「Lilie ~秘密の花園~」 (Himitsu no Hanazono)
“Lily ~The Secret Flower Garden~”

Despite having girls throwing themselves at him left and right, I can’t say I envy Natsuru when some of them just see “her” as the new plaything. A handful even go so far as tying him up and having their way with him. Wait a second, that’s not so bad…

…if they’re attractive and not complete sadists that is. So as expected, this episode revolves around Natsuru settling into life on the girls’ side of school — the highly sought after ”secret garden” blossoming with young beauties as far as the eye can see. As the new “onee-sama” to these male-starved school girls, he gets subjected to practically everything. This includes the class rep, vice class rep (Gotou Yuuko), and treasurer exploiting his popularity as an easy cash-grab, plus Akane’s younger friend, Nishino Masumi of the newspaper club, prying into his private life and publicizing that “she” is a lesbian (“lily” = “yuri” 「百合」 = “lesbian”). Due to Masumi’s efforts, this also results in some bondage and teasing, which Natsuru seemed to enjoy more than he was letting on.

It wasn’t all torture though, as Natsuru had Kaede groping his breasts and confessing to him (again), which even has Akane jealous now. While I question Akane’s taste in going after a gender bender knowingly, Natsuru’s still oblivious to her feelings because of how dense he is. To make things more complicated, Shizuku figures it’d be fun telling everyone that this Senou Natsuru is going out with the Senou Natsuru on the guys’ side. Kaede of course takes exception to this pretense, especially when she sees Akane on top of Natsuru in the library.


So now that male Natsuru is completely boned in terms of getting on Kaede’s good side, I think he should just pursue option #2: Yuri. In his female form, he could probably do whatever he wants to Kaede at this point and that silly girl would probably enjoy it. Like seriously, she’s so head-over-heels gay right now it’s not even funny. (Okay, it’s a little funny because I hear Ranka Lee throwing herself at someone.) In addition, the damn guy can get Akane too if he wants! She comes in two flavours to boot — submissive and dominatrix. Hmm, maybe I envy him a bit after all. -_-;

Despite the lack of any Kampfer fights this week, I rather enjoyed this episode because this is the aspect of the series I was looking forward to the most. Watching Natsuru in all these unfortunate circumstances (i.e. blessings in disguise) and seeing how he handles them is like watching a guy constantly wrestling with his conscience. I just can’t help but picture an inner angel and inner devil for each of his decisions, even though Natsuru is evidently a very earnest guy. That’s where the entertainment for me comes in though. While I can’t say I’d handle every opportunity like he does, it’s that whole “what-if” mentality that makes these cross-gender series funny. It’s not the laugh-until-you-cry type of comedy, but more so the, “Daaamn, I don’t know what I’d do in his shoes” type.

That said, I don’t know what Natsuru’s going to do now that Kaede hates the male version of him. However, I’m actually kind of glad they sped through the other material, seeing where we are now. Next time, it looks like Natsuru will not only have to deal with Kaede’s feelings, but the lack of support he has up top as well.




  1. Hmm, well this show has lost me as a viewer. It’s just not exploiting the avenues it has established, and is completely phasing out the male character. So ultimately, why exactly advertise it as an anime where Male Transforms into a Female is the MALE never seems to exist, have a life, have any problems, etc… Seems more like a girl who sometimes transforms into a guy, which is problematic because she is surrounded by Lesbians. I shall no longer tune in for this. T.T

  2. Hindsight: This series would be funnier if ALL the girls in the school were actually once perverted guys. Which would explain the wild lesbianism.. If you think of it that way, this it might actually be amusing to watch. :/

  3. In addition, the damn guy can get Akane too if he wants! She comes in two flavours to boot — submissive and dominatrix. Hmm, maybe I envy him a bit after all. -_-;

    It’s like being able to choose between chocolate or vanilla! lucky bastard…

  4. @Mentar

    Queen’s Blade – Uncensored fanservice = Kampfer

    The great thing about fanservice animes is you don’t even have to watch them. They’re so devoid of story, all you have to do is go to Random Curiosity, look at the screenshots and know what an entire episode is about.

  5. Kämpfer isn’t really about fanservice. Except for the eyecatches, there’s barely anything fanservicey going on. Not even pantsu shots.

    The appeal of this show – at least for me – is the relatively fresh setting. There’s a clear continuous storyline going on, and developments carry over and matter in the next episode.

    Based on what you’re writing I’m 90% sure that you haven’t even watched the episode and are just commenting without a clue.

