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OP: 「ambivalent world」 by 沢城みゆき (Sawashiro Miyuki)
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I never thought of Sawashiro Miyuki as much of a singer since pretty much everything I’ve ever heard her in has been a group song, but she does a pretty good job on her own with ambivalent world. The song itself isn’t too bad either, thought it feels a bit disjointed between the main verse and the chorus.


When Suruga was in elementary school, she used the mummified left hand that had been left to her by her mother and had wished to be faster. It led to four of her classmates who were going to run a race against her getting attacked by a monster, and they were all absent the next day. Suruga had later learned about the Monkey Paw story by Jacobs and had been afraid of the consequences, so she never joined the track and field team and made sure she didn’t put herself in places where there would be people faster than her. She joined the basketball team instead, and sometime after she became the team’s ace, she met Hitagi and fell in love. Even when she got rejected, she resisted making wishes with the hand, but that changed after she saw Koyomi with Hitagi, and before she knew it, her own left hand transformed.

Back in the present, Oshino is able to suggest two easy ways to solve the problem: let Koyomi get killed by the Rainy Devil or chop off the arm. When Koyomi objects to Oshino suggesting that Suruga’s intent was to kill, Oshino points to how the left hand didn’t make Suruga faster and instead hurt her classmates. Unlike a monkey’s paw, the Rainy Devil adheres to contracts, so if she really wanted to be faster, that’s what would have happened. Instead, Suruga actually wanted to hurt her classmates, and Oshino thinks that it’s because she wanted revenge for being picked on during a hard period in her life right after she lost her parents. He suggests that although it was an unconscious desire, Suruga actually did know and just didn’t want to admit it, so she sought another explanation, and that’s how the monkey’s paw came to be. What this also means is that Suruga actually did want to kill Koyomi.

A short while later, Koyomi lets Shinobu drink from his neck, thereby boosting his own powers, and he then heads to a confrontation with Suruga. He’s met first by Oshino, and the two talk about the plan to make the Rainy Devil realize that it can’t kill him. Being unable to fulfill Suruga’s wish means that the contract would be invalidated, and the Rainy Devil would leave. When Oshino questions Koyomi’s desire to help Suruga even though she tried to kill him, Koyomi is forgiving and feels that hating is a natural part of living. He then proceeds into the room where Suruga is waiting in her raincoat, and she immediately attacks him. Koyomi tries his best to knock her down, but much to his surprise, she’s able to use not just the left arm, but her legs and the rest of her body as well. This makes him realize that Suruga unconsciously still wants to kill him and hadn’t given up on Hitagi like she earlier indicated she had. Unfortunately, it’s too late now, and Suruga proceeds to rip a hole in Koyomi’s abdomen and throw him around by his intestines.

Just as Koyomi thinks that it’s over, Hitagi suddenly appears, and Koyomi realizes that Oshino had used his cell phone to call her. Hitagi isn’t happy that Koyomi had lied to her about what happened at the utility pole and had kept all this from her, and even though she thinks he deserves to die 10,000 times for it, she forgives him given the condition he’s already in. When Suruga tries to charge again at Koyomi, Hitagi steps in between them and stops her. She also emphasizes how, if Koyomi had died, she would have had to kill Suruga, and Koyomi realizes that what she’s doing is another solution to the problem. By swearing that she would kill Suruga if Koyomi died, Hitagi had made it clear for the Rainy Devil that it was impossible to fulfill Suruga’s wish. Hitagi then approaches Suruga and holds her hands, returning Suruga to her normal self. Suruga confesses that she likes Hitagi, and though Hitagi doesn’t return those same feelings, she apologizes.

The next morning, Koyomi finds Suruga waiting for him outside his home after Hitagi had apparently told her to meet him. Suruga reveals that she can’t play basketball anymore because, even though the Rainy Devil is gone, her arm didn’t return back to normal, however she’s content with it.


