Despite Gregor’s failure at Fouzen, Maximilian isn’t too worried and is already preparing their next move. Selvaria sticks with him and, when they pass by the blue roses on the grounds of their base, she remembers how they met in a blue rose garden. Because he showed her where she belonged, she’s devoted her future to him. Meanwhile, over at the Gallia militia base, Largo notices Rosie’s frustration over Isara and how Alicia and Welkin are still distant. Welkin claims that he’s okay, but he still doesn’t know about Faldio’s confession, and Faldio doesn’t tell him when they see each other. Largo thus decides to take Welkin out to the hot tub set up on the premises, and he tells Welkin a story from the previous great war. Back then, he was a new recruit and had made a friend who introduced him to Eleanor Varrot. Largo subsequently fell in love with her, but before he could confess to her, he found out that his friend was also in love with her, and so he was conflicted about whether he should give up or not. That friend ended up dying though, and nothing more ever happened between Largo and Varrot. Largo doesn’t want anything like this to happen to Welkin.

Isara meanwhile goes out to do some shopping in town, and Lamar offers to drive her. The two spend most of the day together, and afterward, Isara reveals that she bought some stuff to help cheer Welkin up. Back at the base, Alicia spends her day thinking about Faldio and Welkin, and she ultimately decides to go talk to Welkin. Noting the strain in their relationship, Alicia wants to return to how they were before, and Welkin agrees, much to her relief because she had thought that he hated her. Welkin stumbles with his words and ends up just saying that she’s an important friend, but Alicia is content with this and wants to reconcile. What gets her frustrated is when Welkin mentions that Faldio will be relieved because she feels that this is just between her and Welkin. She reveals that Faldio confessed to her and that she’s unsure of what to do, and when Welkin can only say that Faldio is a good guy, Alicia just gets more frustrated. She can hardly believe that Welkin is okay with this just being her and Faldio’s problem, but since it appears that he is, she leaves him. Feeling down, Welkin returns to his room and is surprised and happy to find Isara setting up dinner for him.


What the hell was that?

Frustrating as it may be to watch, I’m okay with Welkin and Alicia having bumps in the development of their relationship, and I thought that using the theme song from the original game, Donna ni Tookutemo, for that scene was a nice touch – it’s like they were breaking up even though they were never officially together. But why the heck do they show Welkin returning to Isara and being happy with her? That screamed Isara/siscon route to me, and I’m positive that’s not the direction they’re going to be taking the story. It’s like they felt like they had to end the episode on a good note again, but there’s absolutely no need for that here. If anything, this just makes me think that Welkin won’t take immediate action to salvage his relationship with Alicia because he has Isara there to console him, which in turn means more frustrating episodes like this. They should have just ended with Alicia walking away and everyone looking sad.

At least the Largo and Selvaria stuff was interesting (and young Selvaria was super cute in this shot). I was also amused that, to show random English text, they appeared to have machine-translated and inserted text from a Devil May Cry game press release, particularly since Valkyria was a Sega game and DMC was a Capcom game. In any case, I just hope now that Welkin can grow some balls and confess to Alicia or something so that that part of the story can finally move forward. The preview doesn’t seem to indicate that that’ll happen, though it does look like there’ll be more Isara and Rosie developments.


  1. “The preview doesn’t seem to indicate that that’ll happen, though it does look like there’ll be more Isara and Rosie developments.”

    *Looks at the preview screenshots.*

    *Remembers around what part of the story this is*

    …crap, Mulbarry… Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Ah I’m glad the tension wasn’t resolved so quickly, that’s all to easy; just as long as Welkin doesn’t go uber emo. More importantly, I want a Max good ending. >_>

  3. “But why the heck do they show Welkin returning to Isara and being happy with her? That screamed Isara/siscon route to me…”

    Actually, IMO, if anything, its the other way around, (i.e.Isara having some sort of brother complex). If course that only assuming if there’s some sort of complex involved in their relationship (though I personally believe there’s none).

  4. Stupid roadblocks are stupid. Anyone who’s played a few mins of the game can tell you Welkin isn’t like this!!! I hate a few things about the anime that IMO shouldn’t have been done. Biggest thing is nerfing Welkin and semi-chopping off his balls. It’s seriously getting annoying. Second is expanding Faldio’s part in the plot for no reason other than to give us corny and cliche love triangle d0rama when there really shouldn’t have been any in the first place.

    The game pulled off Alicia x Welkin just fine without this overused and crappy drama from some sorta love triangle.

    It’s like the same group of anime writers do all the series it seems with the fact they use the same tired crap over and over.

  5. I dont think it siscon rather he wants everything bck the way it was. I do feel that alica may get shot or be in danger inthe upcoming episode and welkin is the only able to save but i hope it doesnt fall in that route. Or falido dies.

  6. It’s seems obvious Welkin has not dated anyone in the way he is thinking and completely unsure of his feelings and how to react to Alicia. Eventhough Faldio said Welkin had a girlfriend in college I think he was mistaken for Welkin’s way of thinking. Welkin probably only thought of her as a subject for his sketches this probably that girl realized later on (when Faldio was telling Alicia the story of Welkin in college in the cave, Faldio probably didn’t know or intetionally left that part out so that he can make a move on Alicia later on) and decided to date another guy who confessed to her and eventually married that guy.

