After having spent part of morning rejecting a prototype motorcycle that his grandfather’s scientists developed, Teppei spends his afternoon with Charlotte and Sylvia thinking about how he’s going to host his own party. When he notices that Seika hasn’t been around recently, her friends explain that she’s busy as a top designer and model, and Seika she does show up, Teppei finds out that she’s going to be presenting her new collection. In addition, she’s going to be interviewed about her school life, and she’s roped Nezu Haruhiko into going so that he can tell the interviewers about her. Still curious about why Seika sees him and his family as enemies, Teppei decides to visit his grandfather that night to find out. The next day, Teppei discovers that Haruhiko is sick, so he goes in Haruhiko’s place to the fashion show. Seika is shocked to see him there, but she recognizes that she has no choice but to use him for the interview, so she takes him along.

The interview starts poorly because Teppei hasn’t been coached about what to say or do, and Seika stomps on his foot every time he says something not to her liking. In retaliation, Teppei badmouths her, but he eventually changes his tone and turns those words into praise of her leadership, causing her to blush. Afterward, over dinner, Teppei reveals to Seika that he knows why she hates the Arima family. The previous night, his grandfather had explained that many years ago, he had been so focused on work that he neglected his wife, and she ended up having an affair with Seika’s grandfather. As a result of this, his grandfather had kicked her out of the Arima family and cut business relations with Seika’s family. This effects Seika especially because Teppei’s grandfather refuses to display her clothes in his department stores. To make things right, Teppei has brought with him a letter signifying that he’s now an executive of the company, and he’s going t o allow her clothes. Seika is excited about this, but she makes it clear that he still has to host his own party to join the society club.


I would say that I didn’t think much of this episode because I can’t stand Seika, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. She was still annoying this week, so even though I can understand her character a bit more now, I still don’t like her. The bigger problem, however, is that this episode was weak because it felt very girl-of-the-week, where the main character has to solve a girl’s problem and in the process she falls in love with him or at least opens up to him a little, and it all gets neatly resolved in one episode. It’s not very compelling storytelling, and it felt like they were just trying to get Seika’s story done and out of the way because she’s not really in contention for Teppei. I’m not going to complain here too much because, as I said, I’m not a fan of her character, so I’m glad it’s over (for at least the time being), but I do hope that Charlotte and Sylvia’s stories are more involving and better developed. The good thing is that the preview indicates that next week’s episode will be about them, and it looks like Teppei and Charlotte might come close to a kiss.


  1. The ep was definitely better than the disastrous ep3, IMHO. At least Seika has some Spunk inside of her. And as sad as it is, that’s more than what can be said about Charlotte/Sylvia/Yuu.

  2. I didn’t think this was getting Seika out of the way so much as bringing her into the game. The game of footsie under the table had an intimate aspect. So far, this is more than yer average harem comedy.

  3. I don’t understand how the old geezer kicking Seika’s old geezer out of the company would turn into a feud between both families. They were having an affair no? Shouldn’t it be the old geezer’s RIGHT to be angry?
    idklol but the logic behind that seems to be pretty alien to me.

  4. From what i’ve seen till now seika seems the most attracted by teppei(the name sucks)…the maid is not well defined yet, but got potential..yeah…two big arguments

  5. A Seika episode? Meh

    I like how they revealed the reason behind this feud between Arima and Seika, but I felt like it was the typical “harem” anime pattern. The main hero solving girl of the week problem. Though Seika did move up from being detested by me.

    Also, did anyone find the shoe fight in the episode funny?

  6. @hashi: So far, this is more than yer average harem comedy.
    How so? It’s pretty generic to me…

    I also found the whole reasoning behind Seika’s hatred to be WAY too far-fetched. Ok I can understand being mad because Arima dissed her in public, but the whole affair thing was just stupid.

    Putting that aside, hope I’m wrong, but as I see it now we’ll get X eps of romace and comedy and then 1 rushed ep with the whole mystery solving and revenging Teppei’s parent’s deaths.

    Finally am I the only single person who likes Seika since she appeared? Am I a masochist or what?

  7. Zenzen: Absolutely not. At the moment, Seika has taken the lead in my personal preference ranking. I hope that Charlotte/Sylvie finally start to shape up some, instead of being an airbrainy tit-bouncing yes-girl (Charlotte) or an aloof I-soo-don’t-care bore (Sylvie). At least Seika takes what she’s doing seriously.

  8. >kewlmyc

    I nearly speculated that, but there’s no mention if Seika actually resulted from Teppei’s grandma’s affair with Seika’s grandfather (would have made a nice plot device).

    Sailor Enlil
  9. That bike looks nice, but the idea grosses me out deeply (I ride)…. who the f**k would want a bike that can’t lean (Harley guys aren’t riders in my book).

    The single sided rear swing-arm looks pretty pukka, I have to admit.

    Still no Rideback, though.

