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There’s beatdowns and then there’s Koromo. The other players reflect upon the events of the round in their own ways: Kana buries her face into a heap of tiles as captain comes to give her a titty rub; Yumi chills out and drinks some water as Momo comes by to… give her more water; Saki needs to go piss and Nodoka takes her hand in hand in a romantic moment. Ah, chemistry. Koromo somehow sneaks out to buy an ichigo juice (I’m guessing they actually wanted to do carrot juice but they didn’t want to get sued by Getsumen Miina) and then gets sexually harassed by Fujita.

The second half starts and everyone has renewed confidence – Kana busts out a weak pose while doing a tile discard, so we already know she isn’t making any sort of comeback. It’s pretty hilarious, actually, cuz Koromo singles her out and takes all her points. First she busts out with another haitei, then goes ron on all simples, then ron on another one, and then another for the rest of her points.

But wait – the game doesn’t end there, as Kazekoshi is left with… zero points. Nope, it only ends when someone goes negative. So why doesn’t Koromo just end their misery? Cuz she’s crazy sadistic, that’s why. Now, Kana can’t do shit with 0 points, and Saki can’t pull her rinshian kaihou tsumo cuz it would put Kazekoshi into negative territory and instantly end the game.

No matter, Saki plays directly into Kana’s hand and feeds her 16,900 points. What a sad charity case…


Up next on Saki: Uhh based on the preview shots? I guess it’s over?
Kana sucks. Not much more to say about that. More than that, however, the Kazekoshi captain is a pussy bitch for not being the taishou. Kana probably would’ve done ok against Nodoka, but damn, what a slaughter.

So besides those two rinshian tsumo that Saki scored in the beginning, and the ron that Yumi called on Kana, the only hands that Koromo haven’t won are the two where she was supposed to win, but people throwing away their tenpai to feed another player to prevent Koromo from getting some massive point total. Basically it’s 3v1, and the 1 is murdering them, but maybe if they try really hard to work together, they can pull something off. It’s gonna take a lot more than teamwork to get Kana back into the game, though…

At any rate, Saki spent half the episode in her “red aura” state, and then the only thing she busts out with is a 16,900 point loss for feeding Kazekoshi. Some aura.

Nodoka going to see Saki and giving her some boob power was nice, but the whole bathroom thing was kinda awkward. Yay! Let’s go to the bathroom! Hand in hand! Considering the attention the hand-holding and subsequent “ok, go and own now” hand scene, I can only deduce that they kept holding hands in the bathroom, then opted to not wash their hands. Well, clean looking girls doing dirty shit, I guess that’s pretty hot. No, not really.

Another thing that deserves mention is the whole “nopan” theme of this anime. For a show with so many panty-shot moments, I don’t think we have seen a single sliver of pantsu. It’s kinda crazy if you think about it, panty flashes have been such a staple of anime like this for so long, that the only way to freshen things up was to remove them altogether, and create something entirely different while using the same techniques, all the while making it so much more risque. Insanity.


  1. Well, it appears that Saki is planning to own Koromo, given that their core ability and luck should be about on the same level, now that Saki stops being wishy-washy, I have a high hope for her. (This anime is called ‘Saki’ after all.)

    To own Koromo, she first needs to feed Kana some points to keep the game going. The interesting thing is, with around 100,000 points difference, what kind of crazy things can she pull to close that gap and make a come back?

  2. OKAY!! okay ,okay.. JAALIN i see ur going buck wild wit this series, an dats cool. sooo u tweaked my curiosity “random curiosity??” used to be very interested in mahjog cuz of this old cool Philipino kat i used to work with, never played it, but the curiosity remained. but it was spoiled by that dirty BASTARD “akagi” dont get me wrong, to be fair i only peeped the first 2 ep and the last 2. seemed ridiculous but ……i’m diving in again!! HEY!! at least this ain’t a sausage-fest like akagi was

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. Hehe, Kana gets saved by Saki? Suprised me too. prom preview looks like Koromo no likey that at all. (finally got the kodomo ~ Koromo joke ^_^´)
    Seems like Saki and Koromo are gonna bash next eps.
    Even though the action wasn’t big this episode they are finally wrapping things up^so we can have a big fighto!! Yay!

  4. This match is too long… At least, it is better than some other show that repeat the same line over and over and …… (x6 or x7?)

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Kana regains some of her spirit later on. (watch for the cat ears!!)I’m amazed at how fast the ‘boss battle’ is progressing. After all, the manga took over 20 chapters!!

    Since someone mentioned Akagi : a match between Akagi and Saki would be extremely entertaining : especially when Akagi loses 😛

  6. …awesome show, but i still don’t understand anything of what happens(apart from the total points)…ron, kan, tsumo after a kan…must be like an unseen bankay cause everyone astonished. And that last draw thing is quite odd…it’s really like this?in other table games a great player win mostly but not everytime. Gotta be lucky!At least this show make me feel i want to learn to play majong, but seems difficult.

  7. “At any rate, Saki spent half the episode in her “red aura” state, and then the only thing she busts out with is a 16,900 point loss for feeding Kazekoshi. Some aura.”