  7. If there’s something I love the most of watching this series is the fact that everyone who played the game is about to run into a rampage and kill the writers.

    However. Somehow I see the reason why Welkin acts almost like a homo. I mean if they gave Welkin the UBER-1337 Lelouch Sexy Skills of Doom, then the show would be kind of lame. They had to chop the balls off him so that they can add some cliff-hangers.

    Welkin = Gaykin 🙁

  8. Onibaku: I didn’t say it was bad or uninteresting or that they shouldn’t have done it. I just feel that there’s been enough of weak Welkin and am ready for him to mature since we’re now 2/3 of the way through the series.

  9. Well, from the look of the preview, next week is going to be the Mulberry Shore. That will explain a lot of things about this episode (if they go with what happens in the game)…

  10. I prefer the mature route they took with Alicia and Welkin’s relationship in the game. If they were going to go with a love triangle I would have preferred Juno over Faldio because at least then they wouldn’t have had to cut Welkin’s balls off.

    I dislike how the romance has taken center stage. It’s supposed to be about the tragedies that befall those within war. That love and life can blossom during such tragedies and that ordinary people can become heroes to protect what is important to them.

  11. @Nellie

    Exactly! We’re in a damn war, they’ve made this into more of a love comedy with some action here and there to make sure you don’t fall asleep.

    We really really need more shows with a more mature aka senin (or is that saenin? I forget) feel to them. At this rate it’s fallen off into the shounen catagory with characters acting like they’re in HS and “unsure” about their feelings. Welkins how old? Alicia, ok, cuz she’s younger, but Welkin? He’s what again? 25? At least they got Faldio acting the part of a more mature male.

  12. welkin is such a dork, loser. he should get moving before faldio makes a move again.

    sigh. if i was alicia, i’d confessed right away. too bad, welkin is so cute. i wanna hug him. :3

  13. The main issue putting the last part with Isara will come to hunt you next week, Omni, because if the battle at Marberry (the game’s Normandy) is executed the same as the game, we’ll reach the lower point for the 7th Squad, and the story’s. Having say that, Isara will be key character that will change almost everyone around for the rest of the series (mostly Lamar and his way of seeing things for the 7th), but not in the normal way of things.

    As for AliciaxWelkin, if it feels frustrating is because Welkin is a newbie in relationships. In the game they were way too close to each other, without sexual tension. Here, at least, it can be felt for both, but they will fix that eventually (I hope)

  14. Kawaii Selvaria is <3

    Story seems to be going nowhere fast anywhere soon. Maybe they are trying to drag it out after skipping quite a bit of the game’s storyline? An plot-line slightly different from the game’s.

  15. GP – this series is a shit. Accept it. Script-writers who use babelfish to translate DMC text into english and put it in a form of english letter just do not deserve any respect.

    They should have been left in that hole making their shoujo doujins rather than making anime scripts. This show is totally off. Random plot holes, half-baked relationships, idiotic triangles (Wekin acts like a 14 year old emo) and so on and so on.

    You should just accept the fact that this show stinks and watch it without expectations towards it, maybe then you will feel less frustrated about it.

  16. if next week’s episode follows the game…
    from the way this has been going I seriously doubt that 😀

    Prior to the anime, did Faldio have some sort of cult following among fans of the game I’m not aware about? It’s one thing to show so much focus on one supposedly “supporting character”(making him seem like an “ideal guy” even); but they’re doing it at the cost of making Welkin, the true main character look unnecessarily stupid. Speaking of supporting characters, some of the other squad members have barely made their presence felt in the show (if at all).

    At this rate an WelkinxAlicia ending will seem like a Canvas2 ending…

  17. that was like the standard reactions from Welkin a main character, who usually don’t show their feelings till end, so they feel ok with stuff like if someone confessed to the girl they like, they just say oh huh great for u, that was kinda of like the reaction Welkin gave. and as usual the girl gets pissed off by it. walla there we go that’s what we got, next episode plz.

    o btw im already saving up for a psp cuz i don’t have one, so i can play VC2 lol.

  18. I think I see where the writers are trying to take this direction:

    Major spoilers from the game ahead:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  19. @lolpilipino

    I think I agree with pretty much everything you just said. Honestly, I was thinking along the same lines, and if what you said in your third paragraph comes true, the writers are pretty damn awesome. I always felt that part of the story was kinda of lacking, so if that happens, it’ll make for some great drama and emotions.

  20. I hate those anime writers!!!
    I mean if the story is going to suddenly follow the story in the videogame the next events in chapters 17 and 18 will be…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Elessari Edain
  21. @Elssari

    Show Spoiler ▼

  22. @lolpilipino: your theory sounds nice and if that happens I can sort of forgive them for making Welkin sutch a loser. We’ll just have to wait and see but I don’t think I can take more of this crap.

  23. Jesus, I hope you don’t have a sister. So, a brother can’t be happy that his sister did something nice for him to specifically cheer him up? Do you have any siblings at all? What reaction would you expect? Him to flip the fuck out on her?


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