I’ve got some stuff to take care of, so it might take me a little while to get today’s episode of DtB: Ryuusei no Gemini written up, but here’s the OP and proper ED which premiered today. I say proper ED because it’s the same song but different animation sequence (I have no idea what the Russian says), meaning that last week’s city shots were just temporary. They probably just wanted to delay revealing the fact that Suou and Hei will team up. The opening sequence meanwhile was kind of disappointing because it showed mainly Suou (albeit with some big-ass guns) and barely any Hei or Yin. I guess that’s probably as good an indication as any for who the series will mainly be focused on. Either way, I liked the Stereopony song.



As for the second episode, Show Episode 2 Spoilers ▼


  1. Holy cow! What happened with Yin? I like the ED song and the animation, but the OP sounds actually like an ending -.- The animation and the song were too slow. And… what about Hei and Suou? Are they going to… be a team?

  2. WTF is that, a 100 cal. O.o I’ve seen a prototype 100 cal, before but it was never tested by a human – the kickback would send you into 6ft under, the hard way.

    Hei pretty much sucked in this one, he probably just needed to dust off the cob webs – & if the OP didn’t give it away, Yin isn’t gone yet.

  3. what is up with the fucked up russian? I mean, its worse than japanese trying to write in english, words that dont exist, missing letters, etc.

    or am I mistaken, and this is some other slavic language?

  4. looks all the old cast but the ones that died will be back and the anime may not take place entitely in russia
    my guess is hiei take the girl back to japan
    and the gun may involve her power

  5. had the page open for like 30 min before posting comment, so didn’t see stuff before mine. its not that they have non-existing words, its that the spelling is so bad its unrecognizable.

  6. Well, japanese animation studios almost always perform spectacular failures with Russian language :). They also manage to screw a bit borsch serving in first episode, man this stuff never ever being served in pots.

  7. Oh god. For a second I thought some cheerful underraged girl was going to be the main protagonist but fortunately she becomes a bid of a badass with her 5 metre long sniper rifle ROFL.

    The Russia setting is a good step for DtB and I like how Hei is not the main character. Kinda reminds me of how Snake was portrayed in MGS2 with Raiden as the lead.

  8. op is good, but yea does indicate Suou taking the spot light, plus this episode wth does he lose his power from within now, and is only a assassin now. since his sisters star fell, or fading

  9. WTH the lady in wearing the suit really likes kissing people without their permission anyways the second episode felt a little rushed with the way this episode ended i,m not sure if Kei still has electricity anymore if that the case i’m curious about how the other episodes are going follow.

  10. OP is pretty cool. There’s just a bit too much Suou for my liking.
    ED I just don’t like ( only the beginning of it ) but the imagery is interesting & tells us alot. Hobo Hei is here to stay I guess.

    And I hope this shuts up the people complaining about Yin. We get the point that you miss her oh so very much. Now you finally see her, so now enjoy the show lol.

  11. Well, if we think about the subtitle, the first series was “the black contracter”, which probably referred to Hei. This one has something to do with Gemini, and that means twins… That’s probably why there’s a difference in who the main character is or on who the series revolves around.

  12. When I was watching this I was thinking, “Wasn’t this the group that did the second Gundam 00 SS opening I didn’t really care for?” and sure enough if it is. I think there main problem is that their songs have no power to them and just don’t stand out much as openings. I expected better for Darker Than Black just like I expected better for that final 00 opening. Stereopony needs some work, but I think they could be a contender in the future in the ending category. In any case something tells me they are a really popular idol group because they’ve now landed four huge OP/ED gigs, including Yatterman and Bleach.

  13. Hmm. Whats up with the whole Yin thing? Like seriously (my opinion) I dont think Yin should be in it >.< Whats up with Sou? Or whatever her name is. And whats up with Hei’s hair and moustache? Im not liking it so far X( Lets hope we dont start a SuouXHei thing going on. And most certainly NO AMBER. Sorry this is my opinion X(

  14. What a stupid fucking song for OP. it is not even comparable with the OPs in the first series. not to mention they onluy showed that stupid little bitch. WHO CARES ABOUT HER?

    what a disappointment.

    pissed off
  15. If Yin is dead, I’ll be highly disappointed. Telling from episode two, it looks like she’s either dead or missing or something. But seriously, they had such a good background for her and everything; Bones wouldn’t just throw her out, would they? :/ Not in my wildest dreams would they replace her with Russian loli with freaking huge gun. At least Misaki is still stalking Hei. (was looking forward to some Hei x Yin, though. P: )

  16. I like the OP song, but I’m not crazy about the imagery that much. =.= Need more Hei and action. It just didn’t pace well. (Yeah, perhaps if the OP song ended up being the ED song, that’ll be better.) I understand Suou’s position as a main character now, but, I still like Hei to be there more than her! >.< Looking forward to the Stereopony single. (And looking forward to a point where Hei has to shave! That’s the only thing I could look at the entire ED song. His small little beard!)

  17. For some reason, this episode failed to impress me. I was expecting more from Hei, not the new protagonist, Suou. I hope that this season won’t focus it all on her, I’d like to see Hei as much as he was in season one! For fuck’s sakes, I am watching DTB season 2 just so I can see Hei!

  18. Hahah Hei looks like such a hobo in the op.
    I like the op, but it does sound a lot like an ending song. I kinda like Suou too, just because last season everything was so intense [excluding random decetive and pink-haired chick] and it’s kind of nice that this season is starting off happy-ish. It probably won’t stay like that for long though.

  19. I don’t think Hei is going to lose his power. Remember that the device reacted with the meteor core Suou is carrying. I think Suou and Hei gets transported to some pocket dimension, kinda like what happened in the ending of DtB season 1 and with Nick (the CIA contractor who also have power over electricity).


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