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After getting her kan stolen by Yumi, Saki is pretty shaken – she has another chance to call kan, but she skips it in fear of being jacked by Yumi again. Lucky for her, cuz Yumi really had some hand that could’ve boned Saki real badly. In the meantime, Koromo hasn’t really done much, but she’s sitting there talking mad smack about Saki sucking it up.

The thing with Koromo, she’s able to somehow control the draws the other players get to prevent them from getting tenpai. More than that, it seems like at least for now, Koromo is aiming to tsumo with the last draw tile, which is some hot move called “haitei raoyue”, which is animated by some Elfen Lied vector-looking arms that scoop up the tile from the bottom of the ocean.

Well, it’s not too hard to stop the Haitei, all one has to do is to call kan or whatever screws up the draw order, so Kana and soon Yumi do all they can to stop Koromo from getting the last draw, but she’s too pro to fall for that. And just like that, Ryuumonbuchi takes the top spot again.

Koromo continues to fuck with their heads and even “lets” Kana get a nice hand, but then prevents her from calling tsumo. In the meantime, Yumi and Saki are trying to get their hands together, but know that if they let it get to the final draw, Koromo is just gonna bone them again. Unexpected move: Yumi reads Saki’s hand and decides that playing into Saki’s 2000 points is better than letting Koromo get 12,000.

Yumi bags a 12,000 on the next hand from Kana, which is kinda funny cuz Kana is completely outmatched by what appears to be an extremely good player, some freakishly lucky player, and what must be the scariest cute girl in the history of anime. Well, besides Captain Testarossa.

At any rate, Koromo continues her steamrolling and calls ron on Kana’s hand, which is the first hand she’s won not off the Haitei, and doubly funny cuz it’s off Kana.

And for the final hand of the first half, Koromo gets a 3000/6000 tsumo. Kazekoshi currently at 38,600 points. Ha ha ha ha ha

Up next on Saki: Is SSJ4 Saki going to be enough?
Uh, just a bit late. Sorry.

The description for the torrent for this episode was “there’s beatdowns, and then there’s Koromo”. Yea, no shit, Koromo is kinda mean. Heck, if this wasn’t anime, I’d call it cheating, but Koromo is extremely moe and watching Kazekoshi get destroyed is pretty funny, so I’ll let it slide.

On a related topic, Yumi is pretty good too. I can’t call her Tsurugacaptain anymore cuz she’s not really the captain – that red-haired chick with that oddly mature voice that doesn’t match her character design is the captain, so I guess we’ll just call her Yumi from now on… at any rate, in terms of technical ability she’s probably the best one at the table, with great ability to read other players. It’s a shame she doesn’t have the power of the moon or lotus flowers or whatever on her side, or she might actually have a chance. At least she’s better than Kana, who just seems to be point fodder at this point.

Speaking of Kana, I totally didn’t pick up on it before, but she has the same seiyuu as Mako-chan from Minami-ke. The voice is pretty much exactly the same too, which makes it all the more confusing, because there’s a lot of zettai ryouiki (the bare skin between the thigh-high socks and the skirt) shots with her, which keeps making me think there’s a penis underneath there. Speaking of skirts and penises, I was cruising one of those online dating sites today and saw this pretty good looking girl with some pretty hot pics (seriously they were like this one), but then I noticed on the picture captions they all said stuff like “there’s a penis under the skirt!” and “i got a penis ok!” Needless to say, my trapdar went into defcon 1 and I read the profile, and it said stuff like “I was born into the wrong gender” and “a vagina doesn’t make the girl” and “it’s about what’s in the heart, not what’s between the legs” and other shit like that. Wow, traps exist in real life, not just in anime and cosplay cafes (hey Trillian, wanna check out a trap cafe?)

The more you know…


  1. quote: Lucky for her, cuz Yumi really had some hand that could’ve boned Saki real badly.

    Actually, the kan that Saki didn’t call would have passed (at that point in time). If you carefully look, Yumi was still 2 tiles away from tenpai for the kokushi musou.

    Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a point in saying that Saki was frightened into not performing another rinshian kaihou :p


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