    As for the episode… meh… dropping this drivel….not really a herem lover anyways (just have too much free time this season)

  10. The moment you mentioned how it felt like a “girl of the week” episode, I knew this was a good series to pick up.

    I’ve been looking for a generic boy-meets-girl-then-meets-another-girl-then-etc. series to kill time with.

  11. Ok, Seika really does remind me of Haruhi, especially at the dinner table scene with all her facial expressions and mannerisms. To bad there isn’t a sarcastic Kyon to bounce of her.

    Overall I like Seika a little better now. She gets minus points for stomping at Teppei, but it was played for laughs(with the feet and all) so it wasn’t really that bad. I thought the whole family feud was resolved a little too easy though. Seika could have used a little more development, but I still want to see more Charlotte and Sylvia so I’ve got no real complaints.

  12. The guy should just bang all 4 of them to get the harem ending, and avoid the inevitable “who to pick?” question. One is almost throwing herself at him, and another is his maid, so he’s halfway there already. 😛

    Ninja Penguin
  13. Did you guys notice toward the end of the “foot fight”, they both had their shoes off, and they were still touching? That’s practically like holding hands in this genre of anime. And you know how big a deal “holding hands” in this genre is. Kinda big deal if they weren’t lovers, or even very very close to one another.

    Touching in general, except for the token tripping/accidental fall on top of, under, or gropping of the girl, is pretty taboo. When I saw they had their shoes off and now were entering a full blown game of foot fetish play… I was … surprised, as Teppei doesn’t seem that interested in Seika romantically. Sucks tho cuz I’m a fan of Seika’s voice actress, tho that has nothing to do with the character or story LOL.

  14. @Zenzen

    Haha no you aren’t the only person that has liked Seika since she first appeared and I do agree with you, her reason for disliking Arima is stupid. I was hoping it to have more depth than that because it really shows how childish she can be.

  15. Like others said, Seika actually got some +’s in this episode. She sucked for the last two, but because she actually take what she does very seriously. Think about it for a second, if the things you design are ridiculed by an influential corporation in the press, you would be pretty damn raging too wouldn’t you? While I think most tsundere-archtype are of fail and lose, I actually do not want to see Seika get KO’d without a decent fight.

    With that said, the ones who go last wins. If Charlotte goes next week I think she’ll be not in a good spot story progression wise, which would make me sad bunny. This anime’s one of those story I want a true harem end because it’s so damn hard to choose just one.

  16. @Jezreel tetona…u must be spanish right?in italian it is said “la tettona”, with the double t, so i laughed a lot, cause the words are quite the same.

  17. I’m not too happy with this. I personally like Sylvia, and all it appears that she is shaping up to be is another good friend. I wish her character was developed beyond the polite, noble duelist. With only 12-13 episodes in the series, no episodes should really be used as a throwaway, and that’s how this one felt.

    Harems Rule
  18. In the episode Seika is a bit flat chested ebut during the ending scene they show her with a very nice bikini outfit what’s up With that…

    can’t wait to see next week’s episode… Sylvia <3.

  19. alright episode, but im more interested in the next episode. Though its a good think that Seika’s situation is solved for the most part, because i don’t want to see her bitch act much lover then 1 or 2 episode.

  20. haha, cant agree with Omni a bit. I totally dislike Charlotte the pinky busty girl…
    Seika is my favorite girl in this show and then come Sylvia and the maid. I hope there will be no story about charlotte anymore (very seriously :/ ) pls.. no more….

  21. Another thing I like the point out is that Teppei actually has initiative. He actually helped Seika on his own, and didn’t speak monologues or take long walks with angsty background music. Its all these little things that make me like the lead more.

    Also people should really stop hoping for a harem end. The last time we got a harem end development, it ended with a NICE BOAT. Think about that for a minute.

  22. Seika wasn’t as much of a bitch in this ep as in the previous one, and it was nice that her sycophants only appeared in the beginning. But I really hope this whole society club thing is considered resolved now. There’re so many other plotlines that could be explored. Need more Maria-chan, too…

  23. Her reason for the hate is garbage. I thought it would have been more along the lines of the arima geezer offing him. Anyway, she’e still a bitch with no chance but atleast she have my respect for being a busy-body. I love hard-working folks…much better than goofups that play around too much. The idiot that came up with tsundere seriously needs to die. Talk about two-faced, how in the hell can anyone loki someone that’s completely two-faced. That goes for yandere too…she’s either trying to kill you OR get in your pants. Muahahahahahaha.

  24. actarus: yeah man hahaha my languaje is Spanish and you know about these languajes Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and these are derived of Latin Vulgar of the Empire Roman

    those languajes have some words equals but with diferent written


  25. I wonder about the relationship between the two families as well, but I think Teppei’s grandfather has had more than one wife. So, Teppei’s mother probably spawned from another wife. Actually, if they made them cousins, that actually would bother me and take away from his relationship with Seika. I’m more a Charlotte/Silvie/Yuu fan anyhow, but I don’t mind Seika. Still think it’s a series that’s going well. Not “generic” at all and it’s still keeping up the animation, but that’s better scene in duels between Silvie and Teppei.

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