Some sweet delicious flat chest. I personally prefer “curvier” girls, but I’d make an exception for Hina because she’s a cutie pie. <3


While I don’t consciously try to start all my posts with a screenshot of Hina, it just sort of happens every time. Anyway, I learned a lot this episode. First off, I know you guys won’t believe me when I say this, but you know aliens? They speak Japanese! I’ll be damned. So if you want to be “with it” when we make contact with some extraterrestrials, you better go brush up on your NIHON-GO.

「日本語」 There, I did my review for the day. *whew*


Brief moment of silence before Nagi screams her head off.


Secondly, why go for Hayate x Hinagiku when we can get some Ayumu x Hinagiku? It’s like a whole new perspective that I haven’t considered up until now. But now that I’ve had a taste, let’s yuri this to the max shall we?


Hinagiku is captivated by how much more well-endowed Ayumu is.


And now time for some lesbian frisking. *touch touch*


My god it flies too. Freakish alien flying mount anyone?


Hina rests uneasily in the lap of the girl who violated her while she was unconscious. It’s okay Hina, I’d still take you as my wife!


Thirdly, the blood in Hayate no Gotoku is pretty realistic. It has that dark maroon-ish color and well animated dripping effects. Pretty ironic that the anime industry lets this fly here when it uses black blood for the more graphic stuff that could make better use of it. But hey, that’s not my call to make.


Hayate after being hit in the back of the head with a spiked ball and chain. *drip drip*


And now Hayate being raped by the butler who just came out of the closet. Nagi must be thinking that they like it rough.


Fourthly, I was completely unaware there were baseball bat “teleportation” devices. Not only does it come with the written guarantee stating it’s a bat that will warp you anywhere 「どんな所へもワープバット」, it also comes with its own batter. Better yet, all it costs to use is a massive bump on the head.


Seventeen episodes in and this is already Hayate’s second kiss on the cheek. Anime relationship-wise, this is some FAST pacing.


The Saginomiya powers run strong in this one after being infused by Hayate’s blood. Gibson Jr. summoning complete!


Hayate feels nothing because he sees Nagi as a child. Nagi on the other hand is getting all hot and bothered.


“Stop groping me already you stupid butler and stop the damn spaceship!”


Fifthly, flying spaceships under the influence of alcohol apparently isn’t a big deal since you have so much empty space up there. I mean if Hina’s sister can do it, it must be a breeze right?


Maya the alien comes back to claim her spaceship after Yukiji took it for a spin while heavily impaired.


Sixthly, there is actually a “serious” side to this show. I mean, it’s no laughing matter when it comes to the passing of a loved one, but I just didn’t expect Hayate no Gotoku to take things so deeply even if it was only for a short while.


Yukariko, the mastermind behind bringing the alien spaceship Nagi drew long ago to life?


Somber mood over! Sakuya comes to save the day.


And everyone comes to grope Hina. There’s some definite “cupping” going on here.


So yeah, who said you can’t learn anything from watching TV? I learned so much (useless) information from one episode alone. Until next time…


No jokes here. Nagi introduces Hayate to her mother.


  1. “While I don’t consciously try to start all my posts with a screenshot of Hina, it just sort of happens every time.”

    Please don’t ever cure that habit >.>

    Mighty Mouse
  2. the Athena chapter will be after the

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Omg no wai? plot? who would have thought!

    anyway, Its actually flowing with the manga.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway… im bored now.

  4. There was some chapters they skipped, till i realized that those missing chapters were already animated in the first season. I am glad that they are getting to the point of the plot rather than go though multiple chapters that does not move the storyline further.

    In my opinion, The “End of the World” arc should be a motion picture; its too great to be in an episodic series.

  5. anyone else that thinks that HayatexHina won’t end up together after the series ends? The previous episodes gave me a feeling (especially the clock tower part) that they wont end up together 🙁

  6. IMO, this was one of the best Hayate no Gotoku episodes. The humor and plot were pretty good. And the last 10 minutes actually gave Nagi some good charachter development and showed a more mature side of her personality. Also, knowing more about her childhood makes me more understanding of her somewhat immature (yet hilarious) actions.

    I’m now in the HayateXNagi camp though I’m one of the few. Go Nagi! Hopefully Hayate will see you in a new light one of these days!

    I eat Vegetarians
  7. Karis:
    I do have the full 1280×720 screenshots on hand, but figured these smaller sizes would be sufficient for a quick read of the post. If there’s actually enough interest in having full-size screenshots (even though I don’t take very many to begin with), I can post them up next time.

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