belongs to the Valkyrur which includes Selvaria. Alicia tries to stop Maximilian from leaving and fires her gun, but Selvaria is able to cut and deflect the bullet. Maximilian and Selvaria are thus able to get away, and a huge tank arrives to pick them up. Maximilian has it fire at the building while Welkin, Alicia, and Faldio are still inside, causing the roof to come down on them. Welkin manages to save Alicia from getting crushed, but he gets separated from her and Faldio by falling rubble.

When Alicia regains consciousness, she finds Faldio with an injured leg, but he’s otherwise okay. They’re stuck for the time being, but Alicia remains positive and believes that Welkin will save them somehow, and that reminds Faldio of a story from his college days. Back then, Welkin had approached a beautiful girl that no one else did and had asked to sketch her because he was interested in her facial structure. She had slapped him at the time, but they became friends, and she became interested in him even though he didn’t see her as a woman. This leads Faldio to comment on how Welkin has a strange charm. Isara and Lamar meanwhile saw the tank and have come the ruins, and they find and help free Welkin. He reassures them that things are okay even though he can’t guarantee it, and he’s determined to save Alicia and Faldio.

Faldio is able to hear Welkin’s cries through the rubble, and they’re able to communicate their situation by yelling. Around this same time, a bunch of babysitter lizards show up inside the cavern that Alicia and Faldio are stuck in, and Welkin realizes that this means that there’s an exit somewhere. He eventually finds it thanks to some ragnite reflected light, but the hole isn’t big enough to fit a person through. Welkin, Isara, and Lamar thus get to work pulling away rocks, and Alicia and Faldio try to help from their side as well. While doing this, Faldio remembers how he and Welkin had gone to the wedding of the girl he told Alicia about earlier, and Welkin had felt that she did what was best and was confident that she’d be happy.

The group eventually manages to push the biggest piece of rubble out of the way, and Alicia is reunited with Welkin. To her dismay, however, once Welkin sees that she’s okay, his thoughts quickly turn to the babysitter lizards. The rest of their squads are happy to see them alive when they return to camp, but Faldio learns that the Empire took the city of Fouzen.


For an episode that didn’t really cover much ground, this was still pretty good. They spent most of it on Welkin, Alicia, and Faldio’s escape, but there was a surprising amount of character development for Welkin (as opposed to Faldio like last week‘s preview seemed to suggest). He’s a stronger, more mature male lead than I expected to see, and I really liked the dressing scene between him and Faldio, though that’s partially thanks to some great background music.

They also showed a glimpse of the huge tank that I’m guessing will serve as Maximilian’s mobile headquarters or something. I’m not sure if I can really call it a tank though – it reminds me more of the land battleships that you can find all over Gundam series. Regardless, I’d love to see the Edelweiss try to stand up to it. Speaking of overpowered, I think I understand now why Maximilian was confident enough to come with just Selvaria at his side. I wonder how ridiculously powerful she really is though and if she can, for example, stop a steady stream of bullets or even a tank shell. Maybe we’ll find out in next week’s episode since it appears to be focusing on her and a new Imperial character that looks kind of like Welkin.


  1. “I wonder how ridiculously powerful she really is though and if she can, for example, stop a steady stream of bullets or even a tank shell.”

    You have no idea….

  2. @ Algester

    I don’t think the next battle is Fouzen for some reason – looks like a side story from the downloadable content on an Imperial soldier’s perspective on Selvaria.

  3. is this metal slug? are they going to pick up heavy machine guns? where’s marco and the ikari warriors?

    anyhow plz can the ladies wear trousers or just army uniforms instead of high school custom sailor unifrom

    ark noir
  4. ugh if its the DLC then it seems i wont be able to post anything as theres no DLC here for Asia UGH which reminds me to A the rest of the skirmishes which is almost impossible for me at the moment even with Alicia speed runs

  5. Wow… Welkin actually focused on that girl during her wedding, and on her happiness?! I thought he’d spot some ladybird, try to chase it, and crash the whole ceremony over lol. 😀
    But wow, at first i thought that Show Spoiler ▼

    , but I guess this is just some geek-friendly pretty girl like Alicia.

  6. Ohh! Awesome episode. Dare I say some character growth for Welkin and Alicia? Even if Welkin wasn’t there, Faldio’s talk about him sure does give Welkin some street cred if you will. Also, if Alicia and Faldio can be trapped like that and not get their own character growth (romantically I mean), then woo! I guess that’s a good thing. I like Welkin better. D:

    Otherwise, awesome episode. Selvaria really reminds me of Viletta from Code Geass, though Selvaria actually seems useful. I guess it doesn’t help that Maximillian and Selvaria are on the same team, though.

  7. the OP already foreshadows it its Welkin and Alicia and
    and personally Selvaria (you wont be able to use her in the main game) and Alicia are the same they are HAXXX very HAXXX like how Edelweiss is a HAXXXable tank

    its like sooo capture the flag mission (blitz)one thing to do

  8. what a waste, the beautiful girl in college got married and on top of than invite Welkin to her wedding. I still prefer Alicia though. Faldio was shown to have somewhat interest in Alicia and they were trapped together but no development, Weird.

  9. @Algester
    The DLC let’s u play as Selvaria in both forms (Ruhm and…. Well u know… Fanboy-form)
    But its true that in the main game per se you can’t play as Selvaria (the DLC counts as an “unlock”, so from another angle u could argue differently :D)

  10. This episode might’ve been focused a lot on Welkin, Alicia, and Faldio’s escape from the ruined structure, but it did a good job interlacing other elements into it. Things like looking at Welkin’s university background were great for development.

    Oh, and Selvaria = GODLY HAWTNESS!!!

    Can’t wait for the next episode! XD

  11. so you see a fraction of Selvarias strength in this ep…

    Just wait till she gets her lance and shield! forget tank shells, tanks themselves don’t stand a chance!
    But it should be interesting to see how the anime Deals with the Gabriel (the massive tank). I remember when i played the game at this point, Edelweiss was pretty much useless. It was a lancer mission through and through!

  12. Aside from the first minute when Selvaria when into hax mode, this ep was pretty meh.

    Was expecting some sort of skirmish with the Batomys(aka Chapter 7), but got none here. So you can imagine my disappointment. =(

  13. Well for a non war episode it wasn’t half bad. A lot better then that “reporter” episode a few weeks back. It looks like that “tank” (fortress on wheels) is going to be that main obstacle for now. Which may hinder the “once thought invincible” Edelweiss. I just hope that if/when Edelweiss takes it out. It wouldn’t be some over used cleshay like; “it may be more powerful, but its weakness is in that it relys too much on its weapons.” Or “Its powerful, but Edelweiss is faster.” Something of that effect. In any case it may be good. Though i do wish Lamar would just disappear some where. He doesn’t have to die, but just disappear….maybe captured.

    -edit: i was wrong, this series isn’t 12 episodes Its 26.


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