The plot twist this arc (if you could even call it that) was weaker than the Mayoi one, but this was overall a bit more interesting to watch thanks to the gory fight and the Hitagi conclusion. It was a relatively short but intense battle, and while I suspected that things wouldn’t go according to plan, I certainly didn’t expect to see Koyomi get tossed around by his intestines. I think it’s interesting to note too that SHAFT’s use of neon colors for blood actually de-emphasized the goriness during that scene. Regardless, I like Koyomi’s character a bit more after he went through all that because it showed how he wouldn’t settle for a less-than-ideal solution (i.e. just cutting off Suruga’s arm) yet he’s not annoyingly self-righteous about it.

Of course he would have been dead without Hitagi coming to save the day, and I laughed at how they did the 3-2-1-0 countdown upon her appearance. I also liked how what she said earlier about killing whoever killed him came to be part of the solution here and how Koyomi was able to succeed in helping her regain something that she lost, both of which were first mentioned two episodes ago. I think my main complaint is that the actual end felt a little unfulfilling story-wise since the arm is still there, but I’ve been told by a novel reader that there might be an explanation for that next episode. In any case, my ultimate point is that this was another good episode and story arc of Bakemonogatari, and I’m curious to see what the next (and final?) one brings.


  1. Yay, a Tieria reference when Senjougahara said that Araragi deserved to die 10,000 times. Overall, a pretty satisfying conclusion to the Suraga Arc.

    Oh, and the 3rd OP, “ambivalent world,” is actually very nice. I laughed at the scene in which Senjougahara pulls out that huge ass pair of scissors. lol

  2. “(and final?)

    Looking at both wiki and ANN they both have updated the total number of episodes to 15.
    Which make sense since there is still two more arcs – Nadeko Snake & Tsubasa Cat.

  3. There are actually two arcs left, unless they decide to make this one extremely long (5 episodes) and then cram another arc into 2 episodes. My guess would be another 3 episode arc and 2 two episode arcs (possibly doing the prequel novel or one of the sequel novels).

  4. Next and final? Wait what, there are still 7 episodes left to Bakemonogatari and there should be two more story arcs at least. Also, this episode was revealing if you read the discussions surrounding the actual Monkey’s Paw story and how it related to the episode – the Monkey’s Paw itself was a lie (since this is a devil and not the actual thing) and thus there was still a different/alternative solution to the problem.

  5. Man. This series is pretty awesome. Iv already decided to buy all 5 of the light novels. This series art wise is a more interesting example of shaft production (Im getting a bit bored of ZSZS art) The neon gore was pretty cool as well. All in all, great ep.

  6. Re: ReshenKusaga
    As far as I know, they have at least 5 more episodes in just Tsubasa Cat arc. 3 of those episodes won’t make it to broadcast, and will be webcasted as well as released on video. I hate to picture the agony of fans of this show when they realized that the show being broadcast is incomplete…

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Bakemonogatari/Bakemonogatari%20-%20OP4%20-%20Large%2005.jpg

    this is damn hilarious, I LOL when enjoying the new op…zzz

    And for one who doubt it, this is Araragi’s intestine,


    Yes, HIS INTESTINE, no need to doubt it. (His organ is splattered around in novel…)

    And Hitagi, possessive lover, so sweet, i would die in her hand….

    Then finally https://randomc.net/image/Bakemonogatari/Bakemonogatari%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2013.jpg

    Lolicon or not, i actually found this rather attractive hehe..

  8. And yeah, 15 episodes left, and the last 3 episodes will be distributed through the website for free (See wikipedia or anime news network)

    Well, just my opinion, 5 episode for one arc is far too long. The story length itself is not so different compare to other arc. So i think they maybe put one additional arc from other books, probably Koyomi Vamp from Kizumonogatari, IF they really done it.

    Read through the novel, and you will found out Hitagi Crab does not really much shorter than Mayoi Snail or Suruga Monkey, yet they manage to reduce the arc to 2 episodes. (Without missing much detail, GJ Shaft!!!)

