I finally got my hands on Ayane’s newest PV, “Arrival of Tears”. Since the single’s release a few days ago, I’ve been listening to the full version of the song a fair bit and it’s quickly grown on me. It’s currently on my playlist and mp3 player and will probably be a mainstay there for a while. Back in my post about the first episode of 11eyes, I mentioned how Ayane sounds freakishly similar to Mizuki Nana at times. While I still feel that’s the case when she sings certain notes, I’ve listened to Ayane’s songs enough now to be able to tell them apart fairly easily now. That said, I would still love to hear Ayane sing one of Mizuki Nana’s songs or vice-versa just so I can be in awe.

As for the PV itself, it reminds me a bit of her “cloudier sky” one, except it’s completely 11eyes-themed with the Red Night and black moon. (Pretty cool.) Seeing as Ayane performed songs for the original visual novel and the Xbox 360 port “11eyes Crossover”, I guess it’s only fitting that the PV somewhat reflects the story of 11eyes. I tend to enjoy PVs that have some connection to the anime the song’s featured in, but I realize that’s usually the least of their concerns — especially when a song wasn’t written specifically for a show. In any case, I’ve included the anime opening below as well as the visual novel’s “Lunatic Tears…” for some extra 11eyes “feel” should you need it. Enjoy.

Show 11eyes OP 「Arrival of Tears」 & VN OP 「Lunatic Tears…」 ▼


  1. Christ, I never noticed how similar they sound. However, their singing styles are pretty different and easily differentiable imo. The thought sort of makes the comparison hard to shake off though.


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