  6. Well, in the end it’s the translators which decide which shows to pick, and they rather wanted to do something else. Also, the translator for Index and White Album has RL issues to attend to and was therefore unavailable too.

    On the other hand, it’s in good hands with gg, so I’m happy.

  7. Honestly, I wouldn’t have expected me to say this a few weeks ago, but I’m liking this show more and more. I had a big stupid grin on my face this whole episode. Laughed too! That’s always good! Fully agree with Mentar, fun show.

  8. Not much fighting this episode, that’s fine with me though. Natsuru is one hell of a lucky b*st*rd. But one way or another, I noticed that the female Natsuru is cooler than the male counterpart. Oh yeah, it’s kinda funny when the Shizuka said Natsuru was dating Natsuru.

  9. Dam you’re right DIVINE! He could definitely go for both Akane and Sakura in both of his forms! Though, if he has to eventually choose one, IMO Akane is a whole lot better! For reasons you just mentioned lol, submissive and a dominatrix, and in both personalities Akane is hot!

  10. So great , this show is soooo great. It doesn’t heve any real male actors in it but the female voice cast is just supurb. Say, can’t you add commentto the captcha’s? There are some real opportunities with this series to do so. hehe

  11. @megas, all men in some point of life, date themselve XD

    But to me it seem, that what happens most with cross-gender’s people is that whenever it happens, they focus mostly on trying to be a “proper”-gender like person, of course based on their very limited understanding of the other world, And fail miserably doing so.

    I say if were me, and taking in consideration how dense he is. At minimun i’d go “Chance~~, I can now make friends with sakura, and help myself gain some points with her!!!”
    Of course that would just create a chaos, since if he does thing too forcefully would appear that he (she form) is interested in himself (he mode) and create a nice “triangle” of two people!!

    Well I wish he grew a brain maybe it would be more interesting.

  12. I think Queen’s Blade puts people off because its fanservice and nudity was way too “in-your-face” for their liking.

    Kampfer seems to get the balance just right, their service is less on the “meat” but more on the “dokidoki” factor. But even a pseudo-yuri setting is not enough to attract my attention. I’ll openly admit that I came here for all the twisted genderbending humour, and I was not disappointed in this aspect.

    While Natsuru is enviable, I don’t know whether to pity him as well, now that he’s become his own love rival for Sakura’s affection, lol.

    Natsuru, just admit you’re more suited as a girl than a guy already, besides, you get all the affection of all the girls for entirely no effort whatsoever. Unless you’re a homophobe, what’s there not to like about it? :p

    I must concede I’m saying this from the POV of a straight guy, so I have no idea how this line of perverted thinking would work for straight girls if the premise was exactly the opposite: a pseudo-shounen-ai story with Natsuru transferring from the female to the male side full of pretty boys.

    Kinny Riddle
  13. @Irec: I’m talking about ‘date’ yourself not ‘fuck’ yourself – oh I guess its the same in that sense when it comes to Natsuru 😛

    As for Natsuru, just damn him to hell. How can you pity him – at first thought I he had a female’s brain & was just trapped in a boy’s body, but now I know for sure he’s a guy since he’s acking so damn awkward as a girl. He may as well have been a futa as a guy, but now as a girl, he’s a twit – a dense, perverted twit. But I’m the ‘S’ to his ‘M’ so there you go. He should enjoy life while he can. Too bad the damn fool can’t even transform on his own yet – being able to have ‘fun’ with yourself as a girl and a guy must be heaven…

  14. In case no one noticed yet kampfer is a comedy.
    If you can’t enjoy the jokes stop bitching and drop it. the humor isn’t meant for you.
    If you think this is Queens Blade, please only post your comments after you have seen the shows.
    If you think it is mindless crap and you are looking for something deep, go back to school and study some more please.

  15. man, shows now adays has… very low…. i don’t even have the words to type for it. it’s miss so much if you compare now and 5-8 years ago, back then a lot of the anime accually make some since and have a good story line, now it’s all above big female parts……… what has the world come to.

  16. He got raped! I mean, seriously! What the HELL?!?!

    I also think he should probably persue the Akane option at this point myself. I feel bad for her really. She seems to like him in his “default” state best, but he’s completely oblivious to her. For the girl that spends the most time with him, I just get this sense of “thrown under the bus” so far really.

    Ah well, we’ll see how this goes, but I have to say, has a lot of “What the hell?” to it.

    And stuff.

  17. It’s a funny idea IMO. Whoever the translator is, though, has some issues. What’s up with the whole “stop watching f&^%ots”? Maybe someone just needs to stop translating it and pass it on to someone else a little less raged.


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