    I reckon this is all part of Saki’s Ultimate 0 play, where everybody ends up with the same points, can get back to their teammates/captains and press their bodies against eachother in joy, Koromo finally finding a worthy opponent who she can actually play with thus releaving her of her loneliness, and WTF the rules didn’t cover this insane possibility of everybody having equal scores I guess this means everybody gets to go to the nationals.

    Damn i should be cliched happy ending anime writer.

  8. @ Outcast: Yeah, that’d be cool.
    Don’t know much about Mahjong, but is it possible for saki to do her overwhelming “zero-minus” thingie and still win?
    Heh, Peanut said it already and i’m fearing it too, not next episode but after that will be flashbacks. And the climax will probably the last 2 eps, me fears !yar!

  9. I’m just curious how they’re going to end the series because they’ll quickly catch up with the current manga in a couple more episodes…and it’s not even a full 24 episodes yet! Hopefully the anime pulls off the ending well enough because Saki is one of the few Gonzo series that’s seriously entertaining…and I’d hate for the anime adaptation to end with a ‘lol Gonzo’ ending.

  10. we all know Saki will make a comeback, or else the anime won’t be called Saki. Although Koromo still has some moves up her sleeves so Don’t think Saki will own everything.

  11. Regarding the missing panties, the way I understand it the TV station this runs on has a no-panties rule. So Gonzo decided to keep doing up-skirt shots, but just not ever have any panties in them.

    I think it’s even more ecchi this way, frankly. It looks like they’re not wearing any.

  12. It is not really fair to say that Kana sucks because Kazekoshi is far enough behind going into the final stretch that Kana is constrained to choosing between either scoring several more difficult hands or stomping anyone with one deadly jackpot hand to go to the nationals. To make matters worse, she also has to constantly predict and fend off both Rinshan Kaihou and Haitei Raoyue at the same time.

    The real question is would you rather be punished for bold, risky moves or cower and wait for a miracle? This is a really nasty predicament to overcome regardless who is playing as Kazekoshi’s captain.

  13. Dang! If I was Koromo, I would have just ended the game right there with a win. Now she is going to get owned for being sadistic to competitors. lol

    That was another super exciting episode. Can’t wait until #18.

    Biting Pear
  14. For non-mahjong players that don’t understand the game terms:

    chi – ‘eat’ the tile discarded by the player on your left ONLY – total 3 tiles, 2 in your hand + the 1 you are eating, the 3 must be in running order (but the tile you eat can be in any position) and of the same ‘suit’ (millions, bamboo, marbles) – can’t eat with non-suit tiles like the four winds obviously
    pon – has priority over a ‘chi’ call, used to form a 3 of a kind, must have 2 in hand already, can call from any player’s discard
    kan – 4 of a kind, can be snatched by a ‘ron’ as you’ve seen. declared when you have a 3 of a kind in hand and you draw a 4th, or someone discards the 4th. you get to draw an extra tile from the ‘back’ of the deck to keep your tiles in order (1 pair + the rest as sets of 3). there are only 4 copies of each tile total so ‘kan’s are relatively uncommon.

    kan after a kan (using the tile u drew from the first kan) is like getting a 4 of a kind on the flop -.-……. with the chain haitei raoyues and rinshan kaihous, a match like this may happen once every 1000 years in real life.

  15. hmmm….I’m pretty sure the match will not end next round. Unless the anime plans to cover over 7 chapters in one episode (not likely). I just hope that they end the anime properly after 26 episodes.

    Given how slow the manga is at releasing chapters (1/month), it may be 2 or 3 years before we get another season.

    Meat Man
  16. Damn, still 7 manga chapters to end this? Next up is Saki’s east turn, so I thought it would end in two hands… a rinshian kaihou, east yakuman for 48000 (conveniently reducing Kana’s points to 900 and Koromo’s lead to 27600) and then another rinshian kaihou, east baiman for 24000 to seal the deal putting Kana below zero and getting +4400 over Koromo.

    Is there any way at this point with just Saki’s and Yumi’s east turns remaining to have Saki and Koromo finish with the same point total?

  17. I really liked this episode, Yuri much. Hahahaha! Nodoka and Saki is like a NanoFate in the making. lololololz XD

    Saki had to make Kana win, so she can pwn Koromo with a rinshan kaihou yakuman. XDDD Oh wait, Hisa just said it can’t be, then a concealed flush, hahaha~ XD Thank you for your review =DD

  18. >>Is there any way at this point with just Saki’s and Yumi’s east turns remaining to have Saki and Koromo finish with the same point total?

    Remember that we are still in the East round. There is still the South round remaining, so that is a total of 6 hands.

  19. @actarus
    No problem, just thought it’d help people enjoy the anime better if they have a better understanding of some terms. There are many variations of mahjong though, so i can’t go into much detail about those specific to japanese mahjong (like riichi). You’ll have to look up region specific rules yourself ><. I only know the local version (Singapore).

  20. Riichi has been explained in the show a couple of times, but in case people haven’t noticed, you can only call Riichi with a fully concealed hand (which is why they never do it when they have called).

    Once you have called Riichi, you can no longer change the rest of your hand, and must discard what you draw if you don’t win.

    You also must have points to “bet” on the Riichi, as shown in this last episode.


    Koromo is going to regret her mistake, which wasn’t so much leaving Kana at 0 points, but she turned the game into one of point manipulation, and unfortunately for the kid, Saki is better at that one than she is.


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