On her way to school one rainy day, Sawako finds an abandoned dog in a box and decides to leave her umbrella for it. As a result, she arrives at school drenched, and coincidentally, so does Kazehaya. When he sees her like this, he gets Chizuru to lend her some clothes, and he also gives her a towel to dry herself. While she’s gone, Kazehaya has to clear up his friend’s misconception that he rejected Sawako during the summer. They just had a misunderstanding, and Kazehaya had realized that she really respected him. Later in the day, Kazehaya, Ayane, and Chizuru find drinks on their desk from Sawako in thanks for their help. In talking with her, Kazehaya finds out that both he and Sawako had seen the same abandoned dog, so they go visit it together. Kazehaya decides to keep the dog, and when he sees that it doesn’t like Sawako, he suggests that the dog could come to like her if it sees him and her getting along.

This motivates her because she wants to get along with everyone as well as he does, and she feels that there’s no wall between them. The next day, Sawako tries to clear up some of her classmates’ misconceptions about her, but they don’t stick around to listen to her. It also happens to be the day that the entire class is switching seats, and no one wants to sit beside Sawako. Kazehaya, however, makes it a point to take the seat next to her, and Ayane and Chizuru take the ones in front of her. Surprisingly, even the seat behind her gets taken by a guy named Sanada Ryuu, and Sawako ends up feeling quite happy and sharing the cookies she baked with all of them. After school, Kazehaya catches her on the way home, and his smile makes her realize that she’s developing feelings towards him greater than admiration and respect.


I didn’t think much of the first half of this episode since it served mainly as setup, but the second half was much better. What Sawako’s friends do for her is very sweet in that heartwarming sort of way, and I again loved how the episode ended. The story as a whole is doing a very good job of showing how Sawako and Kazehaya’s feelings for each other are developing, and we’re already at the point where the two resemble a couple, though I suspect it’ll take a while before anything becomes official. The pacing here didn’t seem too fast or slow either, and the only complaint I can think of is a pretty minor one (the way Kazehaya laughs feels awkward to me). Things are getting more interesting too as they add more characters, like Ryuu and the girl at the end who I assume is going to be Sawako’s rival starting next week, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.


  1. The first half wasn’t that bad with the comedic relief. But one thing I can say is that despite having a name similar to Sadako and having long black hair, I don’t actually find Sawako looking like Sadako at all *shrugs*

    Anyways, the second half was sweet. It perked me up when one of her classmate tries to get a seat behind her, but someone else grabbed it before her.

  2. I kind of like how closely they portray Sawako, from reading the manga I do feel that the “Sadako” misunderstandings are a bit rushed. I found those gloomy bits to be more entertaining in the manga, such as Sawako really resembling as someone horrifying in the beginning of the story.

    I guess my main gripe with the anime version is that she is moe-blobbing too early, even though Kimi ni Todoke is more about being a heartwarming story than anything. I want more of these moments because of the situational comedy hilarity! 😀

  3. I don’t find the laughter weird, but that’s probably because I really like Namikawa Daisuke as Kazehaya’s voice actor. Though every now and then his mouth is really big.

    I wonder how they’ll make this fit into a 13 episode series. Is there going to be an anime original ending? Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Haha, the laugh was also the only complaint I wanted to make after watching this episode. I thought I was the only one it bothered, though. Anyway, I’m glad to read that you’re enjoying the series!

    To the person above me, why’d you expect that number of episodes? 13 episodes have never been confirmed anywhere and two cours seem more likely.

  5. is it only 13-episodes? i would think it’ll be at least 26.
    i’m following the manga now, so there’s much which i would like to see animated.
    at least Namikawa Daisuke did a better job in episode 2. he didn’t bring out the “100% freshness” in episode 1.

  6. @Katapan ANN only lists 13, I guess?

    From the DS PV though, there’s already something animated from chapter 30 (or somewhere around there). And from what I have seen from the latest chapters, it’ll probably end with volume 10, which will probably come out in a few months. I expect 26 episodes. o:

  7. There goes another anime ruined by peeking at the manga. There’s no way they’ll cover everything in 13 episodes. Although the other characters parts just seemed like a bunch of fillers to me – much like the other characters in Special A. But they were of semi-importance to the main characters. They’ll even have to cut alot of that triangle crap to even fit Kazehaya-Sawako into 13 episodes. But I’ve seen that done before too – with horrible results. Oh well, hopefully they’ll go with 26 to give us most of manga. I don’t care how they mix it up. I’m just tired of watching rushed crap at the end.

  8. I wonder what is Ryuu’s role in this. This was his first time being introduced in the show and he didn’t mind seating at the back of Sawako. I sure hope they develop his character next episode.

  9. @Mearex:

    I also feel that the characters are much as the crew on BGI. But there’s one main difference. The main female is a complete dumbass when it comes to friends, relationships, liking & loving someone. As this continues, most of you will find the urge to kick Sawako right up the oshiri – for obvious reasons. I really do feel Shouta’s pain.

  10. It was the last chair of the row and beside a window… school heaven I love that spot for my afternoon nap in the classroom so he is smart. I loved how all four surrounded Sawako now she is protected from the rest of the class. I dare anyone trying to harm her now.

    island esper
  11. I really want to dislike this show and hate Sawako. Soft white lighting, the sweet music, and Kazehaya’s sweet little chuckles (doubles as the “you don’t realize my bedroom wall is plastered with Polaroids of you,” chuckle), socially awkward female lead…Gah, it’s so mushy(ly-good). She’s so sweet and misunderstood, I cannot help but to feel good for her when she has those small happy moments.

  12. I have read what’s been translated in english for the manga and this is one of the cutest and most accurate adaptations out there. I absolutely LOVE Sadako and Kazehaya, and all their friends! Go, Sadako!
    But I must agree with a comment I saw earlier: I would love for them to include more “scary-SaWAKO” moments, just to make it even more fun… lol
    Can’t wait for episode 3! Ooh, and I hope they have 26 episodes! It’ll give a chance for the manga to end and for the anime to follow the manga ending! (I have nothing against original endings, but…)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this subbed anime every thursday!
    (FMA: Brotherhood on Mondays!! Woohoo!!)

  13. OH MY GOD……. OH MY GOD…… OH GOD…..

    HOLY CRAP…. IT’S BEEN SOOOOOO LONG….. since a show did this to me

    whenever i watch this I can’t help but hold my cheeks as I grin like a fool….

    wow the manga was AWESOME… but this… in animation… beautiful movements… and that VOICE… that angelic like voice…. oh god… I’m going crazy… I want to adopt Sawako as my daughter and take Kazehaya as my son in law….. OH GOD….. OH MY GOD….. OHHHH GOD I LOVE THIS

  14. ANN has 12 episodes scheduled (I can’t find anything on the anime’s main webpage to confirm if those are all the episodes).

    26 episodes would be nice because the manga is a point which it CAN end. I guess most people watch it for Kazehaya and Sawako interaction, but I ,having read all the manga chapters before hand, am looking more forward to Sawako and Chizuru and Ayane. Those two are truly great characters.

    It does help that Kazehaya is one of the few male leads that DO NOT beat around the bushes, which is great.

  15. This shows has Kare Kano written all over it.
    And this is a great thing cause I love KareKano and really regretted the anime not going as far as the mange.

    Anyway, I love this show.


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