A new commercial for Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini aired with this week’s episode of Basquash. This one revealed that the new girl is named Suou and that the initial setting will be Vladivostok, Russia, but I didn’t see anything in it that wasn’t already shown in the longer promo video that’s available on the official site. Assuming they go with a normal promotion strategy, there’s probably two more commercials in store before the premiere of the show, at least one of which will feature the new OP or ED. I’m hoping one of them will be a Rie fu song.


  1. @Rawr

    So true. So many people use the word moe and don’t even know what it means or what it characterizes. I spend a quarter of my life on the two booru sites and sankaku, I tend to learn what moe is, and Yin using two fingers to prop up her mouth on either side to look like a cross between her normal face and a smile is moe.

  2. yea Yin is not even on the character list in the site, and a freaking skwirl is on the list wtf is that lol. but im still looking forward to the series, i’m sure the new character are likely to still be side characters, the only scare right now is Suou, which i’m assume a new main, but then again Hei, in the previous anime never talked much as we wanted and let others do the talking and he do the walking and kicking ass.

    Bring it on.

  3. i have no idea where u guys keep getting these negative comments from. how is this show gonna suck when the first season kicked ass and the commercial looks sick? and also are u guys really arguing about moe in darker then black? have u even seen the show before its not love hina -_-.

  4. BONES! I FREAKING LOVE YOU! Gawd I want a freaking time machine!! And, thank god they don’t make classic moe anime characters. There’s a limit to how obnoxious and cutesy-wutesy a girl’s voice can be, and how extremely objectified a girl can be. Or have ridiculous weird loop-de-loop curls in parts of their freakish hot/pastel pink hair.

  5. They characters from before will only comes as CAMEO to you. The CREATOR wants to beeaaat you like CABS (aka Patrick Kane) for not allowing him to cum correct the first time. You Viddy will this time, or his jerk off first ending will mess your face this time around.

  6. I smell a Metal Gear Solid 2 switcheroo here. Where’s Yin and Misaki? And for the love of gawd, I really hope Hei is the main character but the trailers with the redhead girl don’t bode well for that. At least they kept the hawt black lady with the white hair (Storm much? XD).


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