Teppei and company don’t find out that Charlotte was kidnapped again until after his grandfather arrives at Arima Hills and indicates that her carriage is still on its way. Teppei gets frustrated because, although they figure out that it’s Hartmann behind it all and that he has escaped overseas, Sylvia’s father calls it an international problem, so Teppei can’t just go and rescue Charlotte. Charlotte herself finds out something’s wrong after Hartmann picks up Josephine, and Josephine knocks her out. When Charlotte wakes up again, she’s on a train with Hartmann, and he explains that he wants to crush the Arima family. Sometime later, Josephine gets frustrated after Hartmann doesn’t answer any of her questions about what he intends to do with Charlotte, and she takes it out on Charlotte during a shower confrontation. Charlotte, however, refuses to back down. Teppei meanwhile spends the next day thinking about Charlotte and realizing his feelings for her, and when he gets home, he finds Seika waiting for him. She doesn’t want to see him feeling like he can’t do anything because that’s not the Teppei she fell in love with, and she kisses him. Sylvia takes a harsher stance towards him but makes the same point that she’s not giving up on going to save Charlotte. With Teppei still unsure, Yuu’s the one who comforts him and gives him the extra push he needs. Teppei thus sets out, unaware that Hartmann is laying a trap for him.


This episode felt a little wasted to me. The first half had a bit too much recap, and then the second half spent a lot of time on each of the girls trying to get Teppei to go save Charlotte even though it already seemed like he was getting to that point all on his own, given all the time they devoted to him thinking about her. Even if he did need that extra push, having all three girls contribute in their own ways is a nice idea on paper, but the execution here where they do it in quick succession made it feel rather forced. What made me laugh was Vincent telling them that they couldn’t go after Charlotte because it was dangerous, even though they had just proved by rescuing him and by disarming the bombs that they could handle it. I laughed even harder when I saw Hartmann’s new look because he apparently went to the Aizen Sousuke school of how to look like a villain.

On a different note, as I’m sure many of you might have heard by now, and BIGLOBE’s Animeone streaming of this episode accidentally showed the uncensored version. This NSFW shot uploaded by someone on 2ch should give you a pretty good idea of what the DVDs will be like. I’m not really shocked by the fact that someone screwed up – you may remember a streaming leak happened for GEASS R2 last year – but it’s amusing at least to see what the uncensored version shows.


  1. hey now! DVD version FOR THE WIN!!!! ha! you may have laughed with hartmanns transformation, but i was dieing when he had the evil pontoon breasted assistant rubbing out a hot one in front of him for a good 10-11 sec “yes i counted” then she looks at him and he was all “what?”. ridiculous

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. I think I like the show better with the censorship…it actually seems a little less ridiculous…the boobs, I mean. The plot is still just as amusing in that watching-a-ninety-car-pileup kind of way.

  3. Teppei basically admits that he loves Charlotte and with only a few eps left, the other girls have even less of a chance than they had before (which is not saying much anyway).
    However, I believe this show would most likely have an open ending as almost all harems do.

    o_O at the uncensored version; even the ending…I don’t really mind whether or not it’s censored, but at least now I know exactly where her hand is when Josephine grabs Charlotte. 😛

  4. haha censorship win … I think they will sell more DVD than they expect.

    Well, it sure the beginning is annoying, I enjoyed the part with Charlotte, using her moe moe attitude on these idiots.
    Oh, Haltman win the villain role it seems, lol yeah seems he watched Bleach before.

    But … boobs here are too big ~~

  5. The censorship “slip” seems to me most likely to be a marketing ploy to boost dvd sales. I mean, why do the people who air it even have the uncensored version available to air at all? Or does it mean that all the recent censorship on tv versions to boost dvd sales, is actually done by the tv channels and not the makers, so is not anything to do with selling dvds at all? While certainly some of the censorship is obviously station specific, in general they air with the same censorship on multiple channels, implying they got the censored version direct from the creators (and possibly the stations censor some more on top of that version). So unless the mistake was intentional, can anyone explain why the streaming sites had access to an uncensored version to begin with?

  6. Hmmm. Another episode where the villains don’t give a motive. I could use a little bit more explanation other than “I want to crush Teppei, because he is Arima’s heir.” So far all it seems like is the Arima group could have hurt him financially. That sounds like a copout explanation. And WTF was with Josephine. I find Charlotte annoying too sometimes, but did she really have to twist her breast?

    That definitely was a nice touch for Seika fans that she made her feelings known, but doesn’t look like she ends up with him. Pity, she has become more likeable.

    Canaan Rocks
  7. ~yawn~ But the uncensored version is incredible. I’m definitely looking forward to the DVDs. Too bad the damn plot is dead & the dumbass game of ‘capture the Charl’ is still alive & kicking. Dumbass one-dimensional villians are just overly pitiful. Giving that, this is a pure fanservice anime, but 90% of the fanservice was blotted out of the TV version = ~yawnfest~

  8. The episode really lacked any decent comedy. The drama should have been handled quickly with less flashbacks and soul searching. It seems they wanted to end the episode with some suspense and just added alot of filler to reach that objective.

    As I said early on, Teppei is building a harem of high powered girls. Like all harems, he has his favorite but will be unable to hurt the feelings of the other girls. It’s going to be an open ending. More so now that the girls are confessing and expressing their feelings more aggressively.

    Omni: It does look pretty obvious Hartman and Josephine are going to end badly. Its too bad since I prefer Teppei to actually do something heroic.


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