    And i’m really wish to see Karen Bee and Tsukihi Phoenix, more Sister Power!!! XD
    Maybe they will make it into OVA, or a 2nd season, but who knows? Haha, I didn’t expect Darker than Black have a 2nd season too, although it already in my top list to watch.

  9. Wondering if this series is worth picking up.

    Friend said the first arc left him feeling hollow and unfulfilled (not a good thing) but I don’t have anything good to watch this season. Sigh.

  10. Kincaid: I’d recommend it, and I’m sure a lot of others would too.

    Concerning the “final?” comment: I was actually referring to the final arc of the broadcast version, not including whatever online episodes there are. It wasn’t clear to me how they’d structure things because, assuming next arc is only two or three episodes, they’d be ending the broadcast version mid-arc, and that seems like a weird way to plan/structure things.

  11. I really loved that in the theme song Suruga was jumping around on Lilys, which is the image for Yuri, which is girl love in anime/manga. I loved the gore, this was a great episode, I really like all of the characters.

  12. Actually, they gave the chronology the storyline that will be broadcasted on the early part of episode 1 (when they showed the prequel):

    Hitagi Crab
    Mayoi Snail
    Suruga Monkey
    Nadeko Snake
    Hanekawa Cat
    Koyomi Vamp

    I suppose, much like 1st season Haruhi, they save the most action for the last one, which is actually the prequel.

  13. Koyomi Vamp will NOT be animated in this season. You already saw as much of that as you’re likely to see in the flashback sequence that opens the first episode.

    For future season, if SHAFT decided to do ’em, I’d really like to see Koyomi Vamp properly animated as well as the 2 stories regarding Koyomi’s sisters.

  14. Next arc is Nadeko Snake at two episodes, and Tsubasa Cat at five, three of which are going to be distributed online for free, yes.

    Yes, Tsubasa Cat IS going to be five episodes long. It’s the majority of Bakemonogatari #02, which is 400-odd pages long, so…

  15. @Kincaid: Yes it looks excessive. But think of it as an even better reason to look into the series.

    You said that your friend stopped after 2 episodes. As such, I’d ask of you to watch until episode 3 at least. If you enjoy witty, and unique discussions between characters, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Bakemonogatari.

    If I’m not mistaken, the show “exploded” in popularity after ep 5, due to the surprising turn of events there.

    Let’s just say that some anime shows usually take the entire season to get to a certain “point” in the protagonists’ relationship. This show does it in just 5 eps, and in such a cool and refreshing style at that.

  16. I’ve been told that that is how ratings often work at ANN. The first ratings are explosive one way or another, but as time passes, average ratings mellow the curve. Seems sensible enough, as the few who deign to act so early are usually the ones who hold a strong opinion either way.

    Anyway, gonna dl it tonight, not watching anything anyway. Still in shock though from the greatness of Planetes and True Tears. Dayum, don’t know why noone ever mentions them. Planetes comes especially recommended.

  17. @reekon

    I actually first found True Tears because Omni recommended it as his choice for the best romance/drama for 2008.


    My friend said started watching True Tears after watching the second ep. of Bakemonogatari (left him in despair for some reason) and straight-marathoned the whole 13 episodes of TT. The same guy who is a martial-arts enthusiast/manly-man. Hell, he wants to copy it off my HD =D

  18. Bah, stories are indeed getting more interesting, but they look really stretched up. If they wanted to, they could easily have them shrunk enough to cover everything up to the sisters arcs. But i guess they’d rather like selling another full serie next year as the fancy graphics hooked everybody around.

    This anime suffers from the opposite issues Allison to Lilia had. This anime has so little to say and too much time to waste in redicolous graphics while the latter was oversimplified and badly cut to fit all of its huge story in only a 2 season long serie.

  19. The fight was really quite flat and had nothing going for it apart from hiding the gore with strange colours.
    Such a shame as the opening hinted at this sequence being so much better.
    Ah well, this series was never going to be about the action anyway.

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